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Sandy’s Story Ch. 05

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Boi Pussy

It was late, I didn’t even have to look at the clock to know. But a quick glance told me; 3:05. I got up, threw on my nightie and tiptoed to Richard’s room. I eased the door open and peeked in. He was lying on his back, one arm behind his head, the sheet covering the lower half of his body. Moonlight illuminated his bare chest.

“Richard,” I whispered, “are you awake?”

“Yeah.” He said.

“I can’t sleep.” I said and pushed the door open and walked softly to the edge of the bed.

“Me either.” He said.

“Richard,” I said, my knees shaking a bit, “I think it’s time.”

“I think so too.”

He held out his hand and guided me onto the mattress beside him and held me close to him. All the confidence and power I had felt earlier had evaporated. I was finally about to lose my virginity to my brother and as much as I wanted it, as much as we both wanted it, it frightened me. Richard must have sensed my nervousness. He was naked beneath the sheet and I could feel his need; his penis pressing hard against my stomach, a drop of pre-cum moistening my nightie. But he just held me for a long time, stroking my hair and back and planting soft kisses on my cheek and forehead.

He was waiting for me, wanting to make sure that I was sure, that I was actually ready. I loved him so much. And I knew I was ready then. I felt my confidence in myself and my decision return and I kissed him and opened my mouth to him and tasted him as he tasted me.

I sat up and pulled the sheet off of him and pulled my nightie over my head and I straddled his legs. The moonlight illuminated may naked breasts and belly.

“You’re so beautiful.” he said, and his hands lightly traced the contours of my body, making me shiver as his fingers gently touched my nipples. He placed his hands under my breasts and held them like ripe fruit as his thumbs continued a gentle massage of the puckered buds. Electrical currents of sensation crackled through my body, racing to my crotch, causing me to squirm and sigh.

I lifted his cock, it seemed so heavy, completely filled as it was, a dewy drop of Pre-cum at the tip. I spread it over the head and down the underside of the shaft. It was immediately replaced by another. He lifted his hips. I took some of the clear, viscous fluid on the tips both index fingers and ankara escort spread it on both his nipples making small slippery circles, then I bent and tasted them with the tip of my tongue. He was sighing and making sweet ‘mmmmmmm’ sounds.

I slid further up his body and let him lick my own very sensitive nipples before taking one into his mouth to pull on it rhythmically. His hands went down to my bottom and he squeezed and stroked the plump cheeks and then, traveling to my inner thighs, he teased the sensitive, newly shaved skin of my vulva.

I was heating up rapidly as his fingers traced the plump outer lips of my pussy and, opening them, he spread the moisture he found there up and down the entire cleft of my Mons, brushing across the tip of my clit in maddeningly brief encounters before sliding back down to retrieve more of the lubrication my body was beginning to produce in quantity.

“Please,” I said, a little desperately, sliding up to straddle his chest, “Use your mouth.”

He slid down further on the bed until his mouth was positioned directly under me. I slipped first one foot and then the other beneath his shoulders and his arms came up over my thighs to open me wide for the tongue I was craving. It was almost as if in this position we were locked together, neither of us able to escape without the other’s cooperation.

His thumb placed just above my clit was making small circles, just as I had taught him, and his tongue slid up and down my inner lips. Then he pushed my clit from beneath it’s hood and began to lash it with his tongue, which made occasional forays to my vaginal opening, before returning to it’s task of loving my little button and diving me absolutely insane.

His thumbs were working either side of the little shaft, while his tongue mercilessly teased it.

“Oh God that’s so good.” I heard myself say. I had to hold on to the headboard of the bed.”

Just like that.” I felt my knees begin to vibrate “Right…there…MMMMMM…I’m…going to….NNnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!” And I came, my juices leaking out of me and into his mouth as I squeezed my thighs together.

But he wasn’t finished with me yet and he continued the relentless assault on my pussy, this time placing his mouth over my clit and sucking, pulling it out from it’s hiding place while escort ankara his tongue explored every bit of this tiny nub that was making me crazy. Lifting his hips, he shifted his weight so that his shoulders pressed down on my legs, pinning me in place.

He had managed to work his thumbs down to my bottom and pressed one into my anus. Rotating it in a small circle he again pushed me over the edge and I came, harder this time.

“Ohhhhh, GOD! RICHARD! AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!”

He let me up then and I rolled off him, panting for breath. He let me calm down a bit and then rolled over on top of me. I opened my legs for him and his hips slipped between my thighs. I saw the desperate need in his eyes as he looked into mine and I smiled at him. This was it, we would lose our virginity in the next few moments and though I couldn’t wait, I was a little nervous.

He sensed it and gave me the sweetest smile and as he moved up I felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy. It was soaked with my cum and his saliva and his cock was dripping like a faucet so there was no shortage of lubrication as I felt the head of it slip past my pussy lips.

He paused there looking into my eyes. I nodded and said “yes”. and he pushed himself into me a little further. There was some resistance but not a lot and a sharp sting as his cock broke through my hymen and I winced.

He stopped then.

“Does it hurt?” he asked

“A little. It’s ok.”

I spread my legs as wide as I could for him as he continued pushing himself into me until he filled me completely and I felt his balls against my bottom.

“Oh God, Sandy that feels so good.” I held him inside me while the pain subsided and an intense warmth spread through me. I was cradling his hard cock deep inside me and I felt his pulse throbbing within.

Slowly he pulled out of me – such a lonely feeling – until only the head was in and then eased all the way back in. The pain came back but much less intense this time and when he slipped out and back into me for a third time there was no pain left.

I wrapped my legs around him and pressed my heels into his backside. His hips rocked back and forth as his hard shaft plunged into me again and again. My own hips moved with his as I opened myself completely wanting to take all of ankara escort bayan him inside me.

Soon he was pumping my pussy frantically and I felt my third orgasm approaching. Richard’s breathing was becoming ragged and he was moaning slightly.

I heard little pleading sounds coming from deep inside me.

“Please. Please. Come in me, Richard. Please. Come deep inside me. Come for me now.”

My own climax hit me then, starting deep in my belly and spreading down to my toes and up to my aching nipples. I heard myself scream. My cunt clamped down on him greedily and I felt his cock swell. He gasped as I milked him and I felt his cock spasm as it shot load after load deep into me. My pussy held him tightly, determined not to let him go until it had drained every last drop from him, and when he was completely spent, he collapsed on top of me panting hard.


Mom died later that year while we were away at college. It was a combination of pills and booze and while no one can say for certain whether it was an accident or intentional, I feel it was a suicide nonetheless.

We had been so worried about her that we were going to stay home and miss our freshman year to be with her, but she went to AA and briefly got sober and convinced us that she was going to be fine. She died just before Christmas break that year.

After the funeral we returned to school but neither of us could concentrate. It was also becoming harder to hide our relationship and first Richard and then I dropped out.

After stumbling around in a daze for a few months we decided to move to California and live as husband and wife. Richard enrolled in a community college to study writing and I, after several failed attempts to find a career, began a small gift business.

Between Richard’s occasional writing assignment and the moderate success of my business we managed to make a living, buy a house, and adopt 2 Vietnamese children, and by and large have a wonderful life together.

2 years ago, Richard had a massive stroke and died shortly thereafter. Soon afterward the children found out that we were actually brother and sister and haven’t spoken to me since.

But I’m an old woman now and in the final stages of Cancer. And while I miss them terribly I’m not ashamed, nor do I have any regrets. Richard and I had a love that was gloriously passionate and tender and if our children can’t see that and accept it for what it was then it’s out of my hands. I will not be made to feel guilty. As Momma said, love can’t be wrong.

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