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Rebecca: Second Exposure

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The next day was a blur. Rebecca and I hung out all day, but much of the time was spent thinking about the night before. We teased each other all day, exchanging touches and grabs, looks and smiles. It was flirtatious fun, but I knew that night it would move on to something more. The day was coming to an end, and the sky was darkening, yet still we stayed outside sitting at one of the tables near the courtyard of the dormitories. The air was much more pleasant today, calm and still, letting us enjoy the cool weather rather than hide from it.

We didn’t speak much at first, instead choosing to savor the last moments of light in silence. As the sun began it’s final descent into the trees, she spoke.

“So last night…” she began, “what did it mean to you?”

I looked at her a moment, taking in those green eyes that somehow stood out even in the growing darkness. I thought good and hard before I answered.

“Well, to me it marked the opening of a new experience. One that will grow and change, but for the most part will be very pleasurable. Something that in time could change us for the better, open our eyes to new things.”

She seemed to like my answer since a smile grew across her face.

“You didn’t have to be so philosophical. I just wanted to see if you wanted to go further.”

As she said this, her gloved hand felt around my thigh, slowly going towards my groin. The jeans I was wearing made it hard for her to feel me, so she cut out that obstacle with a quick unzipping of my fly. Before reaching in she took her glove off, and put her little hand through the hole. I tried to hold back from having an erection until she touched it at least, but it was all I could do from instantly getting hard. When her hand finally wrapped around my cock, the cold touch gave a delightful feeling against my hot skin, and almost immediately I sprang to life.

“Whoa,” she said, “someone’s a bit horny tonight.”

“He’s readily anticipating good things to come,” I replied.

“And come you shall,” she said, adding extra emphasis to ‘come’.

That’s all it took for me. The gorgeous evening, the pleasant and relaxing chat, all gone as blood rushed from my brain, leaving more carnal thoughts to prevail.

She gave me a little squeeze before retracting her hand and standing up out of the chair.

“How about we head inside? The wind’s starting to pick up, and I don’t want to freeze out here.”

I nodded my head in agreement adding, “of course! Why don’t we go in and get nice and cozy.”

We started for the entrance to the dorms, where several people we standing around having a smoke. My friend Tom was there, standing barefoot and in clothing more accustomed to a sunny beach. As I approached, Rebecca close by my side, Tom called out.

“Hey guys! What are y’all up to this evening?”

I looked at him and said, “Oh, you know…gonna go see what on t.v. Maybe watch a movie if we can’t find anything good.

Tom looked at me and then at Rebecca before returning his gaze back to me saying, “Uh huh. Well have fun, and if you want to do something, hit me up.”

I told him I would, and as we passed by, he gave me a look that seemed to say, “tell me all about it later!”

We arrived inside the main entrance to the freshman dorms, which is actually the second floor. The way the floors were setup, all the female students were housed on the first floor, with

the upper four floors reserved for males. It was disheartening that all the freshman girls who lived on campus could be housed on a single floor, but as I stood there with Rebecca, that fact no longer had relevance to me.

I turned to her, and jokingly said, “Your place or mine?”

She responded with, “well my roommate probably won’t be there, but just to be safe, lets go to your room.”

Luckily, my roommate was going to be gone until the day classes actually started. We had talked often about his family ski trip that he took every year, and how it would take up the entire winter break. This was very fortunate for someone who needed a private space. Very fortunate indeed.

We walked slowly to my room on the third floor. If it we up to me, or the organ that was navigating bahis siteleri me, this would have been akin to a Olympic qualifiers sprint, rushing as fast as we could to get on with business. However, I walked her pace, enjoying some conversation on the way to my room.

We finally arrived, and after I unlocked the door we took off our coats, I instinctively turned on both my computer and the television just for the background noise if nothing else. She plopped down on my bad, and I sat in the chair in front of the computer, angling it so I was facing her.

“I really enjoyed our porn critique last night,” she said, repositioning so she was now laying on her stomach, towards the computer.

I took the hint and started up the browser. Opening several tabs to the usual sites, I asked her what she was in the mood for. Rebecca gave me one of those “it’s your choice” looks, so I started with the highest rated stuff. We went through a array of different pornos, from anal to threesomes, and everything in between. All were subject to our relentless criticism, yet all were thoroughly enjoyed by us both.

The last video I clicked on was a single girl enjoying some solo play. This one really turned me on, not only because the girl was porn-star sexy, but because she honestly seemed to be enjoying herself. The moans, the gasps, even the heavy breathing all appeared to be genuine. Rebecca noticed my failure to make fun of this one.

“Find something you like,” she said coyly.

“Well yes. I find it incredibly arousing watching a girl by herself. It’s like a symphony guided by a conductor who is truly familiar with the orchestra. Every note and pitch perfect. Every gasp and moan melodious.”

Rebecca looked at my as I said this, finally replying.

“Wow, I’ve never heard masturbation being described better than that.”

I took a bow in my seat, acknowledging her remark as a compliment.

“Well, a woman masturbating is a beautiful act. When a man does it to get off, it’s angry and quick, lots of violent movements and sounds.”

“True,” she said, and then appeared to be lost in thought.

Suddenly, her face changed, as if a sudden idea had struck her.

She stood up from the bed, eyes wide with excitement.

“I have a good idea. Suppose I were to play with myself in front of you? Would you like that.”

Her openness in saying that and the thought of the actual act turned the arousal knob in my mind all the way to ten.

“I…uh…I mean, yeah. I would love to see that!” I could hardly hide the anticipation in my voice.

She gave a naughty smile and took off her shirt, followed by her pants. Standing by the bed in her underwear, she asked me to turn on some music for her. I did, picking something soft and perfect for the ambiance. When this was done, she laid back on the bed, head on my pillow. She reached under herself, and released the clasp of her bra. I finally had a good look of her cute little breasts when she removed it.

Both had tattoos across the outer sides. The right had a series of four stars, increasing in size as they wrapped around the curve of her breast. The left was decorated with flowers, arranged in the same fashion as the stars on her right. Of course, as I found out before, each nipple was adorned with a single horizontal piercing. A barbell in each, but with different colored endings on the tips. Their shapely curve added with the perfect nipple atop each was a glorious sight to behold. I gazed up and down her well toned midriff, again decorated with tattoos on each side that start at her hips and stopped under her breasts. Her pierced navel shined bright against her smooth white skin.

She stayed like this for a moment, wearing nothing but her thong panties. Her knees were up in the air as she began to run her hands all along her exposed torso. Caressing her tummy, moving up across her breasts and nipples, stopping to tease the little pink buds just enough to make herself moan a little bit. Then her hands traveled back down across her stomach. Spreading her legs but still keeping them bent at the knee, each hand softly carried across the inside of her thighs, back and forth. She brought them back, following canlı bahis siteleri her bikini line and the edges of the panties.

As this happened, I could do nothing but stare open-mouthed in wonder an awe. Her was this vision of a woman caressing her own body before my very eyes. Needless to say, my cock strained against my jeans.

After a few more moments of tenderly touching her inner thighs, she started to focus more on the part of her covered in fabric. Before she even began touching herself, a small wet patch was forming there, a little vertical indicator of her arousal. Her fingers moved across the fabric, touching without actually putting skin to skin. The spot grew larger as her slender deft fingers found her sensitive spots. Even with the fabric between her fingers and pussy, her signs of arousal were growing. The clear outline of her pussy lips was visible against the sheer panties, and her hand started to rub a little more forcefully.

Stopping, she looked over at me, still watching intently, and said, “well I don’t want to be the only one having all the fun. Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable and enjoy the show even more?”

I started to object, but seeing her face, the flushed cheeks and the dreamy look in her beautiful eyes, how could I say no. As I stripped down to my boxers, she continued her play, but this time, her hand was underneath the fabric. The wet sounds that greeted my ears was like an aural aphrodisiac, putting me into a even deeper state of arousal. Unconsciously, my hand found my rock hard organ, and worked it as I looked on.

After several minutes of covertly playing with her pussy, she decided to let me see. Lifting both legs in the air, she pulled the thong off. It noticeably lingered at her crotch for a moment, stuck there by the bountiful juices she had produced. When it finally peeled away, I was graced with the sight of her hairless pussy lips, slick with her fluids. Two piercings, one through the hood of her clitoris, the other through the labia itself, winked out from between her legs. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face into her soft skin, but her show wasn’t over yet.

She lowered her legs back to the bed and then spread them wide, allowing for a clear view. Her graceful fingers found her clit, while the other worked around her thighs. Fingers flicked and flitted as they hit her sensitive little nub, and he breath became more rapid. Each passing second bore her closer to orgasm. The juices flowed freely from her, running down steadily between her legs Suddenly, as her orgasm was approaching fast, her hand went wild, rubbing across her clit as fast as she could will it. Her other hand had traveled up to her breast, and was squeezing hard on her nipple. With a final yelp, her body tensed up, her legs clamped shut on her hand, and she bolted upright in my bed.

Her labored breathing and blank face let me know this orgasm had been intense. I noticed that at this time, I had been too preoccupied with her to work on myself, yet my hand remained on my throbbing organ. When her senses returned to her, she looked over at me, and gave a big smile.

“So,” she said as her breathing slowed, “how was that?”

“Amazing. The crescendo was a spectacular event,” I replied, returning to the orchestra metaphor.

Her eyes went down to my cock, still in hand.

“Looks like it’s your turn,” she remarked.

I wasn’t about to object as she crawled across the bed towards me, still sitting in my computer chair. Moving my hand aside, she put hers there, and began to give me a slow handjob.

“Hang on,” she said, stopping, “I have another idea.”

She got down off the bed, and, squatting down on the floor, put her hand between her legs. When it was sufficiently coated with her juices, she resumed her handjob.

The slick feel of her hand was incredible, and bolts of pleasure shot through me with each stroke. After a minute or this, with her hand getting dry again, she dropped her head down and enveloped half on my cock into her mouth. With her hand moving up and down on the bottom half, and her mouth and tongue working the top, I could feel myself steadily approaching orgasm. However, I didn’t canlı bahis want to cum just yet. I lifted her head up, removing myself from her mouth. I stood her up to level my head with her overflowing pussy. If possible, the blowjob she had given me turned her on even more than she already was, and her tender pussy lips shimmered with wetness . I grabbed into the flesh of her ass, and pulled her close, burying my face into her sweet slit. I licked precisely and accurately, leaving no spot untouched. Stretching the limits of my tongue, I even managed to hit the outer limits of her g-spot.

I suckled passionately on her clit, flicking my tongue between my lips, hitting the sensitive little bud just often enough to give her a constant series of jolts. Her juices coated my mouth and chin, and I could tell when she leaned heavily on my shoulders, she was close to her second orgasm of the night. I redoubled my efforts, and really dug into her soft flesh. In no time, she was bucking against my face, and her moans and cries rang out above me.

Before she was even done with her orgasm, I pulled a surprise move. Bringing her down suddenly onto my penis, she seemed to have another orgasm before her last one was even complete. The sudden girth inside her hit deep spots, renewing her pleasure waves and sending her body into a frenzy. Her hips moved against her will, grinding into my lap, seeming to try and fit more inside her. I didn’t move at first, instead letting her get used to the new sensations. When she finally rested against me, pussy still squeezing around my penis, I began to work.

Grabbing her under her ass, I picked her up slowly, and lowered her back down slowly. I would do this a few times, then move onto a new speed. After a couple minutes, I had her bouncing up and down and a steady pace. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as I upped the speed even more. She was aiding my efforts, pushing with her legs every time I lifted her up. My cock pushed into her a little more each time. I was hitting bottom and I still had an inch until I was all the way in.

The pace was fast and I used my arms to move her up and down, but now they were tiring as the minutes moved onward. Finally, I grabbed her close against me, and popped my hips up into her, driving hard and fast. The strength in my legs would last a lot longer than my arms, but I felt that I wouldn’t need to much longer. From her breathing and the muscle contractions around my cock, I knew she was close too.

Suddenly, I stood up, still inside her, and moved to the bed. I put her down onto her back, and without missing a beat, kept fucking her as I stood and she lay. I grabbed her hips and began my final assault. From the look on her face, she was lost in a haze of pleasure. I was so very close, but at that time I didn’t know if I should cum inside her or not. The thought of whether she was on birth control or not shot through my mind, and I made my decision at that moment. Just before I was about to cum, I pulled out, shooting my load across her stomach. I waited until the end of my orgasm before collapsing onto the bed next to her.

We both lay there, lost to the outside world. The only things in existence was Rebecca and Ben, and this oh-so-comfortable bed. As I stared up at the ceiling, I felt her hand reach across and touch my chest. I, in turn, put my arm around her, hand resting on her right breast. I idly played with her piercing while she ran her finger through the hair on my chest.

After laying for what seemed like a blissful eternity, she sat up, and inspected the ample amount of cum on her stomach.

Rebecca got up and went to my desk, grabbing some tissues to wipe it off with. I was still laying on my back, legs over the side of the bed. She looked at me and walked over drunkenly, still reeling from the multitude of orgasms. Kneeling in front of me, she put my now soft member into her mouth, cleaning up the remnants of our love. Although the feeling was incredible, my body was spent by the intense session we had just enjoyed.

Satisfied that she had gotten every drop that remained from me, Rebecca let me fall from her mouth back against my stomach. She rejoined me on the bed, laying on her side, arm across my chest, leg across my leg. Her breathing slowed as she drifted to sleep, and with the t.v. still quietly droning in the background, my eyes closed, too. Content, I found peace in sleep.

To be continued…

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