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Runt Ch. 10

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I must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew, Paula was walking into the room with a towel wrapped around her head. It was obvious she was fresh from the shower. I had just gotten her kind of sticky when I came all over her tits. Now she was fresh and smiling.

“Hey,” she said, smiling.

“Hey yourself,” I replied. I was still naked on her bed.

“The kids are all still gone. I was wondering if you would like to run to my dress shop with me. I’d like to show it to you and I have to pick up an order book.”

“Sure thing,” I said and got up off the bed. I gave her a kiss and we got dressed. Paula left a note for the kids and we left for the dress shop.

After we had left Suzy and Runt returned. They had been to the bikini wax shop where Runt and the other whores had their pubes trimmed. During our Sunday dinner, a conversation started on pubes. Tom had asked what her pussy looked like. Actually his specific words were “What about your cunt hair?” Suzy looked devastated at the question and Runt had come to her rescue taking her out of the room. Upstairs Suzy told Runt that she liked Tom, but after hearing him say that he preferred shaved pussy, she didn’t want to show hers to him. Runt suggested that they go to the shop and now they were back. Suzy was a little sore but happy.

The girls soon realized they were alone in the house. Runt found her mother’s note, but the girls had no idea where the guys were.

They sat in the living room and waited.

“Can I ask you something,” Suzy asked Runt.

“Sure,” Runt replied.

“What is it like, uh being a, you know,” Suzy stammered.

“A whore?” Runt asked. “You can say it. I don’t mind.”

“OK, what’s it like?”

“It’s OK. Really. The place I work, Sunny’s is a class place. Nothing is forced. We get a pretty high-class clientele. Last week I did the president of the 6th National Bank and his wife.”

“Wow, so it isn’t only guys?”

“No,” Runt said. “Sunny said that the female clientele only really picked up about ten years or so ago. It used to be very rare for a woman to be there, but now we have about 2 or three women come a night. About 25 or so guys come each night.”

“How was it?” Suzy asked.

“How was what? Doing a girl?”

Suzy nodded.

“It’s fun. I like doing girls,” Runt replied. “You’ve never done one?”

“Well I’ve never really done a girl, but I’ve kind of tasted one. That was OK.”

“How the hell did that happen?” Runt asked smiling.

“Well, I tasted your Mom. Last night your Mom and my Dad were showing me the doggie position. I crawled underneath so I could get a better look at it. I got a lot of drips, so I guess I kind of tasted her, but didn’t really eat her.”

“Well you are one up on me,” Runt said. “I haven’t tasted my Mom – yet!”

The girls laughed. Just a few days ago, Suzy would never had dreamed she would ever be having such a conversation, let alone the relaxed and easy nature of it. With Runt, Suzy felt completely at ease.

“Hey, I have a question İstanbul Escort for you,” Suzy asked, “When will I stop itching? This shave is still driving me nuts.”

Runt laughed. “It’s the jeans. Take them off and rub yourself if you need to. The main key though is to keep it shaved. You will get used to that, but that stubble is the real bitch.”

Suzy stood and removed her jeans. She sat back on the couch, dressed in her top, panties and socks.

“Hey I have an idea,” Runt said. “How about if I eat you? You know, kind of give that that bald little pussy of yours a rubdown. I’ll bet I can make it feel better.”

Suzy smiled. “Would you? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I mean, do you really like to do girls? I mean apart from work?”

“Sure,” Runt responded. “Before I started working there I had only done a few girls and truthfully wasn’t all that knocked out over pussy, but now I guess I’ve developed a taste.” As Runt was speaking she knelt on the floor between Suzy’s legs. She reached up and pulled Suzy’s panties off, exposing her freshly shaved cunt.

Suzy bit her lip and she watched Runt ease into a good position. Runt gently pushed the lips of Suzy’s slit apart and ran her tongue up and down. Suzy moaned and gently held Runt’s head.

Runt had no problem finding Suzy’s clit and gently nudged it with her tongue. Suzy’s breathing was becoming more and more heavy and she got closer and closer to climax. Runt leaned back and smiled up into Suzy’s eyes, then quickly planted her mouth against Suzy’s dripping cunt and sucked on it. The sensation sent Suzy over and she came hard. Runt kept her moth glues against Suzy, sucking down every drop of pussy juice her little cunt produced.

When Runt finally leaned back she saw that her brothers had returned. She hadn’t noticed because she had been so focused on eating Suzy and Suzy hadn’t noticed because her back was to the door.

None of the guys said anything, but they all had big dumb grins on their faces. They had obviously enjoyed the show.

Suzy noticed Runt’s stare and turned around. At first when she saw the guys she tried to cover herself, but then realized that after the show they had just seen, there was really no point on covering up. She just smiled at them.

Suzy guessed that the new guy was Mark, the brother she hadn’t met yet. Tom turned to him and said, “See? I told you she was hot.”

Runt said, “Mark. This is Suzy. Her Dad is dating Mom. Now wipe that stupid grin off your face and come over here and say Hi to her.”

Runt’s comment broke the ice and Mark came over and put out his hand. Suzy shook his hand even though she felt incredibly foolish doing it while being naked with her legs spread and her pussy exposed but since Runt was still on the floor between her legs, Suzy had no choice.

Suzy had really liked Tom when she first met him. She though she might like to go out with him some time, but now that she saw Mark, she felt herself falling in love. Of the three brothers, Mark was Escort Bayan the most attractive. He was an actor and had the looks to be a leading man. Suzy didn’t know what to say.

As before, the phone broke the silence. Tom went to answer it. He called Steve over and told him it was Kiri. Steve hung up the phone and headed for the door. I’m going over to Kiri’s,” he said as he ran out the door.

“Who’s Kiri?” Mark asked.

“A friend of mine that I hooked Steve up with,” Runt answered.

“Good for him,” Mark said as he sat down across from the girls.

Tom and Mark sat in chairs and Runt sat next to Suzy on the couch. Before long they were all talking like old friends. The only thing a bit out of the ordinary was the fact that my daughter was still naked.

Mark, like his brothers and sister was very interested in the college that my son was attending. Paula didn’t have the money to send them and they had decided to pool their money and go to college “all or nothing”. None of the kids wanted to go if any of the others were not able to attend because of financing. This was the primary reason Runt had begun whoring and it looked like from the money she made, the quads would have their opportunity to go to school in the fall.

It was apparent that Runt was interested in visiting the school, so Suzy suggested and Runt agreed that the two of them make a trip to the campus the next weekend. Suzy had visited her brother Bob one weekend in the fall and found her visit a bit boring, but with Runt along, she expected to have much more fun.

As they spoke, Suzy noticed Mark’s eyes drifting more and more often down to her pussy. Runt must have noticed too because after a bit she said, “Jesus, Mark are just going to look at it?”

Mark shot his sister a dirty look and apologized to Suzy.

After Tom’s behavior during lunch, Suzy was happy that Mark was treating her so nicely. “Actually,” she said, “Runt just took me to a place to have my pubes shaved and I’m still a little sore. She was eating me to try to make it feel better when you guys walked in. It helped for a bit, but I think it needs some attention again,” Suzy added biting her lip blushing.

Mark smiled and stood. “I’d be happy to help you out with that one.”

“You know Suzy, fucking it might be even better than eating it,” Runt said smiling. “I of course didn’t have the right equipment to help you there, but Mark has a cock and I’ll bet he would be more than happy to bury it inside of your pussy. Just to make it feel better of course!”

Mark smiled, stood and started to undo his belt. “Of course! Anything to help out a lady in need.”

Runt moved to the chair Mark had just left so she could watch the show.

Tom and Runt watched as Mark stripped down. When he was completely naked, they saw that his cock was 8″ and thick. It was half hard and before he could react, Suzy was on her knees sucking on it to make it completely hard.

That didn’t take long. Suzy got back on the couch and spread her legs in Eskort front of him without a hint of modesty. When it flashed through her mind how her mother would have called her a whore, Suzy smiled. The smile made her look even sexier and Mark quickly knelt and pushed his hard cock deep inside her with one big push.

A feeling of fullness swept through Suzy’s body as Mark kept his cock completely buried inside of her tight little cunt hole. Slowly Mark pulled out until just the tip remained inside of her, then he pushed it back inside. He began to fuck her like a machine, in an easy rhythm that Suzy soon was following. Together, their bodies pumped against each other as they fucked in harmony.

As they watched Runt and Tom could sense that this was no ordinary fuck. “Jesus, that is amazing,” Runt said. “It’s like they are a perfect couple. It’s like they are married porn stars or something.”

Ordinarily this type of display would have had Tom out of his clothes in a flash, but this time he didn’t. Even Tom was content to simply watch. Watching the pair fucking, Tom said, “That it the most loving fuck I’ve ever seen. The way they are fucking is like god damn holy or something.”

As always, Runt laughed at Tom’s choice of language.

After a while, Runt realized that the fucking had been going on for a bit of time. Runt looked at the clock. It was nearly 4:10 o’clock. She guessed they had already been at it for around 15 minutes.

As they continued to fuck, Mark and Suzy slowly together increased their rhythm. They never changed positions. They never took their eyes off of one another. They never said a word to each other. They simply fucked.

Finally Suzy reached her hands behind Mark’s neck and pulled him down for a long passionate kiss. During the kiss, he stopped fucking and shot his load deep inside her well fucked cunt. Their kiss continued until well after he stopped shooting his load. After 5 minutes of continued kissing, Mark’s now softening cock slipped out of Suzy’s pussy. Mark moved over and sat on the couch next to Suzy. Runt noticed the time was then 4:35. They had been fucking for about 40 minutes.

Runt noticed that no cum had leaked out of Suzy’s pussy. It was as if her cunt was holding onto every precious drop. It was as if it didn’t want to give up any of his load. Suzy looked deeply contented.

Gradually the conversation started again, although Suzy and Mark continued to make eyes at one another. Both Runt and Tom guessed that Suzy and Mark were falling in love.

The front door opened and Paula and I walked in. I’ll admit I really wasn’t too surprised when I saw that Suzy and the guy sitting next to her were naked. I was formally introduced to Mark. He stood, completely naked in front of his mother and me. This type of open nudity was new in their household, but earlier that morning Paula had announced that there would be new freedom in the house, so she didn’t scold Mark.

I was in the mood to stay, but I had a very early flight the next morning and Suzy had school so we said our good-byes. Suzy got dressed and we left. On the drive home we told each other that we had each found a new love.

Suzy also told me of the plan she and Runt had made of visiting Bob at his school the next weekend.

(to be continued)

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