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Rainy Day Theme Songs

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We left the car by the side of the road about a half mile from the beach where Valentine and I first made love. It was her car, so there was nothing inside worth stealing. Valentine had made such a fuss about leaving her stupid cassette tapes, but I assured her that we hadn’t parked the car in 1989, and any self-respecting burglar would have lost interest in tapes years ago. She wasn’t amused. There was no one at the beach that day, besides us, but that’s Valentine for you. In the summer, this place usually resembled something of a LA riot, but we were miles away from summer. The soft scraping sound of shoes on gravel echoed behind me as she hurried to catch up.

Stark grey skies from that morning had decided to linger well into mid afternoon, accompanying us as we set a brisk pace along the isolated trail. There was a fine mist drifting in from the ocean, cascading on our heads in gentle sheets. It was warmer the first time we came this way, but to be fair, the first time wasn’t in February. An east wind caught her tangled blue hair as she turned to me.

“You could’ve waited.” She scowled, catching her breath noisily. She formed a small bubble with her gum that I reached over and popped, earning another dirty look. It was my bubble gum, anyway. She doesn’t even like cherry. I shrugged and put my hood up in an attempt to keep the drizzle out of my hair.

Another thing that bothers me about Val, her hair’s always such a mess. I used to love her little-sisterly endearing qualities, like the way she intentionally mispronounces words to see if I’m listening. I have a pet-peeve for lousy grammar that she’s fond of taking full advantage of. I used to love all of Val’s quirks that currently get on my nerves. Used to.

She’s the most well-groomed individual you’re ever likely to meet except for her goddamn hair. “We’d still be at the car if I had.” I shot back, icily.

“That’s not fair. I was looking for something.” She said, producing a small flask of vodka from the breast pocket of her jumper. “Ta-da!” She flung her arms to either side in an elaborate gesture of showmanship, like a magician after finishing a particularly difficult trick. She looked at me, smirking, as if expecting a round of applause.

“I don’t think that’s such a great idea, Valentine. You know how you are when you drink.” I offered, trying to sound rational.

“What do you mean by that?” She spoke in an antagonizing tone, her former cheeriness all but melted away. “Come on. It makes me feel good, and when I feel good people are more inclined to like me.”

“And that’s just such a Valentine thing, isn’t it? Everyone needs to like you, don’t they?”

“No, but it would make for a fucking splendid occasion if *someone* did.”

“Never mind. Let’s drop it, yeah?”

“Excuse me? I thought you had something to say, baby?” Her voice was sweet and dangerous like poisoned honey.

“Look, forget I said anything, alright? Knock yourself out.” She smiled innocently, taking a large gulp from the flask. “Should I call the folks at AA and tell them to reserve a seat for you?”

“Aw, you made a joke.” She said, in her deadpan that drove me apeshit. “It doesn’t suit you, Parker, telling jokes. Stick to being cynical and boring.” We get along famously, me and Val.

And this is what passed for a conversation with someone you love.

The picnic basket in my arms had grown heavy by then, but I knew she wasn’t about to suggest carrying it awhile. I would have politely refused the notion if she had, but it’s still the thought that counts these days, right? That’s what they say.

Having a picnic in February had been her idea, oozing with sentiment yet unreasonably impractical as most of her judgements were. But then, Val’s not what I’d call a practical person. She’s a hurricane with a pretty face and an attitude. I watched her tread listlessly beside me along the secluded path. She wore her habitual violet jumper, casually flicking a Bic lighter in a petite, girlish hand with delicately painted black fingernails. I witnessed her folding her arms under her small breasts as she tried to spit her gum at me, missing pathetically, and wondered how she always managed to drag me along to these places. The beach. The park. The fair. There was always somewhere new to go when you were with Valentine.

“Having fun, Val?” I asked, as the wind started to pick up.

“Wanna eat me, Parker?” she retorted dryly, wrapping her arms around herself.

We walked the rest of the way to the beach in near-silence. The only sound that greeted us was the rustle of the wind through the winter-stripped trees, the soft crunch of dead leaves under our feet, and the constant, rhythmic wash of waves hitting the shore. “It’s our song, Parker.” Valentine whispered with mock sincerity, as we arrived on the wet, grey sand. It took me a moment to realize what she’d meant. Silence. And rain. “They’re playing our song.”

“We don’t have a song.” I said, apologetically.

“That’s because you’ve never danced with me.”

She did a few unbalanced cartwheels in the sand before falling abruptly. ankara escort “Shit.” She swore, laughing with a half grimace. “Fucking rocks.”

“I can’t imagine why not.” I rolled my eyes. “We’d make such a graceful duet.” Okay. That probably wasn’t the nicest thing I could have said just then. She gave me a look that would melt iron in December.

“Little girl,” she spoke angrily at herself, tenderly rubbing an area of her ass that would soon develop a bruise. “You’re such a klutz.”

“Honey. Can I help?” I offered her my hand, feeling guilty. She took it, only to let go moments later and watch me stumble backwards while she bounced happily to her feet.

“Yeah, my ass has a boo-boo. Kiss it and make me all better.” She giggled relentlessly. I brushed the wet sand off my jeans and sighed. Typical. Val hated to let anyone think she ever needed their help. She made her way over to where I’d set the picnic basket down, and reached inside for an item wrapped in a cloth bandana that smelled like green apple shampoo.

“What’re you doing?” I asked as she pulled out a pack of Marlboros.

“Fucking yoga, what’s it look like?” she spat, placing a cigarette between her sulky red lips and trying to light it against the breeze. A disparaging pout darkened her face momentarily, until the flame jumped to life and her despondency vanished. Thin wisps of smoke curled upward, framing her face before being lost to the wind.

“You said you were going to quit.”

“Oh please, don’t tell mommy and daddy on me, Parker. Just this once? I’ll do anything you want, but I forbid you to throw a fit.” She taunted, fluttering her eyelids at me and making a rude gesture out of scratching her nose with her middle finger.

Don’t tell mommy and daddy. Val and I sometimes liked to play brother and sister. It had been a fun way of getting her aroused, typically resulting in a night of steamy sex, but this time she wasn’t being flirtatious. “I’m not a child, for Christ’s sake,” she chided, “relax.” She gazed idly at the overcast sky and exhaled a shaky stream of smoke into the crisp winter air, cupping her right breast with an idle hand. She had never developed enough in that area to believably look her 20 years. It was one of the things that had first attracted me to her.

Valentine was never openly insecure about herself. She knew who she was, and that person was exactly who she meant to be, for better or worse. “I have to piss.” She groaned.

“Maybe if you wouldn’t drink so . . . ” I stopped suddenly as I watched her pull her slacks and knickers down around her ankles, squat in the sand with her legs spread apart, and release a thick stream of pee onto the beach.

“Oh my god, that’s the best feeling ever.” She chimed emphatically. She’s not one for modesty, Valentine.

I stared in open awe at the unabashed revelation of her bare pussy, as she sighed, relieving herself. I couldn’t help but notice my cock stirring. Why on earth would she decide to do a thing like that on a public beach?

She saw me gaping and giggled, nearly causing a spurt to land in her ‘Blue’s Clues’ panties rather than the puddle she was making in the sand. “Oops.” She smiled a teasing smile. “What’re you looking at?” she said provocatively, opening her legs just a little wider and giving her clit an insistent massage, fully aware of the obscene pose she was making.

After, she took another drag from her cigarette, finished removing her slacks and tossed her underwear at me, beaming defiantly and sucking her fingers. She blew an elegant cloud of smoke, snickering, while I examined the prize she’d just presented me with. The panties were undeniably soaked. I blushed intensely, feeling the dampness in my hands. The little blue cotton dog looked up at me through a mess of cunt lube, and Valentine grinned proudly. “Go ahead, sniff away. There’s no one here but me.” She said, motioning to both sides of the barren, windy beach.

Without waiting for an answer, she ran barefoot to the shore and began dancing an elaborate pattern in the sand. Singing loudly, out of key and completely bare from the waist down, she was oblivious to the chilly breeze and mild sprinkles of February rain. Pale evening sunlight filtered down through the sparse trees, producing shadows that swam exquisitely across her silhouette as she twirled, like a carefree child pretending to be a ballerina. In her mind, this entire beach belonged to us. Today belonged to us. Nothing was more important than having fun if you were Valentine, and more often than not, the contents of that silver flask determined just how much fun you could have. I noticed it was close to empty.

I kneeled to pick up a small rock and pretended to draw lazily in the watery earth. But I was distracted. I could smell the heavy scent of pussy on her saturated knickers. Her perfect pussy that she’d shared with me on this very beach, under the stars so many nights ago. I knew that I was still in love with her, so why did we always act this way around each other? My sweet Valentine. I loosened the buckle on my belt.

My cock elvankent escort stiffened as I worked it slowly up and down beneath the fabric of my jeans, my mind absorbed in the dizzying fragrance of my girlfriend’s drenched underwear. I hadn’t masturbated to thoughts of Val in what seemed like years, and I was somewhat shocked to remember how good it felt. I kicked off my shoes and socks and sank my feet into the cool wet sand, which felt remarkable on my bare skin. My brick-hard shaft was tingling, dangerously close to the edge, as I released myself from my cumbersome jeans.

“Nasty boy.” I heard the words from directly behind me and turned my head, startled. Valentine had returned unnoticed. She stood with her naked crotch inches from my face, dainty brown pubic hair, trimmed, and close enough to reach with my tongue.

“And all along I thought you were a natural blue.” I joked. I could detect the faint traces of her peach after-bath lotion intermingled with body heat from between her legs. She’d been splashing in the water, I knew, as I could see the sand sticking to her feet. Drops of salty ocean made their way down her pallid, wet thighs.

“Sorry to interrupt, hon. It looks like you’ve got a good one going.” She said, her radiant green eyes focused on the hand that gripped my firm cock. Again with that devious, arrogant smirk that she used so well. It was like she knew she could see into all the dirty secrets of my mind when she looked at me like that. “Come on, I’m tired of dancing by myself.” She smiled, extending her hand. Speechless, I took it, and she pulled me to my feet. “Don’t worry about that,” she giggled, placing a hand on my erection. “…it doesn’t bother me.”

We held each other closely, her cheek pressed lightly to mine as my hands found the supple flesh of her nude ass, being careful to avoid the area she’d landed on earlier. “I’m sorry. I think I’m a little tipsy.” She confided. I would never have suspected. I felt the heat of her breath as she whispered into my ear. Those were the only words she spoke as we spun slowly to the sound of the waves and bid hello to the first of the evening stars that came into view. The waning sun sparkled its beams off of the rippling water where she’d first taught me how to skip rocks. And this is what I think of when I think of home.

The world was a tranquil, suburban trance, drowning in those green eyes. The world was this beach, right here, right now. I felt the shape of her breasts pressing against me, rising and falling to the steady beat of her heart. Valentine had always been the better dancer.

She kissed my neck sincerely and gave a few quick tugs with her hand so that I felt myself throb precariously. “You’re so firm.” She mused, guiding me to her slit and rubbing generously until her moistness had spread to the tip of my cock. My toes curled pleasantly with the sensation. Her lower set of lips were satiny smooth and softer than I recalled. A lone drop of her lubricant escaped, trickling down her thigh to the beach below. She held me tighter, and drew a violent breath as my cock brushed her clit briefly. Her disheveled blue hair tickled my face as she leaned into me, gasping, and for a moment I was afraid to move for fear of spraying her thighs with my cum.

She suddenly lost her footing and stumbled drunkenly. She collapsed, laughing while taking me to the sand with her in a heap. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry. Are you hurt?”

It was the second time she’d fallen that day, ending up on the ground beside me, her legs propped in such a way that left very little to be coy about. It took her several attempts to rise to her feet, but eventually she was standing once more, gazing down at me with a feverish, inviting quality in her eyes. I nuzzled my face up to her thigh, feeling the blood rush to my head as I breathed her in, savoring every dizzy, delicious tingle.

My heart fluttered. I decided to surprise her by licking a trail of salt water off of her inner thigh right up to her moist, hairy pussy lips. Strange, how something so familiar as Val’s smooth thighs and soft, warm pussy could seem so intensely desirable in the right setting, so exciting in the proper moment. She let go of a guttural moan that sounded, for once, truly surprised. She hadn’t expected that brief, glorious sensation any more than I had expected to give it to her. “Parker . . . ” she panted. “What are you . . .?”

“Shh” I whispered, spreading apart her tender pink lips and sliding my middle and index fingers into her sticky, soaked pussy. “I want you, Val.” I heard myself say, suddenly desperate for her.

The sweet aroma of her wetness was intoxicating as I eagerly forced my tongue inside her slippery opening, tasting the tangy juices that she dribbled lavishly.

“Oh, god.” Her knees buckled, but I caught her hips easily, lowering her so that her ass nestled in the sand before me, probing her juicy clit fervently with my tongue. She wrapped her trembling legs around my back and immediately began to fondle the stiff nipples beneath her shirt frantically.

“Oh otele gelen escort yeah . . . Baby. Eat me (huh) Eat my pussy.” She moaned, rocking slightly back and forth in rhythm to the deep strokes of my fingers buried in her slippery cunt. “Right there, yeah.” She cooed energetically, playing with her excited clit and using her fingers to further open her young lips for me. I licked carefully along her sensitive wet skin, tonguing her clitoris and sucking the sweet nectar from her fingers. The scent of her greedy pussy lingered seductively in the air. The weary sky glowed, blood red and amber, on the horizon as I pressed my mouth firmly against Valentine’s vagina. Her fluids dripped a messy stream down her ass and helped me to ease a finger into her puckered asshole. Bright indigo hair fell across her face as she tilted her head back, her eyelids twitching. “Mmm, Jesus fucking Christ, Parker, don’t stop.” Her breathing quickened into short, ragged gasps. “You’re the only one who knows that I . . . ” she paused, blushing profusely. “…that I like it in there.” She finished with an enthusiastic groan, arching her back. Her anus drew my finger in like the last drop of water in a parched desert. I could feel her pussy tighten on my fingers as she shivered, playing with herself desperately.

I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I almost didn’t notice her empty the last contents of the flask over her abdomen, did not notice it, in fact, until I was tasting the fiery liquor mingled with the warm flow from her incredibly slick, tight hole. I never understood how she could drink that stuff like she does. My throat burned unexpectedly as I reached my unoccupied hand for her soft breast, gripping harder than I meant to. “You’re gonna make me cum, baby. I’m almost there. Does it taste good?” She spoke with a composure that her actions betrayed, moaning and thrusting her hips to meet my tongue, grinding into my face and bucking dramatically.

“So good, Val. You’ve no idea how good your fucking pussy tastes.” Her nipple firmed beneath my caresses as vodka continued to run through her finespun pubic hair down into her cunt where I greedily devoured it. I could taste the sweat from her body in the alcohol.

“Do it. Make me cum. I …need you to make me . . . ” Her pussy slurped audibly, begging for release, all the while Valentine’s fingers persisted in their blissful self-gratification. “Oh my god . . . oh . . . fuck . . . I’m gonna . . . ” She was biting her lips hard, her face flushed and vibrant. “. . .Cum!”

She clenched her legs tightly around my shoulders as she surrendered, shuddering, her pussy convulsing in tight, sloppy squeezes on my fingers.

Did she really just say she needed me?

I was shocked into silence as her orgasm rocked her thin frame. The dam burst, and she exploded her fuck honey in a flood that left us both breathless, dripping. She succumbed to a minor coughing fit, her cheeks blushing crimson, as her contractions subsided. Despite the coolness of the evening, beads of sweat had thoroughly drenched her thighs. She was using them now as a vice for my head, pulling my face into her gooey crotch as her spasms ebbed. Ecstatic tingles of pleasure seemed to melt the chill from her body. She pulled me on top of her and we kissed like it was the first time. I could detect the flavor of blood on her lips from where she’d bitten them.

Valentine gyrated her pussy along my shaft as warm globs of her natural lube flowed from her quivering cunt, slurping thickly into her asshole. We ended our kiss for her to inhale a sharp gasp and suck a creamy taste of her own cum from my mouth. My smeared cock ached as she reached for it and gave me a few practiced strokes with her gentle hand, churning her orgasm goo so that it lathered and spilled over those pretty, painted nails, working its way down to my balls. “Fuck me, Parker.” She begged heatedly.

And this is what passed for a Sunday sunset, as the rain started coming down in sheets.

She looked astounding to me just then. Her eyes were closed peacefully, rain hitting her face as she humped against me, winding down. Her lips still parted, wistfully expectant of another kiss. I pushed myself inside of her before all the sweat and fluid could wash away. Had I ever noticed that her face was so perfectly shaped? Fat droplets of rain pelted my ass as her pussy stretched to accommodate me.

Hot, quaking breaths greeted my lips when I pressed them to hers. Jolts of electricity shuddered through me as my cock throbbed in her pussy. “Ah. Go easy. It’s been awhile.” I slid into her small cunt slowly, testing her expressions. Calm. Ready. She was moaning again as I fucked her. “You belong here.” She said, swallowing my cock with her cunt. “Inside me. Just like the first time, you remember? You fucked my pussy so good, and I bled all over the sand. I was so embarrassed.” My cock clenched, and I trembled, goose bumps forming on my arms. Val had such a filthy mouth when she felt like it. She’d said it hadn’t hurt that time, and had been curiously intrigued at the amount of blood our fucking had produced from her virgin sex. “Don’t you dare shoot your sperm into me, Parker.” She frowned, feeling me throb. Her face twisted wickedly as she squeezed her pussy tightly. I groaned. “Don’t you dare blow that big load of yours into my tight, wet . . . ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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