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Red Ch. 01

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Position 1

Straight, she reminded herself. The air rang and smelled of something pure. It teased at her knees and the hem of her dress, threatening to blow the fabric up for a little sneak peek. Mina breathed in hastily before relaxing into an instinctual pose: back straight, ankles tucked, folded hands resting on the crease of her thighs. The stance wasn’t severe, and it was hardly inconvenient. It just felt… right.

A woman strolled by and the perfume tickled her nose, causing Mina to shift in her seat. Legs long and intent, they carried a slender frame in a thin emerald blouse and denim shorts. Thick black hair whipped in the wind and she imagined running her fingers through the strands. The stranger laughed, carelessly loud, and Mina briefly wondered the sound of her moans, and, even more pleasing, what it would sound like for her name and to pass such cherry lips. She could only imagine how the woman’s skin felt, and how gentle or fierce the woman’s touch would be. The severe sound of her heels had Mina stuck in a trance, the evidence of the fantasy a sting at her cheeks and a secret stain on her underwear. Her thoughts then danced around the positions that supple, young frame could withstand, limbs pulled taut, the interesting composition her body could make, wrapped in rope, or leather, or nothing at all. The woman looked over her shoulder, and Mina automatically averted her gaze. She could rarely look anyone in the eyes, much less hold contact for long.

Pushing off the wooden bench, she started for home. The sun was nearing the horizon and, though she loved sunsets, she didn’t like walking alone in the dark. Not since last spring. Holding her hand out as she passed the lavender bush, the softness against her skin made her smile. A man, tall, toned, and decked in a skin-tight tank and red shorts, jogged toward her, his hair damp. Mina mused on how hard those muscles probably were, and how they would feel wrapped around her or holding her down. She smiled deviously as she imagined his weight over her, between her legs, his eyes closed in concentration, a thick dick threatening to split her apart. She felt her core stir. He smelled of salt and wood when he passed by and, though she kept her eyes on the flowerbeds, she couldn’t help but wonder if he kept his eyes on her. Her cell phone buzzed strongly in her bra and she felt it along the edge of her nipple. She gasped and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation.

Message from Peter. Betturkey “Hey, you home?”

Mina rolled her eyes but bit her lip and quickly typed out, “15 minutes.”

She barely opened the door before he had her turned around and pressed against it. She met his clumsy lips, his hands already all over back, her ass, her thighs. But they matched the urgency he felt, so Mina abided by opening her mouth and wrapping her leg around him, bringing him close. Their tongues met, and fought. She felt the pulsing heat of his semi on her inner thigh, and began to taunt it with strokes of her cunt. He groaned and his breathing grew heavy. Tugging up her dress, he tossed it aside. Her tongue found his neck, her teeth his ear. She smiled at his gasp.

Peter gathered her breasts and deeply inhaled the scent of amber and apples. She watched him and felt a slight tightening inside. He reached around to unclasp her bra, then pulled away to take his shirt off and unbutton his pants. Licking his lips at her near nakedness, their mouths met again, and they began to grind. Her nipples grew hard under his touch, and she arched her back when he took one in his mouth.

“Oh..” She moaned, her hands roaming over the heat of his shoulders and arms, clutching at his neck and hair. His other hand ran up and down her body, grasping at her hip, massaging her ass. The rhythm of their bodies and the wetness of his tongue was building a fire inside, the contrast of his jeans on her bare skin fanning the flame. Mina could feel herself getting wet against his knee.

His fingers found her womanly curve, and hurriedly pushed aside her panties. They bent inwards to begin rubbing circles on her hardening clit. She gasped, her body responding immediately. Her breathing quickened, and she started moving her hips in eagerness. Her grip tightened on his arms, and she could feel herself approaching the edge. Dipping one finger inside, Peter moved to her other tit, his tongue dancing around her nipple. He wiggled his finger inside her and slipped it out, inserting two with another stroke, provoking a long moan from Mina’s lips. Her leg dropped from his waist and she leaned against the door for support. He began to finger her, massaging her inner walls, the sound of her pleasure vivid in the air, from her sex, and from her lips. She closed her eyes, feeling her entire body tense up in anticipation. His palm slapped her mound with each quick move until the orgasm had her crying Betturkey Giriş out and riding his fingers. Her nails dug into his back. He kissed her, their tongues sloppy, his other hand kneading her breast.

When she calmed, he took her hand and led it down the smooth plane of his torso, slipping it inside his boxers. His coarse pubic hair tickled her palm while he hardened in her grip. Though her muscles quivered, Mina began to slowly stroke his length. She looked up at him and the look of bliss on his face brought her down to her knees. Tugging at his pants and underwear, she used the flesh of her palms to ride up his calves and the back of his thighs. She kissed his hips, outlining the arching bones with her lips, nipping at the delicate skin there. He gasped in surprise. She licked her way to the center, her eyes on his face. She lifted his cock, the weight more noticeable now, and used her free hand to cup and massage his balls. Mina sucked at the skin playfully, satisfied with Peter’s moan. Using the flat of her tongue, she measured him from base to tip with saliva again, and again. She then began teasing the bundle of nerves right under his head with rapid side-to-side flicks of her tongue. He shuddered and his lips parted to release his groans.

Her fingers wrapped around his girth, her tongue now swirling along the ridge of his head. She tasted saltiness and eagerly slipped the tip in her mouth, only to audibly pop! it out. He nearly screamed and she swore he was close to cumming. She brought him into her mouth again, her cheeks caving in with the suction, his sounds her encouragement. Mina began to twist her head up and down his dick, a little bit lower on his length each time, her tongue slightly curved up to stroke its sides. Drool dripped down her neck to the top of her breasts, her grip slick with the help, her moans vibrating against the dick filling her mouth.

“My pocket,” he groaned. She reached past his legs, her ass in the air. “Get up, get up,” he urged. And she did, ripping the wrapper and rolling the condom on his entirety. She licked her lips and went to kiss him again. His fingers delved into her hair, much like the assault of their tongues. He took her shoulder and turned her around, squatting to pull her panties down. He then smacked her bare cheek. Mina inhaled sharply, reveling in the sting of his handprint.

“Spank me,” she mewled. Peter’s hand met with her skin and Mina cried out. He did it again and she wagged her ass, her pussy muscles twitching. She wanted more but she could feel him get up and guide his other head to her entrance, parting her private lips. She let out a long groan as he pushed inside. The heat of her was almost too much. With his body crouched and his back hunched, he started to move his hips. She gritted her teeth, the initial pain subsiding as her wetness coated him. He reached around and cupped her breasts, molding them together, pinching lightly at her nipples. Mina whimpered from the pain, her body reacting pleasantly as it squirmed and warmed against his.

Peter grunted, and the sound of it mixed with the slapping of skin and the creaks of the floor had her moaning and concentrated on finding that light. Each lengthy stroke brought her closer and closer to that reward, each loud meeting of flesh had her curling her toes. This was her favorite position. Being fucked from behind, bent and bruised under gripping hands, body being used, sliding back and forth and back and forth on a nice, big dick. It was the easiest way to make her cum; the angle made it so her G-spot was completely vulnerable to a beating.

“Oh, God…” she cried into the wood of the door as the rhythm grew faster. He began to shallowly thrust, and she knew he was close by his trembling. She reached between her legs and began to rub her clit, the sensation causing her to scream. Mina began to bounce faster and faster on his slick cock, her moans growing desperate, her breath nearly gone. His hands moved to her shoulders, pushing her body down as he fully impaled her, grinding his groin and balls against her pussy. Her orgasm possessed her shortly after his, wrenching another scream from her lips. She enjoyed how his hands gripped her arms to the door, and found satisfaction in his cursing yells. He rested his forehead on her shoulder, catching his breath, releasing her arms. The tingling spread from her thighs, to her feet, to her breasts, to her head, and her whole body shook as he exited her, a disappointment filling her instead.

She turned around while he was pulling off the condom and gathering it in a tissue. Mina always found it weird and a bit insulting that he took them with him, but she brushed it off yet again and gathered her clothes. She hooked her bra and pulled her dress back on. The feeling of him inside was something she already missed, but Mina enjoyed the end result anyways. Her clit pulsed. Leaning against the door, holding her hands behind her back, she watched as he settled his clothes in the hall mirror.

“Food?’ Peter asked, turning to her.

“Yeah, I just have use the bathroom.”

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