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Revealing Lisa

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Magic Wand

My younger brother George arrived one day with a girl, and asked if they could hang out. I didn’t see a problem since he stayed with me so I agreed. We did all those things you usually do when you entertain. Soon though the disappeared into my room, no big deal to me I generally slept on the couch anyway. After a short time I heard the sounds of their love making and shrugged. The next day my brother left saying

“I’ll be back later, see ya then.”

Leaving the girl behind. So we chatted and watched television, and as it became more and more apparent my brother wasn’t going to be back that night I figured she would realize and leave after awhile.

“Ben do you mind if I stay the night? I’ll find a ride if I have to, but if it’s all the same to you I’d rather leave in the morning.”

“Sure you can stay, I’m not going to kick you out into the dark of night.”

“Would you mind if I took a shower?”

“Be my guest, Lisa.”

With that she went into the bathroom, which was just down a shirt hall of the living room that led to the bedroom. After some time I heard a clatter and rushed to the bathroom door concerned, knocking I called to her through the door,

“Are you okay?” But before I spoke I thought I heard a moan.

“Yeah! I slipped and knocked down the shampoo. Sorry!”

“That’s okay, as long as your alright.”

Returning to the movie I had been watching. The night dragged on.

“Well It’s late, time to turn in, and since I’m a gentleman you can have the bed.” I said.

The next morning Lisa shook me awake.

“Can I use the shower again?”

“Sure, ya could have just taken one, no need to ask, make yourself at home.”

Irritated I roll over and try to fall back to sleep. I lie there a short time and hear a gasp. I get up and walk over to the bathroom door. As I get near I hear an odd squishing sound and Lisa’s voice moaning.

“Ooohh god! Uuugghhh! I need to get fucked so bad.”

I notice that the door isn’t shut. It’s open a crack, I smile as I drop my boxers and open the door and close it again quickly, not wanting to let in too much cold air. I find Lisa’s lost in her own world, she doesn’t even notice as I slide the shower curtain open. She learning against the shower’s back wall with a leg up on the side of the tub, her fingers franticly rubbing her soapy pussy. With her head back, eyes closed.

I stare at her beautiful, smooth pale skin, glistening with water, her perky B cup breasts escort sincan heaving from her exertion. Her long brown hair clinging wetly to her, a few locks stuck to her pretty face, She moans Biting her luscious red lips.

“Mmmmmm! I need to be fucked sooo bad. I wish someone would help me.”

“Well your prayers have been answered.”

In shock her sparkling blue eye’s fly open, her mouth a shocked and lustful wide O. Her fingers never stopping their relentless drive towards her goal. Recovering from her shock quickly she smiles with a lustful look in her eyes.

“Ben, my god how did you get in here?”

Lisa said in mock indignation. She then notices his hard, thick, average sized cock, standing out in front of him.

“I have just the place for that big guy.” she says urgently

“I’m sure you do.”

Getting into the shower, he picks her up and swiftly thrusts his cock into her, filling her completely.

With a throaty groan she cries, “Uuuuggghhhh yes! That’s more like it. Fuck me Ben! Fuck me good and hard!”

Smiling Ben slowly slides his cock out to the point that only the tips inside her. Lisa rolls her hips and howls “Don’t tease me! Ben, please, put it in.”

Quickly he plunges into her holding it inside her grinding it into her, stirring her loins. “OH fuck! Huh huh huh. That was intense.”

Resting his his cock at the entrance of her pussy he slowly stirs his cock around, “You liked that? You want more of it, don’t you? Do you want to be treated like the whore you are? Or do you just want to get fucked?”

Letting out a long low moan. Her legs shaking “Your making me lose my mind, please please please, I don’t care what you do, just make me cum. Your making me so hot I can’t stand it.” He thrusts into her part way and back out quickly making Lisa’s pussy clinch, She’s breathing heavy unable to stop panting. “Fucking Bastard! Your driving me wild, pussy tease.”

“Bastard am I?” Ben say pulling his cock out of her moist sucking cunt.

With a whine she say “No, No, No, I take it back, put it in me, I’m sorry, Please! ” Ben grins mischievously.

“You mean like this?” He says plunging his cock and inch into her.


Ben withdraws again. Rubbing his cock across her pussy lips. Lisa pouts and refrains from begging him to put it back in. “You want this?” he asks her as he plunges inside her a little deeper and pulls out.

“Yes! Fuck yes!”

“Am I a Bastard?” he says ankara escort plunging into her once more

“Yeesss! Yes a magnificent bastard, who’s driving me crazy!”

“If I’m a bastard, you’re a whore, Right!? Beg me for it, Whore!. Tell me, how bad you want it.”

“Uuugghh! Yes! Please Ben, give me your wonderful cock, I need it like nothing in this whole world, I need it like air. Just thinking about it…. MMMmmm! Please Ben, I’ll do anything, My body is yours. I am your whore!”

With a huge smile and great satisfaction, Ben plunges deep into her saying, “Good little whore!”

“FFFuuuuuccckkkk!” Lisa cries “Yes! My god your cock feels so good inside my slutty hole. I feel like I’m melting, Like I’m being sucked into you trough your amazing cock.”

“You’re going to be a good Whore and Fuck me while I hold you against the wall. Now wrap your legs around my body and worship my Cock with your pussy.”

“Oh GOD! Yes!”

After a little repositioning, pressing his hands against the wall under her arms to take her weight she did as he asked. With the hearty slap of wet bodies slapping together she moaned Loudly

“OOOOoooOOOOooo! Ohh god! ” she cried out

“Have you ever felt like this before?” Ben asked.

With a long whining moan she cried, “Nnnooooo! Your the first to make me feel like this. I can’t stop, I never want to stop fucking you. Ohhh! Fuck me! Ben!”

“Who does your cunt belong to?” Ben whispers to her.

“OOOHHh GOD! It belongs to you Ben. My horny little pussy is yours. Every part of me is yours, use me. I’m your whore!” Shocked as she was at the words coming from her mouth, she knew they were true, and not just something said in the heat of the moment. She knew if he asked her to do anything she would, without question.

Then he said something that made her feel shame deep inside her, humiliating her, but she found that it just added to her lust driving her onto his cock all the harder. She realized what kind of girl she really was the instant Ben said it.

“What about George? What about my little brother?”

Right then she knew she would always be a slut, but more importantly she knew she was Ben’s slut. “Ohhh Fuuuccckkk! To hell with George, he left me, and never made me feel anything like this. All I want is to make you happy Ben, just you!”

The truth set her free in many ways. And as she devoted herself to Ben her Orgasm took her. She threw herself to his chest and kissed him as etimesgut escort bayan he closed his arms around her she felt a new tide of orgasm coming, she bore down and rode his cock threw wave after wave of ecstasy, moaning her love for him into his neck as he began to buck and cum inside her.

She basked in the warmth of the feeling saying, “It seems fitting that the first man to fill me with cum, Is the man that I will worship for the rest of my life, I only wish you had taken my virginity too. I’ve never been so glad to have been ditched if my life.” Lisa said looking into his beautiful eyes.

After we had cleaned up and relaxed for a time, There was a knock on the door. Before going to open it Ben said, “If it’s George, I want you to act like your still into him. Do it for me, it will make me happy.”

She nodded obediently, instantly she felt a charge, her pussy flooding with wetness her clit and nipples becoming erect. Inwardly she smiled, loving that this would be her life, her dirty, horny, slutty life. Beyond a doubt she would find joy in her future debasement.

“Dude why is the deadbolt locked? You know I don’t have a key for it!” George called through the door.

As George came into the living room, Lisa jumped flinging herself into him squealing “OHHh I missed you sooo much baby! Your brothers so boring to hang around. Come on lets go into the bedroom. I missed you so much. ” And with that She drew him into my Bedroom. After they fucked, he left for work once again.

That was how out first week came to pass. Her fucking my brother until he left, Then she would ask if she had done a good job, and then we would fuck for hours. Making her cum more than ever.

Then one day my brother asked me, “Dude,Why haven’t you gotten rid of her? I keep leaving hoping she’ll be gone when I come back, but she’s still here. Get rid of her before I come back tonight she’s driving me nuts.”

Later I told her what had happened. She laughed saying “Well maybe we should tell him the truth. He might have brought me here but it’s you I’m staying for.” with that she pulled my cock from my pants and started to stroke it.

“No! We can’t ever tell him, it will crush him. It’s better if he doesn’t know. So you go home for awhile.”

“You don’t want me anymore!?” she broke in.

“Let me finish, You go home, fuck whoever you’d like have fun, and after awhile, when he’s not around you can come over to see me. I’ll take good care of my little nasty whore.”

“Mm! That sounds good to me! “

With that settled I drove her home. She never did come back over, mainly because I never went to get her, but I will never forget her. I do wonder what she’s up to though

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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