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Rescuing Amy Ch. 03

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After a couple of hours back at home, the smell and taste of Amy’s fingers lingered now only in my imagination. But the thoughts of the day filled my head, I really wanted to masturbate again, but I told myself, my always-optimistic self, to save it for tomorrow, just in case.

I spent a long time writing her a very short email:

“Hi Amy, thank you for everything. Are you sure about tomorrow? Do you trust me?”

I pretended to work but I was just trying to distract myself and very little got done. Just after five I got her reply:

“Thank you Thomas. I’m sure. I trust you completely. I did what you told me at the table and I’ll do anything you tell me tomorrow. xxx, Crazy Amy”

I don’t remember what else I did that evening. I know I spent all my brain power on a plan. My crazy, Post Traumatic Let’s See You Naked Again Re-Enactment plan. Some time after midnight I sent her another email:

“Amy, I’ll come over at 10:30, back door. Wear only a bathrobe. Do what I tell you. xxx Crazier Thomas.”

After struggling for sleep I finally woke to find her reply:

“Okay. Craziest Amy.”

I washed and dressed in a trance. I had decided the night before that I would wear the same lounge pants and T-shirt that I’d thrown on before rushing to her house that crazy day. I rolled a slim joint, put it in my cigarette packet, and put them in my pocket with a lighter. I rushed through the morning emails and told the team I had an appointment and would be back online later.

At ten thirty exactly I came to her door and she was there to let me in. She was barefoot and was wearing a regular pink bathrobe. She looked quizzically at my pants and T-shirt. I don’t think she even remembered or cared what I’d worn that day but perhaps subconsciously she’d relate them to the incident. I was amazed this was going to plan so far.

“Come out here,” I said, stepping back. She hesitated. Her yard was secluded but not hidden. She knew she was naked under the robe. “Denise isn’t home.” I reassured her as she stepped slowly through the doorway.

I sat at her patio table and indicated the tall mesh chair opposite me. She sat, seemingly determined to do whatever I said – she trusted me completely. With exaggerated actions I took the cigarettes and lighter from my pocket and laid them on the glass table top. I shook out a Marlboro and lit it. I knew she had never been a smoker and I knew she didn’t have that ex-smoker fear and hatred. For some unknown reason people tell me that I make cigarettes look good. The ex-smokers can’t stand me. I never try to smoke in any particular way to justify or enhance this claim but today, I confess, I laid it on thick. As I exhaled my second or third drag into the air downwind from her, I reached for the packet again. I shook out the joint and handed it to her. Her eyes widened but she took it from me. I held out my lighter and she put it between her lips and awaited her fate.

She took a tentative drag and managed not to splutter or cough. Although she’d never smoked tobacco, I knew from experience that she could handle an occasional joint. I reached for it, took a small tote, and handed it back. This time I left her with it, sat back, and dragged slowly on my cigarette. She took another hit, deeper this time, and looked in my eyes with determination if not a little defiance. Hah! I thought, let’s see if your as determined as you think! Then I said in a steady voice:

“Do it now Amy.”

“Do what?”

“Do. It. Here.”

The recognition of what I meant flashed through her eyes (lovely light blue eyes by the way). She paused for a second and then managed to turn the tables on me a little: she shifted the joint to her left hand, brought it to her lips, and dropped her right hand under the table. The patterned glass tabletop acted like a pixelated porno movie but in real life it was ten times more erotic than a crystal clear view of her shame. In the blurred image I saw her her hand drop to her robe, ease it open, and dip inside. Neither of us breathed for a long moment. The joint and the cigarette had burned through their useful material so I flipped mine casually on her spotless patio. She tossed the roach in the same direction. I turned to her again:

“Give me the belt.” and, God bless her, she reached below the table with both hands, pulled the matching pink belt from her robe, bahis siteleri and handed it to me. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Crazy Amy didn’t hesitate to step off of the chair, her robe gapped open immediately, and I glimpsed a flash of her small fat titty, her smooth tummy, and a long flash of plump inner thigh. She lead me inside and walked straight up the stairs. At the top I said: “Get your toys.” Now on a roll she didn’t hesitate. With her robe opening and closing randomly she picked up the wide stool from her dressing table and took it to the wardrobe. Standing on the chair she reached high in the back of the upper section. Her robe rose tantalizingly on her legs until she found the small lacquered box of her toys and stepped down from the chair. She opened the box and held it to me. Inside, in ziploc bags, were the big purple dildo, the small silver vibrator, a bottle of lube, and a fresh set of four AA batteries. She’s crazy and she’s prepared I thought to myself. I took the whole box from her and I nodded towards the bathroom.

I set down the toy box on the good-as-new sink top and turned to face her. For a second she looked so vulnerable so I stepped up and hugged her tightly. I didn’t want her to feel my hard cock against her tummy, or worse, so I stepped back and simply held the lapels of the robe for a second while I looked into her eyes for consent but they only showed excitement, she’d given up making decisions a long time ago today. I simply eased the robe from her shoulders, turned and hung it from the hook on the newly repainted door. When I turned back to her I looked her slowly up and down. She stood before me in her naked glory. I handed her the dildo:

“Amy, get in the shower, close the curtain, and do what you do.” She did as I said.

Behind the curtain the water started up. She moved around for a moment and then I heard a loud suction cup sound. Soon I heard a gasp followed by a soft moan. All I could see was the outline of her hand against the shower curtain as she grabbed the bath rim through a handful of liner but a slow steady splash rhythm came from the shower.

I took the bottle of lube from the box. I pushed back the edge of the curtain and saw a glorious sight. Head down, hands on the tub, Amy was pushing her ass back against the wall and the big purple dildo buried deep in her pussy. Then she’d pull back until only the fat tip was between her lips. She seemed aware I was looking now but she never broke stride. She was moaning softly. I snapped open the top of the lube to give her a clue what was coming and for several “out” stokes I drizzled the big dildo shaft with lube. She freaked out to another level and seemed to double her speed:

“Fuck! Mmmmm. Ah, fuck me! Uhhhh, uhhh, uhhhh!”

I watched in amazement but after a full minute of this it was time: “Amy, the ceiling is falling in!” I think she barely heard me. She was so close to the edge of reason.

I swept the curtain back to the corner. She eased up her hand on the rim to let it back but she held her position, panting and unsure of what was next. I’d already noticed that her shower was actually a hand-held version but with a wall bracket for normal use. I recognized the adjustable head as a Waterpik model, exactly the same one I had in the city apartment. I removed it from the bracket with my left hand and I bent my right at the elbow and laid my forearm (my improvised beam) along her spine. When I began to apply downward pressure on her back she quickly realized what I was doing. She bent her arms and began to slowly lower her head and torso into the tub. The slick dildo eased out of her pussy until it obscenely bobbed free. I continued to press her down into the tub, all the time playing the shower gently over her back, ass, and legs.

Finally she was laying face down in on the tub floor. My elbow was between her shoulder blades, my forearm pressed along her spine and my hand rested lightly on her ass. I twisted the familiar shower head into the powerful, single stream, “massage” function (I have several friends who love my shower head. They joke it has three levels: “gentle”, “medium”, and “who needs a man”). Amy’s legs were splayed apart like they had been by the ceiling beam so, starting at her ankles and moving up, I aimed the strong jet between them. She squirmed them further apart as the spray headed higher. When it reached canlı bahis siteleri her inner thighs she spread them as far as she could trying to escape from the jet. She realized her mistake as the jet hit her clitoris from behind. She thrashed so hard I really did have to hold her down with my arm.

I gave her no more than thirty seconds of this torment. I knew it must be crazy intense. But I couldn’t resist going a step further. I spread her firm cheeks with my finger and thumb and aimed the water jet right into her sweet little butt hole. She screeched and thrashed, and wriggled as far up the tub as she could go. I flicked the shower head to a gentler steam.

“Amy, you’re ok, I’m going to lift up the end of the beam and free you,” I said. “You can back out from under it.”

I got up from my knees and restrained her with only my hand. As I lessened the pressures, sure enough, she wedged her feet and began to repeat a somewhat easier version of her original escape. Then I had an idea and I quickly stepped onto the tub rim like I had the first time and guided her up with a light hand at the top of her buttocks. This time, however, there was no heavy beam to struggle with or to block my view. I still had the shower in my hand and I played it continuously over her ass, legs, and pussy. With her hands on the tub she straightened her legs and backed towards the wall. If I leaned forward a fraction I’d be able to fuck her asscrack like a upside down tit-job. As she straighten up beneath me she once again encountered the perfectly placed dildo. She’d forgotten all about it again and she gasped but this time she welcomed him between her lips and deep into her pussy. I swung my leg back over her and jumped down to the floor.

She looked amazing from this angle. Her curvy ass high in the air, her little titties swinging free below her, and her blonde hair curtaining her pretty face. I dipped the shower beneath her and flicked her nipples with the stream for a moment. Then I slid it beneath her and jetted her clit while she fucked her wall dildo. In seconds she froze in place, clamped her legs together, and shrieked unintelligible gibberish. When she came down from her intense orgasm, she eased her purple friend out of her pussy and sank to her knees.

I turned off the shower and got a white fluffy towel from the rail. I helped her to her feet and out of the tub while I wrapped her in the big towel. She clung to me, still panting as if she had run a marathon, and I knew that this time there was no missing my rock hard cock bent against her belly. Finally she stepped back:

“Thomas, oh my fucking God Thomas, that was fucking unbelievable. That was fucking crazy!” Then she got that danegerous pensive look, “Listen, I understand the ‘rules’. This is healthy and, what did you call it, pure. That was pure all right! But, listen come with me.” She held the towel to her chest with one hand and took my hand with the other and led me to her bedroom. “Don’t say a thing Thomas. First of all you’re soaking!”

I realised she was right. My T-shirt was soaked on the left side and my pants were soaked in the legs. She led me to beside her bed and turned me to her.

“Take off your wet shirt,” she said and I did. “Take this towel.” She took it from her body and handed it to me. I held it to my chest like she had. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants and underwear to my ankles. Beneath the towel my cock sprung free. “Lay back on the bed,” she said and I did.

She took the towel from my hands and began to dry my chest with it. When she reached higher to dry my neck and shoulders her crotch made contact with my granite-hard cock. Leaving the towel on my chest she ran her hands downwards, drying my sides, my pelvis, and my legs. She dropped to her knees between my legs and ran her hands up my thighs and onto to my chest. Now her fat little titties were rubbing on my cock shaft. She climbed right onto me. Her titties jiggled above my face and her pussy slid right up and down my shaft through the towel.

I wanted to lick and suck on her hard nipple like a hungry newborn. My hips pushed my cock up hard against her groin. She raised and up her nipples briefly grazed my lips. She pushed her pussy down hard on me and stuck her tongue right into my mouth as she dry humped my cock. I was on the edge when she broke the lip lock canlı bahis and started to slide back down my body bunching the towel around my waist. She bit my nipple on the way past and sat back between my legs.

She smoothed out the towel until a single layer of soft fabric covered my throbbing cock. When she released the tension he instantly made a tent that a troop of boy scouts could inhabit for a week. While I devoured my view of this near-perfect-wifey she gently ran the back of her fingernail along his length making both him and me twitch and squirm. She bunched the towel between my legs and gently cupped my balls with her left hand, then she pressed my rampant dick against my stomach with her right palm.

Slowly she began to stroke me through the towel. Its soft fabric now felt like sandpaper against my over-sensitized cock head. All the while she handled my big balls and pressed against the space beneath them with her thumb.

She leaned forward so her chin was at the base of my cock and she looked up at me with her big blue eyes. She turned her head to the side and ran her mouth along my cock from base to tip and back again. On the next pass she took my head into her mouth through the towel. Never had anyone made me this close to orgazm without actual skin to skin contact.

Seeming to sense this she sat back, took my towel encased cock between her two hands, and stroked me quickly. In seconds I was thrusting up my hips, my back arched, a primeval groan came from deep within me:

“Do it Thomas!” she said, and I pumped my cum into her towel.

She kept a light pressure on my cock while my seizures subsided. I sank back into her soft marital bed. She proceeded to clean up my grand mess with a dry portion of the despoiled family towel. When she was satisfied with the clean up she climbed from the bed and left the room, presumably to deposit the evidence at the very bottom of the laundry hamper.

I remained where I lay and my eyes stayed closed. Despite the incredible intimacy we’d achieved in a very short time, I wasn’t quite sure what to do or say next. I would have dearly loved to climb beneath the covers and fall asleep spooning her naked body. But that surely wasn’t the deal with this “relationship”.

“Click!” came the artificial shutter sound of a smart phone.

My eyes flew open and I sat up. Amy grinned and walked around the bed taking several more photos of my prone and spent naked body.

“I need a little memento of this for when you’re not around, Thomas.” she said. “Next time I want one of your cock before he’s done with me, hmm, maybe a movie!”

The next time comment brought me from my daze and I got up off the bed. Amy gathered up my clothes and handed them to me along with a happy but neighborly peck on my lips. She was smiling like the crazy woman she had become.

“I’m sorry Thomas but we don’t have all day now. I think your therapy idea worked great. I don’t think I’ll die of embarrassment when I think about the day you rescued me anymore. I’ll think of today and let myself get wet.”

For a moment I thought this sounded like the end of something but she continued:

“Thank you so much, you’re amazing. You made Crazy Amy a little saner for a while and yet we didn’t really do anything that ‘broke the rules’. I don’t only feel amazing, I still feel kinda ‘pure’.”

I just grinned and dressed and admired her interpretation of rules and purity. I had nothing to say. Amy retrieved her robe and we went downstairs. At the back door she hugged me tightly. For once I didn’t have a raging boner to hold back from her embrace. “Thank you”, I said. How did I go from the seasoned philanderer to the shy teen while she had risen from shy housewife to confident goddess?

“Thomas, you’ve given me an awesome gift. I don’t know how to describe how I feel. Give me some time to enjoy my ‘normal’ life again and I promise you we’ll think of ways to have a lot more fun together.”

She hugged me tighter and kissed me full on the lips. I took my cue and left her house. Crossing our yards in my loose pants and t-shirt seemed a lot more scary when my cock wasn’t there to back me up but I had the presence of mind to pick up the cigarette butt and joint roach on my way. I glanced towards Denise’s house and, there she was, standing in her yard. She was staring right at me and she raised her hand and waved. At this distance I could see that she was smiling but I couldn’t tell if it was neighborly or knowing. I waved back shyly and bolted into my house.

“Fuck me!” I said to my cock.

“ZZZzzZZzzz,” he replied.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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