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I have never tried to write in first person. Let me know if you like or dislike it.

* * * * *

I was surprised when Laura broached the subject of swapping. We had talked about it on one or two occasions but I thought it was taboo with her. This time she seemed in favor of trying it at least one time.

Jim seemed upset when I pretty much put him down for suggesting a swap. It just took me by surprise but since I have had time to think about it, it sounds like it might be fun, after all, Jim has been the only one in my life.

It would be easy to find someone to fuck Laura. She is a very lovely woman and any man in his right mind would jump at the chance to fuck her. She is just over six feet tall with an hourglass figure. Her tits are slightly larger than average, 38D, with large aureoles and perky nipples that grow when she is excited and her posterior jutting out delightfully. Her round face with deep dimples when she smiles cave in and are definite beauty traits along with her button nose and deep blue, squinted eyes, that most men call bedroom eyes. She enjoys flaunting the entire collection by wearing tight fitting clothing and no undergarments to detract from her natural beauty.

Any woman would be happy to swap mates with me. Jim is quite handsome. His six foot two, muscular body and his ever present smile are only overshadowed by his enormous cock. While I have no experience as to the length of other men, I understand that Jim’s ten inch cock is longer than most. I sometimes wish he were a little smaller because it hurts slightly when he is at his longest. He also has a very active appetite for sex so he is willing to fuck anytime, any place.

Laura seems to enjoy sex but at times it seems she doesn’t want me to fuck her hard. She pulls away just when I get the hardest. Maybe I need someone that likes to have hard sex. I wonder with whom she might want to swap?

I really enjoy a good fuck but lately Jim has been so hard that when he drives his huge cock into me it hurts slightly and takes some of the pleasure away. I wonder if Harold Jacobs would be a good swap. I heard his cock was short but he could last and last. His wife, Goldie, jokes about his size but she always rolls her eyes up when she talks about his lasting power. She is also quite well endowed and I have noticed that she has Jim’s attention.

I would be surprised if Harold would agree to swap. He seems so fond of Goldie.

I have noticed lately that she seems to enjoy being around Harold Jacobs. Damn, Goldie is a hot woman and she talks like her sex with Harold leaves something to desire. I wonder—-?

J & L in unison:
“What about checking out the Jacobs?”

“We seem to be on the same wave length. Shall we invite them over and feel them out?”

I would love to feel Goldie out or in. I wonder just how far Laura is willing to go. I wonder if she has already checked Harold out. I wonder if she will actually go along with swapping if it actually comes down to it. I guess I gay porno should not be too surprised because Laura seems to really want to check out other men. Lately she has been watching other men and has been quite hot when we are with other couples. This might be a very good experiment. It would be exciting to see her with other men. She is incredibly beautiful and when she fucks, she seems to radiate sex. I would enjoy knowing her pleasure is being fulfilled and that she would take delight in knowing my fantasy was being satisfied also.

“I will call them and invite them. Are you sure that you are OK with this?

I would sure like to get Harold in the sack. He looks like he could fuck forever. I need a good fuck and his short cock might be quite a nice feeling in me. I would be excited if I know that Jim is fucking Goldie. She has often hinted at swapping with me so I am sure she would give him a good time. I wouldn’t mind if we ended up in the same room and I could watch Harold fucking her. That sounds so exciting I can feel my pussy getting wet.

“I am sure! We need to get on with it before I change my mind!”

Change my mind? No fucking way. I need a tender fuck and if I don’t get it soon, I am going to burst.

Laura is really turned on by this idea. We should have tried this before. I hope Harold and Goldie are willing. I think that Harold would jump at the chance to fuck Laura and Goldie has been flirting with me lately.

J & L:
“We are glad that you could come over on such a short notice!”

H & G:
“We are glad you asked us!”

“Laura! Would you show Harold to the family room? I would like to talk to Goldie.”

I hope I don’t scare her off. She looks great in that tight dress. She sure has big tits.

“Certainly! Come with me Harold.”

He looks better than I remembered. I sure hope that he is willing to swap. I sure do like the looks of his muscular body. I hope he is as good at lasting as is rumored.

Goldie sure is a good-looking woman. She has a nice ass and she sure looks hot in that tight fitting dress that is stretched so tight across her ass.

“Come with me to the kitchen, I have something to ask you.”

“I hope you don’t expect me to do the dishes?”

He sure is a handsome man. I would love to take him by that huge bulge he has in his pants and lead him to the kitchen. He would be such a good fuck. I bet his cock is a foot long by the looks of the bulge.

I don’t know just how to get into the swap arrangement, but I guess being clear-cut is as good as any.

“Laura and I have been wanting to have you over for quite a while. We wondered if you would mind if we are quite blunt on the reason we invited you over?”

She is sure anxious. I hope she don’t get mad. I would fuck her in a minute if she would let me.

I hope he is going to proposition me! He looks so tense. Maybe if I bend down and show him a little cleavage he will loosen up.

“Yes! I would like for you to be frank, fetiş porno and straight forward.”

God! What a bulge. I hope he has something that includes that in mind.

She seems to be watching my throbbing cock. Maybe this won’t be too hard after all. I like the size of those tits.

“Have you and Harold ever – That is-Thought about exchanging partners?”

At least she didn’t faint. There, it is out for her too decide.

“Are you suggesting-With you and Laura?”

Damn! This is better than I ever imagined. It is surprising that Harold and I were just talking about how nice it would be if we could find someone to swap. His cock just jumped slightly. What a terrific arrangement it would be.


She seems to be in agreement. I think we have found a good partnership. She sure is squirming. I can hardly wait to get my cock in her hot box.

Harold sure has a nice ass.

“Please sit on the couch next to me!”

Laura sure has a nice ass.

“You look lovely tonight!”

I would sure like to give him a big kiss.

“Thank you. You are quite handsome yourself.

Oops. I sure sounded eager. Oh well, might just as well get into it. He doesn’t seem to mind that I am being aggressive.

She sure is a hot looking woman. I wonder what she means by handsome. Her mouth sure is looking enticing. I wonder what she would do if I kissed her.

“How long will Jim and Goldie be gone?”

Boy that sounds corny. I think I will try a little kiss.

“MMMM! That was good!”

I hope he don’t stop now! I might have to fuck him right here on the couch.

“We better be careful, Goldie might get angry.”

I hope Jim is having as good luck as I am.

She seems willing and quite able.

“Goldie and I have an agreement. We are quite liberated. She would not mind as long as Jim didn’t.”

Goldie would be elated. I wonder if Jim is as willing as Laura.

“Jim and I were just talking about exchanging mates. Would you and Goldie be willing?”

Wow! This is going terrifically. I sure would like to check out that lump in his pants.

“Willing!!! We would be honored. Goldie, Jim! Come in here!”

I hope I am not scaring her. She sure looks hot and I would like to fuck her. My cock is as hard as a steel rod.

“What is all the yelling about?”

He sure does know how to interrupt a good time. I was about to show Jim what a good blow-job I can give.

I hope Laura is making out OK with Harold!


Goldie sure is hot. She looked like she would be willing to fuck at the drop of a hat, or pants.

“We have a surprise for you!”

Jim is going to go ape. He was the one that thought up this whole idea. I am glad he did. Harold looks like he is about to burst.

“A really big surprise.”

I hope Jim don’t hit me! Oh well, it is worth a try.


“We have a surprise for you also!”

I hope hamile porno they both are thinking about the same thing we are! Laura’s face is quite red. Maybe she won’t mind if I fuck her husband if Harold fucks her too.

“Lets show them!”

G & J:
MMMM! That is quite a nice kiss.

This is going terrific.

“We have already tried that.”

Harold is quite a kisser. I hope his mouth is as good on my cunt as it is on my mouth.

I think I’ll get a little bolder. Laura’s tits sure look nice. I believe a little fondling would be nice. Oh my god, she isn’t wearing a bra.

“Oh yes!”

I hope he don’t stop now. I am getting so wet down there.

His cock needs some attention.

This is going very well. I think I’ll unfasten Goldie’s bra.

“Show me those lovelies!”

Wow! Her tits are huge and the nipples are so firm and nice.

His cock sure is big. I want to feel it in me.

“Turn about is fair play. Let me see your man meat!”

He sure has a big cock. I need to have it in me and soon.

I want to fuck her but I am not sure how to go about it with Jim and Goldie here.

“Would you mind if I —?”

He is dieing to fuck my wife.

“Let’s all get naked!”

I want to fuck Goldie. She is one hot woman.

I thought he would never ask!

I bet I get naked faster than anyone. I want that big cock in my juicy cunt.

“Yes! Let’s do!”

I want to fuck Laura so bad I may cum prematurely!


Goldie sure is in a hurry.

I need fucked!


What a huge cock!

“What a huge cock! Fuck me with it!

I can’t wait forever. I want his cock in me soooo bad.

That feels so good. I hope it don’t get so big like Jim’s.

“OH MY! Please don’t stop!”

It feels good. I love the tender cock in me. I feel an orgasm coming.

What a tight pussy.

“UGH! You are such a good fuck. I am going to cum already!”

“Don’t stop. Keep it in me. It feels so good. I am cuming too!”

It is so good. I think I may faint.

Harold sure is giving her a good fucking. I want Jim’s all the way in me now.

“Fuck me hard, Jim!!!”

Now that is a cunt full!

Laura is enjoying Harold’s cock. Now it is my turn.

“Hold on Goldie. I will give you a good hard fuck!”

What a huge cock. I feel full to overflowing. UM yessss!!!

“That’s it! Fuck me hard and deep. UM Yess!!”

What a good fuck. That is such a big cock. I love the feeling of it in me. He must have cum at least six times.

Goldie has taken all ten inches and still wants more. What a woman. What a fuck!

“You sure do know how to use my cock!”

I will let him rest and we will fuck again. I hope he likes a good blow job!

He has fucked me for an hour. It feels so good!

“Oh my god Harold. That is so good. I love for you to fuck me a long time like this!”

I don’t want to stop but I can tell he is getting tired. Maybe if I give him a rest we can fuck again later.

If she lets me rest, I will give her more of my little cock. It may be little but she sure does like it. Maybe in her ass next time.

“Let’s rest!”

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