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Saturday Morning Pt. 01

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Saturday Morning (Part 1): Mrs Petersen

Author’s note:

All characters in this store are over the age of 18. This is a fictional story and any resemblance to any person or place is purely coincidental. I hope you enjoy this story.


It was early Saturday morning and I was awoken by the sound of something smashing against the wall, I could hear my father’s voice bellowing through the house, it was obvious he was still suffering the side effects of the booze of the night before and I was in no mood to stick around for this show. I quietly got up, quickly put on a t-shirt and my rugby shorts, I was in such a rush I did not even waste time in putting on underwear and climbed out the window.

I must have walked the streets for a few hours until I thought it was late enough to go visit my friend Jack. He stayed a few kilometers away from my house with his mom. His dad was never in the picture, he never elaborated on why not but on mornings like this it was something I envied.

When I got to the house, I knocked on the door and his mom opened up, she was standing there in a blue one piece overall with a plumbing wrench in her hand and a strand of hair in her face. “Hi Mrs Petersen, is Jack here”, I greeted. “Nope, he is gone this weekend to the rugby camp” she replied. Damn it, I forgot about the fact that he was part of the team that went on the weekend trip. “Oh, thanks…” I responded as I started to turn around and walk away.

She must have heard the disappointment in my voice. “Do you want to come in?” she asked, “I am doing some maintenance to the kitchen sink that is leaking, I could use the company and assistance if you like?”

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, this was after all the best offer I had on the table and far better than going home. “Sure” I replied and entered the small home. I followed Jack’s mom to the kitchen, the house was small but well looked after and always neat.

When we got to the kitchen, I could see that the two cupboard doors in front of the sink were standing open, a toolbox open on the floor next to the door on the left and the contents of the cupboards had been neatly packed out.

Jack’s mom smiled at me and said, “let me get this sorted and then I will make us some coffee”, as she got down on her knees and started picking up the pieces of the new drain trap she was installing.

Jack’s mom was a very young mom I think she was around 17 when she had Jack, she was about 5 foot 3 with medium length brown hair and a rather athletic body for an older woman. Standing behind her, looking at her ass filling the one piece overall as she bent down in front of me made me feel both lustful and ashamed, this was my best friend’s mom I was busy looking at and she was less than twice my age. I shook my head to get the image out of my head as she rolled over onto her back and started installing the new trap.

We started chatting, she asking me why I was so down and I started explaining about my dad and his post drinking temper which made me leave the house early this morning. She listened intently without commenting or giving suggestions or advice while I told her my story. It was actually quite pleasant being able to talk to someone without the unsolicited advice or judgment being added to the conversation. She merely listened and spoke when needed to keep the conversation flowing.

“Come give me a hand please”, she called out from under the sink, and I cautiously moved closer. “Come closer, help me tighten the top ring while I hold the bottom one in place”, she instructed me, the only place for me to do so was to stand over her and squat as I placed my hands on the locking ring on the top of the trap to start turning it.

I could not see much of what I was doing, given my position I had to do the job by touch so my eyes drifted down, between my legs was Jack’s mom, the zip on the overall down low enough to show her cleavage, and I could not help but notice how perfectly round and lushes they looked. They were not huge, probably a full B cup, which was far more my preference in any case. My balls were literally dangling a few centimeters above those beautiful breasts. I shook my head as I tried to bring my brain back to reality as I finished tightening the locking ring in place.

As soon as I finished, I moved back a little so I could stand up and as I was about to stand up, I saw Jack’s mom looking into my eyes. “Is that thing pointing at me or is it just pointing in general?”, her eyes lowering to my shorts as she asked the question.

I looked down, being caught off guard at the question and noticed I was sporting an erection that at any other time would make me feel proud, pushing against my shorts and pushing the elastic waist band of the rugby shorts away from my stomach.

I stammered and eventually got out,”…at you” sheepishly. She allowed me to stand up and she stood up as well. “Is this how you act around your friend’s Anadolu Yakası Escort mom?” she asked. My face must have been blood red from embarrassment and I had lost my words completely.

“Go stand there at the table and put your hands flat on the table” she instructed. I swallowed hard but obeyed her instruction, I doubt I would have done it under any other circumstances but I was so embarrassed and in shock for being caught out I was more in auto pilot mode than anything else.

Once I was at the table, my flat hands on the table, I was suddenly shocked as I felt her pull my shorts to the ground with one swift motion. Here I was, standing in the kitchen of my best friend’s mom’s house, with my shorts around my ankles, my hands on the kitchen table and I had no idea what to expect.

I suddenly heard a loud smack, followed by a stinging sensation on my right ass cheek, my hard cock immediately starting to subside. “Is this the way you should react around your friend’s mom?” she asked softly in my ear. I was about to turn around and storm out the door, if I wanted to get smacked around, I could have just stayed at home.

She sensed I was about to move and put her left hand on my back, stopping me from moving while using her right hand to gently stroke my ass cheek where she just spanked me. Moving it backwards to the other cheek and then between my legs to gently tickle my balls.

The sensation made me freeze in my tracks and my hard-on returned with even more of a vengeance. I felt her hand move away from its fondling and a second later I heard another smack followed by another stinging sensation on my left ass cheek this time. Again, my erection started waning and again her hand started fondling again, bringing my erection back even stronger as the stinging subsided.

“Is this how you act towards your friend’s mom?” she asked again, her left hand now dropping to my hard cock and gently stroking it.

I did not know how to respond, how to react, what to do, I was frozen in place, my manhood in the hands of my best friend’s mom and my every instinct shouting to turn around and ravage her but my adolescent mind torn between the respect I had been taught for my elders and my desires.

As her hand slowly stroked my cock harder and harder I whimpered out, “…yes…” and was shocked at myself for what I had just said.

I felt her breath in my ear and softly say, “Jack is gone all weekend”

It was the permission I needed, it was the boiling point of my restraint, I turned around, forcing the older woman, now in front of me to let go of my cock, I reached around her, placing both my hands on her incredibly firm ass and lifted her off the ground and brought her lips to mine. She instinctively wrapped her legs around me and started kissing me passionately.

I stepped out of my shorts and moved to the middle of the kitchen. She forced herself to stop kissing me for just long enough to get out, “my bedroom”, her eyes pointing in the direction before returning to mine. There was a look of both fear and desire in her eyes, we both knew this was so wrong but it also felt so right. Her lips locked on mine again as I started walking towards her bedroom.

Once there I laid her down on her back on the mattress and she pulled the zip of the one piece overall down, wriggling to get out of the confines of the material, and revealing a plain black bra and a navy blue thong underneath.

I helped her out of her overall and her underwear, as she pulled my t-shirt over my head and then pulled my head back to her lips to embrace for another kiss which lasted for what felt like forever.

Like a kid in a candy store I started kissing and exploring my way down her body, an incredible toned body. I savored as much as I could, studying her body with my mouth like I was memorizing a treasure map, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her boobs, gently kissing each one, finishing off with my mouth on her nipple. Her small nipples grew so hard with my mouth gently sucking on them as my tong flicked over them, making her moan louder and louder. Eventually I kissed my way down her stomach, over her smooth crotch and getting my first smell of a woman aroused as her legs spread and wrapped around my head, pulling me in to explore her most delicate flesh.

At first the smell, taste and sensation was weird, but soon came to represent a sent and taste that would forever be etched into my head as desire. I am sure I was not very good at doing what I was doing as other than watching some porn and reading about all of this… it was all new to me.

It felt like I had explored her body for half the day, but in reality I had no idea how much time had passed, probably only minutes. I felt her relax her legs around my head and pull me up to her mouth where she kissed me passionately again. I was reluctant, my mouth was covered in her juices but she pulled me in hard and embraced me in a kiss, tasting herself Pendik Escort on my lips and my tong.

This day was being filled with new experiences, and was slowly blowing away many preconceived sexual ideas.

As she broke off the kiss, she stared lovingly into my eyes and asked probably the most dreaded words to a young man, “Have you ever been with a woman?” I was so tempted to lie but a little voice in my head said to be honest. I looked back into her eyes, with must have been crazy, deranged, lustful eyes, filled with fear and dread as I said no, I had not.

She smiled at me and winked, “don’t worry, I will teach you”

She rolled me onto my back, my cock harder than I can ever remember it being. I watched her as she got on top of me and kissed me again, then slowly let her kisses wonder down my neck, over my chest, making sure to kiss and suck gently on each of my nipples, and slowly kissing down my stomach, driving me wilder and wilder and making me feel even harder… if that was even possible. At this rate she was going to make me pass out due to lack of blood to the rest of my body, I was sure of it.

And then without any warning, she lowered her lips around the head of my cock and slowly let it slide into her mouth. My mouth fell open, I sucked in all the air my longs could take and instinctively reached down and ran my fingers through her brown hair until I found her scalp and hung on for dear life, trying my utmost to remember not to squeeze or pull or hurt her in any way. I did not want her to stop, the sensation of her warm mouth around my swollen member, her tong expertly dancing around my cock, driving me crazy…

She let my cock pop out of her mouth with a loud wet pop and looked up into my eyes, a naughty smile on her face, “I think he likes it” she said softly, not waiting for a response as she took my cock back into her mouth.

She was massaging my balls as she sucked at my cock and before I knew it, before I could utter a word I exploded into her mouth. I had been told that most girls don’t like swallowing cum and hate it when guys do not warn them but Mrs Petersen did not seem phased in the slightest, she hungrily devoured every drop and cleaned my cock with her lapping tong.

I panted as she gently started kissing the inside of my thighs, I was devastated, I lasted all of about 30 seconds, and I was hoping for much more, I was hoping to be inside of her… I looked down and she was staring up at me as she gently kissed the inside of my legs, her fingers gently playing with my balls.

I think she could sense my disappointment with my performance and between kisses said, “don’t worry Tim, we are far from over.” She then took my now limp cock and gently started sucking on it a little before letting it pop out of her mouth.

“Most young men get too excited and cannot last long their first time, now we can get you hard and you can enjoy your first time a lot more, I promise” she explained in a seductive whispered before taking my cock back into her mouth again.

I was shocked, within seconds I felt my cock start to stiffen once again and as she sucked and played with my cock, I swear it grew even thicker than before.

Now like any young man, I have pleasured myself before but once spent, that was that, here was a beautiful woman bringing my recently spent cock back to life in a way I never thought was possible.

My eyes were fixed on her, my fingers in her hair again as she eventually allowed my swollen cock to pop out of her mouth once more, she slowly dragged her body over mine, her breasts tracing up over my chest and kissed me deeply.

When she kissed me I could taste the slightest hint of saltiness, which was not present in any of our previous kisses, it must have been from my cum. I always thought the idea of tasting yourself was disgusting but turns out, tasting yourself on someone else was not disgusting at all.

When she broke from our kiss she smiled down at me, “There are many ways we can do this, but I think me on top would be the easiest for you to start off with.” She smiled as her words left her mouth and rattled around inside my brain as I felt her reach down, take my cock and guide it to her wet pussy. She placed the head at her entrance and then sat back up, sliding me into her with one smooth motion. Now sitting on top of me, I had a glorious view of her breasts, my cock berried inside of her warm velvet tunnel.

She just sat there and smiled and suddenly I gasped as I felt her muscles start to squeeze around my manhood. “Fuck” I let out and it made her giggle as she slowly started moving up and down on my throbbing shaft.

I moved my hands and rested them on her hips as she rode me, she was teaching me but she was also riding me for her own pleasure. Her eyes closed and she flung her head back as she picked up the pace.

Her breasts bounced as she moved up and down on me, hands placed on my chest, her finger nails Kurtköy Escort gently dug into my skin as she moaned louder and louder. Her body tensed and then started to shudder, she let out a loud moan and slumped down on top of me, my cock still deep inside of her, her muscles squeezing my cock as she panted and dug her nails ever so slightly harder into my skin.

“Fuck… you are amazing” she whispered between breaths as she laid on top of me. “I have not cum like that in a very long time” she admitted, “did you feel how I squeezed your cock as I came?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Lots of girls might fake an orgasm, but if you feel them squeeze you like that, you know that they came” she let out quietly while lying on top of me, her eyes boring into mine and her finger tips gently caressing the hair at my temples.

“Do you have any position you want to try?” she asked as she continued to play with my hair, staring lovingly into my eyes. “…um, …well, …yes, …I have always been curious about doggy style…” I muttered sheepishly which made her giggle. “That is nothing to be ashamed of Tim” she said with a wink. “But… ” I continued, “if you are asking me how I would like to… make love to you… next…” She looked at me with a warm smile, “such a cute, well mannered young man you are” she whispered, “and how would you like to make love to me?” she asked in the most seductive way I have ever heard.

“As we started off with you on top of me… I would love to be on top of you” I said softly.

She smiled at me, “you want to watch yourself enter me don’t you?” she asked. As she did she squeezed her vagina mussels again, gripping hard on my throbbing cock. Her actions made me almost shout out, “Yes”. She laughed and gently let my cock slip out of her warm pussy.

She rolled over onto her back and looked at me, “well big boy?” I needed no more encouragement. I leaped up and quickly crawled between her parted legs. I took my cock and gently positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I looked up at her, her smiling face fixed on mine before looking down at my cock again as I slowly pushed forward and watched my cock slide inside of her, a moan escaping both our lips as each inch slowly worked its way into her.

I am not sure where I got the courage, but I reached behind me and grabbed her legs and pulled them up onto my chest. I started to thrust with my hips, moving my cock in and out of her, each thrust a little harder than the one before. My eyes was on Mrs Petersen’s face, making sure that she was enjoying what I was doing.

It was not long before I was pounding her like a jack hammer, my breathing was getting more rapid as my orgasm started to approach and her breathing along with her clenching muscles around my cock told me she was not far from her own orgasm.

“I’m going to cum” I said between gasps of air, I was not sure what to do, do I pull out, do I cum in her, all I could think was to let her know and hope she would instruct me what to do before I did cum.

“Cum in me baby” she panted as she moaned as her orgasm took hold of her, her body going tense and starting to spasm again. Just as she started to orgasm, my own orgasm took hold of me, I pounded hard into her for several more strokes before I gave a final grunt, let go of her legs and collapsed on top of her.

“Fuck… are… you… okay… Mrs… Petersen…” I got out between breaths, causing her to laugh and then I felt her hands gently playing with my hair again. “I am more than fine Tim, and I think you can call me Emily, at least when it is just the two of us” she said in an amused but loving tone.

“Okay… Emily…” I said, trying it on for size, “…wow…” is all I could say at first. “…I never new it could be like this” I continued. Emily giggled again, “for most people it is not like this, it is more like an uncomfortable roll in the dark that ends in 30 seconds and leaves no one feeling good. But that is what lack of experience produces.”

She went quiet for a moment, “Are you okay?” she asked very quietly, almost nervously. “I am yes, why?” I asked, curious and concerned for this sudden change in her mood. “I just took advantage of you, you are a lot younger than me, you are my son’s friend… I should not have… oh my God, what have I done?” she started to rattle off.

I was still on top of her, I took my hands and wrapped them around her face, bringing her eyes directly in front of mine. “You did nothing, we did something, mutually, consensual, and it was amazing, thank you” I said as I kissed her trembling lips.

“Thank you for what?” she asked as we broke our kiss. “Thank you for sharing yourself with me like this, for teaching me, for being my first. I cannot think of any other way I would have wanted my first time with a woman to be.”

She looked deeply into my eyes, the look of fear, concern, embarrassment, happiness and probably a million other feelings all fighting to the foreground of her mind. I kissed her again, more passionately and said to her, “It happened, I do not regret it one little bit, I think you are beautiful and amazing and if I had the choice to do it all over again I would without a moment’s hesitation. I can only hope you feel the same way.”

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