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Scavenger Hunt

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Not totally enthusiastic that he had to shower alone, Greg steps out to dry himself off. April had already done her cleansing and had run out the door, before he had finished his. A little disappointed he trudges into get dressed. Something catches his eye on the bed. It was an envelope with not his name, but “My Hot Fuck Buddy” written on it in April’s hand, but with a little more flourish. Opening it up was a card with a kinda sexy illustration on it. The inside was once again written all in April’s hand.


Or should I say, my master orgasm provider. Your stories that you have been sending me has my brain and my pussy on fire. I would love to have a sexy scavenger hunt with you. Downstairs is a list of what that hunt shall entail. Now the goal of this hunt is to do something sexual in each place. Now I have picked out an outfit for you in the other room and you will find something in your text.

Your willing Fuck Buddy (aka your slut)

April ??

Reading this has gotten Greg very hard, standing there holding just a towel.

Heading in to find his clothes hanging up. A new button down shirt with the cuffs rolled up to mid forearm, a pair of shorts and new flip-flops, and another note.

Underwear are not an option.

Quickly dressed, deoderized, and spritzed with something to make him stink better, he heads to the kitchen. There he finds his phone, ontop of a note, sitting next to two shot glasses of whiskey. The note reads,

Here are the places I want to try something.


Whatcom falls park

The arboretum


Hardware sales


Now they are not in any order just some places. Now take a shot then look at your text.

Dutifully he downs a shot and opens his messenger. There is a picture of April in a cute short skirt, and a tank top. The text under it reads.

“Now text me back, but don’t drink the second shot.”

Doing what was asked by texting

“Ok sexy, what’s next?”

Which is followed quickly with a text from her, actually just a picture. A picture of her bare legs, skirt pulled up and her finger between smooth lips. As Greg zooms in on the picture, another one follows. This time it is her lips spread with a text caption.

“Now enjoy that shot.”

His head spinning, he downs the shot. Just he starts to grasp how much fun today is going to be, the car pulls back into the driveway. He rushes to the door to see April getting out of the car and walking to him.

“You drive. Do bostancı escort you have the list?” She asks.

“Yes I do. Those pictures are fucking hot!” Greg announces.

She comes up and kisses him deep then puts a finger to his lips. He kisses it then takes it in. The fragrance of wet sex joining the amazing taste just hardens his cock more. April had dipped a finger into her molten spot, knowing that would get him very excited.

“Well let’s go have fun with the list.” Says as she walks to the passenger door flipping up her skirt to flash her bare ass at him. He quickly moves to open the door for her and kiss before she gets in.

They head into town. The whole drive April teases him unmercifully. Reaching over to rub his bulge, nibbles on his ear, flashing her wet sex.

“So which one first?” she purrs into his ear mid nibble.

“The toy store shall be first.” Replying to her question as sexy shivers run through him.

“What are you going to do there?” She asks but is only greeted with a smirk.

Pulling into the parking lot, Greg leans over to plant a deep kiss on her lips. April feels his hand running up her thigh. Opening to accommodate, she is rewarded with a very welcome finger dipping in as deep as it could go. A sigh escapes her lips as the finger is drawn out over her clit.

Hustling out of the car, greeting at her open door another kiss is shared. They wander in and exchange pleasantries with the young lady working there. Walking around looking at the toys and lubes, Greg positioned themselves in a way that the attendant could not see that he was sneaking ass grabs and feeling her bare pussy under the skirt. Finally settling on one spot acting like they were intrigued by what was there. In reality his hand was on April’s sex, finger rubbing perfect circles on her very wet hot button. Knowing that they couldn’t linger too long, they shifted to another place in the store. His hand finding the right spot again pushing April closer. The teasing just driving her wild. Shifting from spot to spot before reaching a conclusion that they wond be able to finish there. The last spot has them flustered and excited. In front of them are grab bags with prices on them. All sizes, and prices. She picks one out, then heads to pay for it.

“Do we need to buy batteries?” April inquires.

“No they come with everything needed.” Responds the attendant.

Slickness has her lips slipping together as they walk to the car. Greg opens the door once again, but makes ümraniye escort bayan sure to plant a kiss before letting her sit. Once in the car she opens the bag as Greg climbs in.

“I think I have unfinished business?” He says in a mock questioning tone.

His hand works in to find the spot again. The sensation showed her how actually close she is. Just a few well placed rubs to achieve bliss. Shudders of pleasure drift through. As she comes down he with draws his hand to taste the slick finger, then start the car.

As they drive April takes inventory of the sexy bag of wonders. First to appear is a bottle of lube, next a handful of condoms, followed by a vibrator that was cock shaped, after inserting batteries to find it is her perfect kind of buzz. The dimensions and detail was similar to Greg’s cock. The last thing to be revealed was a backdoor kit. Two pleasingly purple plugs. One relatively standard shape and the other three graduations of girth. Neither being scary sized.

“Where to next?” April asks

“Well let’s hit the arboretum.” Greg returns.

As they drive there April test drives her new phallus. Once again her sex is out to be seen as she tests the buzz on her clit. Circles turn on her hot button, giving Greg a show. The distraction is testing his ability to drive. A small damp spot forms where his member strains for removal.

They make the hill, and after parking he runs to her side of the car again to help her out. He suggests they bring their new toy with them, so she hands it to him. It finds a home in his pocket for the walk to the tower. A hand makes sure to feel bare skin of her backside. Once at the towers, without a sole in sight they start up the stairs. His hand running up under her skirt to tease her ass, along with her pussy from behind.

Once up top April turns and presses Greg into the railing, to kiss him with a lustfull intensity. Her had finding home on the inviting bulge in his shorts. He returns the attention, but going under her skirt to be welcomed by still very wet sex. Pulling him out into the warm midday air, she purrs through the kiss, “It’s my turn.” With a fluid motion, easing down while not breaking eye contact. Once there she brings her face up under his cock, allowing it to trail past her cheek to her lips. Kisses are worked around the head teasingly. As her mouth opens she moves to the tip to take it in. Warm and wet, the sensation of her mouth is like electricity. The feeling is overwhelming, but her sultry show kartal escort matches her skill. Taking her time to tease, his resolve is waning. Reaching down to his shorts, she retrieves the new toy. Steadying with one hand, turning the toy on with the other. It’s moved to her sex. The head of it rubbing up and down the slick cleft. Seeing what she is doing is an even bigger turn on. The excitement of the moment, coupled with once again eye contact is all it takes. His load paints her tongue as she works the tip. His knees feeling weak as she pays perfect attention to him.

Licking the tip clean stroking every last drop out. Standing up to ask “What’s next?” As April hands him the toy.

Gathering his post orgasm thoughts, Greg answers, “Well how about a couple of iced coffees?”

She nods in approval, then turns on her heels and heads down the stairs on the way to the car. Once at the car, he stops her, bends her over the hood, flips up her skirt to plant two perfect spanks.

“What was that for?” April inquires with mock irritation.

“Well if you have to know. It’s because your ass is too perfect.” Is Greg’s answer.

The start driving away and he hand her the toy.

“What should I do with that?” April asks.

“I think you should see how good it feels in there.” Greg suggests.

With a Sly look on her face she props up one leg and leans her seat back. It slides in after just a small bit of teasing of the cleft. Making a show of it knowing it is driving him wild. Climbing up to a climax she is interrupted with the arrival at Starbucks.

“Let’s order inside.” April suggests.

The store is busy, but Greg gets the order in. Turning to April, she beckons him to follow her to the bathroom. Making sure they were neither followed or seen, the dip into the bathroom. He quickly locks the door behind them. Without hesitation April put her foot up on the toilet and grips the handicap bar. Getting right behind her letting his shorts hit the floor. Skirt whisked out of the way, lined up, and eases in deep sending waves of future orgasm into her. The strokes start slow, but are not enough for either of them. Within a few strokes it becomes a carnal fucking. Hard deep slams hit every sensual spot in her pussy. A fast deep hard pounding launches her first orgasm. Then followed by another. A third is just elusive enough to be achingly wonderful. Hearing his tell tale sound that he is going to come sets the last one in motion as they both go over the climax peak. A few more strokes and he eases out of her tender sex.

Without a word. They dress and go get the coffee’s. On the way out the door

April asks, “Should we just head to Dan’s and ruin his bed?”

“Sounds good to me, but why limit it to just one bed?” Greg replies.

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