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Riding the umm Motorbike

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So as I said we’ve been riding along. You have a tight leather jacket… Your tits have been straining against their confines… you’ve been deliberately rubbing them into my back… pressing them into me. I can feel your hard nipples in their leather confines.

Your hands have been wandering around my waist and then you run them down … along my legs… moving them up higher and higher… You feel my cock through the confines of my jeans…

You start to rub and tease… feeling it grow in the denim.

You run your manicured fingers over the mound as it rises… pressing your tits into me harder. Stroking my length gently as it grows…

It’s now getting extremely hard. I shift in my seat trying to concentrate as you do your best to distract.

My throat is dry. I swallow.

I try to look for a place to stop. Finally, a small siding appears which I take and move slowly down a bush track towards a clearing.

A beautiful view of the glasshouse mountains comes into play…

We stop in the clearing. Secluded. Private. We peel our helmets off and hang them on the handlebars… You kiss me hard. Rubbing your hands over my leathers.

Tongues dance. I dismount and sit you on Suzie. Facing me. Kissing you hard, I move my hand to your zipper klasbahis yeni giriş on your leather jacket… Slide it slowly down…

As I suspect you only have bra underneath… A black one to match your leather…. Your nipples are hard and straining against their confines… I knead your big, beautiful breasts as our tongues continue to dance… Tweak your nipples. They’re hard. Sensitive. You feel your pussy tighten.

You’re starting get wet. I slide my hand down and undo your jeans. Kissing down your neck as I do.

I release your breasts from their confines. Resting them on your bra cups. I kiss and lick. Gently nibble. Roll the nipples in my mouth. Trying to get as much tit flesh in as I can.

My other hand slides your jeans zipper down. I slide my hand inside your knickers. Sliding my hand down. My finger finds your slit…It’s wet. Soaked.

I slide a finger in. It parts your folds effortlessly and slides into your depths. You’re tight. Wet. Hot.

As I’m kissing your breast, I move your jeans down. You stand up gingerly as I smother your breasts and play with your pussy. Slowly I slide a leg down. I only need one down for access.

Your blonde pussy hair comes into view. Glistening with your juices. Finally, I free one klasbahis giriş leg and then sit you back on Suzie’s leather saddle….

I kneel down and breathe in your aroma. I run my tongue gently up and down. Tasting you. Feeling your hardening clit…You’re soaked. I feel your juices on my tongue.

Now I stand and spread your legs. Sitting astride Suzie. I reach down and free my cock from my jeans. It’s huge. Hard. Thick. I rub the rubbery head up and down your slit…

There’s desire in your eyes. You want it. Now. I tease a little longer. Running it up and down. You grab my hips. Trying to pull me in. The head of my cock is soaking in your wetness.

“Do you want me to fuck you Em?” You nod.

Finally I give into the pleading in your eyes and slide in with one slow, long stroke. Your juices are running down onto Suzie’s leather seat as I start to slowly piston in and out. I kiss you hard. Maul your breasts in my hands as I stroke in and out faster and faster.

Your reach round to my butt…. Dig your manicured hands into it and pull me in as I fuck you harder. You’re now sliding back and forth on Suzie’s leather seat as I ram in and out.

Your breasts spill out over your bra and through the gap in your jacket… deliciously klasbahis güvenilirmi jiggling as I fuck you harder and harder. Your clit is stroked with each down stroke. You’re getting closer. You can feel it deep inside. Starting to build. My cock reaches every nerve. In and out. In and out. Over and over.

You get the familiar red flush. You bite your lip. Your orgasm continues to build and build. You hold me in harder. Sliding to meet every thrust. You wrap your legs around me so I can’t escape. In and out. Harder and faster. You’re so close.

I reach down and twist your nipple and kiss you hard. And bury myself inside. You grit your teeth.

And hold me hard inside….

And then.

You explode. Wave after wave. Pulsing. Your clit throbs. You feel the ecstasy from deep inside washing over you. You push hard against me…. Wanting maximum pressure. Waiting to be filled completely to the hilt… With a long thick hard cock. You moan. The red flush rises from the tops of your breasts up your neck… Into your face as it glows in orgasmic pleasure.

I’m pistoning harder now as the tight confines of your pussy bring me close. The cum is boiling in my balls….

And then….

It finally shoots up my cock… deep into your depths… Spurt after spurt. Jet after jet. It pumps. Filling you. You can feel the warmth of it spreading inside you. Emptying myself.

You squeeze your tight pussy even more. To milk the last drop. I lean over onto your leather clad shoulder.




Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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