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Saga of Littown Ch. 09

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Author’s Note: Along with the previously released ‘lost chapter’ of Littown, I actually had a partly completed chapter, which is this one. It has been finished, and I actually have been reinspired as far as continuing the story in general, which is good news for the handful of people still interested. Totally unexceptional news for everyone else. Anyway, enjoy the silly, incesty fuckery if you want, and if you don’t, don’t.


Jaime woke to the delicious feeling of having his cock squeezed by a tight butthole. Somehow, as he’d slept, he’d accidentally penetrated his mother’s ass. Luckily she was still asleep, or he’d be in big trouble.

There was no room for Jaime to disengage. His bed had become even more crowded than the night before when he’d snuggled in with his naked parents. Krissy’s boobs and cock that had pressed against his backside were now replaced by Emily’s tits and pussy. He had no idea how his sister had managed to sneak-snuggle him without waking everyone up.

“Is anyone else awake?” Jaime asked softly.

“I am,” said Krissy, who had awakened to find herself spooning Emily instead of Jaime. “My dick accidentally went inside Em’s butt during the night. Goddamn your sister has a tight ass.”

“Yours too,” said Jaime. “My penis is pretty firmly embedded in Mom’s asshole. I guess that’s what happens when you crowd too many people in one bed.”

“Lesson learned,” Krissy agreed. She shifted a little and had to stifle a moan as her cock slid deeper into Emily’s bottom. “Is it bad that I don’t ever want to pull my cock out of my daughter’s ass?”

“Nah, I know the feeling. Em’s got an amazing butthole. Her pussy and mouth are pretty nice too.”

“I honestly don’t understand how you do anything other than fuck your sister all day, Jai.”

“Yeah, me either.” Jaime rolled his mommy onto her tummy so that he was on top of her with his dick still lodged in her bum. “Do you think Mom would mind if I fucked her a little?”

“I think she’d be slightly irritated at being ass-raped in her sleep by her son, yeah.”

“Oh.” Jaime was disappointed, but not terribly surprised. “Maybe if I’m reeeally careful…”

“Maybe.” Krissy rolled on top of Emily in much the same way as Jaime had onto Christine. Emily remained blissfully asleep and sucking her thumb in the adorable and cutesy way she often did. “What about Em? Do you think-“


“I didn’t even finish my question.”

Jaime shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to do to her will be fine with her. She’d hate to find out that her daddy wanted to sex her up, then didn’t. She’s got… issues.”

Krissy looked down at her daughter’s tight, teenage body. Emily was so beautiful it hurt. Krissy loved her sister more than anything in the world, and Christine was adamant about not molesting their children for some reason, but Krissy was already inside Emily’s sexy little ass. She was already in trouble if Christine woke up.

“Use long, smooth strokes,” Krissy said.


“In your mommy’s bum. Give her a nice gentle ass-fucking. It helps her sleep. There’ve been many nights when Chris couldn’t sleep if I didn’t give her an anal lullaby.”

“Really? That’s kinda cool.” Jaime pulled almost all the way out of Christine’s ass, then slowly pushed back in. His mother never stirred. “So this’ll keep her asleep?”

“In theory. I’ve never tried using it that way before. But if you’re going to fuck her, and I’m going to fuck Em, we need her to not wake up on us.”

“That’s true. I’ll just have to do my best.”

Jaime was far more used to rough, bone-shattering, cyclone-esque fuck-sessions. Being delicate as the summer breeze didn’t come naturally to him. It took quite a lot of self-control to violate his sleeping mother in only the gentlest and most loving kind of way. The thrill of getting away with something terribly naughty helped make it worthwhile.

“Mmm, Mommy’s bum is so warm and soft on my penis,” Jaime said. “It’s like a lovely cock-massage. I could fuck her all day.”

“I know what you mean, Jai,” said Krissy. “Sometimes I do just fuck her all day.”

Krissy tried to be just as delicate in Emily’s sweet little bottom. Her daughter’s ass gripped her shaft with such incestuous determination that her strokes would have been slow even if that hadn’t already been her goal. Even asleep, Emily’s body craved family-cock inside it.

Unbeknownst to Jaime or Krissy, but once again knownst to us, Christine wasn’t as asleep as she appeared to be. In fact, she was totally awake. The thing about Christine was that she was just as attracted to her children as Krissy was. How could she not be when they were such hot, slutty little things?

Christine tried her best to maintain a generational separation in their incestuous household. It wasn’t easy when literally every member of the family wanted to fuck every other member, as was often the case in these sorts of stories.

When she woke up to an ass full of her son’s delicious cock, pendik escort Christine knew she had an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. As long as she feigned sleep, she could get a lovely son-fucking without having to actually endorse it. She could both maintain order and get ruthlessly violated by one of her super hot children. It was the best of both worlds.

Jaime and Krissy tenderly pounded their respective buttholes while often glancing at each other. Eventually Jaime mustered the courage to reach over and grab one of Krissy’s lovely, full breasts. He wasn’t quite sure how she’s respond to it, but he didn’t need to worry. She was perfectly happy to get felt up a little by her son.

“You have really nice tits, Aunt K,” Jaime said.

“Thank you.” Krissy squeezed Jaime’s butt in return. “You don’t have to call me ‘Aunt’ anymore, you know. Now that I’m your daddy and all.”

Jaime shrugged. “Yeah, but I’m not really into the whole ‘daddy’ thing the way Em is. I feel more comfortable interacting with you sexually as an aunt than a father.”

“Fair enough. How about you give your aunt a kiss, then?”

Krissy pulled Jaime’s head closer and pressed her lips to his. She made out incestuously with her son as he continued to feel her tits. The added naughty thrill really got them worked up, and a mere hour or two later they both exploded.

A totally asleep Emily and a totally not asleep Christine were each internally pummeled by torrents of incest-cum. Christine had bitten her pillow through several orgasms already, but now the biggest one yet took her as she was anally filled up with semen by her son for the very first time. It took all her self-control and a little luck not to make any audible sound and get caught out.

Emily happily snoozed away while experiencing some of the very sexiest dreams of her life.

“Oh shit, look how big their tummies are getting,” Jaime said. “How have they not woken up yet?”

“Just lucky I guess,” said Krissy.

Krissy smacked Emily’s tight ass a couple times as the last of her cum emptied into it. Her daughter/niece truly was the most amazing little sleeping cum dump. She grabbed Emily’s butt plug and shoved it in place just as she removed her cock. All her cum was secured safely up Emily’s teenage bum.

“I don’t suppose you have a plug for Mom as well?” Jaime asked. “I don’t want to make a mess over my bed, after all.”

“Sure do, honey. You just wait right there for a second with your dick up your mommy’s bottom. I’ll be right back.”

Jaime was stuck balls deep in Christine’s ass. It was probably the fourth best place in the world to be trapped, right behind Emily’s three holes, but it was still kind of risky. His mother could theoretically wake up at any moment and find him buried inside her, after having already unloaded a swimming pool’s worth of cum. She’d probably be a bit ticked about such a violation of her wishes.

Happily, Krissy flounced back into the room while Christine was still apparently asleep. Krissy held the largest butt plug Jaime had yet witnessed outside of some novelty items at the sex toy shoppe.

“That’s really what we’re gonna use?” Jaime asked. “Didn’t you have a normal sized one?”

“Of course I did. Just trust me, though. This one’s better.” Krissy handed over the plug, which took both hands to hold properly. “Your mom’s got a tight ass, but it’s also super stretchy. We have to make sure she’s plugged up tight so she won’t leak accidentally while she’s sleeping.”

Jaime shrugged. “Ok. You know best.”

He pulled his cock out of his mommy for the first time that morning, then replaced it with the tip of the massive butt plug. It took some pushing and persistence, but the large sex toy slowly penetrated Christine’s super tight butthole. It finally popped into place and secured her internal cum load.

“Damn. Mommy’s got an amazing ass,” Jaime said. “So tight, yet so flexible.”

“Mmm, don’t I know it,” said Krissy. “Come on, let’s go get some breakfast and let these two sleep.”

“Sure. They’ve earned it.”

Jaime still had some traces of cum on his cock. Before he left, he rolled Emily onto her back, then stuck his penis in her pussy. He gave a few quick thrusts to wipe off any remaining semen, then pulled his cleaned cock back out. He patted his sister’s useful little vagina, then followed his Aunt Krissy out of the room.

Christine waited a moment to make sure Jaime and Krissy were gone, then rolled over. Her tummy jutted obscenely out from her body thanks to all the cum her son had filled her with. She felt like such a bad mother for letting Jaime do that to her, but it was also one of the hottest things she’d ever experienced.

Despite the multiple orgasms she’d already received, Christine was still horny. She fingered herself wantonly even though her daughter was naked in bed with her. She was too turned on not to.

Emily awoke moments later. She felt amazing right off the bat. She was all tingly, bloated, and slightly sore from taking an escort pendik anal fucking and massive cum load. She assumed Jaime must have dumped a load in her while she slept. He really was the best brother ever.

“Good morning, Mommy,” Emily said as though it was the most normal thing in the world to wake up next to her naked, cum inflated, masturbating mother. “We have the most thoughtful sibling lovers, don’t we?”

Emily happily caressed her swollen, sloshing tummy. She rolled to her knees and gave Christine a good morning kiss with only a slightly inappropriate amount of tongue.

“Morning, Emily,” said Christine. “Please don’t get so close to me. We really shouldn’t be touching or kissing while we’re both naked and I’m playing with myself. I am your mother, after all.”

“Aw, but a little mother daughter action first thing in the morning could be so much fun.”

Emily’s tummy bumped sexily against Christine’s. Emily giggled and put one of her hands on each rounded stomach to feel the soothing flow of cum within. Strangely, the cum in her mommy’s tummy felt more like Jaime’s than the stuff in her own. That was just weird. Usually her incest-senses were flawless and reliable. She must have still been groggy from waking up.

“Baby, can you please give Mommy a little privacy,” Christine pleaded. “I feel weird about masturbating while you’re turning me on so much. You’re my daughter, you know.”

“Ok, Mommy. You have fun with your tummy full of incest cum.” Emily gave Christine’s tits a quick and innocent good morning squeeze, then flounced out of bed. “I’ll go see what Jai and Daddy are up to.”

As it happened, both Jaime and Krissy were in the kitchen. Krissy was wearing nothing but and apron, and was busy preparing breakfast. Jaime was wearing nothing at all, and was sitting at the table while staring at his Aunt’s big, milfy ass.

“Morning, Jai,” Emily chirped. She smoothly straddled his lap and slid her pussy down over his cock as she took a seat on his thighs. “Thank you so much for the lovely present you left me.”

Jaime smiled and accepted a deep, sisterly kiss. “You’re welcome, but I should probably tell you it’s not my cum filling up your tight, teenage ass and tummy.”

“It’s not?”

“Nope. Your daddy was the one pounding you this morning and using your hole as a cum dump.”

Emily was so excited by the revelation that she came right in her brother’s lap. Her whole body was filled up with her daddy’s semen. That was even naughtier than if it was her brother’s because she wasn’t supposed to be fucking her daddy.

“That’s so hot,” Emily moaned.

“Thought you’d appreciate it.”

“I do. I so do.” Emily’s eyes widened. “And that means Mommy’s all filled up with your cum, doesn’t it?”

Emily experienced another orgasm as she pictured Krissy fucking her ass as she slept, while right next to them Jaime did the same to their mother. It was so deliciously depraved.

“You’re the best brother ever,” Emily said.

She kissed Jaime again, then slid herself out of his lap. She got down behind Krissy’s sweet ass and crawled between her thighs. Krissy’s hard cock poked her apron out in front, and Emily had a magnificent view of the entire shaft from below. Emily hugged and kissed her daddy’s cock as thanks for filling her up so incestuously that morning.

“Emily! Get out of there!” Krissy said. “You know you’re not supposed to be playing with it.”

“Yeah, well you’re not supposed to fuck my little butthole while I’m sleeping either,” said Emily. “So you’re not being a very good role model.”

Krissy hauled Emily to her feet, then smacked her on the butt. “That was an accident. And it’s no excuse for you disobeying your mother’s wishes.”

“It was an accident when you ploughed my tight, teenage body for hours until you unloaded a whole ocean of cum inside me?”

“… yes. Shut up. Go sit on your brother’s cock or something. Behave yourself.”


Emily settled back happily in Jaime’s lap. With her pussy full of brother-cock and her ass full of daddy-cum, she couldn’t imagine a better start to her day.

Christine stumbled into the kitchen shortly after. She was a little shaky from enduring more orgasms in a short period than was healthy. She’d covered herself with a robe, though it fit awkwardly thanks to her big cummy tummy. It didn’t surprise her in the least that the rest of her family hadn’t bothered dressing.

“Alright, kids. Go get some clothes on before breakfast,” Christine said. “You shouldn’t be wandering around all naked and sexy like that. It’s impolite to tempt your parents into doing very bad things to you.”

Emily pouted. “But Mommy, I like being naked and tempting.”

“Yes, I’m well aware of that. You do a fine job of it, too. But I’m trying to keep order in this family, and having you all shamelessly naked and constantly fucking makes that very tricky.”

“I can’t help that you and Daddy passed on your incest-genes to me. I am what you made me, you know.”

Christine pendik escort bayan sighed. “I know. I tried my best. Just… go get ready for school, please.”

“Can’t,” said Emily. “There’s no school today.”

“Oh yeah,” said Jaime. “It’s National Arbitrary Holiday Day, isn’t it.”

Christine set her hands on her hips and looked stern. “Fine. I don’t care what you do, just behave yourselves for a little while, alright? Jaime, why don’t you take your sister for a walk, maybe. Get her some exercise that doesn’t involve one of her teenage holes being impaled.”

Emily perked up at the suggestion. “Take me for a walk like a doggy? Ok!”

Emily scrambled to her feet and dashed off toward her room. Jaime shrugged and stood up as well.

“Sorry for being so bad sometimes, Mom,” Jaime said. “We don’t mean to.”

Jaime gave his mother a big, apologetic hug and buried his face her awesome cleavage. Her tits were so soft and wonderful against his cheeks.

Christine couldn’t resist her son’s apology any more than she could have stopped him from ploughing her ass earlier. He was just too hot, cute, innocent, and sweet for any mother to stay mad or annoyed at him. Unfortunately, he knew it all too well.

“That’s ok, sweetie,” Christine said. She stroked Jaime’s luxuriously soft hair. “I just want you to try your best for me, ok? And maybe try and keep your sister in line a little.”

Jaime laughed. “Em? Yeah, no. No force on this world can properly keep her in line. Except Lil, I guess. When she’s got the time and patience for it.”

“Don’t forget your cock, Jaime,” said Krissy from across the room. “You know Emily will do anything for a little brother-fucking.”

“That’s true,” said Jaime. “I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

“Well go on,” said Christine as she swatted Jaime’s taut, supple ass. “Go keep Emily company. I just need a little while before I can deal with her family-sluttiness this morning.”

“Ok, Mom. I’ll do my best.”

Christine and Krissy both watched Jaime’s beautiful behind as he walked away. They bit their lips with poorly concealed lust for their amazingly hot son.

“I’m losing it,” Christine said quietly to her sister. “I’m becoming such a bad mother.”

Krissy wrapped Christine in a big, sisterly hug. Their breasts pressed sexily together, and Krissy’s cock poked Christine’s round tummy. “Don’t say that, Chris. You’ve raised three super wicked hot children. How could you possibly be a bad mother?”

“It’s true. I let my son fuck me in the ass this morning. And I let you fuck our daughter in the ass too.”

“Oh. You were awake for that, huh?”

Christine managed a faint smile. “Even if I wasn’t, how did you think I wouldn’t find out? I know your cum, Krissy. The stuff inside me clearly didn’t come from your penis. It had to be Jaime’s.”

Krissy stroked her sister’s hair. “You always did have an excellent incest-sense. Emily takes after you that way, I think. That and the way she takes a cock up the ass.”

“She was good, was she?”

“Oh my god, Chris. You have no idea.”

Despite her fears about her quality of parenthood, Christine was still turned on by hotness and sluttiness of her daughter. Just the thought of her loving sister pounding their baby girl’s tight hole made her wet.

“Does that mean you don’t want to fuck my ass this morning?” Christine asked.

A slow smile spread over Krissy’s lips. She cupped Christine’s cheek with pure sibling adoration. “Let’s go get you emptied out, then I’ll fill you right back up again. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds like just what I need right now.” Christine kissed Krissy softly. “Thank you for being such a good sister when I need you.”

“You’re very welcome.”


Jaime and Emily had gone to their separate rooms to get dressed. Or at least that’s what Jaime thought they were doing. Once he was clothed, he couldn’t seem to find his sister anywhere he expected her. A little searching revealed that she was, in fact, taking a bath.

“What the hell are you doing, Em?”

Emily grinned at her brother from within a bathtub full of hot cum. “What does it look like?”

“It looks like you emptied all the daddy-cum out of your butt, and now you’re soaking in it.”

“Mmm, and it’s been kept such a lovely temperature in my ass, too. You really should join me. It’s so very pleasant and soothing.”

“No thanks. You’re the cum slut, not me.”

“You’re so narrow minded sometimes, Jai. Boys can be cum sluts too.”

“Yes, but only if they want to be. Personally, I’d much rather be covering and filling you than have someone do those things to me.”

Emily considered the point. “I like it better that way too,” she admitted.

Emily ducked her head under the surface, submerging herself in entirely in daddy-goo. She came back up fully slimed. Cum soaked her hair and obscured her face.

“Alright, you have your little cum bath,” Jaime said. “Let me know when you’re done.”

He leaned in and gave Emily a very quick kiss so as to only get a small amount of semen on his lips and tongue.

“Ok, Jai. I’ll try to be quick. An hour or two of luxuriating in my sweet, incesty cum bath at the very outside.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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