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Revenge can be Sweet

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I have this second cousin, who has always been my nemesis while growing up. She was the proverbial mean girl and a major bully, she used to taunt and mock me when we were teens, put me through numerous humiliating situations, on occasion even resorting to violence when she didn’t get her way.

As grown ups, we are obliged to be civil, more for the sake of the families, than anything else. It would have been hard staying cordial, had we actually been in contact for more than once every few years.

She has recently married a foreigner – yet another reason for her to be smug and flaunt the ring like Smeagol/Gollum.

Her husband is English, his name is Brian. They live in the UK but recently decided to buy an apartment in my city – her old hometown, to use as a summer residence.

My mom, ever the proper lady, insisted I go help, due to my knowledge in English and real estate procedures, so in the span of month and a half since they arrived, we’ve grown quite used to each other, no thanks to my cousin.

In fact, Brian is the total opposite of Maria.

While she seems to put on the airs of an angel in front of him, he is genuinely cool – with great sense of humour, patient, empathetic, and…not to mention rather hot in a tall, dirty blond haired, green eyed kind of way.

While I’m naturally communicative and I love to laugh, I have never before crossed the line, no matter how much of a crush I seem to harbor if the person is taken…

But the more time we spent together, the harder it became to deny the connection between us.

There have been many an occasion of us going out checking administrative stuff off the list, sometimes the three of us, but mostly just me and him, while Maria was busy with other tasks, and I had to accompany him and help with the translation.

Every time we were alone he was getting a tad flirtier, but not in a sleazy way – that would have simply annoyed me. The guy is just naturally charismatic and you know that feeling you get…thinking “damn, why is someone so amazing with a she-devil like Maria? How is that fair?”

I was quietly harboring my crush and letting myself enjoy his company, at some point even starting to think that maybe…just maybe Maria has truly changed while living abroad, that she was no longer the same person from my nightmares.

You see, unlike her, growing up I was never skinny, so she never let me live a day without using that as ammunition against me, even though I was hardly even plump back then.

Maria is still stick thin and very proud of that, in fact she is one of those people who openly express disgust for anything above size zero – no matter if flatteringly curvy or morbidly obese – it’s all the same to her.

It didn’t take long for her to show her true colors again, though.

It started with the cutting remarks disguised as “jokes”, discussing celebrities or public figures, but drawing parallels of how ugly or unflattering it is to look like them, while giving me side glances.

I was irritated and hurt at times, as she triggered the child in me, back when she was the same fucking bully, but I reminded myself we’re no longer children.

Moreover, I was growing rather amused, noticing that Brian seemed to harbor quite the opposite opinion to hers… In fact, the more attention I paid to the little signs and signals of his behavior and body language, the clearer it became, that he was very, very attracted to me, with sometimes blatantly obvious evidence in support of that.

A few times I noticed him trying to awkwardly adjust himself, so, to an extent, I felt vindicated.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything at all, it’s not my style, after all..

However, she crossed the line.

During a random and seemingly benign conversation, she said something really insensitive and humiliating to me, right in front of Brian, no less.

I was more than pissed off, in fact – I was contemplating distancing myself and never helping again.

But…somewhere on a very deep and primal level, a darker side of me reared its head and demanded her sweet revenge.

Next time I went to their place, I deliberately put a rather tight dress with a larger cleavage, something I’ve never appeared in before them – I normally wore sporty or casual clothes.

I went there in the late afternoon, and I had to bite my lips to suppress the grin after witnessing Brian’s reaction when I first took my jacket off and he had a glimpse of my dress. Of course, Maria had something to say to my choice of clothes – she thought I was unnecessarily formal but I quickly fibbed I had a meeting later.

I loved the way he was staring at me, drinking me in, so I put up a deliberate show of moving, walking, sitting, stretching and sauntering just enough, to give him the best vantage points possible.

I noticed he was getting flushed pink, and on his normally pale complexion, it couldn’t be more obvious.

He was wearing some baggy sports pants and Girne Escort a t-shirt, Maria was in jeans and blouse and there I was in my dark red tight dress with a cinched waist, setting off my best assets on display, growing intoxicated with the power I wielded with it.

I reveled in his obviously flustered state, while playing my favorite game – pretending to be oblivious, nice and innocent, yet ever so subtly teasing and sensually torturing him, so after a couple of hours of letting him simmer, I felt emboldened for the next step.

We were sitting around their dining table, sipping wine and looking at fabric samples for curtains and couches. Maria was annoyed, she didn’t like anything, so she wasn’t paying much attention, unlike Brian, who was sitting next to me and was very aware of all the samples I was showing him.

While I did so, I was also deliberately leaning closer, so that from his vantage point the side of my boob would appear to almost spill out of my cleavage.

Of course, I was neither looking at myself, nor him, I was absent-mindedly talking about the companies, the designs, anything else random…

I spotted his hand disappear under the table in more than one occasion and he was fidgeting a lot. I was contemplating whether I could be really that brave and cross a line I know there would be no turning back from.

The problem was… I really love to tease.

I simply adore the thrill of being in control in such situation…and it’s been so long since I felt this inspired… I was very giddy and aroused myself.

I felt my nipples harden and my panties getting soaked.

Maria went to the kitchen (there is a counter top, dividing the dining area/living room space and the kitchen) she was busy there and she was at one point talking over the phone, so I felt this huge adrenaline rush – because it’s one thing to have it as fantasy or watch it in a porn video…but a whole other deal in real life.

I felt vulnerable and a little insecure, but my need to play with fire won over.

When he was asking for a sample, I stood up and leaned in front of him, to reach to the opposite side of the table – so my body was basically over his lap – he had the perfect close up view of my tightly clad ass, my waist and my cleavage while I was straining to reach…and when I heard his ill covered sharp intake of breath, I accidentally-on-purpose lost my balance and…he instinctively grabbed me to steady me and I ended up falling on his lap for just a minute.

That was the real test for me, in order to decide what to do next…

The way he grabbed me and for a moment there, didn’t seem to want to let go, the way he was breathing or rather holding his breath… I had my answer.

I sat there for a moment, to “steady” myself, laughing it off and pretending to be a bit tipsier than I was playing at my clumsiness, so that it wasn’t unnatural when I struggled to get up and…my hand grazed at his lap in the process. He was SO hard, practically twitching in anticipation.

The moment my palm contacted the bulge, I felt the heat emanating and the way it moved to the touch, but most delicious of all was the way he couldn’t help himself and moaned ever so quietly at that.

I didn’t say anything, he helped me stand up and I excused myself to go to the rest room

Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, with my cheeks flushed and my pupils dilated, I could hardly believe what was happening.

My clit was pulsating, in my 35 years of existence, I don’t remember ever being THIS aroused and ready to prowl.

I returned to find Maria sat on the table, she didn’t even look at me, just said dinner is cooking and focused all her attention on her laptop.

Brian was smoking on the balcony and I decided to join him there. I went out, it was already dark outside, and I didn’t get my jacket. He had a baggy hoodie over his shoulders. I took my cigarette and waited for him to light it, but the wind was blowing so I put my hands over his, in order to shelter the flame and looked him in the eyes, then blew the smoke out.

He was giving me such hungry eyes, yet at the same time very conflicted and embarrassed…vulnerable even.

I propped myself on the balcony rim and leaned, turning my back to him. The view of my stretched dress was all for him. We were quiet and I shivered, and he must have watched me intently, as he immediately noticed and asked if I was cold, then proceeded to put the hoodie on my shoulders from behind, without waiting for my answer.

When he was wrapping it around me, once again I held it and touched his fingers with mine, letting them linger a bit. He lingered too…standing right behind me in that blind spot of the balcony, not visible from inside the room. I used the moment to instinctively lean back and pressed my whole body to his, standing quite close behind me.

I leaned and exhaled, he was just standing, but the moment my body met his, Kıbrıs Escort I felt his bulge at my waist and I felt him shiver. I knew he was looking down and had the perfect view of my cleavage.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back to his chest then steadied myself and threw the cigarette butt, smiled at him and went inside.

He remained on the cold balcony for a while longer and when he returned, he looked…well, like a man possessed.

You know, I should have been pleased from Maria’s lack of attention, because either she was just clueless or simply so sure of her superiority, that she didn’t even consider me a “danger”, but that was probably the deciding trigger that kept my devious plan further in motion.

I asked if I could help with dinner and went to make the salad, Brian volunteered to help me. Now we were the ones behind the counter, and Maria was sitting with her back half turned, watching tv and typing on her laptop. We were chatting “casually” but the looks exchanged could have scorched the curtains.

Every time I leaned over him or passed him by, I made sure to “accidentally” rub against him. His movements have also become slower somehow…like rigid from lust maybe. His bulge was obvious even in the baggy loose pants, and my-my, it looked promising.

Right after the salad was ready and the side snacks were plated, before we returned to the table, I passed by him, straining up to get a glass from a higher shelf rubbing on his side in the process, he reached to help me, so we both sort of clashed.

I steadied myself by grabbing his exposed biceps – he was in the t-shirt still. I mumbled how firm they were (even though he wasn’t too muscular at all, which is something I prefer, overly buffed guys don’t really appeal to me).

I left him alone in the kitchen after caressing his bicep and noting how firm it was, while looking him in the eyes.

When he finally joined us at the table, Maria removed the samples, laptop and rest of the clutter from it and put a long tablecloth so that we arranged the plates on it.

I took my place, facing the tv. Brian sat down next to me again and there was some funny tv show on, so Maria’s attention was divided between it, her phone and occasionally going to check on the meal in the oven. We started eating, commenting on the show, casual absent-minded conversation going on, one would think the tension has diffused…but then I turned to look at him after asking him a question and he didn’t reply immediately and I saw he was looking at my ass, as I was sitting with my back half-turned to him, so I could talk to Maria.

I also saw his left hand was hidden under the tablecloth, his eyes cloudy.

I smiled at him and asked if he was okay, he got startled and flushed red again, started stuttering a response. When the meal was on the table, Maria got more attentive to us and the conversation. I was not surprised to see how narrow-minded she was on various matters while discussing foreign politics and world events.

The more annoyed I was with her and the bile she spew, the more aroused I got because I felt justified in my secret game with Brian, in fact it kind of felt like I was having my long overdue revenge on all those times she tormented me through the years.

One moment we were discussing something, the next she made a remark basically hinting I wouldn’t have looked as good as her in the wedding dress she wore to her wedding so I didn’t quite think about it, my hand just moved on its own accord…and disappeared under the table, hidden by the tablecloth.

While listening to her talk, without noticing at all, I slid it over his thigh and up, letting it rest right over his bulge.

He froze immediately but thankfully didn’t give any other visible indication, my heart was beating like crazy.

I have never been this bold before.

I held my hand there and then attempted to remove it but felt his left one grab it and hold it in place, letting me squeeze and press. I felt the outline of his dick through the pants, and it was so good…thick and twitching, I was leaking in my panties. I knew there was no turning back from this.

I squeezed his dick and slowly, ever so slowly started tracing the shape of it, rubbing and caressing, while Maria spoke, oblivious to the action.

Points for him for being so solid and not moving a muscle to draw attention to himself but while caressing him, I could feel his whole body pulsate…his heart must have been thumping like crazy.

I didn’t look at him, I was sipping from my glass with one hand, and my other one, covered from the position of our seats and the tablecloth, was keeping a steady rhythm, teasing him. When she stood to go to the kitchen, I quickly drew it out, but as soon as she returned, I discreetly adjusted my bra, so that my boob was almost completely spilling out from his point of view… my arm covering enough, so she wouldn’t notice at all.

Not Magosa Escort that she was even looking. She was so smug. she loves listening to herself speak. She was talking smack about some girls on tv, a reality show and I noticed his gaze fixated on my cleavage, as he swallowed hard.

His eyes got greener somehow, darker…

It was around 9.30pm as we finished dinner when Maria went to the bathroom. I looked at him then, and his expression was priceless – so intense…I don’t even know how he was holding it so well.

I maintained eye contact and renewed the strokes. His mouth fell open, his eyes closed for a moment, but then we heard her come back so I once again took my hand out. She plopped on the couch and suggested a movie. It was a horror movie – her choice, one of the new Halloween series.

She sat on the long side of the L-shaped couch, putting her feet up and facing the tv – in order to get more comfortable. I sat next to her and Brian was on my other side.

I said I was a bit cold and Maria unceremoniously dropped a blanket on my lap, so I spread it over myself, making sure it also covered Brian’s lap and lower body… The lights were off, the only light coming from the street lights and the tv. I was in heaven. Perfect conditions to continue…

Except I didn’t. I was watching the movie, didn’t even look at him and I barely kept myself from snickering due to his body language…so frustrated, probably wondering what the hell, why did I stop. He was fidgeting, even Maria noticed he was kinda restless.

He got up to get a drink, then returned, and by this time I had my feet tucked sideways on the couch, under the blanket, there was also a big bulky pillow between me and Maria to prop my arm on. Just when I thought he was on the verge of throwing a tantrum out of frustration, I slid my foot over his lap and propped it there. He immediately relaxed back and made sure the blanket covered everything.

I started pressing and rubbing his bulge with my stocking-clad foot and I felt his hands all over it, massaging it in reverence.

I think the biggest high of all, beside the wine at dinner, was the rush of adrenaline from everything happening in a hazy dream sequence, almost surreal at this point.

I didn’t realize how much of an aphrodisiac it is for me to be the sole reason for someone being reduced to a flustered, quivering mess …

That is exactly what he was at that point. It was just bright enough to see his face and the way his body was shivering and his breathing was labored. I never realized before, that I could get so turned on just by the sheer power of my annoyance toward someone… but it was like I was on a roll and couldn’t stop anymore. All the pent-up frustration, painful memories from our childhood and teen years, worked like an avalanche. The fact that her gorgeous husband was so infatuated with me, that he was powerless to resist and put a stop to my teasing, even though he risked the most…made me crave him even more.

I changed my position and propped my back closer to sitting next to him, covering myself for the side visible to Maria, in case she turned back to look at me but lowered my cleavage on his side, so that my lacy bra and half of my hardened nipple were exposed to him. He gulped like a cartoon character.

I secretly took his hand and put it on my breast, looking at his reaction… he closed his eyes and touched me so gently, as if I was made of porcelain. The moment his fingertips made contact with my bare skin, I removed his hand. After every such move on my part, I would stop and make a pause, keep my focus on the movie and pretend nothing happened. He was in agony.

I finally decided to slide my hand under the blanket and under the rim of his pants, right below, where my hand wrapped around his thick pulsating cock. He was twitching like mad, I actually had to be very careful – one tighter squeeze and I risked making him cum.

I opted for rubbing the tip, focusing on the sweet spot where it connects to the length, then took my hand out and secretly teased his nipple through the shirt.

I don’t know which would have been hotter – if we were alone to finish it and jump each other’s bones… or the fact that his wife was right there, in all her arrogant smugness, oblivious I was bringing him to the edge and back.

He was leaking precum…

Heck, I was leaking too.

I took his hand and slowly put it under the blanket, let it slide over my thigh and in between, and let him graze against my soaked panties. He moaned when he felt how wet I was. Thankfully the movie was loud enough to cover it, but I heard it.

When he took his hand out I brought it to his lips and he sucked on his own fingers.

It was probably about an hour and some into the movie, when I noticed Maria has dosed off. She was breathing deeper and even when I slowly stood up and the blanket fell over her in the process, she didn’t move or stir.

I went to the other room… there is also a guest bathroom next to the entrance door but I wanted to go as far away as possible, so I went to pee in their master bathroom. I closed their bedroom door, the bathroom door, it was all dark… I just had time to pee and splash some water on my face to freshen up.

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