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Red Silk

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He called early in the week and asked her to meet him at a party, a special costume party, on Friday. He was sure she would enjoy it. Intrigued she agreed. He always knew where the most interesting parties were, although he was oddly silent about the details for this one. The following day a package arrived by courier as promised.

She opened it with eager fingers, tearing the wrapping in her haste. Revealed to her eager eyes was an unmarked metallic red box, glittering softly in the light. With her long fingers she lifted the top curious as to what lay inside for her. With the top off she spread the white paper to reveal the clothing within. A silent “Oh” formed on her lips as she picked up the clothing. This was going to be an interesting party she thought.

She held up the first piece to the light. A red corset that laced in the front and looked like it would ride low on her hips. to go with it a silk, black lace thong. There was nothing else in the box. Yes, this was going to be an interesting party she thought. She almost ran to her bedroom, eager to try the ensemble on. As usual, it fit her perfectly. The corset thrust her high-pointed breasts up in dramatic fashion and the thong showed off her nicely rounded ass. With a pair of high heels she would look magnificent.

Unconsciously she ran her hands up and down her body relishing the feel of the silk against her skin. Wriggling her body in delight she fell back on to her bed thinking about how much fun this party was going to be. Slowly she began to rub her sensitive pussy with one hand while the other teased a hardening nipple through the silk. She hadn’t realized how aroused she was, her hand moving hard and fast across her prominent mound. Soon it slipped underneath the black silk throng now soaked with her juices. First one and then a second finger slipped into her pussy running in and out in frantic haste. She was so close then she was cumming, without warning, her passionate cries filling the room as her body bucked against her hand. She relaxed on the bed the wonderful smell of sex filling the room, her mind drifting through the pleasant after haze of a hard orgasm. Friday seemed like a lifetime away.

She worked hard to keep busy working on her paintings and in kaçak iddaa her garden. Friday arrived before she knew it. She spent the day preparing and pampering her self. At the appointed time he knocked on the door and she greeted him. His eyes twinkling as he gazed at her oiled body in the light. Her breasts thrust up high by the corset and she twirled around to show off her ass. He smiled “I see one of us is ready for the party.”

“Only one of us?”

“Well maybe both of us are ready. What do you think” With that he opened his coat. He was wearing a pair of red silk pajama shorts and a matching silk top. “Not as dramatic as yours but it will do.” He said.

She ran her hands up and down his chest and over the wonderful bulge between his legs. “I think you look ravishing.” She could feel him start to swell beneath her hand.

He took her hands gently in his, “Let’s not get this party started to early,” he whispered in her ear. He handed her a coat and opened the door to the car for her. They were off quickly and arrived at the same time with a number of others. Their coats were taken at the door and they stepped inside. From the door a ramp had been setup like a fashion runway and the early arrivals were gathered around watching as the newcomers walked down it. Cheers greeted her as she smiled and pirouetted her way down the ramp. She was trembling with excitement when she reached the bottom where the crowd was gathered. She felt more than one hand caress her nearly bare buttocks as she made her way through the crowd and into the backyard.

Music filled the air and immediately someone grabbed her and took her to the dance floor that had been built. She made no resistance and was soon dancing across the floor with who ever was nearby, both men and women. The scent of aroused men and women filled the air on the dance floor. Hands caressed her body as she danced and sometimes her partners would grind themselves against so hard she thought she would cum on the spot. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt and she could feel how wet she was becoming.

During the few breaks she took from the dance floor she noticed that more than a few couples were disappearing into the dark corners of the yard. She watched as discreetly as she kaçak bahis could. Feeling her self grow wet, straining to hear the soft moans of their passion. Some couples were not as bashful and she surreptitiously watched as hard cocks pounded into upturned pussies or open mouths. Her own fires were raging and she ached to be filled. Just as she was thinking were he had gotten to he appeared beside her.

“Would the lady care to dance?” he asked.

“The lady would love to.” She replied.

He led her back to the dance floor as a new song surged from the speakers surrounding them. Their eyes locked and they moved together as one. Soon he pulled her tight against him his crotch grinding against her own. She could feel just how hard he was and she moved up and down against him letting his cock slide across her thong- covered pussy. He took her in his arms and spun her about and held her from behind his hard cock now sliding up and down the valley of her ass while his hands fondled her breasts. Her breath grew ragged and she returned the smiles of other couples that were doing the same thing on the crowded floor.

“I need you now,” he whispered in her ear, his tongue kissing the back of her neck.

“Oh God, me too, I’m not sure I can wait to get you home.”

“Why wait? Come with me.”

He led her off the dance floor and back into the house pulling her quickly behind him. He took her down a hallway, opened a door and pulled her in, locking the door behind them. He kissed her hard, his tongue finding its way between her lips while his hands undid the laces of her corset. In moments she was topless her bare breasts exposed to his gaze and quickly covered by his mouth and tongue. She groaned loud and pulled down his shorts taking his hard cock in her hand. She felt it jerk and throb and could feel a drop of pre-cum leaking from the head.

His hands pulled her thong down and off as she almost tore the silk top from his body. They stood naked in the room kissing passionately while they explored each other with their hands. She could feel him thrusting against her, his hard cock sliding up and down the slippery valley of her pussy, her legs spreading slightly letting the throbbing cock touch every inch of her. She could smell him, illegal bahis could smell his arousal as she buried her head into his neck, licking and kissing.

He turned and pushed her towards the window. He bent her slightly and she rested her hands on the windowsill and gazed out into the yard. The window was almost hidden from view and looked out into the garden. She could just make out another couple sitting on the swing. The woman had her legs up her knees almost back to her head spreading her pussy wide for the man. She watched as the hard cock drove in and out of the woman. Could see his balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. As she watched she could feel his hands playing with her ass, one hand exploring her hot slick pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me nowwwww!” She wailed. She could feel his cock throbbing at the entrance to her most secret depths and she thrust her ass back trying to slide his cock inside her. He took a step back, teasing her as his hands found her breasts, tweaking, and pinching her sensitive nipples. She cried out again rewarded this time, as his cock burst into her driven to the hilt on his first thrust. She stood on her tiptoes and wailed trying to escape the sudden penetration. He held her tight and began fucking her like his life depended on it, his cock driving in and out with fast hard strokes. She responded to the his animal like fucking driving her self back to meet his thrusts, impaling herself on the throbbing meat and squeezing it hard as he drew it out for each pussy splitting thrust.

Her arousal had been teased to a fever pitch and now nothing intruded on her senses except the feel of the hard cock pounding into her cunt, stroke after stroke till her body began to swell and tense. He broke down first, she could feel his movements become jerky and his thrusts harder then the first jet of cum erupted inside her. The sensation put her over the edge and her own orgasm erupted like a tidal wave of fire roaring through her body as he filled her with jet after jet of cum.

He pulled her back to the bed and they collapsed upon it as he cradled her in his arms. After a few moments he stood and collected their discarded clothing.

He whispered in her ear, “I think this party is almost over, but why don’t we go back to your place and start another one of our own.”

She could only nod her eyes staring hungrily at his hard body already imagining what his cock was going to feel like a second time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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