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Rekindling Forgotten Love

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Edited by: Friendlyreader99. Thanks!


“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!” my twin sister Kim cried out, scaring the hell out of me. Reflexively I dropped her bra back into its drawer, and moved away from her dresser. I had been caught, again. My sister was standing in her doorway, with nothing on but a towel wrapped around her torso, all her visible skin dripping with water. She had just come out of the shower, and I had used it as an opportunity to rummage through her bra drawer.

And it wasn’t the first time. Not only that I had done this, but also that she had caught me. Standing there, she was gorgeous and glorious, glistening in the morning light. It was clear, though, that she was angry. But, honestly, I didn’t care much. I relaxed, smiled at her and walked out of her room. “You got to stop doing this, pervert! If I catch you again, I’ll tell mom and dad!” she added, but not with a really angry tone.

“Yeah yeah, you’ve said that before. Just relax Kim, I was just looking.” I said, more confident than most brothers would have been in my situation.

“Just looking, Corey?” she asked, her voice rising. “That’s precisely the problem!” she said, then sighed.

The single reason I wasn’t scared of her anger or threat was that, three months ago, I had caught her fucking her boyfriend in her room. I had come home from school much earlier than I normally would have on a Thursday, as the chess club’s meeting had been unexpectedly cancelled. I had come back through the back door and had walked to the kitchen without making any sound. The fact that I had remained silent hadn’t been planned or anything, it just happened.

Just before I would have dropped my backpack on the floor, noisily, I heard her moaning. Then I had heard a guy grunting. My eyes had opened wide as I realized what was happening. I had sneaked closer to my sister’s closed door and listened. At one point, having heard their bodies slamming into one another, I had also heard the distinct sounds of pussy farting with some of his strokes. The lucky bastard had probably been tapping my sister from behind!

I then sneaked back out of the house, an erection making the walking process difficult. Once I had seen Kim’s then-boyfriend leaving, I came back in and confronted my sister. She had still been flushed and slightly dishevelled, beautiful and sexy as angels and succubi must be. Even though she had been dressed by then, I had still been extremely sexually aroused. When I had told her what I heard, she had panicked at first, then had threatened me with murder if I ever told mom and dad. Then I made her realize that she was the one in trouble, and she froze.

Now, three months later, even though she made threats about telling mom and dad about my exploration of her lingerie drawer, I knew she was never going to do it. I would probably get into trouble for it, but so much less than she would for fucking in the house! That was strictly forbidden by our parents.

Sometimes I wondered just how much of Kim’s reputation my parents actually knew. We were only nineteen, but she had been sexually active for a while now, and many people at school knew about it. Not a slut that would sleep with anybody, but nonetheless a girl that went through boyfriends like others went through series on a Netflix binge! Now I didn’t only have rumors, but proof, and while I had never officially threatened her or blackmailed her with that, she knew that I could. Oh she knew it very well.

While my sister was very sexually active, I, on the other hand, wasn’t. I was an immaculate virgin. While thinking about a young virgin girl might be sexy, a young virgin guy just wasn’t the same… I was in deep sexual need, spending my days and nights watching porn and masturbating, trying my best to control my sexual drive. Part of the reason I loved to look and play with her lingerie was that deep need.

I guess as I was just as sexually hungry as my sister was, but I didn’t get the equivalent of her looks. Kim was rapidly blooming into a goddess of a young woman, with bulging breasts, larger than most pornstars and fully grown women. Most of her breasts had 32 and 34 band sizes, with cups varying between D and F. On a fucking nineteen year old!

If that wasn’t enough my sister had exquisite hair: she had remarkable burnished auburn tresses that went all the way to the small of her back. She usually wore them split in two very long and thick braids. Add to that the fact that she was slim, in very good shape, with deep green eyes and a very pretty face. How the fuck does a normal-looking nineteen year old guy get as many girls as a nineteen year old divinity like my sister gets guys?

And, also a problem, albeit a very different one, how can normal girls compete with my sister? I was aware that my incestuous infatuation with my sister was making it more difficult for me to be interested in other girls. Shit, everybody at school knew she was the hottest girl around! But what was canlı bahis a boy to do? “Maybe it was that spooky twin link?” I sometimes asked myself. “Yeah right… It has nothing to do with the fact that she has a body professional nude models would kill to have!”

Before turning into a pervert looking at her lingerie drawer, I had asked her to show me her breasts (all I got was a shocked response and a threat of telling mom and dad), then her breasts in a bra (first “pervert” name calling), then just her bras (long sigh and shaking of her head as if to say “You’re hopeless, brother…”) and finally I asked her if she would let me stare at her while she was wearing bikinis around the house (I got the typical young girl disgusted “Ewwwww” before she turned around not even answering).

And so I resorted to rummaging through her drawer. Don’t get me wrong: aside from that particular issue, Kim and I had a great relationship. Again, maybe the twins thing. In any case, we got along really fine despite the fact that she was a sexually active goddess and I was a virgin normal-looking guy. In fact, I suddenly remembered that until we were thirteen or fourteen years old, we were very close.

I remember one time our parents sat us down and told us that we should go out and get new friends to play with. That was their explicit message, but I recall that Kim and I laughed about it, having recognized that what had really bothered them was that we spent too much time together. We certainly didn’t mind.

As I thought about those years, I remembered that Kim was the first girl towards whom I had romantic feelings. And sexual ones as well. Now wondered if she’d had those feelings as well… Soon after that conversation with our parents though, puberty hit us and somehow made us drift apart. I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but I was loosing my best friend, my first real love.

Thinking about all that made me realize that Kim wasn’t all that angry about my lingerie indiscretions. The first time it happened she was really pissed, and that anger faded a bit after I had caught her fucking, but it has really faded since. Even now, I’m pretty sure that the next moment we’ll cross each other in the hallway or in the kitchen, neither of us will even be thinking about the fact that she had caught me. It almost felt like she acted pissed because that’s what was normal.

But despite that and the closeness we had shared while younger, I really, really wanted to see her naked. I thought about blackmailing her with the fact that she had fucked in the house, but didn’t want to stoop that low. I had to find a way! And suddenly an idea hit me: cash! We both worked part time, but as often as she went out, drank a lot, bought clothes, etc…, she was always broke. I, on the other hand, wasn’t. And so I hatched a plan. If I went to her and said that I would give her 100$ to let me see her breasts, she would flat-out refuse. “I’m not a prostitute!” I could picture her screaming. But I had another idea in mind.

Later that day I sat next to her in the living room and waited for ads to interrupt her show. “Kim, I have a deal for you.”

She looked at me, her eyes narrowing. “What do you have in mind?”

“Our birthdays are coming soon, and I thought that I could give you a gift.” As I paused, she was still weary but more curious now. “I’ll buy you a bra and you let me see it.”

“See it?” she asked, a smile on her lips as she shook her head. “Oh you must mean on me… Otherwise we both know you’d see it, no?” she teased me.


“No way.” she replied quickly. “Besides, my bras are way too expensive.” she added quickly.

“200 dollars.”

Kim’s eyes widened. “What? That’s almost two bras!”

“250$ then, and I get to come to the store to pick them.”

“Are you crazy Corey? You’d give me 250$?”

“For this, yes.”

“Wow… You really are a pervert!” she said, but she was smiling, her insult more of a playful tease now.

“And you’re really beautiful and sexy sis… Even if I did get a girlfriend—”

“When!” she interrupted me. “When you’re going to get a girlfriend, brother.” Even now, she was thinking about me and my self-confidence.

“In any case,” I continued, “when I will, it’s clear that she won’t be as beautiful as you are.”

Kim looked at me, right into my eyes, for a long moment. She then said “OK. But no funny fake-boyfriend business in the store or afterwards.”


“And no trying to peek at me naked.” she added.


“And no asking for more once you’ve seen them both on me.”

“Deal. Are you done?” I asked, my heart beating fast. Kim narrowed her eyes again, staring at the ceiling while trying to find a loophole she had missed. I said “Kim, I’m not trying to trick you. It’s just that your brea—” I stopped, then took a deep breath before continuing. “Your breasts are amazing, and I really would pay for two bras to see them in those bras. Even if it’s bahis siteleri only once each.”

Again, Kim looked at me before finally nodding. “Ok. When?”

“Tonight?” I said, making her laugh.

As she was still laughing, she said “Ok then. Tonight it is. I really needed a new bra anyway.” She stopped talking, suddenly looking serious. “Two things need to happen. First, if you come with me, you’ll need to pass for my boyfriend. I can’t go buy lingerie with my brother! And second, because of that, we can’t go to our local store. They know me and would probably recognize you.” She looked at me, “Willing to drive us to the city?”

“Sure, no problem Kim.” I replied, still barely able to believe that she had agreed. “So if I understand this correctly, I’m going to play your chauffeur on the road, then your boyfriend at the store, and your brother once we’re back here.”

“Yep. think you can do that?”

“No problem, I love roleplaying. When do we leave?”

“Ha!” she laughed. “Not before I make sure you look like my boyfriend, Corey.

I was puzzled as she said this, but an hour later I felt like a new man as I looked at myself in the mirror. Kim asked me to take a shower and to shave my thin beard completely. When I came out of the bathroom, she had two pairs of her boyfriend’s pants and three of his shirts. “Don’t ask…” she said when I was surprised at the clothing display. I didn’t. Making me get in and out of many combinations, Kim finally found one she was happy with. After that, we then went to the bathroom and she messed with my hair for ten minutes or so.

When I finally turned around and looked at myself in the mirror, I was shocked. I was still myself, yet the clothes, clean jaw and hair styling had really transformed how I looked. And even how I felt. “Kim!” I cried out. “That’s a miracle! I almost look good!”

“Of course you do, you have my genes!” she replied, laughing. “I told you to do that a while ago. Are you going to listen to me now?”

“Shit yeah!” I said, making my sister laugh again.

Fifteen minutes later she came out of her room and I had to whistle. She was stunning, wearing a skintight red dress that left very little to the imagination. She had her hair done in her usual two long braids, but had curled them around each other at the back. The effect was striking. She smiled and blushed as I whistled and asked “Ready?” I sure was. We hopped into my car and headed for the city.

The little road trip ended up being very pleasant as we took turns in making the other discover new music we really liked. We didn’t have identical tastes in music, but more than enough overlap to make this sharing very fun. Every time Kim leaned forward to switch the cable from one iPhone to the other, I would sneak a peek at her cleavage. She saw me do it the first time, and sighed. But she was also smiling, which made me comfortable enough to look every time.

At the store, a really big lingerie store, we met the saleswoman. She greeted us warmly and Kim introduced us both as a couple. She even wrapped her arm around my waist and hugged me tightly as she said, grinning, that she was here to get my generous gift. The lady smiled and let us browse. I felt like I was in heaven, surrounded by very fine lingerie and images of stunning breasts all around the place. We spent half an hour simply looking around, find the bras we liked most, replacing some with others until we narrowed our choices down to four bras.

We headed for the fitting rooms with our cache and my heart was beating extremely hard. With the saleswoman away for a bit, Kim grabbed my hand and whispered. “You have to calm down, brother… Remember, you’re supposed to be my boyfriend, not a perverted little brother!” she said with a wink.

“Kim, I think I would be just as nervous if I truly was your boyfriend. Boyfriend or not, few guys get to see such a beautiful girl in amazing lingerie.”

Kim looked at me, taken aback by my comment, but said nothing. She slipped behind the thick curtain and I waited as patiently as I could. A few minutes later I saw her head peeking out of the curtain and, with a grin, she beckoned me to get in. As I did, I almost fainted from shock. She had a Prima Donna Gracious balcony bra, in deep blue. The bottom half of the bra was opaque with embroidered flowers, and the top part and transparent with some flowers slightly more opaque.

Not only was I seeing my sister in a bra for the first time, not only was that bra wonderful, enhancing the natural curves of her breasts, but I could also see the top of her nipples through the transparent part. I must have stood there gaping silently for too long, because Kim suddenly giggled. I blinked and shook my head. “I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“No problem… That was kind’a flattering, lover.”

My eyes shot wide open as she said that, but she was still laughing. “So, what do you think?”

“I think you’re the most magnificent, incredibly sexy and generous bahis şirketleri girl in the entire world.”

“Oh, you’re the one being generous, remember?”

“No way. This is… this is… My gratitude is beyond my ability to express.” I could see that my insistence surprised my sister.

“So, what do you think about the bra?”

“It’s really, really nice. I love it.”

When Kim looked at herself in the mirror and moved the bra around, rearranging her breasts in the process, I gasped. She shot me a look and smiled when I did. “I really like it as well. It supports me really well and makes my breasts look really nice. You agree?” she asked, teasing me with a small smile on her lips. “Want me to try the Empreinte one, Corey?”

Of course I did! I slipped out of the booth and let her switch. I smiled at the saleswoman, who was coming and going, making sure we were alright. I couldn’t get the image of my sister’s breasts out of my mind, and felt my cock getting harder by the second. I tried to take a few deeps breaths and think about baseball, but it didn’t work. When she called me back in the booth, I tried to steel myself.

And failed. Kim had pulled her dress down to her waist, which was really sexy on its own. But the Appoline bra from Empreinte was even more stunning than the first one. I could only see the very top of her nipples through the transparent band on the top, but the entire bra was utter sexiness. All black with thick embroidery on the bottom fading to thinner on on top and over the transparent section. It enhanced her large breasts in a way that was probably illegal in some states.

I was gaping again, amazed again that she would let me see her like this. “Kim…” I said. “You can choose any bra you like… I’m just so thankful for this moment. Pick your own favorites.”

She smiled and nodded. “Ok, but I’d still like my boyfriend’s opinion…”

Again the spike of pleasure as she said this. “Well, I think I do like this one better than the first. It’s not that it’s more beautiful on its own, but I think it suits your breasts better.”

“I agree…” she said, looking at herself in the mirror with a serious expression, as if this wasn’t the most glorious day of my life.

Without looking at me or changing her demeanour, she added “And I believe this other guy also agrees…” she said cryptically.

“What?” I said, looking around to see if there wasn’t another guy somehow hidden in this small space. And then I saw her glancing at my crotch, where my hard cock was poking a very noticeable tent. “Oh shit!” I said. “Sorry sis!” before retreating out of the booth.

When her head poked out from behind the curtain, she was frowning. “Get back here!” she whispered, making sure nobody was around.

I stepped back inside, my head low and my entire face probably as red as the velvet curtain. “First, don’t call me sis here, crazy bastard! Things could get really weird really fast if the woman hears you…” she sighed. “Call me by my name or just say lover, or my love or whatever you wish, but not ‘sis’!” Little did both of us know that this small part of our roleplay would end up making such a big difference.

I looked at her. “You mean it? I can call you my love?”

“Here, yes. But remember, no funny business.” she said. Just thinking about it made my heart skip quite a few beats. Before I could add anything, she said “And second, do you think I really mind about your hard cock?”

Again, another jolt low in my belly, hearing my sister talking about my cock. “What do you mean… It’s not… er, not polite!” I finally said.

“Are you twelve?” she asked, frowning again. “I know perfectly well that you can’t control it, and when I agreed to this whole thing, I was fully conscious that it would happen.”

“Oh…” I said, a little smile on my lips.

“Tell you what…” she said, then took a long breath. “If you rearrange your cock right here right now, I’ll rearrange my breasts in their respective cups.”

My eyes opened wide at the thought. And so, incongruously, I slipped my hands in my jeans, grabbed my cock and pulled it up sideways. Staring at my efforts shamelessly, Kim smiled and said “There, better now? Damn bro… Oops.” she looked at me, smiling, before saying “Damn, lover, one lucky girl will someday get to play with this… How long is it?” Shen then gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth. Laughing, she said “Don’t answer that… Shit, I’m sorry. I really didn’t want to tease you.”

“Don’t worry about it, my love… I certainly don’t mind you talking about my cock. And, by the way, it’s a bit over seven inches long.”

After that she stared at me for a long while, standing there in her glorious bra looking sexier than I had previously thought possible. She grinned, didn’t say a word and reached into her right cup with her left hand, grabbed the bottom of her breast with her fingers and pulled it slightly upwards. In the process I saw most of her nipple and stared dumbly at the encore on the other side. “This is crazy, my prized loved…” I said, plunging deep into this roleplay. “You are amazing.”

“Thank you, my love.” she replied, blushing. “So, third one?”

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