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Roberta Ch. 07

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The first thing Bobbi noticed, when she slid the cabin’s heavy glass door open, was the wonderful warmth that drifted over her and the sweet, comforting smell of woodsmoke. She turned to Sandy and smiled. Curling her arm around her friend’s waist, the two naked girls silently padded through the kitchen towards the living room.

Peering around the door jamb, the girls saw Alan and Jeff standing in front of the entertainment center, a number of colored cables in their hands. It was obvious they were trying to figure out how to hook the digital video camera up to the big screen television without disturbing the existing wiring setup. And it was also obvious that they were not having much success as they laughed and argued about what cable went where. Both had put their shorts back on, which disappointed Bobbi initially, but she quickly got over it. Actually they both looked quite sexy in their shorts, with the hint of their cocks bulging underneath. And their muscular chests were both very appealing. Both girls stood silently, enjoying the show that the guys were unknowingly putting on.

Sandy noiselessly nudged Bobbi, motioning her to follow as she stepped back into the shadows of the dining room. “Let’s leave them alone for a few minutes,” she whispered. “Follow me. I have a great idea…” Bobbi grinned and followed her friend to the stairs off the kitchen. She enjoyed the view she had of Sandy’s firm ass as she followed her up the stairs and into one of the bedrooms.

“I’m gonna take a quick shower,” Sandy whispered, “Then I thought we could look for something sexy to wear for the boys…”

“Just for the boys…?” Bobbi replied with a grin, stepping close to Sandy and putting her arms around her waist. Sandy smiled and leaned back, pressing her hips into Bobbi’s.

“Mmmmm… and each other maybe…” she chuckled. “I see I’ve stirred up a smoldering fire…” Bobbi nodded her agreement.

“Not smoldering anymore, I’ll tell you that… It’s a bit of a blaze right now!” She grinned as Sandy pulled her towards the master bath. “And I’m looking forward to repaying the favor…” she said as Sandy slid the shower door open.

The bathroom was beautifully appointed with just the right amount of rustic charm. Although the fixtures were very modern and up to date, the overall feeling of the room was very natural and calming, with wood paneling and large hanging plants. Bobbi whistled her appreciation as Sandy started the water in the large tiled shower and stepped inside.

“Now we’re just going to take a quick shower…” Sandy said with a smile, pulling Bobbi inside the stall. Bobbi laughed as she stepped inside, loving the feel of the hot spray as it hit her body. She pulled Sandy close to her, hugging her tightly as she moved her hips against her friend’s.

“Are you sure you just want to shower…?” Bobbi teased, moving her hands up to cup Sandy’s tits. Sandy grinned back, returning the pressure of Bobbi’s hips and pushing her breasts into Bobbi’s hands.

“Not at all, lover…” she breathed, “But there are two hard cocks waiting for us downstairs… And I can’t wait to start making our movie…Plus, I almost had a mouthful of your boyfriend’s cum when you made me stop… remember?” Bobbi smiled and nodded her head.

“Okay, okay…” she laughed. “Now you’ve got me thinking about hard cocks again… Boy! I guess I’m more of a slut than I realized!”

“Just stick with me darling…” Sandy chuckled. “I’m writing a book on the life of a slut!” She grabbed the soap and began to wash herself as Bobbi watched with admiration. Sandy was a stone fox, possessing what most humans would refer to as the perfect body. Not that she was deprived, but her eyes were seeing things in a whole new light. She smiled her thanks as Sandy handed her the soap.

“Well, tonight we’ll make a movie of the book…” she said with a grin as she quickly washed herself off. Both girls rinsed themselves off, suddenly anxious to return to the guys. As they turned the shower off and stepped out, they soon realized that the upstairs had not heated up as quickly as the living room and they both hurried to dry off.

“Now, let’s see what we can find in the closets…” Sandy said, giggling as her excitement grew.

Downstairs, Jeff and Alan had just gotten the camera hooked up to the television. They high-fived each other as Alan pressed ‘play’ and an image finally appeared on the screen. Both of them reached for their cocktails and toasted as they watched a panning view of the ocean play in front of them.

“I told you it was ‘output’ to ‘input’!” Alan laughed, punching Jeff’s shoulder. Jeff laughed, almost spilling his drink as he turned to Alan.

“What an asshole! I’m the one who told YOU that! Besides, you were hooking it directly to the TV instead of running it through the VCR. What a fucking idiot!” He slapped the back of Alan’s head just as he was taking a sip of his drink, making it slosh over his chin and drip down his chest. This İstanbul Escort made both of them crack up laughing as they playfully sparred with each other.

Sandy and Bobbi were secretly watching the antics of the boys from the stairway landing and couldn’t help laughing along with them. The noise they made eventually caused the boys to turn towards them and both girls giggled as they saw two sets of eyes grow wide as they took in the view.

Sandy had hoped to find some sexy lingerie in her drawers and closets, but neither of them could find anything that felt right. Sandy, naturally kept her finest things at her house and the items she left at the cabin were more in the utilitarian vein than the turn-on area. But what they had ultimately decided upon was obviously working on the guys.

Both girls wore common clothing that was magically transformed when draped over their sexy bodies. Sandy had on a thin cotton t-shirt that was just about two sizes too small, hugging her perfect tits erotically and showing off the shadowed peaks of her hard nipples. The material was thin enough to be almost transparent and she’d also gotten a little creative with a pair of scissors, cutting the hem to midway between her waist and breasts, and also cutting the neck into a ‘V’ that showed off the swells of her tits. For a bottom piece, she’d chosen a short spandex skirt that hugged her hips like paint and showed off most of her long legs.

For her part, Bobbi had chosen a man’s white dress shirt, which she had also customized with the scissors, cutting the arms off for a ragged sleeveless look. She had also cut more of the sides away which allowed a perfect view of the sides of her tits when she raised her arms. Instead of buttoning it, she merely tied it into a knot above her waist, leaving her midriff exposed and a ‘V’ of flesh showing from her neck to the knot. For the bottom, she’d chosen a short plaid, pleated skirt that Sandy had said was left over from junior high school. Bobbie thought it was perfect for the mood, and from the reaction on the faces of the guys she’d been correct in her judgment.

Alan and Jeff could simply stare as the girls posed sexily for them on the stairway landing, and both of them felt their cocks growing thicker as visions of what lay ahead formed in their minds. Sandy put her arm around Bobbi’s waist as the two of them descended the last five steps to the living room and stood in front of the boys. When they separated, Sandy stepped close to Alan, pressing herself against him as he leaned down to kiss her. She smiled to herself as she felt his cock growing hard against her and she worked her hips against his as she sucked on his tongue. Eventually, she stepped back, letting her hand move between them to grasp his hard-on.

“I see you approve of my outfit…” she teased, stroking his cock through his shorts. Alan simply smiled his agreement, bringing both of his hands up to cup Sandy’s breasts, feeling her nipples press into his palms. “I’m glad to like…” she breathed, “Do you like your sister’s outfit too? I think she’s way sexy…”

Alan turned to look over at Bobbi. Her left arm was around Jeff’s neck, holding him as they kissed passionately, and her position opened the side of her shirt, showing a delicious view of her breast. Her other hand was inside Jeff’s shorts, obviously stroking his cock as they kissed. As they made out, Jeff’s hand moved up and inside Bobbi’s shirt and Alan caught his breath as he watched Jeff’s fingers close around his sister’s tit. His cock grew harder in Sandy’s fingers and she stroked him slowly as they watched Bobbi and Jeff make out.

“Let me see his cock, Bobbi…” Sandy breathed, pressing tighter against Alan. Bobbi turned her head, still kissing Jeff, then she smiled at Sandy. Her right hand slid out of Jeff’s shorts and was joined by her left hand at his elastic waistband. With her eyes locked with Sandy’s, she slowly pulled the elastic out, then down, letting Jeff’s hard cock slip out and rest on her belly.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” Bobbi teased, capturing Jeff’s hard-on and stroking him gently. Sandy grinned and nodded, watching as Bobbi milked a thick flow of pre-come from Jeff’s cock and spread it over his shaft. “You like watching hard cocks, don’t you, Sandy… Even while you’re jerking my brother off…” Bobbi’s eyes shifted, settling on Sandy’s hand as it traveled up and down her brother’s thick cock. She knew exactly how Sandy felt. Watching another couple playing, even though she had her own hard, thick cock to play with, only doubled her excitement. She licked her lips as she smiled at her brother, letting him know how much she was enjoying herself, then returned her eyes to his cock, watching Sandy expertly manipulate it. She copied Sandy’s movements with her own hand, stepping back slightly to give the other couple a clear view of her hand job and Sandy did the same. The guys simply stood there and trembled as the girls stroked their cocks. They Bayan Escort knew that the moment did not require words right then… That it was simply a time to let the girls play.

Alan sighed as Sandy’s thumb moved enticingly over the head of his cock, spreading the pre-come that flowed from the tip. He saw Bobbi grin as she stared at his cock, once again unconsciously running her tongue over her lips and he only hoped he had enough cum in his balls to live out all the fantasies that were running through his head right then.

“I like your outfit…” Alan said to Bobbi, running his eyes over her body. She grinned back at him and leaned backwards, pushing her tits out against the white cotton of her shirt.

“Mmmm…I’m glad you like…” she breathed, “It doesn’t make me look too much like a little schoolgirl?”

Alan felt his cock throb and grinned as he felt Sandy squeeze him a little tighter. “That’s exactly what it makes you look like…” he chuckled. “Reminds me of all the times I watched you when we were growing up. You’ve always been hot, Bobbi…But you knew that didn’t you? You knew you turned me on…”

Bobbi grinned sheepishly and nodded, finally in the mood to admit the truth about their growing up together. “I used to like watching your cock get hard..,” she breathed, “That’s what turned me on. Then I’d open your door a little and watch you jerk off…” Her hand began to move faster on Jeff’s cock without her even realizing it. “I used to love watching you jerk off…watching you thick cum shoot out over your belly…mmmmm…”

Bobbi lost herself to the memories flowing through her head as her hand flew up and down Jeff’s now throbbing cock. His sudden groans of pleasure snapped her back to reality and she turned her head, grinning guiltily at her boyfriend. The look of ecstasy on his face told her she had no reason for remorse, but she apologized anyway.

“Sorry baby… Alan and I are just realizing a lot of new things about each other. I hope you don’t mind…”

Jeff grinned and shook his head. He hugged Bobbi close to him, briefly stopping the movement of her hand. He sighed as he felt the urgent need to come subside for the moment as he grinned over at Alan and Sandy.

“I think close family ties are very important…” he chuckled. “And if I’d had this little girl to grow up with I would have been whackin’ it every night!” He winked at Alan, then moved his eyes to Sandy. His grin slowly faded as he saw the look of surprise on her face. She was staring over Alan’s shoulder at the television and her eyes were as big as saucers. The others hadn’t noticed yet, but Jeff turned in the direction of her gaze, settling on the large screen TV. What he saw there was enough to make his own eyes fly open.

“Jeez Louise!” he said, “Who the hell is that?!” His cry made Alan and Bobbi turn to look and they both took deep breaths.

On the screen was a shaky image of a girl’s face, looking up and into the lens of the camera. No one recognized her immediately, but the reason may very well have been that her lips were spread wide by the long, thick cock that she was devouring. One thing that struck everyone though, was the girl’s uncanny resemblance to Sandy. In fact, that was Bobbi’s first thought… That this was a blow job video that Sandy had filmed before and was surprising them with. But a quick look at the surprised look on Sandy’s face shot that theory down.

The four of them watched transfixed as the girl joyously sucked the cock that took up half of the screen. She smiled and teased, running her tongue wetly over the head, then taking the shaft into her mouth, sucking noisily as she moved her head up and down. When she smiled into the lens, then slowly took the entire length into her mouth and throat, both boys involuntarily released low groans, as if they could feel the sensation themselves. On the screen, the girl laughed sexily as she pulled her mouth back, licking the head again as she smiled proudly.

“I told you I could swallow your cock, Peter…” she teased. She grinned as she wrapped her lips around his cockhead and sucked lightly as her tongue swirled around it.

Everyone heard Sandy’s sudden intake of breath and they turned en masse to look at her. Bobbi grinned, now understanding the reason for the similarity in looks. Obviously Sandy wasn’t the only one who had secret and hidden feelings for a sibling…

“Looks like your brother has a new girlfriend…” Alan said to her. “And a very pretty one at that…”

Sandy looked at him and slapped his shoulder. “Alan, you think every girl with a hard cock in her mouth is pretty!”

Alan grinned and looked over at Jeff, shrugging his shoulders comically as if to say, ‘yeah…well?” Jeff laughed and Bobbi smiled as Sandy walked over to sit on the couch in front of the television. Her eyes were fixed on the screen and the others followed, joining her on the couch as she turned the volume up with the remote. The surround Eskort speakers richly played the wet, sloppy sounds of the girl’s blow job and also of Peter’s moaning and groaning. The four of them sat and watched the video and not a single heart was beating normally.

“That must be Marlene…” Sandy whispered, “Peter told me about her, but we’ve never met.”

“Well this is a pretty fine howdya do!,” Alan said with a laugh. “Welcome to the family, Marlene!” Bobbi chuckled and slapped his shoulder then turned back to the screen.

The girl was a very talented cocksucker and her unmistakable joy was evident in the way her eyes gleamed. Again and agin, she would take Peter’s long cock into her throat, making him groan and making the camera shake. And each time she would grin up into the lens as her tongue swirled around his head, preparing it for another journey. As Peter’s breath became more and more ragged, the girl picked up the pace, sliding her mouth up and down the entire length of his shaft.

“She going to make him come…” Sandy sighed, her voice trembling. The resemblance of the girl to herself hadn’t escaped her attention and her heart was pounding as she imagined that it was her instead of his girlfriend that was on her knees sucking his cock. She could almost taste him as she watched the scene unfold in front of her.

And she was correct in her assumption that her brother was ready to come. The girl paused only when Peter’s breath was roaring in and out of his lungs, the sound reverberating through the cabin. She stroked his cock against her cheek as she looked up at him.

“Do you want to come in my mouth, Peter?,” she asked, her voice smoky and sensuous, “Or do you want to come on my face like you did this morning…?” Jeff and Alan both groaned, their cocks throbbing as they watched the girl tease her prey and Bobbi grinned. She liked this girl already, although they’d never even met. But she was really enjoying the girl’s technique. She was also quite turned on by the sight of Peter’s long, thick cock and could imagine how it might feel to share that blow job. Her hand moved inside her shirt, cupping her breast as her other hand reached beside her and found Alan’s cock. She smiled up at him as she curled her fingers around it, then turned back to the television. Peter had mumbled a reply, but she hadn’t been able to make it out, but on the screen the girl grinned broadly before sliding her lips over his cockhead once again.

She began to move her head up and down… slowly at first, then picking up speed until Peter’s groaning filled the room again. Bobbi glanced quickly at Sandy seeing a mesmerized expression on her friend’s face as she stared at the screen. Bobbi grinned as she watched Sandy’s head move unconsciously back and forth, almost imperceptibly, but obviously following the action on the television. She knew very well what was going through Sandy’s head at that moment and she squeezed Alan’s hard cock appreciatively before returning her eyes to the television.

The girl had stopped bobbing her head and was now slowly sucking Peter’s cock in and out of her mouth while staring up at him. For a moment, there was almost complete silence, then a long, low groan escaped from Peter. On screen, the girl smiled around his cock as she slowly moved her lips slightly up and down his bucking cock. Obviously, Peter had chosen to come in his girlfriend’s mouth and everyone on the couch watched in awe as the girl worked her magic on him, letting her mouth fill and expanding her cheeks until a small rivulet of semen escaped her lips, trickling down her chin and dangling there like a sensuous stalactite.

“Oh…my..,” Sandy sighed as she watched the girl pull her lips from her brother’s cock. She knew what the girl was going to do, even before the girl smiled and opened her mouth, extending her tongue and showing off the huge pool of cum filling her mouth. All four of the viewers moaned as the girl grinned again and drew her cum covered tongue back inside her mouth, twice swallowing noisily before extending her tongue again, showing off her capture.

They continued to watch as the girl smiled and slowly got up off her knees. The camera bobbed and shook as it panned over her body, showing them her long blond hair and nearly perfect breasts before panning over her long legs encased in black stocking being held up with a thin, sheer garter belt. The camera then zoomed in on her breasts, showing off her hard and extended nipples. It was obvious to everyone that this girl had thoroughly enjoyed the blowjob. Then the lens was blocked as the girl moved closer to Peter. There was a lot of scratchy noises and muffled voices as the image blurred on the screen, but finally the camera was moved from between them and everyone on the couch clearly heard the girl’s next words…

“Mmmm…I do love sucking your cock, Peter…I love swallowing you cum… And you didn’t call me ‘Sandy’ even once this time! Not even when you were shooting off in my mouth!”

Jeff, Bobbi and Alan immediately looked over at Sandy. The look of shock on her face was almost comical as she continued to stare at the television. Clearly the words of Peter’s girlfriend hadn’t missed her ears either.

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