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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The next three days dragged by. I was not concentrating on business but I listed one single family and helped a client make an offer on a nice split-level in Bexley. I found five more four families to show Ann so every time the phone rang on Friday my heart started beating feverishly. When she finally did call about 1pm I had almost given up hope.

“Hey Fred, sorry I’m so late, hope you don’t mind. It’s been a rough three days and I slept in. Plus I had an appointment to get my nails done but I’m ready to check out some properties if you found any that might be in my price range.”

“Afternoon Ann! So glad you called, Things have been hectic around here too. How was your trip?” I was trying to act “cool.”

“Great but it took a lot out of me. I told you I’m an interior designer. Usually I stay in town but this week all the designers from all the stores were in Cleveland to help set up our latest store. We put in three twelve hour days to get ready for the grand opening tomorrow so I was exhausted when I got home last night. Enough about that, do you have anything I might be interested in?

“I do, five properties in fact.”

“That’s wonderful, I can be ready in fifteen minutes.”

I lied, again trying to be “cool.” “I’m with a customer right now, Ann, would four o’clock be ok?”

I thought I heard some disappointment in her tone but she agreed saying, “That will give me time to go to the store. You will have time for dinner won’t you?”

She didn’t say as much but my thought was “dinner” was her code for “I want to fuck your brains out!”

“Dinner would be great.” I replied enthusiastically.

“I thought you might say as much.” She teased, “See you at four!” She didn’t wait for my response.

It was all I could do to be patient and arrive at her place fashionably late. I lied again and apologized, “We were writing up an offer and I just couldn’t rush them.”

“No worries, I know you work on commission.” She was all business. “Tell me about the properties you’ve found for me.”

I described all five and she eliminated one because the neighborhood was too rough and another because it was too expensive. As we were walking out to my car she grinned and asked, “have you been a good boy?”

“Whatever do you mean, ma’am?” I answered in mock ignorance.

“Are you saying you’ve been a bad boy, Van Escort Freddy?” It was the first time she called me that but from that day forward whenever she wanted me to know she was in charge she would call me Freddy, unless she was angered and then it was Frederick.

“No, ma’am, I obeyed your instructions. It was not easy but I did it.”

“Did what, Freddy?”

“You know! What you said.” I held the door for her to get in my car.

As I climbed in the driver side she admonished impatiently, “Yes, Freddy, I know. And I know that you know but I still want you to tell me.” Her voice was soft and reassuring. “Whisper in my ear.”

I leaned over and kissed her cheek and whispered, “I didn’t jack off.” Somehow there was a sense of shame. It was like admitting that I do jack off but because she asked me not to I refrained just for her.

“Why didn’t you jack off, Freddy?”

I knew better than to hesitate or skirt the issue, I kissed her cheek again and whispered, “I didn’t jack off so I could save my cum for you.”

“That is so sweet, Freddy. I am so happy and proud that you want to save your cum for me. Now, enough of that, let’s get down to business.” For the next three hours we inspected the three remaining properties on my list. We talked about the pros and cons of each one. I gave her my estimate of expected income and expenses. She told me she would give my numbers to her accountant for a second opinion which I of course encouraged. She was partial to a double that had been turned into six student apartments over by the university but she wanted to be sure.

After dinner, which was a homemade tortellini in a sauce that turned out to be a mixture of Alfredo ever so slowly at first. As they rose her hand pulled my face into her pussy like she was using a toy. “Two fingers, Freddy, three! Harder, suck harder!” I could feel her tremble as she came on my face, her belly heaving, her cunt grasping, her voice rising. “Yes, Freddy, yes! That’s it , oh, yes, that feels so..o. good. Without warning she pushed me away, “Stop! It hurts! It hurts so good!”

She slumped back on the couch; all the tension drained from her legs, her fingers idly playing in my hair. “Come to mama.”

She held me in her arms like a baby once again and kissed my lips, my chin, my cheeks and chin. “I taste good don’t you think?”

“Delicious, Van Escort Bayan simply divine!”

As we kissed I felt her hand pushing my Jockey shorts off my hip. I raised up and she pushed them far enough so she could grasp my cock. As her fingers wrapped around my cock and started pumping she giggled, “Let’s do something about this.”

I started to change position so I could enter her but she stopped me. “Not tonight, Freddy. Tonight I want to see how much cum you’ve saved for me. I want to watch you shoot. We’ll fuck in the morning.”

I knew it was futile to argue with Ann. She knew just how to push my buttons. Besides, she wanted to fuck in the morning and she was jacking me off. Life was good.


I was almost in a trance as I lay in her arms enjoying the way she played with my cock and balls. She would rub my balls until they relaxed and then stroke my cock until they tightened up again. First my balls, then my cock; back and forth, over and over. I had edged myself but never for so long. “Suck my tit, baby.”

She pulled the neck of that peasant blouse down so I could suck. She held my head in her arm like a baby so I could nurse and her free hand teased my cock. When she pumped it was so gentle I could just barely feel it. There was no hurry. When I jacked off I sometimes pumped so hard it would hurt when I was done but Ann seemed to enjoy seeing how long she could tease me.

“Are you close Freddy? Are you gonna shoot for mama?”

“Please, mama, please make me shoot!” I pleaded. I was more than ready, I needed to cum for her, I wanted to cum for her.”

“Not just yet, Freddy! There is a tube of lube next to the phone. Can you reach it for mama?”

I arched my back and stretched to grab the lube. I held it while she took the cap off. “Squirt some on your cock for mama, Freddy.”

She put the cap back on and I dropped the tube on the floor as she coated my cock with the cool lube. “Are you going to give mama a nice strong shot, baby?”

My cock was getting very tender, the veins were pulsing, the whole thing was turning dark purple. Her grip tightened and she stroked with a purpose. The cum which had been building up deep inside was rushing out the only escape route it had. The pain that feels so good was intense. I gasped, “Stop! Please stop, Escort Van it hurts too much!” cum once again coated my chest and belly and my cock was too tender to touch.

Ann stroked my face and smiled, “You were fantastic, Freddy! Now I know what will happen in my pussy tomorrow morning when you fuck me.”

I was exhausted, unable to speak. I just looked up into her eyes and smiled wondering what it would be like to fuck her and not be fucked. Not that being fucked by Ann was a bad thing.

“Would you look at the time! It’s almost midnight.” Ann kissed me on the lips and somehow again found a towel to clean up the mess she made with my cum. “Pour us some more wine, Fred, and then we’ll take a shower and go to bed.”

I stood up and she pulled my Jockeys down. “You don’t need these do you?”

“I guess not.” I grinned as I kicked them aside and went to the kitchen to get the wine. When I came back Ann was still wearing the peasant blouse and skirt. She was seated on the end of the couch and talking on the phone. I scowled as I handed her the glass.

“What’s wrong, baby? She gave me one of those looks women give you when they already know the answer. “Just a minute, Carol, Freddy is upset about something.”

“Freddy, baby.” She didn’t even cover the mouth piece on the receiver as she talked to me. “Didn’t I explain that it’s just girl talk? I am going to tell Carol all about this and if that is a problem you should just leave and never call me again.”

She raised the phone to her lips, “Yes, Carol, he’s standing here wearing just his socks. Just wait a minute, ok?

“Besides, I thought you might like to hear what I’m going to say about you. Now sit down, drink your wine and listen or get dressed and leave. I will be very disappointed if you leave but it’s your choice!”

“No, Carol, he’s not leaving. He’s sitting down.” She sipped her wine.

“Socks, Carol, I told you he’s just wearing socks. She looked at me.

“Carol wants to know why you are wearing your socks.” I just scowled.

“Carol said I should take a picture with my Polaroid. If I don’t show your face would that be ok?”

My eyes must have been as wide as saucers. “I don’t think he likes that idea, Carol.” She says you’re not fair.

“She wants to know if you are a good fuck.” I told her I’d find out in the morning.

What’s he good at? I told you already, he’s great at eating pussy!” she looked at me and smiled. “You are you know!”

“I’m tired, Carol, we can talk more tomorrow.” She finished her wine, stood and took my hand. “How about a nice shower before bed?”

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