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Resort – Scenario B: Pt. 3

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Back at Dan and Penny’s Room

Penny pushed open the door to her room expecting to see Tanya on her knees, Dan’s dick firmly in her mouth. She’d spent hours imagining that moment, dreaming of it. Which is why when she saw Tanya lying on the bed, her mouth utterly dickless and Dan nowhere in sight, she was understandably disappointed.

“Hey Tee.” She said, struggling to stifle her frustration. “Have fun?”

Tanya gave a sultry purr then stretched out on the bed.

“That good?”

Again, Tanya relied on guttural groans to get her point across. Taking the hint, Penny crossed the room and lowered herself onto the bed. It felt discouragingly…clean.

“Dan around?”

Tanya pointed toward the bathroom with her toes then turned and placed her leg on Penny, draping it over her legs. It’s going to be that easy, Penny thought, almost surprised.

“You’re in a good mood.”

Tanya nodded coquettishly then started moving her foot up and down Penny’s thigh.

Penny had never seen her friend like this. Whatever Dan had done, he must have done it well. And soon enough he would do it again, and again, and again. Over and over until Tanya was squealing like a whore in front of Penny, begging to submit to her.

Of course, there was no reason Penny couldn’t get started while Dan finished doing whatever was keeping him.

Placing her hand on Tanya’s thigh, Penny let her fingers play up and done the smooth skin. A jolt of anticipation shot through her and she wondered if she would even be able to wait for Dan to get back. Maybe she would simply mount Tanya’s face now and demand that she worship her cunt.

With that in mind, she began stroking her friend’s hair. “Dan must have really done a number on that pussy.”

Tanya laughed, and there was something in it Penny couldn’t quite pinpoint. A wryness, maybe. In the past, Dan’s sexual conquests had always sounded infatuated. Owned. But with Tanya, something felt… off.

Pushing the thought out of her mind, she scooted higher up the bed. If she was going to dominate her friend (and she intended too) then she wanted to start now, with subtle, almost harmless hints.

“How was Freddy?” Tanya asked. The first real words she had spoken since Penny arrived. Again there was something strange in it. Past girls acted as though they had completely forgotten about their husbands. Tanya didn’t seem interested in hearing about Fred, per se, but that she asked at all threw Penny off.

Penny had no idea how to answer this. She had never needed to, really. By the time past conquests got around to asking about their significant others they were already on their knees, in a position to be humiliated even more. “It was fun.” She said, and left it at that.

“I wonder if you guys had as much fun as us.”

“Why don’t you tell me about it.”

Tanya stretched out again, this time turning away from Penny so she could reach back and retrieve her phone from the nightstand. “Dan’s tongue is amazing.”

Penny wasn’t entirely sure how to take that comment. In her case, the couples they cuckolded rarely mentioned kissing first. It was, in some form or another, always about Dan’s dominance. His powerful body, his big dick, his commanding tone. That Tanya seemed to be talking about her night in romantic tones made no sense to Penny. Unless…

Penny leaned over until her face was inches above Tanya’s. “You falling for my man?” She smiled down at her friend, enticing her. Two can play coy, she thought.

Tanya shrugged. “Something like that.”

“Show me,” Penny said, gesturing toward the phone.

Tanya held the phone to her chest and smiled back. “What do I get for it?”

Again Penny was taken aback. Not only was her friend rarely this childish–if ever–but no sub had ever played it this coy with her. They almost all fell right in line. Of course, in those instances, Dan was always there with her. She wondered again where he was but, fearing it would make her look weak, she resisted the urge to look and instead refocused her attention on Tanya.

“You geeeeeeeeet…” Penny said, drawing out her voice as she stretched out next to her friend on the bed. “To hear all about how I… got along with Fred.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Tanya shrugged and said, “I’d rather talk about me and Dan.”

“Then show me,” Penny urged, this time rolling toward her friend, touching her face to Tanya’s cheek.

“What do I get,” Tanya insisted.

Penny turned toward her friend, ready to drop the pretense and mount her now. But at that moment, as if in response to this thought, Dan emerged from the bathroom, dressed only in his underwear. Penny winked at him then turned her attention back to Tanya. “What do you want?” she whispered.

A smile curled over Tanya’s lips. “I wouldn’t mind having Dan go down on me again.”

Penny pulled back. “What?”

“Although,” Tanya said, reconsidering. “He’s going to be eating me out again anyway, so I guess I’ll need something else.”

“But, Dan doesn’t eryaman escort eat pussy.”

“Really? Then who was eating mine earlier?” She held up her phone and played the video. It clearly showed Dan on his knees, his mouth moving against Tanya’s pussy, slurping around her clit, eyes shifting from Tanya’s pussy up to the phone, a submissiveness in them that made Penny’s stomach drop. And her pussy wet. “Looks like he eats some pussy.”

Penny’s mouth dropped. Her eyes went from the phone to her husband and back again. “Dan… I… I thought.”

“Ssshh,” Tanya hissed into her friend’s ear as she placed her hand on Penny’s waist. “It’s ok. You lost. There’s nothing wrong with that. Besides, I have a feeling you might enjoy losing as much as your husband did.”

Drawing Penny’s attention back to the phone, they both watched as Tanya climaxed in Dan’s mouth. Cum coated his lips, his nose, his chin. When she finished, Tanya made Dan open his mouth and show his tongue. A pool of cum rested in the middle of it.

“Fuck.” Tanya’s mouth was up against her friend’s ear, whispering to her. “Isn’t that so hot? Your man being a little slut for me. This is the part where he says how good I taste. How much better I taste than you.”

“Oh fuck.” Penny’s body began to quiver. She sounded equal parts nauseous and turned on.

“Let’s get you off this bed and onto your knees. That way I can show you how good I taste.”

Penny pulled away, retreating to the end of the bed where she was closer to Dan. But Tanya was on her feet, closing the distance between them in a few steps.

“What’s wrong, Pen? Isn’t this what you wanted, to trade partners for the night? Or maybe you want to see it in person. Is that it? You want to watch your husband get down on his knees in front of me like he never did for you?”

Penny’s heart pounded. She couldn’t take her eyes off her husband. Dan had never looked so crestfallen, so defeated. There was a time, early in their courtship, when she touched herself imagining Dan getting on his knees for her. The thought of being the woman to reduce him to this was a major factor in her attraction to him. But that dominance never materialized, and she was the one who ended up submitting to him. To see Tanya standing over him, triumphant and in complete control was something she couldn’t bring herself to accept.

“I don’t believe it.”

Without taking her eyes off Penny, Tanya said, “Dan, hunnie, come over here and get on your knees for me.”

Without protest, Dan walked to Tanya’s side and lowered himself to his knees.

Penny shook her head. “No. He wouldn’t.”

Tanya shrugged and dropped her shorts. Dan made no move to leave or show any sign of resistance. Placing her hand on his head, Tanya tousled his hair like he was her little plaything. “You sure about that?”

Penny was speechless. She started to get up, but Tanya turned toward Dan, bringing him face to face with her vulva. Penny sat back down.

“Show her how good I smell.” Dan pressed his face against Tanya and breathed deep through his nose, taking her in. “Oh fuck, baby, that’s it.” She said, then, turning to Penny, “You ready to watch your husband worship me the way he never worshipped you?”

“I… I..” Penny stammered, but nothing came out. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Dan, baby, stick out that tongue so I can fuck myself on it.”

Opening his mouth, Dan stuck his tongue out and Tanya lowered herself onto it.

“Oh fuck,” she said. “Are you watching him, Pen. You see how he’s looking at me?” Reaching out, Tanya pulled Penny to her feet, forcing her to her side. “Look at him,” Tanya whispered in her ear. “So submissive. He looks so good on his knees with my pussy in his mouth, don’t you think?”

“Oh fuck, Dan.” Penny whined in disbelief. How did this go so wrong for them? She was supposed to be the one standing over her friend, dominating her, rubbing her pussy against her mouth.

Penny tried pulling away, but Tanya’s arm was there, wrapped around her waist, holding her tight to her side. “Watch. See how much he likes the taste of my pussy. Wait till you see how sexy he looks when I cum in his mouth.”

Penny stared in shock as her husband willingly allowed their friend to face fuck him with her pussy, rubbing it hard into his mouth, bumping his nose with every thrust. Her world was coming apart at the seams. She never imagined their night would play out like this. But here they were, undeniably in thrall to Tannya. Without thinking, Penny reached out and started stroking Tanya’s toned stomach.

Tanya leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Go ahead. Do it. Put your hand on his head. It’s the closest you’re ever going to get to dominating him.”

Hesitating for only a moment, Penny’s finger crept downward, creeping closer to her husband as he obediently carried on lapping and sucking on Tanya’s mound. When her fingers made contact, she let out a desperate gasp. This was the power she had been craving escort ankara for so long. And she wasn’t even the one truly wielding it. Dan had kept that from her and now, even if tangentially, those tables had been turned. Her fingers curled around his hair, tightening into a firm grip as she began forcibly grinding his face against her friend’s wet cunt.

“There you go,” Tanya breathed into her ear, clearly nearing a climax. Soon Tanya’s hand joined Penny’s and together they both worked his face up and down her pussy, grinding him into her wetness. “You like how pathetic he looks.”

Penny could only shake in response. Her legs were drenched. Her knees shook. She was so turned on that the only reply she could muster was a series of pathetic, ragged breaths.

Tanya pressed her face against Penny’s, sinking her teeth into her neck, her ear. “I want you both to know something. When we get back from this vacation, I’m going to invite everyone over to the house. The entire group of friends. Then I’m going to make them watch as I dominate your husband’s face in front of them. You understand that, Penny? They’re all going to see what a pathetic little, pussy-eating whore your husband is. And what a slutty little bitch you are.”

Penny, still in shock at what this bitch had reduced her strong, dominant husband to, could only nod in dumbstruck confusion.

“And the best part is, just the sight of it is going to turn you on so much that you’re going to drop to your knees in front of all of them and beg to taste me too. And right there in my house we’re going to have a little competition to see who eats pussy better, and the winner is going to get a face full of my cuummmmmm!”

As she said it, Tanya reached her climax and released a tidal wave of cum into Dan’s mouth. She didn’t think his eyes could get any wider, or his submission more complete, but the way he looked as he lapped her pussy, making thirsty little drinking sounds as he did it, only confirmed how totally dominant she had become over him.

When she finished cuming, Tanya let go of Dan’s hair and pushed him backwards. He stumbled helplessly into the bed. “Guess whose turn it is now?”

Still in shock, Penny couldn’t take her eyes off her defeated husband. How this perky little pitch had taken the most powerful, dominante man she ever knew and reduced him to this, she would never know. Or would she?

“Earth to Penny. I said: Do you know whose turn it is now?”

Snapping out of her trance, Penny looked over at Tanya and tried to respond, but no words came out. Instead her mouth opened and closed dumbly, like a fish out of water.

“Well,” Tanya said, “you’ve got the general idea. But you’re going to need to use more tongue.”

Before Penny could protest, Tanya grabbed her friend by the face and stuck her tongue down her throat and moaned into her mouth.

“Mmmmhh, that’s it baby, get used to it. Get used to the idea that you two are my little submissive bitches now.”

This couldn’t be happening, Penny thought. They had thought so hard about this, worked so hard to break Tanya and Fred. Fred had been relatively easy. One look at her and he had practically dropped to his knees and started begging for a taste. But this bitch, somehow, had gotten the best of her man. And now she was going to get the best of her. Well, she was going to try.

“What makes you think I’m just gonna let you dominate me,” Penny whispered into her friend’s ear after breaking another passionate kiss. Hoping to seize the moment, and needing to break Tanya’s momentum, she stepped away from her friend and lowered herself onto the bed. No one would ever accuse Penny of having “model’s legs.” They weren’t the long, elegant sticks you saw on blonde fashion models. Penny had something far more real. Firm, plump, tanned thighs that promised anyone brave enough to make a go at her, that if they succeeded they’d find an equally plump ass at the end of them. Using them to her advantage now, she lifted one and began gently caressing her other leg with the tips of her toes, revealing a slice of her ass. And a peak at her undie-less pussy.

For a moment it seemed to work. Tanya looked down at her friend’s legs and began caressing them, but before long she was standing in front of Penny, her tits inches from her face.

“Suck on them.”

Seeing a potential avenue to turn the tables on her friend, Penny removed her friend’s shirt then began brushing her lips against the round, soft flesh of her chest.

Tanya called to Dan and in an instant he was behind her, caressing her body.

Penny had to stifle a scoff. She was disgusted by the man her husband had become. Following Tanya around like a beat dog. But if she could use that to her advantage–Dan’s willingness to please his new mistress–then maybe she could gain two new subs.

She began circling Tanya’s areolas with her lips, flicking at her nipples with her tongue. Tanya let out a satisfied groan and Penny’s confidence grew. “You like that?” She sincan escort took one of Tanya’s nipples in her mouth and sucked slowly.

“I love it. Now, go a little lower.”

This wasn’t working. Penny had hoped she could string her friend along. Get her so horny by sucking on her tits that she would be putty in her hands, but now she could feel herself giving in.

“That’s it,” Tanya said, placing her hand on the top of her friend’s head. “Keep going, a little lower.”

Penny kept kissing as she lowered herself down, hoping, stupidly, that something would come to her, that she would somehow turn the tables on her friend. But the lower she got–the closer she got–the more she could feel the pull. And when she started kissing around Tanya’s belly button there it was. The smell.


“Yeah,” Tanya said. “You didn’t even mean to do that, I bet. It just came naturally once you got a sniff. Go on, get on your knees. All the way. I want to hear them hit the floor. That a girl. This might not be as much fun as what I did to your hubby, but don’t think for a second I’m not going to enjoy the hell out of dominating that pretty, little face of yours.”

Tanya reached back with her free hand and wrapped it around Dan’s neck, indicating she wanted his mouth. He obliged. Running his hands all over her body, Dan began massaging her hips, her breasts. His hand came tantalizingly close to Penny’s head and for a moment Penny wondered if he would put his hand on his own wife’s head and take part in breaking her.

“Tee, wait.” Penny had been pushed down around Tanya’s belly button and was now looking up at her friend pleadingly.

“Ssshhhh. Just get down on your knees. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Penny held firm, convinced she’d be able to win this battle of wills. If she could just get a message to Dan. Convince him to wake up! To turn against this slut who had clearly done something to him. And maybe, if she played her cards right, after she dominated Tanya, and liberated her husband, he would be so grateful he’d begin to worship her the way she deserved.

Redoubling her efforts, Penny tried standing up, hoping to fight against Tanya’s hand on her head. If she could make it back to her feet maybe she could find a weakness. Then a second, larger hand fell on her head and before even looking up, she knew who it was, and what it meant.

“Baby?” She looked up at her husband as he kissed another woman’s neck. Her voice came out weak, quivering. “Please.”

Silently, Dan, along with Tanya, applied pressure, forcing Penny down to the floor.

“Remember all the couples we fucked,” Penny pleaded, her voice more desperate now. “Remember how hard we dominated them?”

“He remembers.” Tanya said, smirking down at her friend. “He just doesn’t care. Don’t worry. He’ll still be dominating couples, it’ll just be with me.”

“Fuck,” Penny moaned as she slipped off the end of the bed.

“That’s a good girl. Now, open your mouth, stick out your tongue. Accept that I’m the superior woman.”

As soon as Penny’s knees hit the carpet, panic set in. How could this be happening? How could they have gone from being so powerful, so on top, so dominant, to this?

“Tee, please.”

“No. No more please. Take my clit into your mouth and suck like you want to swallow it.”

Penny’s mouth opened slowly, reluctantly, but as soon as Tanya saw her tongue, she stepped forward, placing her pussy right on top of her friend’s waiting mouth.

Immediately Penny’s eyes widened. This was happening. There was no turning back. Forcing her pussy against her friend’s mouth, Tanya applied pressure until Pen was forced to breathe through her nose, blasting what little breath she had left against her friend’s mound. “That’s it, smell it, get ready to swallow my cum. That’s what good pussy tastes like. You know that? After I’m done with you, I think I’m going to make your husband get back down on his knees and taste me again. You think he’ll say I taste better? He already thinks I suck better dick.”

Gyrating against her friend, Tanya could already feel another orgasm coming. Leaning back, she whispered, “Oh god, Dan. Look at her. Doesn’t she look so sexy sucking on my clit.”

Dan’s hands continued to roam her body, caressing her breasts, stroking the smooth skin of her waist and thighs. Tanya grabbed the hand Dan had placed on Penny’s head and made sure it was firm. “Hold her in place while I fuck her mouth.”

Dan grunted in her ear and pressed himself against her ass, increasing the force on his own wife’s mouth. “You like watching me embarrass your wife like this?” Dan let out another heavy breath. He was rubbing himself against Tanya’s ass and getting close to popping himself. “Ah, ah, save it, baby. You’re going to need to fill her mouth with all that cum later. But for right now.” Tanya reached back and grabbed a tuft of Dan’s hair, pulling him down hard toward her mouth. “I want you on your knees behind me, eating my ass.”

He quickly obeyed, getting back on his knees and spreading her cheeks with his massive hands. She loved the feel of it. This powerful, dominant man supplicating himself for her. When his tongue hit her ass she let out a sharp yelp, nearly cumming in the process.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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