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Ride a Cowboy?

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This one is for Tex – thanks for the wonderful feedback, I always enjoy hearing back from my readers. It makes it all worth writing.

* * * * *

The sun was just beginning to set with the colors bursting through the heavens like a giant paint-by-number. The beauty of the Texas sunset took my breath away as I tried to concentrate on my driving. I wanted to make it to Victoria (south Texas) by midnight and still had around 125miles to go. I had just passed through San Antonio without stopping, as I wanted to just get this long tiring trip over with. Reaching over I turned the radio up to help keep me awake. The last thing I need would be to fall asleep behind the wheel.

I made it another 75 miles before I had to take a leak. Trying to forget about it and just make it the last 50-mile stretch I squeezed my legs together. I made it another 15 miles before I couldn’t stand it any longer and started looking for the very next exit. Not even caring where I went just so long as they had a bathroom, I turned and took the next exit. It turned onto what looked to be a back road and I drove down a ways looking for lights. After about another mile and lots of squirming I came across a bar that looked to be packed to capacity. The parking lot was full of every kind of pick up truck imaginable. “Definitely not Atlanta” I muttered to myself, shaking my head. Well I would just have to get used to it now that I would be living near hear, I chastised myself. Pulling into the parking lot, I climbed out and made my way into the place wincing a little at the overly loud country music that was blaring from the band that was playing.

I walked through the crowd, scuffing sawdust that was on the floor, and pushed my way up to the bar trying to spot the bartender. He finally moseyed up to me and said, “Whachya need pretty lady?” as he checked out my short shorts and tight black tank top that just barely concealed my enormous assets. “Restrooms?” I yelled over the bar, wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. He pointed to the left of the bar and I hurried as fast as I could because I was definitely not dressed appropriately for this place. The shorts and revealing shirt were due to the 105degree weather that I had just driven through that afternoon. Since I hadn’t bothered to stop for anything, I hadn’t had the chance to change yet.

I walked into the ladies room, which turned out to be suprisingly spacious and went into one of the stalls. Trying to hurry I dropped my shorts and sat down gratefully. Releasing a torrent of piss into the toilet, I grunted a big sigh. My bladder had been starting to hurt from my holding it for so long. I finished going and reached over for some tissue paper. “Damn!” There wasn’t any in there, shit. Leaning over, I looked under the stalls to see if anyone else was in there. Seeing that the bathroom empty, I sat sincan escort there for a second and thought, “Fuck it!” I jumped up and opened the bathroom door. With my shorts still around my knees, I ran to the stall next to mine and grabbed some from the roll. I ran back to my stall and shut the door again.

Finishing up now that I had the tissue paper that I needed to avoid drip drying, I yanked my shorts back up and tucked my shirt in. Walking out of the stall I looked at myself in the mirror as I washed my hands in the sink. Not too bad, I thought to myself. I was very grateful that I had inherited my mother’s Spanish ancestry and it showed. Even though I was almost 35 years old, I definitely looked 10 years younger with my coal black waist length hair, full lips, slightly tilted eyes and flawless olive complexion. I did inherit my father’s cobalt blue eyes though making the face definitely striking for anyone to look at. As I finished up at the sink and dried my hands someone walked into the restroom behind me. I hurried towards the door to leave when I felt someone grab my arm. Frightened, I swung around to plow the person in the face but my arm was caught in mid-swing before it even connected. My eyes widened when I found my face pressed to a very broad chest covered in a soft flannel shirt and my arm was clasp in an ironclad grasp. I tilted my head back (way back) and found myself looking into a laughing pair of gray eyes shadowed by a large brimmed black Stetson. He stood about 6’4, had steel gray eyes and a very harsh attractive face with strong chiseled features that would stand out anywhere making it unforgettable.

“Hey there, darlin’, what’s your rush?” He drawled slowly as his mouth spread into a grin. I was still standing there flush against his broad body with my mouth hanging open. “Damn” I thought. “They definitely don’t make em’ like this back home” When he started chuckling I realized that I had spoken my thoughts out loud and I felt my face heating to a bright red. He leaned over and brushed his lips against mine slowly. My body just melted as his tongue swept along my bottom lip.

Getting bolder, he shoved me against the wall and pushed my tank top up and over my head. My mind was getting a little befuddled by his gentle kisses and it took me a minute to realize that my large chest was bared to his gaze. “Good lord woman, these sexy tits should be bared for all to see. I have never seen a chest this hot.” He leaned down and captured my large nipple into his mouth biting gently while he rolled the other one between his thumb and forefinger. I moaned softly deep in my throat at the heat running through my veins. The thoughts that were going through my mind about pushing him away because things were moving way too fast here slowly evaporated with the feelings that were coursing through me. He plunged his hand down the ankara escort front of my shorts and cupped my hot wet pussy in the palm of his large callused hand.

“Shit woman, you’re already dripping for me. This pussy wants to be fucked hard doesn’t it, you wanna ride this bronc pretty badly don’t you?” He groaned in my ear as he plunged his index finger up my dripping hole. “Fuck man,” he gasped “I love shaved, and it’s so fucking tight I can’t wait anymore.” He reached down with his other hand and yanked my shorts to my ankles putting his face level with my hot pussy. He reached his tongue in and slowly stroked the soft folds of my pussy lips getting his first taste. Groaning he reached up an put my left leg over his shoulder giving himself better access to my dripping snatch. His tongue flicked over my clit making me stiffen and groan deep in my throat.

Holding onto me he planted his mouth over my whole pussy sucking hard and running his tongue over and over again around my hard bud. My legs started trembling as I felt my orgasm fast approaching. He sucked harder and harder, running his lips and hot tongue around it faster and faster until my whole body shook with the most powerful orgasm of my life. My legs buckled but his grip on my waist held me against the wall as he continued to lick and suck at my dripping hole making sure to get every last drop of my essence.

He gently ran his tongue in and around each of the soft folds, calming me down slowly before he pulled my leg off his shoulder and straightened up. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he gently pushed me to the floor on my knees. “Come on baby, show me some how much you appreciated my efforts.” He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. My jaw dropped open in surprise at the size of his hard shaft. He took advantage of my surprise and placed the fat mushroom shaped head in my outstretched mouth.

Loving the feel of the big fat head, I slowly caressed it with my tongue reaching up with my hand to get at it better. Leaning forward, I slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock, engulfing the full length of him. It had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and I had it buried all the way to his short and curlies before he knew what hit him. Groaning deep in his throat, he ran his fingers through my hair and started moving his hips. Slowly at first, he began stroking my mouth then he sped up until he was literally banging his cock down my throat fucking the shit out of my mouth.

Stopping abruptly he grabbed my arms and pulled me away from his cock. “Can’t take much more of that darlin’ or I will lose it for sure,” he drawled to me as he picked me up and spun me around against the wall. “Wrap those long filly legs around me sunshine and I will show you how to save a horse and ride a cowboy” he chuckled.

I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and brought my legs etimegut escort up. He grabbed me by the thighs, helping to mount him and I chuckled softly thinking how accurate his statement was when he said ride a cowboy. With my legs wrapped around his waist, he slowly lowered me onto his hard shaft. My eyes rolled back into my head at the feeling of him inch by inch conquering this hot city cunt. I screamed as my first orgasm rushed through my hot pussy making my whole body tremble. When he finally bottomed out with his large cock, my body was shaking like a leaf on a tree with the aftermath of my first ever multiple orgasm.

“Hot damn darlin’, you sure are a firecracker aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear. “So damn tight that I can barely stand it” he groaned. He leaned my back against the wall and started pumping slowly in and out of me, filling me all the way and drawing out until just the mushroomed shaped head was held prisoner in my greedy snatch. Picking up the pace he started banging the shit out of me with each hard, deep stroke. I felt his finger circle my asshole as he drilled my pussy. His arms started trembling with the effort of holding off his approaching orgasm so he crammed his finger up my ass to push me over the edge making me scream in ecstasy as I came all over his cock. Groaning deep in his throat, he pounded harder and I felt his cock start to twitch and expand with impending climax at the ripples my cunt was making around it. Hot jets of sperm shot out deep into my womb making me groan deep in my throat as my body trembled in yet another orgasm. Holding me in his strong arms tight against his chest he slowed his strokes down and nuzzled my ear, trying to steady his breathing. “Jeez woman, you could kill an honest hardworkin fella with that kinda lovemakin” he softly drawled.

I slowly unwrapped my legs from around his waist and he let me slide down his body until my feet touched the floor. I looked up at this tall handsome cowboy, reached up, wrapped my arms around his neck and drew him down for a soft, wet kiss. Slowly sliding my tongue around the inside of his lips and along the ridge of his teeth, I reached up and grabbed his cowboy hat off his head placing it on mine. Leaning back after the hot kiss, I was shaking so bad with renewed desire that it took me a minute to gather my wits. “And you my hot sexy man, could definitely make any woman never want to ride a horse again but always want to ride you” I grinned. “I do believe that I will definitely be happy moving to this state” I chuckled as I adjusted my clothing.

“And I am glad you decided to” he grinned. “Let me walk you to your car, you never know what kind of people you will run into in a place like this, some men would just take advantage of a hot little thing like you.” He winked at me. I gasped then chuckled at his audacity as I reached over and cuffed his muscular forearm for teasing me. “Lead the way then sexy and just so you know, I will be back this way looking for you again soon.” I said. “I know darlin’, I know” he drawled grinning at me from ear to ear in satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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