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Sales Call

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I had to make a sales call and see a client. I had to assess something on their site but needed to attend the front office first.

I went to the office and met my client’s daughter. She was a very pretty young lady with a gymnast’s body, very tight and toned. She had a satin and lace top with a bolero-type jacket and matching short, tight skirt.

She was sitting behind the front counter at first and I was just flirting with her. She asked who I had to see and I gave her my client’s name. She said that he was her dad and she would get him.

She pushed her chair away from the desk and I caught a glimpse of her fuchsia-coloured lace knickers as her skirt rode up. She got up and I could only stare at her muscular thighs and round ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as she caught me staring. I didn’t care. I just smiled back. She came back a minute later and said her dad was on the phone and would be with me shortly.

I told her that I don’t mind waiting. She grinned knowingly and sat down but didn’t pull her chair back in. Her skirt rode up again but she didn’t adjust it at all. She asked what I was looking at before and I told her that I was admiring her ass and legs. She laughed and said at least I was honest.

I asked her how she got her delicious figure and she said that she was a gymnast but hasn’t done it for a year. I said that she looks fantastic and asked if she is still just as flexible. She said that she was and spread her legs out wide, her skirt riding up to her hips, her lacey knickers on display. She undid the buttons on her short jacket and I could see her nipples poking the thin material. She asked if that was flexible enough and I said it was and that I was having trouble tearing my eyes off her body.

She asked what I was looking at and with that she rubbed her hard nipples on her small perky tits with her fingertips and they stood up even more. She let her hand glide down her gaziantep escort stomach to her thigh where she stroked up it to her pussy, rubbing it in circles and biting her bottom lip as she moaned lightly.

I said I was looking at the whole package and how I wanted to put my mouth where her hands were and see how she tasted. She said I was naughty but she liked that.

She pinched her nipple and whimpered a little as she licked her finger and slid it up her spread thigh again, but she slipped it under the delicate fabric of her knickers this time. I could see that she was completely hairless down there and saw the outline of her fingers circling the entrance to her love tunnel before she started teasing her clit.

She asked if I really wanted to taste her and I said I did, and indicated to my rock hard cock in my pants creating a sizeable tent. She licked her lips lasciviously and beckoned for me to come around to her side of the desk.

I did so eagerly and she told me that she had been horny all week and played with herself under the desk, wanting someone to be bold enough to play with her.

She picked up a pen off her desk and looking me in the eye held it out and deliberately dropped it on the floor between her taut thighs.

I slowly went down, my face coming close to hers and she stuck her tongue out and I flicked it with my own as I continued my descent.

As I passed her small breasts I flicked the tip of my tongue over one long nipple and heard her gasp. I wandered over to the other breast while my hands stroked her inner thighs, feeling her resisting as my hands worked inwards, biting on her nipple softly and hearing her whisper, “Fuck, that feels so good!”

I took that as my cue and dropped down further to my knees and pulled her panties to the side before I looked up into her pretty, lust-clouded eyes and told her to keep an eye out for her dad as I will be busy.

She whispered hoarsely to me, “I’ll do that, you just eat my pussy.”

With that she closed her thighs on either side of my head and with her powerful calves pulled me in to her fragrant womanhood. I was ready for it and as she pulled me in and tilted her hips up, I stuck my tongue out, penetrating her tight pussy. She squealed a bit and I glanced up and saw her looking towards her dad’s office as she pulled on her own nipples through the satin.

I tongue-fucked her fast, my tongue darting in and out and I heard her whispering, “That’s right, fuck my hot little cunt with that long tongue!”

She was so hot and her legs were clamping tighter as I could sense her pleasure building more and more. I probed into her wet pussy with my tongue and she grabbed the back of my head with one hand. I withdrew my tongue slowly and circled her opening with the tip of my tongue lightly and she circled her hips in time.

I licked slowly up towards her waiting swollen clit. I looked up at her face, her teeth bared as she furtively glanced towards her father’s office and back at me. Seeing me looking up at her, she whispered, “Lick and suck my clit! Make me cum!Lick it like this…”

She pulled her satin/lace top down and with her long, slender tongue, licked her erect nipple. I brushed the tip of my tongue over her clit and she whimpered with anticipation. I enclosed her pussy with my mouth and sucked her clit in between my lips, humming on it.

I could sense her spasming slightly so thought I would let her cum nice and hard. I slid one, and then two fingers into her tight cunt and I could feel her muscles clamping onto my fingers as she moaned. I loved that she was being so vocal.

I then licked hard and fast on her clit, pushing hard against her with my tongue as her legs held me tighter and she groaned quietly between her clenched teeth.

I finger-fucked her, focusing on her G-spot and that sent her over the edge as she pinched her nipples, threw her head back and rocked wildly in her office chair.

She pushed me away from her pussy but grabbing my shirt pulled me up and kissed me passionately and feverishly, her tongue exploring my mouth, her hand sliding down to rub my rigid dick through my pants.

She started unzipping me and broke the kiss and said that she hadn’t cum like that since her girlfriend ate her pussy last month. I asked who her girlfriend was and if she would be upset. She said that they both like cock as much as pussy and that she would want to lick her girlfriends pussy juice off my hard dick.

We both then jumped as we heard her dad call out, asking who was here to see him. She pushed me down and I quickly wiped my mouth and tried to adjust myself.

I heard her dad say, “What’s happening here?” He voiced his concern in a suspicious tone.

I stood up quickly with the pen which I handed to my horny friend. She said thankyou, her face red as she tried not to laugh.

I said, “I couldn’t very well have the young lady on her knees to get her pen, can I?”

He told me that women don’t want guys crawling around for them anymore and his daughter can pick up her own pens. He said to follow him as he walked out of the office. I filled in the visitors register as his daughter whispered to me that she would have me on my knees again in a flash and she would love to return the favour. She reached down and rubbed my still-erect cock again.

I gave her a kiss again, our tongues dancing before I told her that I would have to visit again. I was about to bolt out of the door when I saw another young lady coming in so I held the door open for her and she said thankyou politely.

I was just closing the door when I looked back through the glass and saw the young lady go up to my yummy friend and kiss her on the mouth, and then I saw her look surpised and ask something and my friend pointed at me and they both giggled and kissed again, open mouth for my benefit. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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