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The summer sun blazed in the sky, not a cloud in sight. It was a scorcher. Even the air conditioning going full blast in my car was just a temporary buffer. I sighed, feeling the artificial cool breeze battle in vain against the heat of the day seeping in through the windshield. It was going to be tough to go out on a day like this, but I would be damned if I spent my vacation time cooped up in a hotel room. I crested a hill and was greeted with the sight of the sprawling beach, going on for miles. Sparkling ocean extended to the horizon.

I removed my bag and cooler from my trunk and then slammed it shut. More people were here than what I expected… I guess the heat wasn’t bad enough to keep people away from the sights. I strolled across the parking lot, crossing from the shimmering blacktop to the light sand. The shrieks and yells of children engaged in horseplay emanated from the beach.

Minutes later, I had spread out a beach towel and was sitting in the shade, making sure I had everything in order. I opened a bottle of water and looked out at the rolling waves. Kids built sandcastles and ran around shrieking. People frolicked in the ocean, sending arcs of droplets flying. They flew through the air, catching rays of light, becoming miniscule diamonds falling into the sea. I stripped my t-shirt off, tossing it aside and then taking a few long greedy gulps of water, letting my eyes travel out farther, looking toward the horizon. I took a deep breath and then exhaled, letting the stress melt out of me.

I pulled my camera out of the duffel bag. I was hoping to get a few good shots out of my vacation, if only to justify the sudden impulse buy of a water-proof camera that I had somehow, some way convinced myself I would use. I think part of this trip was made as an excuse to further justify this irresponsible purchase.

I walked along the beach, surveying the scene, mentally forming compositions. I took a few general shots, warming up. I quickly waded into the water, and though it wasn’t as chilly as I could have hoped, it was a welcome respite from the heat. I dove into the water, submerging myself completely. I hung there for a while, hearing the raucous sounds of the beach bend and distort. It was a profound mixture of chaos and serenity. Water churned from various sources around me, and there were screams that seemed close and yet distant at once. I surfaced and turned to look towards the wide expanse of ocean, water extending to the horizon. I waded back a bit, feeling the silt of the beach floor beneath my feet.

I steadied myself and brought the camera to my eye. I took shot after shot of the horizon, ripples of waves approaching relentlessly. I needed a subject though… the flat expanse of water was just that. My lens scanned the horizon, picking out subject after subject, taking a few shots before moving on: a man fishing in the far distance, a couple of teens playing around with the guys serving as steeds for the piggybacking girls, a middle-aged man scooting around on a jetski, a… holy shit.

She had just stood up on her crimson surfboard, achieving her balance quickly, catching the approaching wave perfectly. Her athletic body was tanned, and seeing at how amazing she rode the board, I could tell it was earned from countless hours of practice. Speaking of her body, she was wearing a vibrantly colored side-tie bikini that seemed impractical for aquatic sports, leaving little to the imagination. Her golden-brown hair was cut short, a braid hanging behind each ear. She was a knockout.

My finger twitched, taking picture after picture of her as she surfed from one side of my vision to the other. The wave she tuzla escort was riding on eventually petered out, and she hopped into the water and then climbed back on her board. My shutter kept snapping, as I documented her rising out of the water, beads of water clinging to her body as she straddled her board, looking out at the waves with an elated smile on her face. She seemed like a legendary nymph out of tales that lonely sailors would tell each other during long and lonely voyages.

I realized I had been taking photos almost nonstop for god only knew how long. I glimpsed down, checking to see how many more digital “exposures” I had left on my camera… I still had plenty, but I had devoted a lot of shots to her. I smiled… maybe my purchase hadn’t been a waste after all.

I brought the viewfinder back up to my eye, reframing her in my composition. She stretched out (oh my god, it was almost too sexy to bear) and then leaned back on her board, and turned her head, surveying the beach as if searching for somebody…. and then she was looking right at me.

I froze, like the proverbial deer in headlights. My mind, caught unawares, was slow to come up with rationalizations. Maybe she wasn’t looking right at me… I started moving, looking behind me, only to see a few people scattered, with nothing to indicate any sort of connection with her or my current predicament. I looked back. Her eyes were dead-set on mine, and she was paddling her board closer.

I walked out of the ocean hastily, heading for my spread, feeling embarrassed and more than a bit ashamed, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I walked across the hot sand, quickly stuffed my camera in my bag, collected my effects and made a beeline for the showers.

I stacked my stuff on the outside of the stall and slipped inside. I cranked the knob and the stream of water erupted from the showerhead. Ugh, what was I thinking, just taking pictures like a common pervert. Though I silently chastised myself, I couldn’t help but replay the scene in my mind, images of the woman’s graceful form playing in slow motion, mentally undressing her.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening behind me. I whirled around to see the woman standing before me plainly, a grin on her face, my camera in her hands. Before I could even utter a sound of protest, she stepped in, neatly latching the stall door behind her. She made a show of bringing the camera up, her fingers on the display controls, browsing through the snapshots I had taken earlier. “…nice… nice… sucks… garbage… sexy… crap…”

Up close, many more details about the woman became apparent. She stood just a few inches shorter than me. Dazzling green eyes, dancing with amusement. A simple cord necklace with a shark’s tooth dangling at the end. The edges of her bikini showed hints of tan lines, a startling contrast between deep suntan and untouched skin. I shook off my wandering eye and focused, trying to get in a few words. “W-what do you think you’re doing with my camera? What are you doing in here?” My words were a bit weak; I knew I was protesting from a position of little to no leverage.

She looked me up and down, her eyes appraising me as she brought my camera up, peering through the viewfinder. “Oh, just taking my turn. Say cheese!” With that she started snapping pictures of me. I couldn’t believe that was happening. “Come on, do something! Strike a pose!” I was dumbstruck. I took a step towards the door, reaching for the latch, but her hand lashed out like lightning, pressing against my chest and shoving me back. She fixed me with a stare, and although she was still smiling, tuzla escort bayan I could tell she wasn’t joking softly. “Hey man… you got your eyeful earlier. You can bet that I’m going to get my fun too. What’s the matter? You don’t want to have a little fun?”

I hesitated, the touch of her hand sending a shiver through my body. She had me there. I couldn’t really get upset with her. Turnabout was fair play. I decided to play along. Besides, it wasn’t every day I got to meet such firecracker. “…Well, when you put it that way, how could I refuse?”

She smiled.

She stooped down and all but tore my bathing suit off. I was already semi-hard from being in an enclosed space with a scantily clad amazon. She took a few pictures before looking at me with mild annoyance. “Come on… get hard for me.”

“It’s a little hard with the camera…”

“Oh, no kidding.” She responded flatly. She then leaned in against me, her breasts pressing against my chest, one hand falling from the camera and reaching for my cock, grasping it in her slender fingers. She leaned in and kissed my chest, her hand cradling and lightly stroking my shaft, skillfully coaxing it to life. I reached up, my hands pressing against the sides of the stall in an effort to brace myself against her sudden assault. “How about now?” She murmured huskily, her tongue flicking against my skin, the rough texture titillating me. I could feel my cock, erect and hard. She suddenly bit my chest, and I moaned involuntarily. She looked up and practically giggled “aw… so cute.” She then looked down, her eyes sparkling as she watched her hand moving up and down my manhood. “But it’s a different story down here, huh?”

She sank to her knees, her grip on me adjusting as she descended. She took more pictures. I felt in a daze as I heard the shutter click repeatedly. Was this really happening? I pushed all thoughts aside, rationality was too much to handle right now. She was taking selfies with my cock. I allowed a bit of sarcasm to drip into my voice. “Having fun down there?”

She looked up, the persistent grin on her face never wavering. “Of course, aren’t you?” She winked and kissed the head of my cock, holding the pose for the camera, the shutter clicking. I could feel my hips involuntarily sway forwards, instinctively wanting more, but she moved with grace and skill, very effectively controlling our positions. She finished taking another picture and then closed her eyes, her hand that held the camera dropping away as she turned towards me and lunging forward, taking my cock deep. I moaned loud and deep, my body tensing up as my cock vanished. God, she felt divine. The cold water running down my back contrasted with the molten heat of her mouth, her tongue lasciviously massaging the broad underside of my cock. She held up her hand, the camera aimed wildly, taking another picture awkwardly as she bobbed her head back and forth, coating my manhood with her saliva.

She pulled back her head, and examined my cock for a few moments. “See, it’s all nice and hard now” she cooed. She thrust the camera up and waved it around, fixing me with a stare. “Make yourself useful while I take care of this.” I grabbed the camera almost out of reflex, and nearly dropped it as she started to suck my cock intensely, one hand toying with my balls, the other grabbing my ass, holding me tight, her head bobbing back and forth, her hair swaying with her rhythm.

I somehow managed to correctly orient the camera as my cock was being devoured. I took picture after picture of her going to town on my cock, trying my best to remember the fundamentals of composition and lighting, and failing miserably. escort tuzla As her lips and tongue worked, I could feel the tell-tale pleasure rising in my body, inching closer and closer to its ultimate expression.

And yet frustratingly, she must have been able to sense it as well, as she opened her mouth wide and pulled back, leaving my cock unattended. Naturally, I moaned in protest. “Oh, don’t whine too much, babe…” she said, rising to her feet. “There’s more to come, I promise.” She reached up between her breasts, picking out a string between thumb and forefinger, tugging on it to undo the simple knot. The fabric of her top fell free, and she easily shrugged her top free, the vibrant colors fluttering to the tile at our feet.

I couldn’t help but stare. Her breasts were startlingly pale in comparison to her well tanned skin. Her nipples were an alluring shade of pink, and quite stiff. She must have been enjoying our current interlude as much as I was. Her hands kept on moving, her eyes anchoring me with a smile. Her fingers grabbed the side ties of her suit’s bottom and pulled. My eyes followed her motions and watched as her precious mound was revealed. I can’t be sure how much time elapsed between that moment and the moment she deftly switched sides with me. All of a sudden her hand was on my head, pushing me down to my knees. Along the way, the camera somehow ended up in her hands again, and I was eating her out greedily, my hands on her thighs. Cool water trickled down the contours of her toned body, occasionally reaching my mouth. Droplets clung to our bodies, seemingly at random; The water flattened the hair on my body, rendering it dark and matted.

I closed my eyes while my head nodded up and down as I devoted myself to her pussy. Through the downpour of water around us, I heard the telltale sound of my camera clicking over and over, along with the sound of my partner moaning and cursing lightly. A set of fingers wove in my hair, tugging and directing me. My tongue flicked inside her, pressing aside her tight walls, and I could feel her legs trembling, her hips bucking up to meet my mouth and tongue with each furtive thrust. A shockwave ripped through her body, and she violently tugged my head away as she shuddered and gasped for breath repeatedly.

I took the moment to catch my breath as well. I tilted my head back, earning a unique perspective of the beauty’s statuesque body. She was breathing deeply, her shapely breasts rising and falling, water cascading off her head and flowing down her. The sound of the shower still hissing away.

She dropped the camera and turned in place quickly, her hands outstretched and planted against the walls of the stall. She bent and postured, presenting her plump ass insistently, wiggling it. “Come on, come on, come onnnnnnnn, fuck me!” I stood up and without hesitation thrust my cock into her pussy, impaling her in a powerful and elegant motion. Her voice rang out with a loud piercing shriek that lasted only for a moment and then melted away into a long satisfied purr. I kept thrusting and her body received me readily, her core clinging tightly as my cock slammed home repeatedly.

I felt her thrusting back, matching my rhythmic pounding, arching her back as we fucked lustfully, driven by primal hunger. Our moment of carnal pleasure built upon itself, ecstasy replicating and becoming a thing much too large to rein in or control. We were carried away and loving every hot, hazy, sweating, frenzied, animalistic moment of it.

I erupted into her and felt her hot pussy squeeze down on me like a vise. We ground to a halt, feeling our climax reverberate around us. Gradually, the edges of our reality started to become real again. The showerhead still dousing us with cool water, the shrill shouts of children playing becoming audible again. The relentless sound of the surf crashing on miles of sand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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