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Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 08

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Paige and I were out on the town for dinner at our first date restaurant, Gilmore’s. We were sitting in the bar area again. Just before finishing dinner, Paige kicked me in the shin.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

“Reba is here. She’s with a guy.”

“Good for her. Did you need to kick me so hard?” I asked rubbing my shin under the table.

“Are you going to look?” She had a goofy smile on her face.


“Oh come on, she totally wants you to. I think she’s trying to show you her new man. She keeps looking at me.”

“She is looking at you because you are staring at her, you psycho. Leave her alone.”

“She totally wants you to look. Just give her a wave.”


“You are cold hearted. The poor thing falls for you, gives you a BJ, and then you dump her. You can’t even give her the time of day?”

“It does sound bad when you put it that way. I feel a little guilty. Let’s have them over to the house.”

Paige said flatly, “I wasn’t kidding when I said if I ever see that whore at our house, I’ll stab her in the eyes.”

“There’s the Paige I know and love.” I noted she said ‘our house’. I liked it when she said ‘our house’. And hopefully soon she would say ‘our family’ but I was getting ahead of myself.

Paige leaned forward and whispered, “She is coming this way.”

Sure enough, Reba passed within six feet of our table holding hands with her date. Just as she passed our table, I heard her say to her date, “Let’s go back to your place.”

When they were gone, I told Paige. “Looks like someone is getting lucky tonight.”


On the drive home I decided to bring up her reaction to Reba, “Paige, I noticed you weren’t as jealous as normal when you saw Reba.”

“No, I know that you are my man now. Your heart belongs to me.”

“True,” I agreed.

“I have you wrapped around my finger.”


“Yeah. This one.” she held up her left pinky for me to see. She regarded it from a few different angles as if it had special powers.

“Oh, is that so?” I reached over and tickled her ribs. I enjoyed how she squirmed away. “We will see about that. Tonight I will remind you who the boss is.”

“Oh boy! I like the sound of that.”

On a whim, I turned off the road towards the lake.

“Where are we going?” she asked. Paige smiled brightly already knowing where we were headed.

It was time to unearth her dirty secret, whatever it was. “We need to sit and talk without distractions.” I told her.

“If that’s what you call taking a girl for a nighttime drive down to the lake, okay. I’ve never parked by the lake with a boy before.” She placed her hands on her knees and batted her eyelashes at me with the look of an innocent school girl.

We found a secluded place to park and I killed the engine and lights. It was a nice view, a perfect place to park with a girl, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when Paige moved in to kiss me. She had one hand caressing my chest and the other in my lap feeling my quickly hardening dick. I kissed her back and felt her breast. My other hand went under her dress and looked for a path into her moist undies. I moved my mouth over and started to kiss where the corner of her jaw met her delicate neck and she mmm’d. One finger found its way into her hot, wet pussy.

Paige moaned. “Oh Paul, you always know what feels perfect.”

I didn’t want to stop but making out was not accomplishing the talking we needed to do.

I reluctantly pulled away. “We need to talk first.”

Paige looked a little perturbed at me. “What could be more important than what we were doing right now?”

“Our future,” she looked confused so I clarified. “Our future together,” Paige started to get an elated expression. Oh god, she thinks I’m proposing! This is going from bad to worse. I quickly explained before things got out of hand. “We need to talk about a couple things before we take the next big step.” I hoped that was enough damage control.

Paige deflated. “Okay, what’s up?”

“What is the story with your first boyfriend. What makes you so jealous.”

“Those aren’t exactly the same issue.”

“How so?”

“Let’s talk about the asshole first. You met him.”

“I did?”

“He was the valet who opened my door on our first date. The look on his face was priceless.”

“I remember not liking him. How did he wrong you?”

“He was the cutest guy in school. I was so excited when he asked me out. But, he spent every date just trying to get in my pants.”

“That’s kind of normal. I always want to get in your pants.”

“You are different. You want to be with me because you like me. Other guys are the other way around. They like me because they want to get in my pants.”

I wasn’t so sure I was that pure before I got to know her, but I let it go. “I’m sorry I interrupted, please continue.”

“On the first couple of dates, I just let him kiss me; I made him stay outside my clothes. On the third date he talked me into a hand job.” she giggled, “I could fit his izmir escort entire little dick in my hand. I knew his was small. Yours was the second one I saw, it scared me to death. It is so much bigger. I had no idea they could be so big.” Paige blushed. “I remember being on my knees looking at it the first time. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I didn’t think it could fit in me.”

Wow, could she build up my ego. It isn’t that big, just seven inches. “It fits perfectly. Go on.” I assured her.

“Yes it does. On the forth date he wanted a BJ. I said no but I let him hump against my boobs. And on the fifth date I let him go all the way. Thank god I made him use a condom.”

“Why did things go wrong?”

“I let him do me. That was all he wanted. He bragged to his friends how he scored with me. When word got back to me that he was bragging, I went to break up with him.”

“Okay, and?” He was a big jerk but it didn’t add up to the amount of anxiety she demonstrates.

“He had girlfriend at another school the whole time. I was just a conquest on the side. When I broke up with him, he laughed and said we were never together. His friends laughed too. That hurt most of all. He said I was nothing to him. Just a silly girl who wanted to fool around. Like it was all my idea. That bastard.”

I put my arms around her. We cuddled and kissed but the mood from earlier was gone.

“Lauren got revenge for me. She found his girlfriend and told her what happened. She broke up with him too. Then Lauren spread the rumor about how small his dick is and how he only lasted 2 minutes. Lauren made it up to be mean. But she was right on the mark.”

“I think you can claim my true virginity anyway. His little thing barely scratched the surface. You were the first to stretch and fill me.” I didn’t like talking about her fucking other guys. At least it was only that one time.

I asked, “What about your jealousy? I know he was an asshole, but is that the whole story?”

“The jealousy is not really because of him. Yeah, he made me a little leery of guys who may not be committed to me, but I think this is just the way I am. I’ve always been a little jealous of those hussies that get all the guys. It seemed like whenever I would like a guy and want to him to ask me out, the next thing I know some prostitute in training would spread her legs and take him away.” I listened, it sounded like we were finally getting somewhere. “It’s more your fault I got crazy jealous.” She told me.

“My fault?”

“Yes you.” She had a stern voice and she was poking me with her index finger in the chest. “I was trying to catch your eye forever, and just when I thought I was getting somewhere with you, I saw Reba the snake charmer stealing you away at your party. It hurt really badly. I was broken hearted and pissed. Thank goodness you said the right things when I came to see you after your party where she was hanging all over you.”

“I’m sorry. I spent the whole party wishing I had invited you.” I tried to explain.

“That’s the only reason you are forgiven. I was so upset I almost didn’t come over to talk to you at all. I’m still a little mad at you for letting her in.”

“I wish I hadn’t ‘let her in’ either. I was really drunk the night I did.” I defended.

“I don’t want to talk about it. She’s gone now and I don’t care about her anymore.” Paige said she held up her pinky and waved it at me.

Paige was moving in for another kiss and her hand was back on my chest.

“Are we beyond your jealousy then?” I asked.

“I don’t give a damn about Reba, but I will always be territorial when it comes to you. However, we should be fine as long as you don’t let any more tramps suck you off.” she was stroking me through my slacks. “Now stop ruining the moment. I want to enjoy my first time parking by the lake.”

“It’s my first time parking by the lake too.” I told her.

She kissed me. “Lean your seat back.” I didn’t argue.

Paige took off her underpants. She said, “I love you so much.”, and climbed into my lap.

This was one of those times her small stature was a huge advantage. She kissed me and moved up pressing her cleavage into my face. I unzipped the back of her dress to get more room to play with her boobs. I pulled them out of her bra. While I sucked at her nipples, she was unfastening my pants. I helped her pull them down past my ass.

“Try not to cum.” she told me as she lowered herself onto my hardness. When she bottomed out on my cock she said, “Oh so full. You feel so big in me.” the dirty talking was not helping me not to cum. I realized from her actions, she was trying to get me off.

“Is this a mean game? You tell me not to cum then you do everything you can to make me cum.”

“Sort of” she was rotating her hips in my lap while I was deeply embedded in her. “I want you to build up a monster cum for me for later. Tell me when you get close so I can stop.”

“What!?” That didn’t seem fair. “When we get home I’m going to make you pay.”

“Oh, don’t make bayındır escort me wait. Make me pay now.”

“I’m getting close.” I warned her. The evil girl stopped moving. She rested on me panting, still skewered on my rod. She kissed me.

“I promise it will be worth it. Let’s screw outside.” she opened the driver’s door and climbed out. She held out her little pinky for me to hold on to while she led me out of the car. “Wrapped right around it.”

She was right.

She leaned forward over the trunk of the car and lifted her dress. “See how deep you can get. But, no cumming! Well, not for you. I get to cum as much as I want.”

“Time to pay.” I warned her. I slammed my dick into her as hard as I could as deep as I could.

“OHHH!” she yelled.

I pulled out most of the way. “I’ll show you who’s wrapped around who.” I slammed deep again.

“OHHH!” She yelled again. “Yes!”

I pumped her hard and deep.

“Oh god. yes- yes- yes.” she climaxed. She was getting very wet. I kept pounding. She climaxed again and her legs went limp. I grabbed her hips to hold her up while I continued to pump. She continuously chanted “oh god, oh god, oh god”

I push in hard and held myself as deep as I could inside her hot womb. “I’m getting close again.” I held still but I could feel her insides trembling.

“Let me down.” she requested.

I let go of her hips so that she was back on her feet, but didn’t pull out at all. I looked down at her tiny perfect heart shaped ass. I couldn’t resist so I slapped it.

Paige squeezed my dick inside her as she squealed, “Harder!”

I spanked again.

“More!” She demanded.

I slapped again and again until she came on my dick. She fell to her knees coming off my cock her head resting against the car. She kneeled there panting. “Oh my god, you are too good to me. Put me back in the car,” she asked. “Take me home.”

“What!?” This wasn’t the big finish I was promised.

“Just help me in.” she was like a rag doll. I got her in and started to drive home.

A few minutes later Paige advised, “Don’t crash the car.”

“Huh?” I asked.

She leaned into my lap and got my half hard cock out. She licked it back to life. “Mmmm, I like tasting myself on you. I feel so trashy doing this.”

She sucked me and deep throated me. I felt and listened to her gurgle and sputter as she held my entire dick in her mouth. This was incredible. She stopped for a moment. “Don’t cum yet. Wait until we are home.”

“Oh you bitch!” I shouted.

She giggled as she teased with her tongue. We couldn’t get home fast enough. She would suck then stop and nibble. She kept me close the whole way home.

When we were turning onto our street I warned her, “We are about to pass your parents’ house.” she started to bob her head more. I think she was getting off on the idea that her parents may see us.

I pulled into the garage. She led me to the middle of the living room, where she kneeled at my feet. She fixed her dress so that it lay around her evenly. She looked up innocently. “Mr. D, I haven’t had my dessert yet.”

I took my already open pants off, then my socks and shirt. I was naked in front of her. Paige’s eyes sparkled when I started to slap her cheek with my cock. How did I get this lucky? “No hands.” I told her.

“Yes Mr. D, whatever you say.” She sucked me for a few minutes I wasn’t as close as I expected, so I started to fuck her face. She took my cock like a champ. When I was ready to explode, I warned her. I pumped my cum into her mouth. She looked up and stared in my eyes. My load was huge. Our souls synced as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. I went on forever and neither one of us blinked. The link between us was deeper than ever. I fell into her soul. When I was done, I fell back on the sofa.

Paige climbed up and curled into my lap. “I don’t think I will need to eat for a week. That was a lot of cum.”

“I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“I didn’t do it for me. I love to make you feel really good. I love the look in your eyes when you come. Getting you to fuck my brains out down by the lake was just a bonus.”


The following night we were having Paige’s parents over for dinner. Again. It seemed to be becoming a common event. I liked them, but I wasn’t used to the constant contact of company. I know that Doreen hated to cook and Craig hated her cooking so this probably going to be a regular thing. I noted that they were buying food for my refrigerator also. Keeping me well stocked to cook. Doreen would bring it over while I was at work.

I was cooking with Doreen keeping me company and Paige was attempting to teach her dad to play some really graphic black-opts-kill-the-terrorist shooting game. We set up the game console in the living room so that we were all together.

Doreen was sitting on a tall stool with her legs crossed looking rather cute in her snug dress. “So, is my little Paige taking good care of you?” she started. She was smiling bayraklı escort like the cat who the canary. Or was about to.

“Yes, as always.” I thought of the crazy sex the night before. “She is very sweet and caring.”

From across the room I could see that Dad was struggling with the game. He kept dying in the first mission at the easiest setting.

I called over to them trying to help out. “Paige, why don’t you guys just whack some zombies?” That game was easier for a new comer. It didn’t involve strategy or hiding from the enemy the way this one did. You just walked around taking out zombies in the open.

Her dad asked, “Don’t you have something less violent like a golfing or driving game?”

“Geez Dad. You can golf or drive anytime in real life. When is the last time you got to double tap a tango in the head?” Paige asked with a sardonic grin.

“Do what to who?” Her father was lost.

“Shoot a Terrorist in the head. Are you following at all Dad?” she wondered.

“Not really.” He confessed.

“Paul’s right, let’s kill zombies.” Her dad did not look enthusiastic, but he played along. I think he would do most anything she asked. Another man wrapped around her finger.

Doreen spoke softly to me, seeming to know what I was thinking. “She’s daddy’s little princess. They’ve always been very close. But now you are replacing him.”

I almost laughed. “I think he will always have a place.”

“You know, you are a lot like him. I think that’s why the attraction is so magnetic.”

“He reminds me of my dad a little. His calm and patient demeanor is very similar.”

“Really? I wish I could have met your parents.”

“You would have gotten along well.”

“What was your mom like?”

“She was nice like you, but I think the similarities end there.”

“Oh.” She sounded disappointed.

“In our house the family revolved around the kitchen. I don’t have many memories of her outside the kitchen. She could bake. It seemed like there was always something coming out of the oven.”

“Yeah, that’s not me at all. Sounds like a nice, warm home.”

“I do miss it. I think that’s why I like cooking. It feels like I’m close to her while I’m doing it.” Doreen stood up and gave me a big hug. It was way too similar to hugging Paige. I had to disengage before I poked her with a woody. I think she knew what was going on in my pants, because she smirked.

“Hey! Stop trying to steal my man.” Paige yelled in a joking manner.

“Oh please. I can hug my future son if I want.” Doreen sat back on a tall stool facing me. “I don’t think he minds.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “Can I see it?”

“What?” Was she asking to see my boner?

“The ring. Can I see it?” I think she knew what she sounded like she was really asking for.

“Oh sure.” After making sure Paige and her dad were still killing zombies, I reach in the cabinet above the stove and pulled out the small ring box.

“You keep it in the kitchen?”

“I put it up high out of her reach. She’s too short to get up here.”

“Be nice, you are straying into a sensitive area there buster.”

I handed her the ring box. She held so that her body shielded it form Paige and she opened the box. “It’s beautiful.” She closed the box and handed it back to me.

“I can’t wait to give it to her.”

She looked over to Paige. When she looked back she asked, “When is the big moment?”

“Sometime this summer. Soon.”

“Oh good, I can’t wait.”

To Dad’s relief, Paige paused the games and walked over to us, “What’s with the whispering?” She put one arm around me and used the other to pull my head down to her waiting lips. When she pressed against me, she felt my hardness. After the kiss, she pulled back with an admonishing look on her face. She wagged a finger at me.

Dad walked over and said, “That game is going to give me nightmares. It’s so bloody. I think you two might be getting psychologically damaged from playing so much.”

Her mom piped up, “Maybe after dinner Paul can play some games with me.” Paige’s eyes stayed focused on me. Paige shook her head side to side as if saying ‘I can’t believe my mom would say these things’. “It would be fun if he taught me a thing or two. I’d love trying to double tap tangos with him.”

I laughed. Paige slapped my stomach with the back of her hand. To me she said, “Don’t encourage her.” To her mom, “I can’t believe you sometimes.”

“What?” Paige’s mom pretended she didn’t say anything out of line.

Her dad came over. “I think Paige is saying she only let’s Paul tango with her.”

“I was talking about shooting terrorists. I don’t know what you guys were thinking.”


After dinner, Dad dragged Mom home and left us to ourselves.

“So what’s up between you and my mom?”

“Nothing. We were just talking while you were having your daddy-daughter time.”

“And the whispering?”

“She was asking me to have an affair. She said I could pretend she was you if that did it for me.” I teased. I would never cheat on Paige and she knew it.

“Right. That would explain the stiffy in your pants. What was up with that?”

“The hug. It felt like I was hugging you. You always do it to me when you hug me.”

“Do you want me to do it to you now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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