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Recruiting the Pledge’s Sister

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All of the characters and actresses in this video-script are at least 18 years old.

Episode 44: Recruiting the Pledge’s Sister

2 sorority girls walk into a bedroom. The younger one is leading, wearing a shirt, sweater, & short skirt. The older one has a tight, cropped single color t-shirt with the sorority letters on the front and shorts w/ sorority letters on the butt. A ring is in her belly button.

Conversation is in progress, & the 1st girl is younger and speaking. “… but you weren’t just flirting with him. You were flirting with his date, too.”

“Why not? She’s cuter than he is. I got the feeling that he would’ve liked the idea that I kiss her, but she was worried about sharing him.”

“Would you have kissed her?”

“Emma, you’ve got to realize that almost 1/3 of our sorority likes girls, and some of us like them more than men.”

“Is that why you voted to let me join? Because you all are hoping I’ll kiss you?”

“No, we wanted you to join because you’re an exceptionally talented woman. But I asked to be your big sister in case you like girls and you’re interested in me. I think of you when I’m in bed at night, and it turns me on. But I won’t bring it up again if you say no.”

“I’ve never really thought about it before. You’ve seen how small our town is.” She motions around. “You’re by far the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen—even in movies.” Emma has a thoughtful look.. She stops looking at Brianna’s face & is staring at her body, especially at her bare stomach. She slightly licks her lips nervously.

Brianna just stands & lets Emma stare. “Want to see the rest of my body? Maybe that will help you decide.” Emma doesn’t answer, just stares. Emma stares at her breasts as Brianna takes off her top and her sexy bra. She stares at Brianna’s pussy as Brianna takes off her shorts and thong.

Brianna lets Emma continue to stare. Emma starts to raise her hands and take a step towards Brianna – steps back again & lowers them. “Don’t you want to feel my breasts?” Emma doesn’t answer but bites her lip. Brianna approaches & lifts Emma’s hands and places them on canlı bahis her breasts. Emma plays with them, and Brianna moans.

“Let me lock the door so Mallory doesn’t hear us.”

Brianna pulls Emma back. “Let her hear us. You’ve got an ultra hot stepsister.” She kisses Emma on her lips.

Emma is too focused thinking about Mallory to realize what just happened. “Brianna, you don’t know how much she hates me. She’s my enemy!”

Brianna kisses her again. This time Emma reacts passionately. She puts her arms around Brianna and kisses her back with long kisses. As they kiss, she’s more aware of this new experience, and her hands are exploring Brianna’s bare body. Brianna moans louder and helps undress Emma as they kiss, starting with Emma’s skirt. We see her cute thong. They kiss & undress until both are nude. Brianna is licking and sucking Emma’s breasts, and Emma is panting and demanding that Brianna doesn’t stop and telling her how hot Brianna is and that she’s going to cum. “Come get on your bed with me.”

Scrambling into the bed, Emma sees her sister in the doorway filming them on her phone. She releases Brianna and tries to cover herself. She screams “what are you doing?”

Brianna smiles at Mallory and is slowly walking towards her. “I didn’t know you were home, Mallory. I hope we weren’t bothering you.”

“You weren’t bothering me at all.” She sneers at Emma.. “But you’re the one who’ll be bothered when I show this to Emma’s dad. No more special treatment for her.”

Brianna’s close enough that she sprints at Mallory. “Help me grab her.” Mallory turns and runs but Brianna tackles her in the hallway. Mallory’s struggling to protect the phone and escape. Brianna is trying to get Mallory on her back and to sit on her and succeeds. “Hold down her hands!”

Mallory’s still wriggling with Emma holding down her arms and with Brianna sitting on her. “I think you have us at a disadvantage, Mallory. Let’s even this up.” Brianna pulls off Mallory’s top and bra. Mallory fights more and screams when she feels Brianna start to pull off her shirt. As her bra comes off, Brianna tells bahis siteleri her “I’ve wanted to see these since I met you.” Brianna is playing with Mallory’s breasts. Mallory still struggles to get away but stops screaming. “Tie her hands together with her bra then go around me and pull those jeans and panties off of her.”

Emma’s able to tie up her hands with her bra and shirt before Mallory reacts. Mallory is wailing now and frantically trying to push Brianna off, but she’s trapped. Emma takes her sister’s boots and jeans off and then her panties; Mallory’s left in just her socks. Mallory’s gotten too tired to struggle and is just crying. “Hold down her legs.” Brianna scoots up so she can play with Mallory’s breasts with one hand and lean back and finger her with the other. Mallory is breathing heavily. After a little while, Brianna says “you must like this. You’re very wet.” Brianna continues to play with Mallory’s body. “Emma, use your tongue and give Mallory an orgasm.”

“Are you crazy? I won’t do that for her!”

Mallory begs “no, no, not her. I’ll do whatever you want for you, Brianna, but please don’t let my stepsister touch me.”

“Do it!” Brianna order to Emma. “And it better be an amazing orgasm for her. If you don’t, I’ll get in bed with Mallory and kiss and suck her all night and you can just watch us and play with yourself. Push her legs apart and put your face up there and start by kissing her pussy.”

Mallory’s still squirming but stops fighting when she feels Emma’s mouth and tongue. Emma reluctantly licks and fingers her stepsister and then then gets more vigorous and she sees Mallory shivering in ecstasy and enjoying because it turns on Emma again. Brianna climbs off of Mallory’s top so they can kiss while Mallory’s getting licked. After Mallory’s orgasm, Brianna has Emma lie on her back and has Mallory give her an orgasm while Brianna squats over Emma’s face and Emma licks her.

After they both have an orgasm, Brianna stands up. “Let’s move to Emma’s bed. I’ll meet you there after I use the bathroom.” She heads down the hall towards the bathroom. Emma stares at Mallory bahis şirketleri walking into her bedroom.

“What are you staring at?”

Emma follows her. “Brianna’s right. You are totally ultra hot!”

Mallory faces Emma & extends her arms wide and stands with her legs apart as if to show all of herself to her sister. “You’re hot, too, sister, and your tongue is so amazing. When you’re licking my pussy, I can’t think of anything except I would do anything in the world to keep it there. I would be your slave. You’ve got to lick me again!”

Emma looks down embarrassed by the compliment from the girls who was recently her enemy. “Well, I’ll lick you again if you lick me.”

“Sure!” Mallory runs up to Emma, grabs her, and kisses her deeply. We see their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, and Mallory takes Emma’s hand and rubs her pussy using Emma’s fingers. When the kiss ends, Mallory tells her “tell me what you want me to do so you’ll lick my pussy again.”

“Lie on your back on my bed.”

Mallory lies down and Emma climbs on her, puts her pussy in her face, and positions herself to lick her sister’s. As they lick and moan and finger each other, Brianna returns. She stands in the doorway, watching and smiling and playing with herself. After Emma has an orgasm, she says “I’ve got the best little sister ever.”

Brianna tells the girls to kneel on all fours. From that position, she fingers the two girls at the same time while they turn their heads and kiss.

Next, Brianna gets on her back while the sisters cover her body with kisses and give her another orgasm.

Finally, they all climb into bed and cuddle together. Brianna and Emma are playing with Mallory’s breasts. Mallory says “Emma, I’ll give you anything I have. What can I do to get more licking from you?

Emma tells her “If you promise to keep kissing me and letting me play with your body, I’ll come home every weekend.” Mallory pulls Emma’s mouth to hers, and they kiss while Emma’s hand reaches down between Mallory’s legs to finger her again at the same time.

Brianna says “even better, I think Mallory should plan to come visit and sleep over at our sorority house on weekends. But my sisters there might not let you two sisters get a lot of sleep. She reaches over so she can caress Emma’s butt, and the scene fades.

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