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“Hey!” Voices I hadn’t heard in a decade called out to me. I turn to find myself embraced against a warm soft bosom.

“How are you?” she asked in her persistent shrill. She always was the excitable, perky one, whose breasts quiver uncontrollably whenever she giggles.

“I’m great, actually. How are you doing?”

“Couldn’t complain!” Her beaming smile was annoyingly contagious. I found my mouth mirroring hers as we proceeded with chitchat.

“I’m surprised at this turnout, but it’s nice to see how everyone is doing now. And they picked such a nice hotel for the reunion.”

“Yeah, I know! Did you check out the little bottles of shampoo they gave?” Her voice dropped to excited hush tones, “Name brand stuff. I called room service and told them my room didn’t have any and got some extra bottles.” She winked, a little too proud of her victory.

I smiled and nodded affirmation of her deviousness. “I live just 5 stops down, so no hotel glory for me.”

Soon, others spotted us across the room and they joined in our small talk. Each time a new person came up we would recap everything from the previous people’s updates on their lives.

I excused myself to get another drink at the bar. “White Russian, please.”

I sipped it slowly, watching the reconnections being made around the room. A few more people wandered over and we engaged in conventional catch up. We laughed and reminisced, but in the back of my mind, there was only one person I wanted to see. The last we saw each other was 10 years ago at the airport. We had spent that summer together. Nothing happened back then. Nothing more than secret glances and sly smiles. His eyes penetrated me so thoroughly, and back then, that was enough to spark nightly fires. I squirmed in my dress, thinking back to those warm summer nights. My mind wandered back to us standing atop of the peak, looking out at the city below us. The last excursion of our summer trip was to watch the sunset from the highest point in the city. The night view was already enough to take my breath away. The dotted lights from the skyscrapers formed grounded constellations, stories of the city floating in the glow. We both leaned with our forearms against the railing, looking out across the twinkling splendor at our feet, smiling at our own thoughts. I looked over at him and wondered what he was thinking. As though he read my mind, he turned to me, leaned in close and pointed to the buildings and lights to the far left. He told me that was exactly what his hometown looked like. There was a proud and reminiscent tone in his voice. I wished I could’ve melted into him. My fingers absentmindedly started stroking my collarbone and down my chest before raucous laughter jolted me from my trance.

After my second drink and still no sign of him, I decided to head home. I glance around the room once more as I made my way towards the coat check, saying farewell and “See you in 10 years!” to those I pass. As I stood at the counter waiting for the coat check to find my things, I heard someone announce in aggravation, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me. How does a hotel just LOSE someone’s reservation?!”

I look around the corner and there he stood. He was still gesturing and yelling when I approached him.


He turned towards me and all signs of annoyance disappeared from his face. We hugged like old classmates do.

“What’s going on here?” I asked, my eyes shifting towards the manager behind the counter.

He let out a deep, exasperated sigh.

“I am homeless for the evening. My reservation has mysteriously disappeared. Are you staying here tonight? Maybe I can just bunk with you like the old days,” he joked, slapping my arm.

“Ha!” My face flushed, hopefully not as red as I felt. “Yeah… No, I live a few stops from here actually. If you don’t mind couch crashing for a couple of days, you’re more than welcome to stay with me.”

He contemplated the offer carefully. “Are you sure I won’t be putting you out?”

“Well…” etimesgut escort I feigned hesitancy, then smiled and said, “Of course not! Come on, let’s store your luggage, you can say hi to a few people, we’ll come back to get your stuff and head over to my place.” I turn to the hotel manager, “I assume the least you could do is store his luggage for free, correct?”

Before the manager could answer, Jeff taps my hand and says, “Don’t worry about it. I’m not really in the mood to see anyone right now. Can we just head back to your place?”

“Sure, sure, of course. I was on my way out anyway.”

As we started to walk towards the doors, he asked, “So how comfortable is your couch?”

“Oh, it’s the most comfortable couch your ass will ever have the pleasure of sitting on.”

Luckily, we managed to catch a cab on our way out. It was starting to drizzle when we stepped out. Any later and we’d be stuck in the downpour or fighting our way through the subway with drenched clothes and luggage. The ride was short but we used the time to catch up a little. By the time the cab stopped in front of my apartment, rain was coming down in ribbons. We ran inside as fast as we could but were so soaked our shoes made squishing sounds as we walked up the stairs.

I helped him put his things in the living room as he took off his shoes and hung up his coat.

“I guess this will be your room for the next couple of days. Which day are you heading out?”

“Kicking me out already?”

“No, no!” I answered, probably a little too defensively.

He laughed at my reaction, “I catch the Monday morning flight back.”

That’s so soon.

I caught myself staring at him as he shifted his things around my living room. Hopefully before he realized, I snapped out of it and ran to grab him a towel to dry off. When I came back, he had already started unbuttoning his shirt. Straining my eyes not to stray from his, I asked if he wanted to shower first. He accepted and grabbed his things. I led him down the short hallway where the bathroom was on the right and my room on the left on the end. After I showed him all the little nuances of the old, rickety toilet and shower, I ducked back into my room to change out of my wet dress and, sigh, torn stockings (damn it, when did that happen?) and threw my bra and underwear into the hamper. I looked in my dresser for sleepwear. My lips smirked at my lingerie stash, but I shook my head,Let’s keep it PG tonight.I grabbed a pair of cotton shorts, wife beater, and oversized flannel shirt instead. I went back out to my open kitchen and poured two glasses of water, leaned back against the counter and stared at his things. I noticed some blue and white string dangling from one of his bags. A familiarity with it drew me in for a closer look. It was the bracelet I had made him all those years ago.

The bathroom door unlocked and he stepped out in just a pair of shorts with the towel draped over his shoulders.

“Whew! For an old shower, that was an incredibly powerful shower head.”

I smiled and handed him the glass of water, this time not even trying to hide how much I was enjoying the view of his well-toned chest and stomach.

He reached out slowly for the water, sensing my wolf-like stare. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I replied, trying to sound innocent.

I sat on the couch and motioned for him to join me. We started talking about the past, present and future. We laughed at each other’s stories and offered understanding for the less fortunate events. As the hours passed, we slid closer and closer to each other. There were a few times when our eyes would linger in each other’s a moment longer, but one of us would smile and look away.

“I can’t believe it’s 2 a.m. already. All right, I’m going to take a quick shower and get to bed. I think there’s a whole day of activities planned for us tomorrow.”

I got up and just before I reached the bathroom, he called my name, “Annie?”

I sincan escort turned to him, “Yeah?”

“Umm… thanks for letting me stay here.”

“Of course. I’m just glad you were able to make it out here.” I paused. “I’ve missed you.”

He smiled, “Same.”

I closed the door behind me and almost fell back against it. After all these years, he still has the same effect on me. I reached into my shorts and slid two fingers into my pussy, the wetness already pooling at the opening. My body writhed beyond my control and slammed against the door, rattling its hinges.Shit. Gotta be quieter.I quickly turned on the shower, undressed and stepped in. The hot water rapped against my skull and flowed down every inch of skin. I closed my eyes and imagined his hands cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples. Instinctively, my hand picked up where it had left off, massaging feverishly into my soft folds. I imagined his hands firmly on my hip, fingers kneading my flesh. I leaned back against the shower wall and stroked my clit, imagining holding his face against my pussy, his tongue tracing circles on my nub. I rubbed my thumb against my erect nipples and firmly swirled my fingers against my g-spot. A few more firm taps and I came. I had to bite my bottom lip to stifle the usual loud moans from bursting forth.

I quickly finished my shower, wrapped a towel around my body and darted across the hall to my bedroom. Before I could turn on the light, a flash of lightning followed by a crack loud enough to have been the sky ripping apart vibrated through the apartment. I closed my eyes and let the thunder rumble through me when suddenly my bedroom door flew open. I lost my grip on the towel when I swung around at the sound and saw him standing in the doorway.

“Shit! I’m sorry! I…” he tried to avert his eyes from my naked body.

I quickly knelt down to grab the towel and covered my front side. “It’s fine, but what the hell??”

“I heard the thunder and was worried you’d be scared.” At first, he tried to avoid looking, but his eyes couldn’t stop throwing glances my way.

“Seriously?” I smiled at his ridiculous excuse to come in, but couldn’t help feeling very impressed. “Umm, no. I love thunderstorms. Are YOU scared?” I teased.

His gaze laid still on me now. I walked up to him and asked him again, “Are you scared?”

Lightning flashed and the lights in my room went out. Another symptom of old city buildings. Neither of us budged.

Finally, he said, “I’m… terrified…”

“Good.” I threw both arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. The towel dropped and our bare chests pressed together fully. We clawed at each other’s flesh feverishly. I could feel the temperature rise between my legs while his hard dick pressed into my stomach. I reached into his shorts and wrapped my hand around his erection.

“Mmmm…You’re hard as a rock,” I whispered in his ear, “I want it in my mouth, and my wet pussy.” His arms slid down my body, lifted me by my thighs and wrapped my legs around his body. He walked us over to the bed, laid me down on my back and hungrily sucked on my breasts. The tip of his tongue teased my nipples, circling and slurping. His thumb massaged my clit while the rest of his fingers slid in and out of my wet pussy.

“Shit! That feels so good, please don’t stop, please don’t…” My body writhed uncontrollably under his touch. He nibbled down my body to my pussy. I had imagined his fingers and tongue a thousand times, but never thought it would bring this amount of pleasure. In a sudden movement, he pulled me to the edge of bed and turned me over. He continued licking my pussy from behind. My hands clutched at the sheets as I grunted into the mattress. He pushed my ass higher in the air and rubbed the head of his cock against my wet opening. He slowly eased inside me and it felt like the longest journey for him to reach the back of my cunt. I’ve never been so fully cock-stuffed. I nearly came when he buried his cock to escort etimesgut the hilt. He firmly grabbed hold of my hips and started rocking back and forth, penetrating deeper and harder with each thrust.

“YES, Yes!!” I couldn’t help screaming.

I could hear his breathing growing more ragged. In the height of his bucking fervor, his hand struck down on my ass. I gasped in pain, but it actually turned me on more. It made me feel so dirty and wanted more. He slowed down and pulled out. I turned to face him and instead saw his cock waving in my face. I held it with both hands and licked it from bottom to the tip, tasting my own juices. I looked up into his eyes before swallowing his hard dick deep into my throat. I sucked and pumped his dick until it was rock hard again. He pushed me onto my back and spread my legs wide.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked as he stroked himself, crawling closer.

My pussy got wetter at the sight of his hard cock. He leaned down and lapped at my pussy then kissed up my stomach, breasts and finally our lips met again and I could taste myself on his tongue. My fingertips brushed down his toned stomach, reaching for his dick, rubbing it at my slick opening, anticipating his thickness. He sucked at my neck and licked my collarbone, sending shivers down my spine.

“Tell me how much you want it,” he commanded, continuing to bite my neck, his hand on my breast, thumb rubbing my nipple roughly.

“More than my life.”

“What do you want me to do? Tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me with your big cock.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.

He popped his cock head in and pulled it out.

“Mmm!! Don’t tease me! I want to feel you deep inside me.” He thrust his cock so far inside me, my back arched and I yelped out in pain and pleasure. The fine line between the two was blurred with each subsequent thrust. He fucked me so hard I felt like a rag doll. He sat up on his haunches and pulled me up, lifting me up and down on his dick. His mouth caught my nipple and he sucked on it harder than candy. My pussy felt like it was on fire. I pushed him onto his back and furiously rode him until my orgasm erupted, clutching at his stiff cock. He wrapped his arms around my waist and he ferociously jackhammered up into my wanton pussy.

“Ahh! Shit! I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. His fierce, rapid strokes made me cum again.Damn, this boy could fuck.

I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy. He watched as I dipped my finger between my legs and licked his cum from my fingers. He pulled my face down for a kiss. I pushed him back and said, “I think I need another shower…”

He followed me in and we had sex again under the hot running water up against the shower wall. We spent the next day at the reunion, giving each other quick secret pats and squeezes. The excitement of teasing each other in front of so many other people made us so hot we couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment. We snuck to the parking garage, our hands unable to keep off each other. My hands danced across his abs to his ass while his thumbs rubbed my nipples through my dress, perking them to strict attention. We hid in the corner away from the cameras. He hiked up my skirt and fucked me from behind on the hood of a red VW beetle. These quickies fueled our passion for the nights of fiery lovemaking. We fucked from the bedroom to the couch to the kitchen table. I don’t think there was a surface left in the whole apartment that escaped our carnal sex.

But soon Monday came. Everyone bid their farewells. It was an emotional scene of hugging and crying and promises of making plans to see friends before the next reunion.

“See you in 10 years?” I asked him, my body yearning for him already.

He pulled me in close for a deep kiss, then whispered in my ear, “Can you wait that long?”

I guided his hand up my skirt to my bare wet snatch. “What do you think?”

He licked his fingers, smirked and left. The next day, he sent me a message saying that he’ll be in town the next week for a work thing and he was wondering if he could crash on my couch again.

“I knew you couldn’t resist my couch.”

“I want the bed this time.”

“We’ll see…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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