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SBF Arrives

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Editor’s Note: this submission contains transwomen sexual content.


As Dulcinda drove us home to her abode, after our depositing Leonie at her new work-place, Dulcinda briefed me on how she wanted me to help her with a special relationship she was engaged in. Dulcinda’s and my sexual adventures with Leonie can be read in Entransed and Translayted, but now I’m going on to our intercourse with the SBF, whose nature and self-chosen name will shortly be revealed.

The individual in question was a transwoman who revelled in anal sex, both relishing a penis in herself and hers in a partner’s anus. Dulcinda and she had been making love in both ways for some time. So the lady was no virgin in anal terms. But she had never yet entered a vagina, so was still, in that sense, a virgin. And she was eager to rectify this situation, as she was eager to be able to engage in every variety of sexual activity. This comprehensive capability had been from when she became fully aware of her sexuality, a major intention in her transitioning.

Now Dulcinda wondered whether I might be the means of breaking through to her full potential. Of course, I was willing to help in any way I could, short of raping the girl with my rampant cunt. Dulcinda told me her name, but said she would explain the trigrammaton.

Arrived at Dulcinda’s she phoned the girl to summon her for the morrow. Then we ate a little, made love a couple of times and slept.

Dulcinda had refrained from telling me anything more than the above. So I was surprised at the appearance and behaviour of the young transwoman who arrived in the morning. For she was barely five feet tall, though quite plump. She was also so blonde as to seem near albino. Her hair was almost white, tied back with a ribbon, and her complexion so pale the veins were visible. Her large eyes, beneath the white brows, were light blue. She was dressed like a little girl, in a sleeveless summer dress, ankle-socks and sandals.

She was also bounding with energy and good humour, which qualities issued in an endless commentary on her life and whatever was in progress. Something like this, ‘Hallo, Norma. Dulcinda’s told me about you. You’re going to fuck with me, I hope. I couldn’t do it before, because of my mother and sister. Long story. Later maybe. Are you wondering if my pubies are white, too? Many people do. You’ll soon see. Let’s go upstairs. I’m terribly randy today. Probably from knowing we were going to fuck.’

Once in Dulcinda’s bedroom, the young woman wasted no time in stripping. The dress went off over her head. She was braless, her little breasts so firm they needed no support. She kicked off the sandals, ripped off the socks and stood before us in her little girl flowered knickers. ‘How old do you think I am, Norma? I look about thirteen, I know, but actually I’m twenty. Not that I’m much different from when I was thirteen, except for these little boobies. Got them when I was eighteen. Mother took me to a clinic, and paid to have me hormonised. She’s rich, as my dad had to pay her a mint for the divorce when I was little. So, what about my little cock? Her she is.’ She pulled down and stepped out of the panties, and there was her slim, fully erect penis, with its pale pink glans peeping out of its foreskin, with its tight little scrotum beneath. Her pubic area was hairless, and had, I suspected, never needed a razor. The delicious penis was nof thicker than my thumb, and about five inches long when hard.

‘Ready for action, as you see. Always is,’ she said,

She was utterly uninhibited, baring herself so casually, indeed proudly, before a stranger. And who could resist her charm and attraction? She was so pretty, so girlish that the slim little penis was both a surprise and a positive addition to her girlishness. It was a completely female penis, more of a large clitoris than a male appendage.

Then she turned round, and if her front view was charming her rear view was ultra-feminine. I am a connoisseur of bottoms, and this one was so shapely and alluring, that my heart turned over to see it. Thinking of it later yielded a belated insight, for I became aware that my ideal bottom is slightly out of proportion, a little too large for the owner. My own is like that, confirmed by my measurements, as I am 42D in the bust, 30 in the waist and 44 in the hips. I think there is a field of study devoted to bottoms, which I will call arsethetics. And the bum which inspired this proposal would be a major item in establishing the criteria.

‘What do you think, Norma?’ she asked, glancing over her shoulder. ‘Do you like my little bum?’

‘Not so little, I’m glad to say,’ I said, ‘And it is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.’

‘It’s not much different from before I transition,’ she said. ‘The hormones plumped it up a bit, but you can see why I had to transition. With my little thin cock and my girly bum what choice did I have? My mother and sister agreed, so there was no problem. We’re a very loving family, in czech pool porno every way.’

Dulcinda was enjoying the spectacle as much as I was, and she now said, ‘Why don’t we get ready, too, Norma? You can see she doesn’t need much foreplay.’

‘As you strip you can guess why I call myself SBF,’ the young transwoman said.

‘Sexiest Bottom Femtrans?’ I suggested.

She picked up her dress and fished her phone out of a pocket, and shortly there was music playing. From Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.’ She began to move to the well-known melody on the celeste, but what she did would, if a ballerina did it, merit an X rating. That sweet bottom gyrated in a manner unknown in the Bolshoi repertoire, where even the most sexually explicit dancer usually wears a tutu, panties and tights. Twerking has not, I think, yet entered the conventional choreography. This Sugar Plum Fairy was outrageous, from her thrust forward tits to her gyrating bottom, and the erect penis was also not a usual addition to the established routine.

‘I see,’ I said, ‘You’re the Sugar Bum Fairy.’

‘That’s right.’

It was, indeed, a suitable soubriquet, for her pearlescent skin tone, with the pale pink touches, in cock, and, as was now being demonstrated, anal ring, giving the impression of an item of confectionary.

She was now kneeling on Dulcinda’s bed, back hollowed to present her bottom, and Dulcinda, naked and rampantly erected, was kneeling behind her. SBF said, ‘Dinda is going in, and I’d like you to hold my cock as I come, Norma. It’ll be very quick.’

I could not imagine how Dulcinda’s sizeable tool was going easily to enter that delicate-looking bottom, but I was treated to a sight I had seldom seen, for as the glans slid between the cheeks and nestled at the anus, the hole fluttered open. Practice had trained this response. SBF was ready, and her open ring resembled a vaginal vestibule. It was not round but more an ellipse and the glimpse of glistening pink within was cunt-like.

Dulcinda spat into her hand and wiped it on her cock-tip. Then she pushed into the gaping aperture, and, to my continuing surprise, the cock slid in readily and paused half in.

‘Now, Norma,’ SBF said, and I reached under her belly, past her nearest thigh and took the cock between my fingers. ‘Just hold it,’ she said.

The two of them clearly had an established routine, for Dulcinda said, ‘Are you ready for me, darling?’

‘Yes, I’m ready. Are you ready, Dinda?’

‘Spunk gathering. Shall I come?’

‘Come, darling, come into me. Give me your spunk.’

‘Will you come for me, come for Norma?’

‘My jizz is starting.’

‘Here I come, sweetheart,’ and Dulcinda thrust her whole organ in with such force her lover was pushed forward, which meant her penis pushed through my fingers and she spurted a thin, warm, watery stream, which ceased. After a short pause, another spurt short forth, and then another. She was giggling and chirping the while, ‘Oh, yes, that’s it. There’s more. Here it is. Another one. Terrific!’.

Dulcinda was motionless, savouring the aftermath of her orgasm. I half expected her to start pumping in and out to bring on her second spasm, but after a little she pulled out. A flood of her semen followed. And without delay the pair reversed positions, so SB Fairy’s pink tip was poised at Dulcinda’s entry. SB reached under Dulcinda to collect sperm from her cock, anointed her own with it, and, without further ado, thrust into the waiting arse.

I took Dulcinda’s slippery tool in my hand. The SBF’s slender prick had no trouble in slotting home and as her stomach slammed into Dulcinda’s cheeks, they both came, Dulcinda gasping and shaking, the SBF laughing and crowing, while Dulcinda’s cock stiffened in my hand and shot gobbets of flocculent ejaculate onto the bed.

They remained joined, and I could not resist stroking that lovely, girly white bottom. Then she pulled out and there was a gush of her clear fluid. She said, ‘Not much sperm in it. It’s all sea-spray. Lucky my prostate is so productive. I’m not fertile, which is handy, because I shan’t be in danger of making them pregnant.’

I wondered at the implications of this, but did not like to ask, though she was so forthright I could have done. Could she really be referring to her mother and sister?

We lay down together, and the SBF went on talking. ‘I tried a bloke a while ago, but he was too much into domination. He thought I was a girl with a dick as a kind of extra something for him to play with. He let me fuck him but really only as a kind of payment for letting him fuck me. Then I met Dulcinda and I think I’m a transgirl who wants to fuck with transwomen. But I want to fuck with women, too. Especially with two special women, so I want to try it, you see, and learn how to give a woman pleasure. That’s important, that is.’

‘SBF,’ I said, ‘You’re so cute I’m longing to fuck with you. I’m sure Dulcinda’s given you the theory lessons czech sharking porno about women, but it will be my pleasure, in every way, to give you the practical. And the first lesson is the clitoris. For most women that’s the source of the bliss. And you can suck it, lick it and finger it. It’s like a little cock, because it erects. Have a look. They’re all different, but quite similar. Mine’s already hard from watching you two and holding your cocks. I love to see cocks coming.’

I opened my legs wide and she peered closely into my fuzz. ‘These are the labia, aren’t they?’ she said, ‘Can I open them? Ah, yes, there’s your vulva, and down there’s your cunt, isn’t it? I’m going to go in there. And here’s your clitoris. I’m going to lick it.’ Which she did, and did with the enthusiasm she brought to everything she did.

‘That’s lovely,’ I said, ‘And if you put a couple of fingers in my vagina, I’ll come, and you’ll feel what happens. They’ll go in easily, because I’m excited already. That’s right. Just go on with the tongue, and…Yes, I’m coming.’

She worked her fingers inside me and stopped licking at just the right moment. She gave a little laugh of triumph. ‘Oh, I made you come, didn’t I?’

Dulcinda said, ‘Don’t forget the breasts, sweetheart. Give her a moment to settle down, and then go to them. Many women can come with their tits, and you and I can get pretty near ourselves, can’t we?’

‘The breasts can wait,’ I said. ‘Now I’ve seen that delicious cock in action I want it inside me. It would go up my bum, but you know about those, so we can save that for later, if you want to do that. Can you come again?’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I’m getting hard again. See? You want me in your cunt?’

‘Yes. Move between my legs. You know to do that, if we’re going to fuck face to face. That’s right. Now move forward and find your way in. You can use a hand, or I can guide you. Some transwomen and men love to be put in. Or you can feel for my entrance with your cock-head. Yes, like that. Keep prodding. That’s it. There you go. Press on in.’

‘It’s different from a bum, isn’t it? It’s smoother and more slidey. It feels good. I know the prick goes in and out, like it can do in a bum, to make it come.’

‘Go on, then,’ I said, ‘Bring yourself to come in me. Don’t worry about me. I want to give you your first cunting.’

‘That’s nice, moving in and out like this. Not as tight as a bum, but it’s hot and my cock likes the feeling. Oh, yes, I’m going to come. Here it comes!’

Since her tool was slender the sensation was not strong, but I felt it pulsate with its comings, and she did what all cocks usually demand and instinctively drove in as far in as it could. Nature ensures that the sperm is delivered as near the cervix as possible, so the little swimmers have the minimum distance to go.

‘Oh, Norma,’ she said, resting on my bosom, ‘That was nice. It was different from a bum, but nice. I shall enjoy doing it any time now in their cunts.’ Another cryptic clue? ‘But now you must come, and it would be great if Dinda went in and finished the job my little prickle started, and then we’d have mixed our cocktail inside in you.’

Still erect, she slid out of me, extricated herself from between my thighs and helped Dulcinda take her place. Needless to say, Dulcinda needed no urging and her member stiffened in anticipation as it sought my oozing opening. ‘Put it in, sweetheart,’ she said, and the SBF slotted her home, and she began to thrust in and out, varying the angle to seek what was most stimulating for me. She knew when she had found it, and then sought the rhythm that would bring me to orgasm.

The SBF reached for my clit and worked it, becoming steadily more excited herself. So I took hold of her cock and gently squeezed the foreskin round the glans. As it stiffened in prejaculation my own climax dawned, and Dulcinda responded to the spurts of SBF’s penis onto my belly and my vaginal spasms by flooding me with her jism.

We were, after that, temporarily spent and we lay together and dozed, our nerves slowly settling into relaxation, during which I thought of what we might next do.

‘You know,’ I said, ‘There’s still a couple of things I haven’t ever done, even by my advanced age. I’ve never had two transwomen inside me at once, either in one place or the other or both. Double-penetration they call it, but that sounds more like engineering than sex. Would you two like to try it? I think it would be Dulcinda from the back underneath, because she can reach further.’

‘I’ve never done it two at once,’ Dulcinda said.

The SBF said, ‘You know I haven’t, Dinda. It sounds good, though, every way.’

Dulcinda lay on her back. I straddled her, facing away, and lowered my hips to slot her home in my vagina. Then I lay back onto Dulcinda, and the SBF shuffled between both pairs of open legs. She said, ‘That looks so good. I can see Dinda’s cock going up inside. Can I get in there, too?’

She czech streets porno moved forward and I felt her cock prodding in my vulva. She said, ‘I’m going to try to get in. If I can just slide up along Dinda. Like this. Oh, yes, I’m going in. It’s tight isn’t it? Can you feel me?’

‘Yes, I can feel you against me, darling,’ Dulcinda said.

‘I can feel you both,’ I told them ‘It’s exciting. Can you come?’

‘Yes!’ they said together, and SBF put a finger to my clit and jiggled it.

‘Come on,’ I said. ‘All at once!’

Dulcinda withdrew an inch and slide in again. And that was enough. The slight friction of the cocks together sparked their simultaneous coming. I felt them expand as they ejaculated, and that, and SBF’s touch brought me off, too. They pushed into me and we lay clamped together in a three-way climax so all-enfolding that even SBF was silenced.

They continued to make involuntary little pelvic jerks for a while, until the leakage of semen loosened them and they slipped out, uttering like sighs of regret.

‘That was special,’ Dulcinda said, ‘We sometimes do frottage. You know, both cocks together in one hand. But that was different, wasn’t it? Your cunt frotted us, Norma.’

‘It was so wonderful to have you both come into me at once,’ I said.

SBF said, ‘Both of us in one cunt. I wonder if we can do that…’ She trailed off, and I was tempted to say, ‘…with either or both of two other, special, women close to you.’

We were now temporarily satiated and after a prolonged cuddle we rose, showered, donned minimal clothing and prepared a meal. Over this the mystery of the two women SBF was keen to have sex with emerged, for, realising she had dropped heavy hints, she was ready to explain.

‘I told you my mother and sister was happy I should transition as far as I wanted. They love me and wanted me to be happy. They aren’t quite like other mothers and sisters, either, because it was they who helped me find myself as a sexual person. Because, of course, they’d seen how I’d developed, or hadn’t developed. We’ve always wandered about naked, you see, and we don’t have any secrets. Well, my mother was married very young, which was part of the problem, because she didn’t realise what sort of man my father was. And my sister is nine years older, so she was becoming a woman when I was still a little girl — well, no, of course, I tend to forget, I wasn’t a little girl. I was a little boy who wanted to be a little girl.’

She paused and laughed. ‘Can you follow me? I know it’s a bit muddled, because I’m not telling it in order. Well, Dinda knows some of it already.’

Dulcinda and I assured her we understood quite well and she went on, ‘You know, they let me wear dresses and knickers from when I was small. I used to be so thrilled wearing sister’s knickers, even though they were too big — at that time. Later they were just right. And I knew from seven or eight all about how boys and girls developed differently, and of course I’d seen their breasts and pussies. And they told me about sexy interhorse, as I heard it, and how my little penny could grow into a big penis, and how I might not go on wanting to be a girl but might want to be a boy and have the sexy interhorse, with girls.’

‘Did they say anything about lesbians or transgender people?’ Dulcinda asked.

‘Yes, they did, when I got to puberty, which was very late. Not till I was eighteen.’ She paused a long time, considering whether to pursue this. Then she took a deep breath and spoke rapidly. ‘They said how sometimes girls loved girls, and boys loved boys, and some people wanted to change from one to the other.’

Dulcinda had not, I think, heard this before. We showed no surprise, anyway.

She drew another deep breath. ‘At that time a boy at school told me about tossing off. So I tried it, and it worked. I’d had lots of erections, like all boys, from when I was little, so that wasn’t strange, but now when I thought about my mother’s and sister’s pussies and bottoms I had this beautiful feeling and some kind of special water came out of my tool, as the boy called it.’

‘Were you scared or worried?’ I asked.

‘No, I was excited, because it meant I was growing up at last, and my little tool could do that, when I’d been wondering if I was ever going to grow up. But, of course, my mother and sister knew all about it. I wasn’t hiding it from them, anyway, and soon I told them.’

‘What did they say?’ I asked.

‘They said it was what boys did, and that girls could toss off, too, using their jitterists, and they showed me theirs, and said they often did it, and that boys could toss off other boys, and girls could toss off other girls, and both could toss off each other. And that was all quite all right and nothing to worry about. On the contrary it was a way people could help each other and show how they liked and loved each other.’

She fell silent again, and we guessed there had been some problem at this point. Dulcinda asked, for my benefit, I think, ‘Did something go wrong?’

‘Well, yes and no. You see, we often slept together, all three of us, and soon after this when we were in bed together I wanted them to help me. But I had this feeling that it would be wrong to ask them, so I was very frustrated.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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