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Sapphic Wrestle by the Kettle Ch. 01-02

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Author’s note: I have lurked on Literotica for many years and have on more than one occasion enjoyed reading a good erotic story. Previously, I have written several science fiction adventure novels but I always felt a little queasy about adding too much sex to the prose. Not that I am a prude, far from it but I didn’t want to upset my sci-fi fans by being too sexually explicit. So I have been working on writing a number of erotic stories revolving around some of the same characters. Yep, I am a bit lazy or am I just being economical? Anyway, my style is a little more literate and a little less full-blown porn so this particular story may not be to all tastes. The key to great sex is a sensuous buildup with interesting, bright people in touch with their desires. In any case, I could fail on both counts of writing good fiction and good erotica but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

This first story I’m posting is a little out of order with the other stories that I will be adding. Why? Because I completed this one first and wanted to get reader feedback before completing the other stories. The three stories revolve around a well-meaning, pretentious comparative religion college major named Sarah who has begun nude modeling to make ends meet. Real original, huh? She hooks up with an older adult-themed photographer named Paul and his admin Alyce. The worldly pair put this sexual innocent through a number of wild carnal experiences. The other stories will be about Paul and some of Sarah’s other sexual escapades but that could change as I get reader feedback and complete the editing.

Hope you enjoy the read and I always welcome your invaluable feedback: good, bad or indifferent.


Chapter 1

A loud raucous buzz filled the still summer air. Ah, the cicadas were singing, albeit a bit early this summer. In fact, it was one lone male, an outlier male hoping to lure an early mate. The rising of the sound and the sudden fall off of the call was irresistible to Sarah. She loved that sound: it meant summer, heat and the continuity of life. It also made her horny.

It was the middle of the week and Sarah had no work at the bistro. She tried calling Paul but had no luck and instead called his admin Alyce. “He went on a west coast trip to lineup up some talent for the fall shoot. He was probably in flight,” Alyce said.

“Oh, I was just looking to hang out, no biggie,” Sarah said.

“Well, you’re welcome here, I mean it’s just me mostly and I’m bored too. We can hang out if you want. I’ll pick you up at the ferry and pack a lunch so we can head straight to the beach, if that’s works for you?”

“Works? That actually sounds perfect!” Sarah said.

Sarah undressed for a quick shower before leaving and looked over her naked body in the mirror for any offending stray hairs. Her skin was pale, but she had a good shape and was even leaner now due to her forced austerity. Before meeting Paul she was getting so desperate for food money she had considered taking dates with boys to get meals.

She liked her light green eyes, and they had an exotic Asian flare because of a minor epicanthic fold and her eyelids being a little less pronounced. With her straight dark hair, pale skin and green eyes she could make quite an impression with the boys. But her face was a little too long to be considered very pretty—maybe attractive and even sexy, but by no means a beauty.

She looked at her breasts; they were a bit smaller from her forced diet, but they were real and probably her best attribute—at least, based on the reaction of her previous boyfriends. She was an honest and shapely 34C with large areolas and long nipples that looked dark compared to her pale skin. There were no tan lines—she didn’t have time for color. She started to pull at her nipples with both hands so she could see them erect. She could feel a small twinge from the manicured landing strip between her legs, but there wasn’t time for that now.

She looked down below and turned slightly sideways to the mirror in order to view her butt. Yes, her butt still looked good, nice and rounded, but damn she was short at five feet three inches. Her legs weren’t very long, but they were toned, and she could always accommodate for her height by wearing heels. Considering that she was also fairly intelligent, she felt like she had won the genetic lottery; well, except for her immediate family. She dressed quickly into her black bikini that she covered with a t-shirt and shorts and practically ran to her car.

Sarah made the long drive to Woodshull to catch the ferry to Marthas Vineyard or the Island of Nysa as she now called it. Once there she spotted Alyce patiently waiting for her.

“It’s mid-week and rather than do the beach I got a secluded spot we can enjoy without the touristos ogling us!” Alyce said as Sarah jumped into the old Ford. Her companion Alyce was a good-looking, tall young woman, perhaps a little doughy, with much larger breasts than Sarah. She had long straight gorukle escort bayan blond hair that she parted in the middle and was easily a half foot taller than her petite companion. Alyce exuded a lazy sexuality whereas Sarah had to work at hers in order to keep her edge. Instead, Alyce let her genetics guide her through her sexual sojourns.

“Did I ever tell you that I call the Vineyard the Island of Nysa.” Sarah said as Alyce drove.

“Nyso – what? What the hell is that?” Alyce said.

“Nysa is a mythical land populated by nymphs, you know pretty women scantily dressed.”

“Sounds more like the studio. I think the Island of Misfit Toys is a better description to be honest with you,” Alyce said.

“Whatever. You don’t think it’s an apt description for the island?” Sarah asked.

“Nope, sounds kinda of dopey to me,” Alyce said as she turned onto a back road and stopped by a dirt patch on the roadside. As they got out of the car Alyce led Sarah along a winding path through a dense stand of tall pitch pine trees. When the trees parted there was a pristine lake awaiting the two young women.

“Sarah, welcome to my private kettle pond! Nobody comes here and the water is always cold even in the hottest summer days.”

It was a beautiful day to have the warm sunshine dancing on their skin. Within minutes the two women jumped into the water and Alyce was right—the water was refreshingly cool. They swam and splashed each other, enjoying the water and the freedom of a lovely summer weekday without work. After their swim, they lied topless on an old blanket drying in the sun as they shared a joint.

Alyce put her earphones on and began listening to some loud dance music that leaked into the humid air as she read a cheesy romance novel. Sarah was content to listen to the bugs and enjoy the sun. She looked down at her bare breasts and noticed how loose her nipples were in the warm sun. In fact, she was sweating slightly in the strong mid-summer sun and it wasn’t even noon yet. Light zephyrs eased the heat and Sarah was loving this mid-week respite.

“Shit, that stupid bug is noisy,” Alyce said as she took the earphones off. “I can’t even hear my music with that racket.”

“I dunno, he sounds like summer to me,” Sarah said as she wondered if his calls were falling on deaf ears among his own kind.

“By way, how are things with your daddy?” Alyce asked.

“My daddy? You mean Paul? Are you implying I have daddy issues?” Sarah asked.

“Where did that come from? No, I meant like a sugar daddy. Jeez, you’re weird.”

“I dunno at thirty-two, he does seem old to me. Wouldn’t matter but the problem is I don’t feel anything with Paul, no romance, nothing shared, there is passion but there is certainly no warmth.”

“Look at you, finding out Paul is all NSA.”

“NSA?” Sarah asked.

“NSA—No strings attached, he’s like that with every girl. So what, no hugging afterwards? Please, I have had boyfriends that acted the same way and you know I didn’t get any presents or Jimmy Choos. Just quit your bitching bitch,” Alyce said with a chuckle.

“No, the worst is the feeling that this is shared time and the intimacy is somehow being wasted. This is someone you’re not going to fondly remember later on in life either.”

“Who cares if the sex is good? I mean really, just enjoy the ride. He is a bit old, though,” Alyce said.

“You have a point,” Sarah said.

“But he’s not bad looking at all,” Alyce said

“No, he is kind of ruggedly handsome. Is this going somewhere?”

“And sometimes a girl just wants to fuck,” Alyce said.

“Yes, she does, especially this one,” Sarah said.

“Speaking of a girl wanting to fuck, you know I went dogging the other day, it was with an older man, some guy named Jim that I met in a local bar.”

Oh, the conversation was going somewhere!


Alyce shook her head said, “You are such a Snow White. You go to a select parking area at night with your old man and expose yourself to strangers. Even have sex with some of them.”

“What the hell? Older man? Who is he?”

“I don’ know he is in his late twenties. Maybe married.”

“Means he is married. Sounds risky, you know fucking total strangers,” Sarah said.

“No, I make everyone wear a condom. You made the comment the other day about the need for adventuresome sex, you know in the limo and all that. It was so crazy and so dirty. I’m half-naked, my tits are hanging out, I have a short skirt on with no panties. They’re touching my tits, sucking on my nipples as they stroke their cocks. The guys get so crazy; it was wild having strange men cum on me.”

“I don’t think I could do that,” Sarah said. She decided to dial it back a bit not wanting to sound like someone’s mother. Better to change the topic altogether.

“You don’t have much hair down their do you? I mean mine is so dark, every fricking hair shows,” Sarah said. Alyce wore a red bikini nilüfer escort bayan bottom that accentuated her rounded butt. She had almost no discernible body hair anywhere.

“I do but I’m blond and I shave it all off, see,” she said and she pulled her bikini bottom aside to show her shaved pussy. Sarah turned away initially but then she turned back to look, after all Alyce had seen her naked plenty of times. Alyce had large puffy outer lips that hid her inner lips. It was smooth and very hairless with little razor stubble. Her shaved pussy was almost a bit childish in appearance.

Alyce covered herself up and said, “I like fantasizing about a man taking me.”

Sarah realized this whole strange conversation between the girlfriends was basically the weed talking.

“Taking you? You mean like a rape?” Sarah asked.

“No, no, like him forcing himself on me.”

“Yeah, that’s the dark sex urge I was telling you about. Speaking of urges and true confessions, do you think I’m becoming a slut?” Sarah asked.

“What? Snow White a slut?” Alyce asked.

“I mean I never slept with so many people.”

“You have had sex with Paul and the masseuse’s hand, right? That’s not exactly an orgy.”

“I also had sex with Mike at the pool the other night, you know after we watched that stupid reality TV show. Well, I just sucked him off but I consider that sex too.”

“Shit! What about Paul?” Alyce said. Her facing showed alarm at Sarah’s admission that seemed somewhat out of place.

“He watched me as I sucked off Mike and then he joined us. I guess that makes it a three-way rather than an orgy, right?” Sarah asked in a nonchalant manner.

Yep, that was pretty much was the definition of a slut for most people: sucking off a stranger as your man joined in and then parsing the correct description of the sex act. Who the hell does that?

Alyce looked horrified at hearing Sarah’s admission and it was clear she felt betrayed.

“Anyone else?” Alyce asked but in an accusatory tone of voice that was tinged with both hurt and jealousy.

“I don’t like the way you asked that. Jeez, you just got through talking about dogging. You weren’t after Mike were you?

“No, he is attractive but no. Since you are doing some confessionals why did you call that girl?”

“What girl?” Sarah asked.

“The girl from the three-way shoot you had me lookup.”

“Was nothing and how about minding your own business?” Sarah replied somewhat angrily. She just didn’t want to talk about it after Alyce had so cavalierly shot down her land of Nysa analogy earlier.

The girls grew quiet after the tense exchange as they applied more sun tan lotion. As Sarah finished up she asked, “You good with the lotion before I put it away?”

“Suit yourself,” Alyce said curtly.

“You sure?” No response and Sarah put it away. She rested on her back closing her eyes as she took in the warm summer sun. Despite her pissy companion, it really was nice relaxing in the sun. She imagined Paul going down on her as she lied on the blanket with her legs spread apart and having those big hands of his pulling her bikini bottom off to one side. He would then lower his mouth to her wetness, his tongue doing those wonderful tricks to her swollen…


Chapter 2

“Hey, I need the lotion!” Alyce said.

“For Christ’s sake, I just put it away. Go get it yourself,” Sarah said in a sour manner. She was pissed off that Alyce had interrupted her sexual day dreaming.

Alyce reached over and climbed over Sarah allowing her large bare breasts to hang down on Sarah as she rummaged around for the suntan lotion. Alyce’s breasts were soft and silky as they rubbed against Sarah’s breasts. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation but it was also damn rude.

“Hey, get your sweaty cows off of me!” Sarah yelled at her annoyed at the sudden intrusion of her private space. She then tried to push the bigger girl off her body.

“If you weren’t such a bitch and just gave me the damn lotion this wouldn’t be a problem,” Alyce said as she struggled to find the lotion. She was now sprawled out against Sarah. For spite Alyce decided to linger on top of Sarah as she applied the lotion to her scalp.

“I said off!” Sarah yelled as she began pushing Alyce off.

“Skinny pretentious tiny tit bitch,” Alyce said as she repositioned herself on top of Sarah, practically straddling her. Sarah felt a sharp pain to her breasts and realized that Alyce was cruelly pinching both of Sarah’s nipples. In between yelling, “What the fuck,” and cooing an “Oh,” Sarah was shocked at the pain and the pleasure of the nipple pinches. But she was shocked most by Alyce’s audacity. Then Alyce began tugging on Sarah’s nipple actually pulling the nipples by a good inch from her breasts. Sarah had had enough tried to push Alyce off once again but Alyce countered by tickling Sarah. Sarah started to giggle as she fought back. bursa otele gelen escort bayan

“You and that dopey ‘niso’ stuff about the studio!” Alyce yelled.

“It’s Nysa you stupid cow! Stop it! No!”

Sarah dropped her arms to her side to fend off the tickling but Alyce grabbed Sarah’s two arms and force them back over Sarah’s head. Alyce was taller and had Sarah by at least twenty-five pounds after Sarah’s strict diet so it wasn’t a fair fight. Sarah struggled for a while as she called Alyce a bitch but she finally quieted down and acquiesced to the bigger, stronger girl.

Alyce looked at the pinned Sarah in the eyes and smiled. Sarah noticed the curious look on Alyce’s face and it dawned on her what was going to happen next. Alyce bent her head down and began to suck on Sarah’s right nipple. As Sarah began to struggle once again Alyce began to bite down on the hard nipple and with the shock of the pain Sarah stopped her protestations. Alyce then moved her mouth to the other nipple at first kissing the erect tumescence, then sucking it between her lips and waiting for the nipple to harden even more and ending with a light bite with her front teeth. The sensations were overwhelming to Sarah and she felt the pain and the pleasure of her nipples rippling over her body.

Sarah looked into Alyce’s excited blue eyes and said, “No! Get off me!”

Alyce withdrew from the breast and then looked down again at her captured quarry. She kissed Sarah on the lips and Sarah didn’t find it unpleasant not that she had any choice since Alyce still had her arms pinned. All Sarah could do to stop Alyce’s further advances was to keep her mouth clenched. But Alyce kept kissing her and Sarah finally acquiesced and opened her mouth in response and Alyce inserted her tongue and began a deep penetrating kiss. Alyce’s tongue swirled around Sarah’s mouth as if she owned Sarah. Ah, the taste of cinnamon!

As they kissed Sarah became aware of Alyce breast’s sliding against her own as she felt her nipples hardening from the touch of Alyce’s breasts. Alyce positioned her hanging breasts over Sarah’s own and allowed her large pink nipples to gently rub against Sarah’s smaller, darker erect nipples. This delicate play of the nipples went on for a couple of minutes and Sarah was now completely relaxed with Alyce’s gentle breast to breast stroking. Even if she objected it didn’t matter because she was still pinned beneath the larger girl.

Sarah felt a new sensation between her legs as Alyce began to drive her mound into Sarah’s. Alyce was now moving against Sarah in a rhythmic, masturbatory fashion.

What the hell?

Without a word the two girls were rubbing their pelvises against each other and Sarah felt a warm sickly feeling spreading between her thighs. Sickly, because Sarah realized this sweet feeling was from another girl! Alyce released Sarah’s arm and now the two girls hugged each other as they tried to get leverage against each other’s grinding pussies.

It felt so good but it was also so wrong, almost dirty. It was reminiscent to Sarah of that private dirty feeling a young girl gets when she discovers for the first time the sweet sensations that can emanate from between her legs. In a span of just five minutes Alyce had returned an intelligent, sexually mature Sarah to a state of helpless pubescent sensationalism.

She was totally trapped by Alyce and she could only move against Alyce’s pussy in response to the other girl’s manic motion. They slowed for a second and Sarah gave Alyce a look that said, “If we’re going to do this then do it right!” as she pushed hard against Alyce hips.

Alyce pushed back, Sarah received. Sarah wanted more and Alyce gave her more.

Sarah spread her legs even wider with her feet flat on the ground and her knees in the air as she invited Alyce to rub against her as she would any male lover. Her calves flexed as her legs tensed and a one point both of Sarah’s legs were raised high into air. As Alyce rubbed her mound into the smaller girl’s hips Sarah could feel the material of her bikini bottom rubbing against her engorged clit further adding to the sweet sensation. She was getting wet and the rubbing only enhanced the liquescent feeling. Back and forth Alyce slid her body against Sarah’s body using the suntan lotion and their sweat as a lubricant. Sarah timed her owned motion with Alyce’s thrusting her own pelvis up into Alyce’s. How long this went on for Sarah didn’t know but her hands soon found their way under Alyce’s swimsuit to grab both of her ass cheeks. After each thrust Sarah added a grinding motion as her hands clenched the fleshy buttocks and forced Alyce’s hips down into her own pussy. She could smell Alyce and she could smell her own sex in the air.

The two girls began to moan, pull back their hips and then began to thrust again into each other. Sarah knew she was now extremely wet and that realization made her even hotter. For Sarah it was no longer about right or wrong; she was so far beyond that point. It was about wanting a big release even if it was with another girl or in this case, her friend. They moved faster against each other and Alyce kissed Sarah even more furiously. Instead of rubbing they began pounded each other hard wanting to force their partner to orgasm while in turn inflaming their own desire.

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