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Sally’s Backdoor Dream

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It’s 3 o’clock in the morning as I pull the car onto the drive after nearly nine hours of traffic jams and storms. The house is in darkness and the street is quiet so next doors party must have broken up early. The neighbours won’t be happy when they get back as their front lawn has been ripped up by car tyres probably after the storm.

I open the front door quietly so I don’t wake Sally; she can be really grumpy if woken up in the middle of the night, luckily I am sober which is not normally the case when I get in this late. I strip off down stairs to reduce the noise and grab a quick drink of water before climbing the stairs. I notice two cans of beer out in the kitchen but don’t take too much notice. As I pass the living room I get a waft of mucky air but I suppose that is probably from the storms.

Creeping up the stairs in only my boxer shorts I try to be as quiet as possible then after brushing my teeth I head for our bedroom. My eyes have grown accustomed to the dark and I can see Sally curled up on top of the covers so I carefully get into bed and place an arm around her and snuggle close to her back.

She murmurs something but doesn’t wake up so I push my hips closer to hers. My cock is semi-hard which always erotik film izle happens when I do this. I move my hand down over her waist and hips then realise I can’t feel her “comfortable big knickers” which she normally wears to bed. Thinking she may have put a skimpy pair on as we had been going out that evening I decided to explore a bit further. I love the feel of sexy fabric pulled over a woman’s skin and thought if I was gentle Sally wouldn’t wake up.

My cock was now twitching with excitement and I knew I would have to have a quick wank if I was to get to sleep. I slid my hands further down Sally’s hips expecting to find the silky material but she was naked from the waist down. This discovery made my cock really stand to attention.

Sally shifted slightly and her hips pushed back towards mine forcing my hard cock against her arse crack. My cock was throbbing now so I adjusted my boxers so that I could free it from its captivity and placed the wet tip against Sally’s naked bum. She murmured something like “Do me again!” and I assumed she was having a sexy dream. Encouraged by this I thought I may as well try to fuck her gently from behind while she was dreaming. At worst she would only wake briefly and push film izle my prick away and I would then just have a wank instead.

I reached down to feel for her opening and found she was really wet so her dream must be a good one. I had no problem easing a finger into her pussy and she responded by rocking gently back on to it. My cock was jammed in her arse crack touching her puckered ring which felt slippery too. Sally the pushed back harder and the tip of my cock opened her arsehole slightly.

Sally had never let me fuck her arse before and wouldn’t even let me finger her ring when we fucked “doggy” style. It was too tempting to stop now even though it would probably cause a massive row when she realised I was violating her bowels. She was moaning in her sleep and I was sure she would wake up screaming in a moment.

I pushed forward a little and Sally’s arse seemed to open up for my cock and I managed to slide about halfway in before there was any resistance. I withdrew slightly and pushed forward again as Sally seemed to push back. Her arm reached behind her as she woke a little and to my surprise she pulled my hips toward her. My cock disappeared easily all the way to the hilt.

Sally turned her head towards seks filmi izle me and said “Fuck my arse and cum in me!” Her eyes were shut but she now seemed awake so I did as commanded and began a gentle rhythmic thrusting. I leant down to kiss her upturned face and she responded by searching for my mouth and thrusting her tongue in. She pulled her head away slightly and said “Do it harder I to feel you deep inside me.”

I needed a better angle so I pushed her gently over so she lay on her front with her legs spread wide and I entered her arse again. Her hands were beneath her now rubbing her clit and pussy. I began thrusting getting deeper and faster until I was banging her arse like it was her pussy.

Sally’s moaning got deeper until she was growling and then she started to shudder and screamed out loud as a massive orgasm hit her body. Her arse clenched and I shot cum inside her and she seemed to grip harder and suck me dry. Eventually her body stopped the spasms of pleasure and relaxed letting go of my softening penis. She was still breathing heavily as she drifted back to sleep saying “Thank you for fucking my arse again Jamie!”

I rolled off her and thought who the fuck is Jamie and why was she dreaming of him. But I reasoned that if I could dream of fucking other women then she could dream of other men. With that I went to the bathroom to clean my cock and take a leak and decided I would ask her if she remembered her dream in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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