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Sally Wants It All

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I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote for my last submission. The feedback I received was very encouraging and many of you, including Sally for whom I wrote the original, have requested for a continuation so here it is. [By the way this is in English UK format for the one person that referred to my spelling. ]

As promised, the day after having spent the entire night making out with her mother and having my brains fucked by her fathers awesome tool, I met Linda at Latino Express. My cunt was still wet and throbbing from the night before; while my arse ached when I sat down as a reminder of the wonderful bashing it had received from her dad’s massive cock.

We sat there drinking strawberry milk shakes while I related to Linda the events of the previous evening. She sat there enthralled by my recollections. Her face reflecting her fascination and sexual excitement, she did not interrupt once not until I had finished relating all the lurid details leaving nothing to the imagination.

“My god Sally, I know they’re my parents and I’ve experienced many threesomes with them but it sounds as though you had one hell of a session with them. I feel a bit left out and have to admit feeling fairly green with envy. “

I smiled at my friend, “Well, yeah I must admit your parents are both so hot, especially your mum, just thinking about her mouth on my pussy last night has got me so horny. ”

“Well at least you got some, listening to you has made me wet my knickers, I feel so frustrated, I don’t know whether to ever talk to you again. ” She said, trying to look serious and stern, managing neither her eyes smiling straight at me.

I laughed, “Well, maybe I can help you there, that’s if you’re feeling a bit adventuress?” I told her.

“I’m always adventuress! I thought you’d know that by now. “

I didn’t reply, I got up, clasping her hand gently I headed to the ladies pulling her behind me, one of the waitresses noticed and a knowing grin seemed to instantly appear on her face but I didn’t care what she or anyone else thought at that stage all I wanted was to get into Linda’s panties.

We entered the toilets and I headed for the last cubicle on the right, there were only four cubicles in all, I was hopeful we wouldn’t be interrupted as this was the café’s busy time. Tugging Linda inside the cubicle with me I put the lid down then pulled her in front of me pushing her down onto the white plastic seat. Turning to the door I made sure that I locked it behind me. As she sat, I grinned as my eyes feasted on her shapely body, it must be my lucky day I thought, all she had on was a skimpy mini skirt which had already ridden up reviling that all she had on underneath was a tiny thong, she had beautiful long legs that were what I considered shapely, they were very smooth as she waxed them regularly and were a lovely almost a permanent lightly suntanned colour, no wonder she loved showed them off all the time.

Turning to her I said, “Now lets see just how wet your cunny really is. ” A big grin plastered across my face.

I loved the fact that I was the one in control, as I kneeled down in front of her while she eagerly spread her legs wider for me. I put my hand in between her warm fleshy thighs and felt the dampness of the tiny patch of material covering her silky smooth cunt, she hadn’t lied, her pussy was hot and judging from the dampness of her thong she was also very wet. I urgently slid my middle finger under the edge of the elasticised material, as it clung round the top of her thigh, quickly locating the entrance to her smooth slit. Sure enough Linda’s pussy felt like a furnace and very wet, yielding with ease so that my finger vanished inside her hole as she let out a slow moan, quickly placing her hand over her mouth to quieten herself. I wiggled my finger inside her juicy cunt then pulled it out again placing it inside my mouth so I could savour her sexual fluids, god she always tasted so good, all sugar and spice and all things nice came to mind.

I pushed her back my hands grabbing the tiny thong, pulling it downward until she lifted her bum, first one cheek then the other so that I could pull the tiny material down her long legs until it was completely off. Kneeling down I looked at her pussy, it was so pretty a pale pink colour with distinguishable folds of flesh all swollen and glistening with her juices which I could see as they oozed slowly out of her fuck hole. I again inserted my middle finger deep inside her watching with wonder as her flesh gradually gave way to allow the welcome violation, once deep inside her I moved my long slim finger in a circular motion feeling the smooth dome of her interior cavern as she held on to the top of my head with both hands.

Occasionally we heard other women visit the cubicles, hearing them as they peed, some just coming in to apply fresh makeup while chatting with a friend or just washing their hands, whatever the case we paid little heed, too engrossed pendik escort in our own world to pay any attention to the exchanges that took place around us.

Linda gently pulled my head towards her cunt , my head moved down to her until my face was between her soft thighs, my mouth already open, full of saliva in mouth watering anticipation of oral contact with my girlfriends wonderful juice saturated quim, the thought made my own pussy tingle. My tongue snaked out of my warm mouth to stroke her soft labia which now swollen protruded from their normal position, I licked her delicious flesh with soft delicate long strokes of my tongue like a cat licking thick cream, pulling my finger out of her confines I was able to run my tongue from one end of her slit to the other again and again before engulfing her whole hairless pussy with my mouth and penetrating her as deep as humanly possible with my tongue. She let out a small whimper as I fucked her pussy with my tongue relishing the sweetness of her lubricant as she moved her hands to her breasts quickly freeing them from their confines so she could massage them and play with her small firm fully aroused nipples as only she knew how so as to obtain the ultimate sexual satisfaction for her self from the two highly erogenous peaks.

My mouth moved upward my tongue searching until it located her long fat erect clit, once located I run my tongue over it initiating another whimper from her, I begun to lick the defenceless nerve filled mount, it always amazed me at how big it was. My efforts made her moan as she grabbed the back of my head pushing it down to her cunt, I moved my hand to her pussy pushing two fingers deep inside her hot box twirling them around and around inside then begun to fuck her with them. I stopped using my tongue on her clit briefly to look up at her, she now had a fist crammed in her mouth to stifle her moaning while the other hand was red with the strain of pulling and pinching her nipple, so hard I thought she might pull it off her breast completely if she continued. I moved my head back to her cunt her clit was huge I was sure it wasn’t normally this big as I sucked on it like a tiny cock before capturing the little knob between my lips and attacking it with my tongue. My mouth was overflowing with her juices as I felt the sweet thick liquid glide down my throat, I pushed another finger deep inside her well lubricated fuck hole to join the two already filling her. Linda had begun bucking forward to meet my inward thrusts as I penetrate her as deep as I could. I rolled my fingers inside her as she stifled a scream.

I could tell Linda was now very near to climaxing but I didn’t want her to cum, not just yet, I stopped sucking on her clit instead moving my head down to her arse, it was a bit awkward as the cubicle was small, not really built for this particular usage, but after lifting her legs up so they rested on the door behind me I managed to get my mouth to her arse poking my tongue in between the crease until it made contact with her rubbery pucker and finally the tiny perfectly rounded hole in the centre, I begun licking the delicate flesh savouring the musky damp smell of her arse while at the same time managing to cram my fourth finger inside the tight confines of her cunt.

Linda’s movements had now become more frantic and I knew that she was about to cum. I moved my mouth back to her clit sucking it inside while my tongue prodded and rubbed it. My other hand moved to her arse and I rubbed the tiny hole with the ball of my middle finger until I felt it give way as if beckoning my finger to enter her, I drove my finger deep into her arse hole until it violated her completely wriggling it gently inside her murky rectum then pulling it back in readiness of another attack. As I thrust into her a second time she let out a stifled scream as her whole body trembled with her eruption, I felt a new warmth as her thick cum saturated my fingers now embedded deep inside her cunt , trapped there by the sudden squeeze of her pussy muscles as they contacted and released spasmodically while her anal muscles matched them. I finally managed to free my hands, using them to prise her cunt open so that I could feast on her sweet thick sap as though drinking after days in a dessert to quench a never ending thirst. I could feel her cum as it slowly glided down my throat so sweet and thick so moreish. Her orgasm had been the most intense I had witnessed her having, which made me feel very pleased with my mornings work as her body begun to calm down after its almost hysterical movements during her orgasm.

Her scream had not gone unnoticed and a voice called out,

“Are you alright in there dear?”

I replied, “We’re fine, how are you?”

“Well I never!” I heard the voice say and then heard the door close behind her as she left.

We decide to not take any risk of the manager or someone coming in to see what was happening. I tried to stand up almost drunk with Linda’s juices, Linda pulled escort pendik me to her locking her mouth to mine as she kissed me deeply with all her passion her tongue exploring my mouth as she tasted her own cum the kiss conveying the wanton uninhibited lust she felt.

“God that was unbelievable Sally, you’ve really moved on since the first time we did it. Thank you that was so beautiful, we are really good together, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I love eating you, now all we need is some nice cock with some sour cream to go with it. ” I laughed.

As she dressed my mind went to thoughts of cock and I began thinking of my dad’s cock and then her dad’s cock and how wonderful it would be to have both at once preferably while Linda’s sweet cunt juice filling my mouth.

We went back to our table and I told Linda about my fantasy.

“I’d really love to try that Sally, but how are we going to manage that?”

“We’ll have to come up with a plan but I think until we do we should avoid letting them fuck us so that they are both desperate for our tight little pussies, so we’ll both do a lot of prick teasing which should be fun anyway and see what happens. “

So it was for the next couple of weeks we cock teased terribly at every given opportunity. I wore the skimpiest clothes possible around the house, making sure that dad saw my bald pussy and my tiny arse hole when no one else was watching, sitting on dads lap while watching TV, making sure to rub myself discreetly against his huge cock until it was steel hard, rubbing him up if we met on the landing or hall way, fingering my pussy quickly when no one was about but him and feeding my fingers to him or myself but always making some excuse as to why we couldn’t fuck. Linda did likewise to her dad and whenever we had the opportunity we did similar things to each others dad. I must admit all the cock teasing was a real turn on and our mothers or brothers were grateful recipients of the lust that it generated in Linda and me.

Finally the break we had been waiting for came. Linda’s mum and brother were going to London for a few days to help out her grandparents who were moving from their large house to a small detached bungalow. On the Friday night I went to stay over at Linda’s, making sure that on Thursday and all the time I had on Friday before I left our house I teased dad to such an extent that he stained the front of his trousers with pre cum on two separate occasions.

Just as I was about to leave the house on Friday I kissed him and whispered in his ear, “Dad why don’t you come and pick me up from Linda’s tomorrow morning, come about 11:30, then we can both go into work with you, your lump needs some attention I think, Linda would just love to go to work on it, I’m sure I could help her too. ” As I said it I grinned licking my lips, making sure no one could see I rubbed his cock which felt rock hard.

Linda’s dad came home on Friday evening and we made sure that we drove him nuts, we both wore really short skirts minus knickers sat on the floor legs occasionally splayed open letting him catch glimpses of our smooth wet shaved pussies which were both oozing with juice at the prospect of eating each others quim all night. Then on several occasions we both bent down exposing both our fuck holes letting him compare. The thought that if all went to plan we’d be getting our juice boxes filled with some nice size cocks the next day kept us both so hot and ready.

We didn’t get too much sleep that night as we enjoyed each others bodies and used a couple of new toys Linda’s mum had bought, better than candles if a bit noisy, but we were purposely louder than normal hoping her dad could hear us and that knowing what we were up to would be turned on and raring too go next morning.

The next morning Linda went down to breakfast on her own as planned, I left her downstairs with her dad for about ten minutes then followed quietly to make sure things were going as planned. I peered into the kitchen and there they were, they had both stripped and their dressing gowns lay in a heap on the floor by their side. They were fully engaged on the floor in a sixty nine, too busy to notice my arrival. Her dad was holding her arse cheeks and cunt wide apart with his big strong hands while his mouth was wide open, managing to pay homage to both her fuck holes. Linda at the other end had her dad’s cock partly in her mouth, almost chocking on her dad’s massive dick, while what she couldn’t fit inside her mouth she stimulated with both hands, stroking the long rod hard and fast as it glistened with her saliva. The sight was such a turn on my hands just dove straight down to my snatch and I begun rubbing masturbating myself like crazy, I could have stayed watching until I made myself cum but looked up at the kitchen clock it was 11:20, knowing my dad he would arrive dead on 11:30 so I had ten minutes to join Linda and her dad. I rushed to the front door and opened it leaving it slightly ajar with my over pendik escort bayan night bag clearly visible to let dad know I was up and think ready to go then rushed back into the kitchen, stripping my clothes off in record time, not that I had much on, just a super mini and skimpy T-shirt, I stood there completely naked. Dave still didn’t realise I was there.

I kneeled down next to Linda; she winked at me as she continued greedily gobbling her dads meaty rod moaning as she did, saliva dribbling from her mouth and escaping from her lips onto the thick shaft, forming a small stream racing downward to his balls but not quite managing to conclude its journey as she interrupted the stream with an upward stroke of the cock held firmly by both of her delicate hands, the movement rubbed the liquid all over the pole adding to its smoothness allowing her hands to glide up and down more easily.

We hadn’t rehearse the next bit and neither of us knew what to do or say next, finally I shouted out in a scolding voice,

“My god Linda what are you doing?” Quickly adding, “You should have offered me some of that first, I’m the guest you know and I’d like some of that big sausage for breakfast too. ”

Dave heard my voice, he must have stopped eating his daughter’s delicious cunt, as I couldn’t hear his grunting or the noises of gratification which he had been making seconds earlier while eating Linda’s fuck holes, he was obviously lost for words.

Linda spoke quickly, “Daddy don’t stop eating my pussy I feel so turned on and wet please eat me until I cum in your mouth, Sally just wants to share, that’s fine isn’t it you’ve got such a big cock there must be enough for her too?”

“Aaah… yes sweetie, aaah… Sally… ammm… can have some… hmmm… if she really wants to… ahmm… I’m sure she’s a very good cock sucker too. “

Linda and I looked at each other both grinning like a pair of Cheshire cats about to get all the cream. Her dad wasn’t letting the cat out of the bag. The fact that he already had first hand knowledge of my cock sucking abilities he thought was between me, him and his wife. So far so good I thought, as Linda let her dads cock slip from her mouth. The thick bulbous head was almost purple, I looked down at the rigid man meat all the veins showed clearly like little three dimensional blue lines on a map depicting the rivers, the main artery protruded boldly as the blood keeping these giant cock erect pumped through David’s fit body, the vessels were so full they looked as if they were ready to explode. I placed the fat head in my mouth as my tongue went to work gliding along the smooth surface, made that much easier with the mixture of his pre cum and his daughters’ sweet saliva. I began sucking on the head pushing more and more of his meat into my mouth until it was inside my throat with my lips firmly encircling the root while my nose, through which I now had to breathe deeply both in and out, was buried in his pubic hair. My hands busily played with the huge balls, rubbing then gently squeezing them as if trying to coax them into relinquishing their precious cargo of thick creamy spunk. I could feel Linda’s hand as it cupped my sex sliding along my swollen cunt lips made wet with my juices, after rubbing me like that for a while she inserted two fingers inside me twirling them deep inside my pussy then opening and closing her long slender digits like a pair of scissors. It felt so good but I had to be careful we didn’t want her dad to cum just yet; we wanted both of our dads to cum together so they could see for themselves just what a pair of hot spunk eating sluts they had raised.

I was apprehensive at the imminent arrival of my own dad not knowing how he would react but I needn’t have worried. Linda told me later that she heard him come inside the house as she sat on her dads face while he tongue fucked her. He called out a couple of times but as no one answered he came in and closed the door walking through the house to get to the back door thinking we might be in the garden and she purposely begun to moan loudly enough that he could hear, then following this with suggestions to her dad how to eat her pussy again making sure my dad could hear her. My dad stopped by the kitchen door for a couple of minutes watching through the crack and she put on a little show for him, writhing about on her dads face while playing with her lovely firm breasts, sucking her own hard nipples. When my dad finally walked into the room his cock tented out his trousers with a massive hard on.

“Sally what the hell do you think you’re doing down there? Dave you dirty bastard what have you got my daughter doing?”

Hearing my dad shout like that I got a bit worried that not only would our plan not work out but that dad was so jealous there might be repercussions that we had not thought of. I had stopped sucking on Dave’s cock the instant my dad opened his mouth and was just about to get up when Linda defused the whole awkward situation.

“Sally’s doing for my dad what I’d love to be doing to that huge cock of yours Mr. Green, please come closer Mr. Green I’d love to suck on your lovely dick again and my dad couldn’t very well complain now could he?”

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