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Running away from home I landed in Bombay. It was Bombay then, not Mumbai, and the city was not stifled of its sexual freedom. Without much money, I ended up as a worker in a restaurant. As you pass under the Sion-Ghatkoper highway bridge at Chembur railway crossing, you could spot the restaurant with its name board in Tamil. Yes, the owner was a Tamil and a nice man too. He gave me only simple works, when he came to know of my education. I just had completed, then, my school finals.

I made friendship there with another boy, who was quite experienced in restaurant as well as other activities. Within a week time, he led me through many shady lanes of Bombay. The city was overflowing with sex: not only the Grant Road and Kamatipura, but also the parks and beaches were, with dusk’s cover up, giving way to sex adventurers.

He took me one day to a secret chamber, where they were screening blue films. It was too hot for me to bear with, especially the scenes where matured women having sex with teenaged boys. As soon as we returned back, I entered into the toilet to relieve myself, but the boy who took me to the film pushed open the door before I bolted it and entered in, with me standing within.

– Let me have finished mine first.

– Ok, I go out.

– No need. It’ll be over in no time. Stay.

With out any traces of shame or shyness, he pulled out his cock and beat it in my presence. As he said, he did spurt out indeed in no time. And then he told me to do likewise in his presence. I was hesitating. But he moved in, zipped me down and pulled my thing out.

– Ah, what a huge…!

And then without shame, he wrapped his hand around and pumped me. I was simply thrilled by his voluntary service. It reminded me of a similar encounter I had with Uncle Venu, a month back.


Uncle Venu took me to a hospital and told me to sit on a bench outside the ‘Clinical Lab’ and went in. Few minutes later, he came out with a small container and led me into an adjacent toilet and closed in with me. In a hushed up voice he pleaded me.

– Give me your semen sample.

– My semen! What for?

– I’m in a position to prove my old man that I’m capable.

– Of what?

– Of producing a child. I’ll fake your semen as mine and fool my dad with the results.

– But…

– No buts. You are my best friend’s son. If your father were alive…

He didn’t wait further. He squatted in front, pulled my cock out and started pumping it. I was shocked. Nevertheless my cock stretched to its full length in his hand grip.

– What a beauty you have!

He sighed. I could see a light in his eyes and zeal in his action. His face was so close that I could feel his hot breath on my meat. And after a few minutes I felt the boiling in my balls.

– Uncle, I’m cummm…

He connected the container mouth to my cock tip, collected all my seeds, closed the container, opened the door and gone.


Now in Bombay, with the boy’s hand, it took a little longer for me to ejaculate, but when it happened it happened with a tremendous force, soiling all over his palm.

– What a long time you take! Women you had been with might have praised you, no?

– I never had been with any. Not so far.

– Is it? Be ready then next week. I’ll take you to one in Dharavi. She would love to have your size and stamina.

– Won’t there be any problem?

– She’s not a pro. She does it for her own pleasure.

– How’d you got to her?

– She’s my relation.

– Relation! How?

– Don’t ask. Eat the bun; not the wrapper.


Back home, one day, I was sitting at our backyard door steps; reading my lessons. Anu akka was hanging up her washed wet clothes for drying, on cloth lines in the backyard. Anu akka was a tenant of our house. Her husband was a clerk in a government office. And they had no children. I used to call her akka (elder sister) and her husband uncle. The portion of our house they rented was not so big and they were also allowed to use the guest bathroom, constructed in a corner by the compound wall. She had just emerged out of that bathroom with her wet cloths. And on this particular day, she was in a voile sari, which was wet and clinging to her with neither bra nor petticoat underneath. Her breasts revealed themselves like two papaya fruits; and her buttocks like melons. On crossing back, she stopped by where I was sitting, placed the bucket down and started drying her wet hair with a towel. Only then I noticed her black triangular patch playing a hide and seek through her wet front. Her joggling boobs and peeping triangular patch infused in me an unbearable sexual urge. As if in a trance, I got up but stood unmoved as she turned her gaze on me. My dick had made out a tent on my trousers. She looked down at my crotch, her eyes lingering long on my pulsating bulge. Then she looked this way and that way, moved to me and placed her palm on my fever peak.

– Ah, so big! Would you give me it?

– Mmm.

– Uncle is unable to give me a child. Would you give me one?

– Mmm.

– Your mom in?

– No.

– Where?

– Out tuzla escort somewhere.

– Good chance. In to the bathroom, then. Come and make me pregnant.

As I stepped behind her, as a lamb following its mother sheep, I heard someone calling me. I stood on my track, frozen!

– It’s mommy. She’s back.

– The bitch in the manger! Tomorrow then, got it?

– Sure.

Before letting me go, she pulled me to her, crushed me on her big boobs, and rubbed her crotch against my erection.

My mother, calling me inside, wanted to know from me if I would allow her to marry Uncle Venu. I was stunned. Uncle Venu was a longtime family friend. A rich man too. He had been helping us a lot after my father’s death. My father died four years back. But, thinking of his hot breath on my meat inside the clinical lab toilet …, is mom in the right direction? She said it was for the sake of me that she was considering uncle’s offer. The only income, the rent we get from Anu akka is too small to meet my further studies, she argued. I didn’t say anything; simply lowered my head.

I was depressed after that. I didn’t want to be a burden to my mother. If I were to become Anu Akka’s lover, would she take care of me? But she doesn’t seem to be that much rich. Yet, I considered it. Nothing wrong in throwing up a stone, whether one may get a mango or not.

The following day, I noticed a sari on the door of the guest bathroom to hint at Anu akka’s presence there in. My cock jumped up at once. I went inside my house to check on my mother. She was nowhere. I got angry as the thought arose in me that she might have gone to uncle Venu’s house. But soon I got out of it, took it as a good opportunity for the job on hand and moved toward the bathroom.

The bathroom door was not locked within. I had no idea then of its broken padlock or the sari on the door meant to keep others off. I thought Anu akka was kept it unlocked, on purpose, to let me in. The door stood a crack ajar. I peeped in before entering. And there to my view was her bare bottom jutting out. She was in a bending posture, dipping clothes into a water filled bucket. She was fully naked. I could even see her fleshy boobs through her shapely thighs. It was the fatty lips of her pussy, peeping from under her buttocks that wielded its pull on my cock. I zipped down my trousers and let free my enlarged cock. And then without making noise I opened the door, entered the room, held her by her hips and jostled her bare behind with my hardness. She straightened up like a spring and turned. Face to face there was my MOM!

The world stood still. We, mother and son, were standing there naked facing each other. There was shock and bewilderment in her face. Shocked as well I stood there like an idiot. And she was looking at my whopping manhood. As she regained her senses and was about to open her mouth, I ran out. And, before she dressed up and came out, I ran out of town.


The Dharavi fuck promised by that boy my friend had never chanced. Before that, my home people arrived at our restaurant to take me back. It was the restaurant owner, who had informed them in order to wheel me on to my studies. Such a holy man he was! I was reluctant to go back home, but at the same time I didn’t want to create a scene. I decided within me to runaway again once I reached my hometown. The boy my new friend was really upset on my departure. He was staring at the two persons who came to take me off.

– Are they your father and sister?

– No, he’s an uncle; and she’s my mother.

– Your mother?

– Yes. Mother.

– But…too young!?

I put my arm around his shoulder. I patted his back as if assuring him that I would be back soon; and then shook his hand. I bid a big goodbye, with folded hands, to the restaurant owner and staffs; and left the place.

The Madras Mail was scheduled to leave Bombay Victoria Terminal by 11:30 in the night. Uncle had our return tickets booked in that train. He suggested spending time till then in a park. Horror struck me. To frequent a park, in evening times, in Bombay those days! I tried to usher them straight to Bombay V.T., but uncle said it would be boring to idle in a train terminal.

We entered a park and found a place behind a stout tree. Already lot of couples had sheltered behind trees and bushes. And it was getting dark. Uncle Venu, saying that he wanted to go around the park, left us, me and my mom to ourselves.

As soon as he left, my mom’s body started shaking with silent sobs. I moved and put my hand around her and slowly she abated. Neither of us could speak a word. The darkness was getting thick.

– Why did you do that to me?

– What?

– Leaving me like that, when you were the only one I had.

– But you had Uncle Venu.

– You didn’t like me getting married, right?

– …………

– Or is it because of the bathroom shock?

– …………

– How long was it going between you and Anu?

– No, we never had; not even once.

– Had you planned then, that day, a rape on her?

– No, she had planned our meeting there on that day.

– Ah, the tuzla escort bayan whore!

Then she fell silent. At a ten feet distance, behind a bush, but open to our angle of vision, was a couple snogging. I was embarrassed, since of my mom in the nook of my hand leaning on me. My mom spoke in a low voice.

– What would have been the turn of events, if your thing had got into me in that bathroom rear-ender?

– Mom?

– And if I had my love-hole blundered?

A whip of hotness got me on. I perspired. My mom moved her hand on my thigh. I shuddered. She brushed her lips against my ears.

– Look! Aren’t they father and daughter, the couple by that bush?

I peered into the semi darkness. The man wore a matured look and the girl had a baby face. But to me, they seemed to be an office manager and his secretary. As we looked on, the girl rolled down a rubber on the man’s erection, pulled off her panty from within her short skirt and pulled him on top and in between her legs. With her slender legs circling around, the man’s middle started moving up and down in a slow and steady rhythm.

My cock was about to burst out of my pant seems. But my mom’s hand was already on the bulge.

– A father with his own daughter!

– Can’t be. Likely to be a manager and his secretary, I think.

– No, a father and daughter they are. Look at their face resemblance! He had brought her straight out of her school and giving her his cock before taking her home to her mother.

– But…

– You don’t know what all odd things taking place in the world around us are! A father and daughter indeed.

– …………

– Same way, why not a mother and son?

– Mom!?

– I should’ve had you in the bathroom itself. You wouldn’t have runaway.

– Oh, mom!

– Leave the past. I’ll show you now the mark you missed. Shoot!

It was too much. My hardness thrust against her cupping hand. My mom un-buckled my belt and freed out my erection. Guiding my hands to her fleshy boobs, she crushed her lips against mine. As she lingered on our kiss, she ran her hand all over my cock as if judging its length and girth. I was pressing her breasts with her cloths on. Slowly, then, she eased herself on her back with me between her legs. Hiking up her dress she shoved my cock in between her thighs into a wet oven. Oh, God!

I entered heaven indeed. Buried myself there I lay still with her wet warmth nuzzling around the length of my cock.

– Fuck.

– Hmm?

– Move your cock, big man. Fuck mommy! And never again think of running away.

She was right. Why should one runaway when one has such a hot rippling cunt. To hell with that Dharavi bun, whose wrapper may read her as that boy’s own sister or even mother, who knows? You don’t know what all odd things taking place in the world around us are! I kissed my mom. Pressing her boobs, I moved my hardness in and out. Her cunt was so wet and velvety. I drove through it with long and hard-hitting strokes. She encircled her arms around my neck and puckered her cunt around my cock. Vanished were, in fact, the men and milieu around us! It was so thrilling and blissful! I never dreamed the feeling of a cunt would be so fantastic! In five minutes time I reached my peak and shuddered. Mom threw her legs around and crushed me in. I filled and filled and filled her depth with my hot gushes. Mommy kissed me all over my face. And that was my first time. And that too was with my mom in a public park!

As I pulled my cock out of my mom’s cunt and straightened up, I saw there, to my shock, Uncle Venu sitting beside. But he was cool and grinning at me and my mommy. Mom covered her private parts and grinned back at him. I marveled at her coolness.

Madras Mail. Uncle Venu had booked all four berths of a first class cabin. When the TTE asked for the fourth person, uncle told he would be boarding at Kalyan. But nobody was there to board; and the TTE never came again to check. Uncle bolted in the cabin door and pulled down the window steel ventilating shutters. Cent per cent privacy was assured. Both tube lights were kept on. Mommy sat by my side and leaned her head on my shoulder. And she ran her hand on my thighs and moved it to my crotch. I felt the rush of blood and heat through my veins. I looked up at uncle. He smiled and winked. So, the crook is encouraging me to make love with my own mom! I looked back at my mom. She tilted up her face and presented me her lips to kiss. I held back. But she held my hair with her free hand and crushed her lips against mine. To hell with the presence of uncle crook! I closed my eyes and dissolved myself into the pleasure of her kiss. She pried open my lips and invaded my mouth with her tongue. Down there, she opened my trousers, freed my erection and enveloped it with…lips…!

I fluttered open my eyes and looked down in confusion. There I saw uncle Venu’s head moving up and down on my cock. I broke the kiss in shock. My mommy pulled me back in to her embrace.

– But, mom…

– Let him do! He dreamed to have you ever since he saw your big thing.

– But…

– What? You don’t like it?

escort tuzla Not that, he’s going to be your husband.

– Yes, he would tie the knot, but you would tie-up with me in bed.

– Mom?

– Yes, he had decided to hook you to me the day he beheld you in the lab toilet; but I was not, at least, until I saw the truth myself in that bathroom incident. And now, having had you once, o my stallion, I want to have you again and again.

She got up, undressed and became completely naked. Since a widow, she had no jewels or ornaments on her. Below her plain neck, her boobs with their large areoles and thick nipples jogged in their heaviness. Her belly, below her deep navel, was bulging a bit with fats. Her plump thighs tapered down like elephant trunks. And her hairy mound was so broad and bulging. I let my saliva run down through the corner of my mouth.

She pushed away uncle’s head off my cock. He gave it up reluctantly. Mommy pushed me down on my back on the lower birth. Uncle pulled my trousers off to help her endeavor. My cock stood like a flagpole pointing up. Mummy climbed on the berth and squatted on my thighs. The gland of my penis was hitting against her navel. She raised her buttocks and brought her bee-hive above my pillar rock. Right above my upright cock I could see her swollen labia, sweating to swallow my pole up. I could feel its scorching heat on my gland. Exited, I was about to lung myself up and bury my shaft in to her folds, but then, unexpected, uncle brought his face in between, blew me three four times and then guided my cock through her labia. Mommy crashed down and landed on my pubis. With her eyes shining she looked at me and then at uncle. Uncle let out a throaty laugh, shook his head and retired to the other berth.

Mommy took both my hands and placed them on her heavy boobs. I pressed them. Her nipples squashed against my palms. Her mouth parted and she let out a sigh. Looking deep into my eyes she lifted her buttocks and moved her cunt up and down on my upright cock. I could clearly view the beauty of my thick stem splitting through her blood filled labia. When she noticed the direction of my attraction, she too bent her head and looked at our junction. Her cheeks lighted up in blush. When she lifted back her head, she cocked her eyes and bit her lower lip with a stealthy smile. Exited, she pushed her boobs against my hands and bumped her cunt against my pubis. Ceasing not her up down ride, she untied her dense hair to cascade her shoulders. That gave her a look of a nymphet, feasting on her prey.

The train was moving in a uniform speed. And mom also set her move to match with the rhythm of the train; that thadak that thadak. When she realized that I found out her act of match-moving, she blushed; but pinched and pulled at my cheeks. In return I crushed and pulled at her taut nipples. She faked pain; and fucked me hard as if punishing me for my mischief. I pulled at her boobs and fucked her back, pumping up my buttocks. Our playful attacks and counter attacks went on and on, endlessly. And at one particular moment, her tunnel, gushing hot juices, pulsated around my cock and, then, writhing, she collapsed on me. Her cunt was in spasmodic movement, trying to milk my cock, but I was nowhere nearer to.

I didn’t know wherefrom I got that idea: I rolled her down on her back and rolled me up on her top. My cock head found her tunnel this time without help. And I continued giving her my hard strokes. She rolled her head this side and that side, grunting all the while, calling me by names. Swelled in confidence, my cock plowed through her wet land. She encircled her legs around me and drummed my buttocks with her heels. Her juices were seeping out and wetting my slapping testicles. Her hotness fumed around my moving cock. And then churned in my balls, sped through the length of my stem, my cum gushed out stream after stream to flood her depths. Now it was my turn to collapse on her, her limbs binding me tight to her.

As I regained my breath, I lifted my head. Mommy was beaming. But, perched on the other berth was uncle Venu, with his eye-balls hanging out of their sockets. Mom unlocked her limbs and I uncoupled from her; and sat on the edge of the berth. My cock became limp and was hanging down, like a rain drenched rat, between my thighs.

Mom got up, stepped up to the other berth, bent down and pulled out a bag from under the berth.

Uncle slipped down and crawled between my legs. He lifted my flaccid cock with his left hand and wiped it of love juices with the flank of his lungi. And then he lowered his head and kissed my penis at its semi skinned tip. He moved his lips all along upside and downside, and at my balls and back to my tip tracing up mine length. He was going on doing this until my cock warmed up and stirred to lift its head. Then he took the head alone into his mouth and pressed around with his lips and provoked with his tongue. Same time he moved his fingers on my testicles and warmed it up too. Soon my cock stretched to its full length and angled up like a paten tank barrel. Uncle then took in as much length as possible and started sucking at it with his mouth bobbing. Exited I held his hair. He looked up, his eyes smiling. I now met his look with a renewed affection and understanding. He credited my love for him with his adoring mouth. In between, he signaled me to look at my mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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