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Santa’s Secret Naughty List

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Claire hadn’t had a date in nine months but stayed occupied with her girlfriends. They had an unofficial women scorned club of sorts and spent two nights a week at one of their houses drinking fruit and liquor concoctions. The recipes for these were courtesy of her best friend Layna who fancied herself an innovative but unofficial bartender.

Tonight was special though, tonight was Christmas Eve and even though they all collectively decided that all men were useless they were out on the prowl at the local watering hole.

Not feeling very frisky tonight Claire didn’t wear anything special and decided to forgo the make-up. Why would she want to have a one night stand she would spend Christmas Day regretting? Layna, feeling bad for her friend, decided to spend the night sexless as well. Round after round of shots they ordered until they were plastered and started to think and speak of the men from their past. Claire was especially spiteful of her ex-husband who dumped her after six months of marriage to run off with the little slut who worked in the copy room at his office. He said Claire wasn’t good in bed and he was bored. He needed more sexual excitement and gratification.

Somehow, as only alcohol can do, the conversation turned to amusing and imaginative ideas. They often talked about who their dream man would be, what he would look like, and especially what he would do to them in bed. Feeling extremely scornful on this Christmas Eve to be in a bar without a man Claire blurted that she no longer cared what a man looked like; only that he was nice and her new dream man was none other than Santa! Santa must be the nicest man on earth she reasoned and someone like him would never run off with a slut and leave her alone. Layna was laughing so hard she almost wet herself.

Layna thought the mental picture of a jolly old fat man porking her friend from behind while his jolly stomach giggled on her back was the funniest thing she had ever imagined or seen. Claire was adamant though, stating that she had always kinda wondered what that white beard and jolly red nose would feel like on her pussy. They collectively agreed that with the turn the conversation had taken they were thoroughly plastered and it was indeed time to go home.

Claire walked up the path to her house and mentally punished herself for not decorating as she had in the past but she really wasn’t into the Christmas spirit this year. She locked her door behind her and made her way down the hall to her four poster bed where she hoped she could just sleep right through Christmas.

It took Claire all of five minutes to be off in dream land where her dreams revolved around a jolly man with a rosy red nose, a naked tanned body that wasn’t round in the least but somehow still jolly, and an eight inch hard on protruding from a mass of white hair that matched the white beard upon his face.

A voice woke her. It took a few seconds to understand what this voice was saying. It was a manly voice with a jolly chuckle asking where the milk and cookies were. Claire sat up in bed and switched on her bedside lamp. There in front her was a man, well not quite a normal man, he looked exactly like Santa. With a hearty chuckle Santa asked her if she had been naughty or nice this year. bursa escort Claire was in such shock she could not respond. When she finally found her voice all she could ask was are you really Santa?

Santa knew she would want proof so with a quick wiggle of that rosy red nose he shared some Christmas magic. Claire found herself spread eagle on her bed with her wrists attached to the head board by ropes that looked and seemed to smell like candy canes. Just as she opened her mouth to protest hard lips covered hers and kissed her with such ravage force she thought her lips would bleed. With wide open eyes she saw the face of elf in front her kissing her so savagely, pointy ears and all. This must be a dream she thought and relaxed a little allowing herself to try to enjoy this forceful kiss. Her lips parted and her tongue met the elf’s softening his kiss a little.

A chuckle could be heard from across the room where Santa wiggled his nose once more and Claire became completely nude. A dream Claire told herself, brought on by the shots and talk of Santa licking my pussy. The elf broke the kiss and moved his hot mouth down her neck leaving a trail of gentle kisses, the kisses continued down over her ample breasts until he seemed to find what he was looking for. Settling for the left nipple he gave a few quick licks with his tongue before biting it. Not hard enough for her to bleed but hard enough that Claire let out a cry of pain and pleasure mixed. The elf deciding the breasts were not what he wanted continued down her stomach with his little soft kisses.

Claire now had a full view of Santa again who was standing there naked stroking his member watching the scene. Again he asked Claire if she had been naughty or nice and again he got no answer. With another quick wiggle of his nose a second elf appeared between Claire’s legs with his face just inches above her pussy. She could feel his breath come in warm waves over her cunt. She could not help herself, she began to feel that familiar tingle in her loins and she was getting wet.

Santa again asked naughty or nice? Claire responded this time panting she had been nice. Elf number one was licking her just above her clit now and blowing downwards while elf number two was beginning to explore her folds with his fingers. Santa gave a hearty chuckle and told Claire nice was the wrong answer, nice girls don’t get secret visits from Santa and with another wiggle of his nose a monstrous looking dildo appeared in his hand.

He slowly walked towards the tied up Claire with the dildo in his hand and a smile on his face. When he reached the bed he kneeled down on the foot of it and instructed his elf to lick that pussy but not to let her find relief. Both elves began to lick and nibble every inch of her pussy making her dripping wet but ignoring her moans and pleas to touch her in just the right places. Santa leaned forward and inserted one finger slowly into her wet warm pussy while the elves continued licking.

He slowly moved the finger in and out bending it just enough to put pressure on her spot. A loud moan filled with hunger escaped Claire’s throat. Again Santa asked naughty or nice? This time Claire responded with a scream that she was a very naughty girl! She begged for Santa to bursa escort bayan punish her for being so naughty.

Santa smiled and rewarded her with another finger, and then another. His slow in and out strokes gained speed. Elf one slowly moved back to Claire’s breasts and began to nibble and suck each one while elf two worked his tongue in circles over her now protruding clit and began to nibble on it. It was driving her wild she wanted to cum, needed to cum. As a desperate attempt at relief she tried to wiggle her hips down and impale her needing pussy on Santa’s fingers. Santa chuckled loudly at this and pulled his three fingers out. He resumed finger fucking her slowly with one finger while asking what naughty girls should get from Christmas. Claire whimpered please over and over. Elf one moved his lips from her nipples up to her ear lobe. Giving it a few tender nibbled he told her naughty girls get fucked. Claire couldn’t take this much longer and she screamed what the elf had said. She looked Santa right in the eyes and told him naughty girls get fucked.

Being pleased with this answer Santa impaled her needing, dripping pussy with the monstrous dildo. In and out he pulled it from her over and over with such speed that Claire continued to scream, but it was a scream of pleasure. A prime evil scream of lust. She felt the orgasm through her whole body, all the way down to her toes.

Pleased with himself Santa again wiggled his nose and the elves disappeared. Now it was just him and his throbbing hard cock kneeling at the foot of Claire’s bed. Claire was still shaking from her powerful orgasm as Santa told her he knew what she dreamed about, and with this statement his jolly belly disappeared and he now looked the Santa in Claire’s dream. First he told her before I let you feel this beard and rosy nose on that wet, naughty pussy of yours you have to do something for me. Claire nodded in agreement. She would do anything to be able to feel that cock of his inside her. Santa told her she was going to suck his cock, and that she would suck it until he filled her mouth with his cream. Claire hungrily nodded in agreement. Santa climbed over naked body and turned around before straddling her head. He told her that he was going to fuck her mouth and if she pleased him he would return the favor. His cock touched her lips and her lips parted. She began to lick the head of his dick. First quick little tastes then slow circles around the head. Santa was not in the mood to be teased so he shoved his cock in her mouth and quickly began pulling it on and plunging it back in. Claire willed her mouth and throat to relax as Santa took his own gratification.

He lowered his head to her pussy and licked her slit up and down before moving his tongue to her clit. The bouncing motion of him mouth fucking her added pressure with every bounce from his tongue. Claire knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. Santa just kept sliding that cock in and out of her mouth as he pleased her with his tongue better than any man ever had. She didn’t know it could feel like this. Santa began to moan as he feasted on her. Claire’s moans grew louder and in an instant she was cumming as he filled her mouth with his cream. She tried to swallow it all but could escort bursa not prevent some escaping from the corners of her mouth.

Santa dismounted her and wiggled his nose to undo the ropes that kept her a prisoner in her bed. With out speaking he grabbed her from the bed and carried her to the kitchen. Slamming her body onto the kitchen table he informed her he was going to fuck her now. He was going to fuck her as he saw fit. When sluts end up on my secret naughty list he told her they get fucked.

With this he positioned himself standing between her spread legs and roughly pulled her ass to the edge of the table. Lining the head of his still hard cock up with her wet throbbing slit he impaled her. He fucked her as hard and as fast as he could until her screams of pain turned to ecstasy and her body rippled with tremors as wave after wave of orgasms took over body. Santa satisfied that her pussy had been thoroughly fucked pulled out his cock.

Claire was exhausted and could barley move, but Santa was not done yet. He grabbed her hips and forced her to roll on her stomach on the tables. Her ass was now staring him dead in the face and he informed her that naughty girls get all their holes fucked. Claire tried to whimper as Santa inserted a finger slowly into her ass. Feeling how tight and un-giving it was he was kind enough to magic up some lube. He then re-inserted a well lubed finger ignoring Claire’s whimpers. He told her to relax and it would not hurt that much, that the pain would lead to immense pleasure. He slowly stroked the inside of her ass with one finger before inserting another. Wiggling them around her tried to loosen her up but Claire would not relax. Knowing he had to have that ass he generously lubed his cock and decided to cram it in, whether she relaxed or not he was going to fuck that ass.

Holding her hips slightly off the table he aligned himself with her and with one swift motion jabbed his hard cock into her. This time Claire’s scream was purely pain. Feeling slightly bad Santa magicked a dildo into her pussy. Claire moaned a little at this. She had never felt this full and surely had never had her ass violated before. Santa began slow strokes in and out of her ass and as Claire began to feel the pleasure she began to relax. Her moans and backward thrusting onto his cock told Santa he could move faster. He had to hold her hips to keep her from sliding forward on the table as he jabbed his cock in and out of her with as much force as he could muster. The dildo was sliding out so Claire reached under herself with one hand and fucked her wet pussy and Santa continued to ass fuck her.

Their orgasm came at the same time. Both with cries of animalistic pleasure. Claire collapsed on the table leaving the dildo in her. She had no strength left.

When she awoke in the morning she was in her bed. She assumed it was dream but when she went to sit up she could feel the soreness in her ass and knew something had happened. Through sleep filled eyes Claire saw a red shiny present at the foot of her bed. Unwrapping it she found ropes that looked like candy canes, a large bottle of lube, a monstrous dildo, and a note that read

MY slutty Claire,

Be very naughty this year and I will add you to the secret naughty list permanantly!

Thinking of your ass,


With a twinkle in her eye Claire knew that sex and men would be a regular part of her life until next Christmas Eve and she couldn’t wait to find her first participant.

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