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Sandra’s Niece Comes to Visit

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This is related to the Sandra, the IT Exhibitionist series, though not part of the chronology. It is a work of fiction, and any similarities to any real person or entity are entirely coincidental and unintended.


Late June, Last Year


Since she had arrived that afternoon, Sandra’s 18-year-old niece seemed distracted. Her enthusiasm on greeting Sandra felt forced, her responses to their usual banter stilted, and her conversation lethargic. This did not bode well for their three-day weekend, so Sandra decided at dinner to be direct as they waited for coffee and dessert.

Tara looked around the restaurant, pulled something out of her pocket, and took a deep breath. “Is this you?” she asked and put a photograph on the table.

Sandra’s face got hot, her throat tightened, and her heart pounded as she looked at the picture of a woman in black lingerie with her tits exposed, her legs pulled up and open, and her pussy and asshole fully exposed. Though the top of her head and eyes were cropped out for the sake of anonymity, she was smiling gleefully.

Sandra knew there was no point in denying it, but she had to clear her throat before she could croak, “Yes.”

Tara flipped the picture over as the server approached, and Sandra was surprised to see her niece break into a big smile. She had been expecting disgust or outrage.

“I”m so relieved,” Tara said. “I wanted to ask you as soon as I thought it was you, but I was afraid how you might react.”

“What’s going on?”

Tara leaned forward conspiratorially. “After graduation, during beach week, some of us got drunk one night. It was my first time, and I was really sick the next day. But apparently three of us made a deal to post sexy pictures of ourselves on Reddit or some place like that. Anyway, when my friend Jennifer reminded me of this… or told me about it, since I didn’t really remember… I started looking around the site, to see what I had got myself into.”

She lowered her voice even further. “There are some really sexy stuff there. I was getting turned on. Then I saw this picture and something seemed familiar. I finally realized, ‘That’s Aunt Sandy’s smile and jaw line!’ I clicked around till I found your main page. You’ve got a lot of pictures up. Some part of you is always cropped out, but I could tell, by the way you stood, the way you cock your left wrist, your smile, even your rings, that it was you.”

“You haven’t told anybody else, have you?”

“God, no,” Tara said a bit too loudly. She leaned forward. “You mean Mom, who won’t let me wear a bikini? Or Dad, who might pass out at the thought that I let Kevin Marston run his hand up my blouse and touch my breast? No, this is my secret, and I’m hanging onto it.”

Sandra chuckled. “How about we head back home?” she said to Tara. “We have the place to ourselves tonight, and I can fill you in on some more secrets.”

On the way back to the house, Tara talked about her summer plans, going to college, her annoyance with her parents. Sandra let her talk, enjoying the rapport they had. Tara had been born at this point in Sandra’s life, just as she was heading to college. She had not paid much attention to her new niece during the first four years, while she was off studying, playing, and being introduced to sex and the thrill of exhibitionism. When she moved back home after graduation, she spent more time with Tara, who had become more interesting by age five.

When Sandra married Jerry almost five years later, Tara was old enough to be part of the wedding party, and she visited them in their new home, two states away, as they started their own family and business. By this time, Sandra was the ‘cool aunt,’ a welcome relief from her stodgy parents.

Nine years younger than her brother Andrew, Sandra was a late-life surprise to their parents. Andrew did not have much to do with her as he made his way through high school and college. Since her parents were usually ten years older than her friends’ parents, she spent more time with other families. As a result, she was somewhat of a tomboy, much to her mother’s consternation.

They both were laughing at something Tara had said when Sandra pulled into her driveway. “I have a question,” Sandra said, resting her hand on Tara’s. “Are you thinking of posting these pictures because you want to, or because some friends pushed you into it when you were drunk?”

Tara smiled. “At first, I wasn’t sure. I got more excited as I saw what other people had done, and I had pretty much made up my mind to do it when I came across your pictures. That pushed me over the edge. Even though we can’t see your whole face, you just look so confident and like you’re having so much fun, and I thought, I want to be like that.”

“You aren’t trying to compete with me, are you?”

Tara shrugged. “Maybe a little. Maybe I want to impress you. But mostly, I just want to have fun, and posting sneaky sexy pictures Magosa Escort of myself looks like fun.”

Sandra gave her a big smile and said, “Okay, let me show you some of what I’ve done.”

“I WAS SQUEAKY CLEAN when I left for college,” Sandra said as she plugged the external hard drive into the laptop. They were propped up on pillows in the master bedroom. “I mean, I’d been named county fair queen the fall before. Your grandad was so proud. In college, I was meeting all sorts of new people. At first, I was really nervous about getting undressed for showers, sports, or anything. There were a couple girls on my floor who were more comfortable with themselves. One of them would walk down the hall naked to take a shower, even if there was a chance a guy could be on the floor. About midway through freshman year, this girl, Audrey, dared me to join her, and I did. It was such a rush, I never went back.”

With Tara beside her, she was scrolling through pictures of herself at 18 in bikinis, tight shorts and t-shirts, and sexy lingerie. Sometimes she was topless or even naked seen from behind. “These were from the end of freshman year, when I hung out with Audrey,” she said, showing her a picture of a girl with long brown hair and small tits, sitting naked with her legs crossed and pulling her white thong panties off her foot. “She kept daring me to get naked, then took pictures of me. Before long, I didn’t have to be dared.”

She opened several pictures of herself with Audrey and another girl, the three of them in thongs. “A photographer girlfriend of hers took these pictures.” In one, they were lying side by side on the bed, their round asses lined up in a row. In another, Audrey in the middle had her arms around the others, their tits all pressed together.

Sandra noticed that Tara had been shifting slightly as she showed her the pictures, and she wondered if her niece was getting turned on. The thought triggered a little reaction in her own pussy, and she tried to discreetly rub her legs together.

“So this third girl, Jessica” she went on, pointing to the blonde, “she and I became good friends, and I hung out with her during our second year much more than I did with Audrey.”

Tara nestled closer to Sandra, leaning against her arm. “She looks kind of slutty.”

“She does,” Sandra giggled, “and she had that reputation. Truth be known, though, my behavior became a lot sluttier than hers.”

“How so?” Tara asked as one hand slid down to her crotch, where it seemed to lightly explore the mound beneath her slacks. Sandra noticed, even as she scrolled through pictures of hearself and Jessica in thongs, lingerie, slutty Easter bunny outfits, wrapped in towels, and kissing and hugging each other. “Jessica always kept her tits and pussy covered,” she said, “while I was always ready to get naked. These were with a student photographer.” She switched to pictures of herself against a red background, topless in shorts, then a thong, then naked. Tara was breathing more heavily and leaning more against Sandra, who clicked open the next picture.

It was the same pose she had just shown, kneeling in a thong, her tits on display, her long brown hair combed over one shoulder. This time, though, a guy in torn jeans was standing in front of her, and Sandra had his cock in her mouth. Tara gasped. “Aunt Sandy! You’re… You’re… You’re… “

“I’m sucking the photographer’s cock,” she said, leaning over Tara. “That became my signature as a model, blowing the photographer and his assistant, at least if he had one and he was male. I became very popular among the student photographers.”

Tara gasped, as her hand pressed against her pussy. “Did they cum on you?”

“I always wanted to get them to cum, and after a while I wanted to swallow their load. Sometimes, there was too much, and I coughed some out, but for the most part, I sucked them all dry.”

Tara was speechless, both because of her aunt’s revelation and because of the sensations running through her pussy. Sandra put the laptop to the side and leaned toward her, unbuttoning her slacks as she did so. “You know what would make this easier?” she whispered. “If we took our slacks off and just lay around in our panties.” Tara’s eyes went even wider as Sandra lifted up her butt and slid her pants down her legs.

“It’s okay to get comfortable,” Sandra told her. “I’ve got some more pics to show you.”

Tara was looking at the wet spot on her aunt’s panties, and, in a state of amazed disbelief, she slid her jeans down her legs, revealing her pale yellow bikini panties.

“This gets us to the end of sophomore year. Jessica and I went to a lot of parties, usually dressing in our sluttiest outfits, though we often wound up leaving separately with different guys. Sometimes, though, this happened.” She opened a picture of herself in bra and panties, lying on a couch. “I’d get drunk and pass out on the couch in my underwear, and half the time I’d wake up with even less on. Sometimes, Kıbrıs Escort guys would unhook my bra to expose my tits, sometimes they’d pull my panties down, all for a good laugh, at least for them. One time, I woke up stark naked in a room full of guys, all of whom claimed to have no idea where my clothes were.” Tara’s eyes grew large, and her hand moved under her panties to rub her clit. “So I said I would walk home and, if I got caught, I’d just say they stole my clothes. That made them nervous, so they all escorted me home.” She laughed. “A couple guys offered to stay to make sure I was okay. I politely told them to fuck off.”

Tara had tilted her head back on the pillow, and her eyes were glassy as she rubbed her pussy more frenetically. Sandra watched her, gently rubbing her own pussy as she saw her niece so consumed by passion. Then Tara gasped, and her body tightened as waves of orgasm shot through her. She twitched three or four times, her body went slack, and she sank into the pillows.

After a few minutes, she looked at Sandra somewhat sheepishly. Sandra leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. Tara responded warmly. Sandra’s hand slid up her niece’s shirt and over her bra-covered tit. Their legs intertwined as they shifted against each other.

After a few minutes, Sandra said, “How about we take a little break in the hot tub?”

“Okay,” Tara whispered, though not sure what she was agreeing to. Sandra stood up and pulled off her top and freed her tits. She helped Tara stand, then began pulling off her top. Tara lifted her arms to get it off and reached back to unhook her bra.

“Shall I get my bathing suit?” a little confused as she watched Sandra slide her thong down her legs and stand there stark naked.

“No need,” she said, ” we’ll be in the dark.” She gathered up her laptop and headed toward the door. “Come along.”

Tara stepped out of her panties and followed, unable to take her eyes off Sandra’s ass as it swayed along. “I love your ass,” she said with a giggle, just before they got outside.

Sandra looked back over her shoulder. “I love my fat little ass!” She squeezed a butt cheek with her free hand and, spreading her legs, bent forward to show off her thick pussy lips. She shook her ass a little more, then put her arm around Tara and gave her a hug as she led her out to the pool. The warm evening air tickled their nipples and wet pussy lips. Sandra helped Tara into the hot tub and set the laptop on a chair. “I’m going to put this on a slow slide show and talk about what comes up…. Or ignore it, if we get distracted.” She got in, turned the jets on gentle, and sat next to Tara, giving her a little kiss as she stretched out.

Tara rested her head on Sandra’s shoulder and let her hand drift over her aunt’s tight abdomen. She listened to her talking about lingerie modeling, school and parties, dating, dares. She stroked Sandra’s tits as she watched the changing pictures on the laptop, Sandra topless or naked, getting her tits painted in a bar, wearing a duct tape bra, or playing naked in the rain.

“Did you ever turn down a dare?” she murmured as she explored the contrast between the soft roundness of Sandra’s tit and the tightness of her nipple.

“Rarely.” A picture popped up of her nude in what looked like an abandoned building. “Oh, yeah, this was the year of the nude art project. I volunteered for several. There was one–oh, there it is–where some of us got covered in gold paint and held different poses in an arty cafe. We only held the poses for ten seconds before a blackout, but that was hard because I knew so many people, including friends and classmates, were getting a clear view of my open pussy. One time, my pussy was so wet, I started wondering if it would glisten in the light. That turned me on even more.”

Tara’s hand drifted down and started stroking Sandra’s mound. “Did you have sex after these art shows?” Under the water, she began exploring the folds and thicknesses between Sandra’s legs.

Sandra moaned, and her voice became as quiet as Tara’s. “A couple times. Mostly, I just got back to my room and got myself off with some of my toys.”


“I’ll show you later.” Her voice drifted off to a soft moan as Tara’s fingers loosened more of her thick folds. They lay there quietly together, enjoying the feel of each other’s body as the slide show continued with scenes of Sandra and a tall brunette modeling and then in bikini bottoms and body paint at an outdoor festival. “Mmmm,” Sandra murmured, “that girl stole my boyfriend. I think she was mad that I had got her to pose nude.”

“What are those numbers on your arm?” Tara asked after glancing at the screen.

Sandra’s answer almost got lost in a moan when Tara landed on her clit and stroked it lightly. “Aaaaughh… graduating class, 2011.” She was twisting under Tara’s arm as a few more pictures of the tall brunette scrolled by, then a new series switched to a bedroom where Sandra and another girl were kissing Lefkoşa Escort either side of a stiff cock.

Sandra jumped up and shouted, “Not that one, I didn’t mean to show…”

“Whoa, look at that!” Tara whooped with delight and tightened her hold on Sandra. “Leave it. I want to see this.”

“Tara, no. I hadn’t meant to show you that one. If your dad found out… “

“I’m not going to tell him,” Tara shot back, “and neither are you.” Even though she knew Sandra was probably stronger, she used her greater height to hold her down. “Besides, I’ve already seen one picture of you sucking a guy’s cock.”

Sandra relaxed, shook the water off her hand, and backed up the slide show by a few slides.

“This was the end of junior year,” she said quietly as she snuggled back up against Tara. “That girl Heather, who I said stole my boyfriend, made a public stink that I had forced her to pose nude. So I backed off from public stuff and was sort of adrift when this girl, Anne, came along. She was friends with a guy who wanted to take some erotic pictures. She knew my reputation, so she asked and we did. They were pretty tame, but they led to this threesome with her boyfriend, with the photographer making four.”

Tara’s hand had drifted back onto her aunt’s pussy, and Sandra opened her legs to give her freer access. “It was really fun sharing her boyfriend’s cock with her. I had never done that before. The photographer, Frank, took a lot of pictures till the boyfriend came on our faces, and we ate it and licked each other clean.”

Tara moaned, and Sandra saw that she had started rubbing her own pussy again. She turned toward her and ran her hand over her niece’s tits and stomach. “Frank didn’t get pictures of that, since by then he was stroking himself. I noticed that Chris, Anne’s boyfriend, was looking at me, but that Anne looked worried, like I was about to steal him from her. So I crawled over to Frank and started kissing him. Pretty soon, we were fucking, and I looked over to see that Chris had Anne on her side and was pounding his cock into her.”

Tara was struggling to control her rubbing, to keep from cumming too soon. Sandra snuggled next to her under the water and spoke softly. “Frank and I came fairly soon, and we got dressed and headed out. Chris was still pounding Anne, and she didn’t look all that happy, but I was done. I never saw her much after that. Frank sent me the pictures he had taken, and we met up a couple times. I broke up with him when he was trying to make a porn film on campus.”

“Oh, fuck, Sandy, ffffuuucccckkkkk. I’m cummmmming!” Sandra held her niece tight as she thrashed in the hot tub, splashing water up onto the deck. Tara dug her nails into Sandra’s arms and held onto her until the orgasm passed over her. After a few minutes, Sandra felt her relax.

“So that was junior year,” Tara mumbled. “What was senior year like?”

Sandra laughed. “I think it’s time we headed to bed. We can continue this later.” Tara let Sandra guide her, getting her out of the hot tub, drying her off, then wrapping the towel around her, and led her to the master bedroom. She helped her into bed and slid in next to her. Tara was asleep within seconds, and Sandra followed not much later.

THE LIGHTS WERE STILL ON when Sandra woke up a couple hours later. Tara was propped up against the pillows, with the sheet up to her shoulders. It took Sandra a moment to remember what had happened, then she smiled at Tara. “Hi, sweetie,” she said and reached out her hand. Tara kissed it and said, “Hi, aunt Sandy.”

Sandra did not let anybody else call her Sandy. It was a term of affection just between them, but there seemed to be some seriousness or reserve in the way Tara said it. “Something wrong?”

Tara sighed. “I was lying here thinking about the girl you had a threesome with and how you didn’t have anything to do with each other after that night. I don’t want that to happen to us. I don’t want us to drift apart because we had sex together.”

Sandra sat up. “We have far more between us already, it’s not going to take one or two crazy nights to ruin that. With Anne, there was nothing to lose. You and I just have to be honest with each other. If you get scared or worried, please promise me you’ll say something. You know you can always talk to me about anything.”

Tara put her arms around Sandra and hugged her tight. Sandra let her head rest on her niece’s shoulder. She cupped her hand under one of her tits, and they both relaxed into the mold of each other’s body. This was just bliss, she thought, as she floated on the mingling sensations.

After a while, Tara mumbled, “So what was senior year like?”

“Pretty tame in comparison,” Sandra chuckled. “I concentrated on graduation. Still went to parties and carried out a few dares, but not much compared to previously. That summer, though….” She seemed to drift away. “What?” Tara asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I stayed in town that summer before senior year because of a job. Three other girls and I rented a house. As soon as classes were over, we spent some time fixing it up. One day, one of the girls dared me to paint naked, so I did. I’ll show you the pictures one day.” She laughed. “Mostly, though, that was the summer… That was the summer of my black lover.”

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