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My cousin Rachel got married recently and the reception was held at a gorgeous winery. The place had stone floors, lots of rich wood, and was bathed in candlight for the big night. The drink flowed and the music played and it was all quite magical.

I went alone because I had just broken up with my girlfriend of several years and wasn’t in the mood for a date quite yet. I found myself sitting at the end of a big table with a bunch of people I barely knew. They were a mix of early 20s all the way into their 50s and 60s. Who they all were, I still don’t know. We tried to introduce ourselves but the music was loud. After enough beer, I forgot their names anyway — all of them except Lara.

She was alone, too, and sitting across from me. A woman in her late 40s, she was quite attractive in a somewhat worn, world-weary way. Her black hair was piled high in a bun and she had wonderful dark, thick-lashed eyes. Her full lips were enhanced by light pink lipstick. She was a little heavyset, but I liked the way she filled her black dress, which revealed lots of cleavage. I had to fight to keep my gaze on her face when we talked.

“So you couldn’t get a date, either,” I said when I realized she was alone. The music had gotten soft and she was just sitting there looking vaguely bored.

“Ahh, he’s a bastard,” she said with a sigh. HE turned out to be her boyfriend Tony. They’d had a fight. He was the extremely jealous type. She gave me all the gory details. She wasn’t too happy.

Lara had been drinking pretty heavily and I could tell she was buzzed, but as we made chit-chat, she grew warmer and more animated. We compared family notes (she was the groom’s cousin). I liked her although she had about 10 years on me. I especially liked her after she got up to go to the ladies room. Her very sexy, curvy figure filled her dress and my gaze fell immediately on her fishnet stockings and black heels.

“Wanna dance?” she asked after she returned. The meal was over and the floor was filling with people as the pace and volume of the music picked up.

“Sure,” I said. I normally hate dancing, but I’d had enough booze to not care much about how I looked. And I wanted to get to know Lara more.

She gaziantep rus escort left her shoes at the table, and we moved around the floor to the usual dance tunes. Some couples were getting a little risque with their grinding and Lara seemed inspired by it. She began shaking her ass and making her ample breasts jiggle. At one point, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into her. Her body felt plush and she smelled nice, although a little like gin and tonic. I smiled at her and she gazed at me intently for a second before smiling back. I could feel a sexual tension starting to build.

We worked up a bit of a sweat. Shortly after returning to our table, I dropped a fork and leaned down to get it. When I glanced up, Lara had parted her legs so I could see the neat landing strip of dark pubic hair between her thighs. She had a plump and very sexy mons. I guess she knew what I was looking at because she spread her legs more and I could see the swollen hood of her clit and the dark shadow of her anus.

When I came back up, I must have looked a little flustered. Lara just smiled, downed her drink and said, “I need some fresh air. Want to come outside?”

I went, of course, with my eyes fixed on the sway of her lush ass as she walked. We left the booming music and swirling lights behind and found ourselves alone on a big stone balcony overlooking a silent vineyard. The night sky was lit by a full moon. We stood together against the stone railing and took in the view.

“I’m really into you,” she said, giving me a sideways glance. She looked pretty drunk, but this was going to be intriguing.

“I like you, too,” I said. “I’m glad we met. Would have been a drag if I hadn’t.”

“Do you like me?” she asked, turning to me. “I’d like to do you, but he’d know…”

I was stunned, and all I could say was, “Wow. I’m flattered…you’re a very lovely lady…”

“Tell him that,” she said sourly. “He’d find out if we did. I have to go home and he’s probably going to want some when I get there…”

“Sounds like a real charmer,” I said.

“He is,” she said, slurring her words a bit and leaning against me. “You make me horny…”

“Wow. That’s great,” I laughed. “I haven’t had that effect on anyone in a while…”

I slipped my arm around her shoulder and she nuzzled my neck. “Touch me,” she whispered.

Not sure what to do, I let my hand course down her side to her hip and then her ass, so broad and firm. She purred, “Mmmmm” when I gave it a squeeze.

“You’re driving me nuts,” she said.

She was doing the same to me. I was getting hard. I wanted her, but where? How? This whole situation was so weird, so unexpected. There we were alone, and the drink and the moonlight got the best of us.

As Lara pressed against me, I caressed her ass. I think we both felt the thrill of possibly getting caught, and that made what happened next possible.

“I want to taste you,” I said.

“Mmmm,” she said, with a delighted shiver.

“Come here,” I told her, taking her by the hand and leading her around a corner of the building. We were now in a corner of the balcony, somewhat out of sight, but hardly safe from being discovered. Still, I was so horny I didn’t care.

As Lara leaned against the waist-high raiing, I stood behind her, my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck. She sighed and rocked her head back against me.

“We can’t fuck here,” she said. “And I can’t fuck you…he’ll know as soon as he touches me there…”

“No need to fuck. Just enjoy….”

I dropped to my knees and heard Lara’s breath catch as I ran my hands over her hips and lifted her dress. Her bare ass was gorgeous — plump and framed by a black garter belt and those thigh-high fishnets. I palmed each cheek and Lara leaned forward, spreading her legs a little wider. The moonlight was bright enough that I could see the swollen lips of her cunt.

What we were doing felt dreamlike, and it was intensely arousing. I kissed the smooth cool skin of each round buttock, occasionally running my tongue over them. Lara moaned softly. She was into what I was doing.

Gently palming her ass again, I parted the cheeks slightly and savored the musky scent in her cleft. It turned me on so much that my cock began to ache and leak precum.

“Mmmm, your ass smells good…I want to taste it…”

“Oooh, yeah,” she whispered, reaching back with her red-fingernailed hands and pulling her cheeks wider apart. Her anus was gorgeous: a dark, inviting pucker in a circle of soft wrinkled skin. The cleft of her ass was warm, slick and salty as I ran my tongue along it, from the edge of her cunt, over her anus and on up.

“Mmmm,” Lara moaned, insistently pushing her bare rear against my face. I slowly licked her anus and was hugely excited by its slightly salty bitterness.

“Your ass tastes so good,” I whispered and she shuddered. Squeezing her cheeks, I swirled my tongue around her anus, covering it with broad, flat strokes. The scent and taste of her luscious rear was driving me wild with lust. I licked intently, thrilling to the sounds she was making.

Lara’s delicious asshole relaxed and admitted the tip of my tongue. “Oh, fuck, yeah…” she sighed, pushing her ass against my face again.

“So good,” I moaned before inserting my extended tongue deeper inside her musky anus. I swirled it on the rubbery inner wall and pushed even deeper. The taste was incredibly exciting and Lara’s arousal only made me probe and lick more avidly. The scent of her rear and the feeling of those big, soft cheeks against my face made me want to come.

Lara beat me to it. She moaned and shook, and I could feel the walls of her anus clenching my tongue as it slid in and out.

Her orgasm had barely subsided when I heard people coming out onto the balcony. I quickly stood up and Lara’s dress fell back into place. She seemed almost wobbly as she turned to me with a very dreamy look in her eyes.

“That was nice,” she said, touching the tip of my nose.

And so we went back inside. Lara left not long after, simply gathering her things and heading for the door. She did stop to look back and give me a sly smile. I waved, still amazed by what had happened. And still intensely horny.

Later that night, I got myself off in the darkness of my parked car. I had to if I wanted to drive home with any kind of focus. The scent of Lara’s ass was still on my face, the taste fresh in my mind. I came hard, my spurting penis filling my palm with gobs of warm, white semen that dripped onto my thighs, Some even landed on the steering wheel. As I cleaned it up with some tissues, I just hoped Tony was none the wiser after Lara got home. She’s a special lady.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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