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Selling Houses Ch. 06

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It was the day of the general’s arrival and Cindy was shitting herself. What if it all went wrong,” what then. Looking as sexy as she could and wearing sunglasses, she made her way downtown to the hotel the general was staying at.

“Excuse me General. This was delivered for you.” One of his guards said, holding out a silver tray as the general sat smoking a fat cigar on the sofa in his suite.

There was a card and a small gold ingot on tray. The card read. “I want to play in your Poker game and it was signed just with the letter “C.” P.S it went on, the ingot is a gift.

“Who bought this? He asked his security guard.

“A very attractive lady” your excellency said the guard.

General Idi’s curiosity was aroused.

“If she comes here tonight. Let her in.” the general told him.

The poker game with his usual cronies was in full swing when the doors to the room opened and in walked Cindy looking sensual enough to turn every head and stop the game.

“Thank you for having me general. I assume you got my card?”

“I did madam.” he said. “This is a high stakes game. I assume you have the funds to play.” Cindy raised up the briefcase she was carrying, click both the latches and held it open for him. It was packed with bundles of hundred-dollar bills.

“Will this do for a start? The rest is waiting with your guard in the foyer.”

“Tell him to bring it in.” the general said to the guard standing closest to him. Seconds later, another guard appeared pushing a room service trolley. On it was four identical metal boxes, each containing four gleaming gold bars packed in foam rubber. The display had the desired effect. The general couldn’t keep his eyes off the glittering prize.

“Welcome to the game.” he said. He didn’t know it at the time, but those words were the beginning of his downfall. Within two hours, the general’s cronies were out of the game and had departed. Their chips along with the bulk of the generals lays in stacks in front of Cindy. It was a dangerous moment. At any time, he might just decide to take it all by force. Realising it, she made him an offer.

“How would you like one chance to win it all?” she asked him.

“One chance?” he asked.

“A simple cut of the cards, winner takes all.” she said, looking him directly in the eye. Already in a hole, he couldn’t refuse, but then a glint appeared in his eye.

“With one condition.” He told her. “If I win, I get to fuck you.” Now Cindy was in the hole. She could either accept or risk his guards just taking the lot.

“That seems fair.” She replied smiling and looking confident.

“You first.” The general told her. Cindy cut the deck of cards, a four of clubs. The general was beside himself and with a huge grin, cut the deck. Jack of Diamonds. His eyes were wide with excitement. All the money and gold were his and so was her body about to be. Unable to resist the temptation, he picked up one of the gold bars and smiling, rubbed the cold metal lovingly over his cheek. Putting it back down, he turned to Cindy.

“Shall we?” he asked, waving his arm towards the double doors to the bedroom. Cindy accepted her fate and as she walked towards the bedroom, a guard opened the doors. She entered with the general following. He sat on the bed disrobing while Cindy stood in front of him. Unzipping her dress, she let it slip to the floor and stepped out of it. Slowly, she removed her bra, freeing her pert round breasts with their pointed nipples.

The general couldn’t keep his eyes of her. He stared hard at her panties as she hooked her thumbs inside them, impatient to see what lay beneath. Slowly, she pulled them down revealing her small perfectly shaved cunt. The general sucked in his breath at the sight of it and the thick cock hanging between his legs began to swell. With both of them now naked, it struck Cindy how big the man was. Huge and muscular and it was certainly right in his case what they said about black men’s cocks. It seemed larger than life, just like it’s owner and just kept getting bigger the longer he stared at her delicious cunt.

“Come over here.” He ordered her and she was over to him. As soon as she was withing reach, a giant hand was on her breast with another one rubbing between her legs. Keeping up her end of the bargain, Cindy reached down and gripped his thick cock. Fuck it was big. She could only just encircle it with her fingers. Ads a thick finger slid up inside her, she began to pull him, feeling his cock getting even harder in her grasp.

“I’m going to love fucking you.” He said, pulling her close and latching his mouth onto her nipple as he slowly finger fucked her cunt. As much as she loathed him, the fingers inside her were making her wet and she couldn’t help but imagine his huge cock inside her.

“Get on the bed.” He commanded and she obeyed. He climbed on after her and forcing her knees apart, knelt in between them, his massive rigid cock jerking with excitement at the thought of being inside the parted wet cunt where her görükle escort thighs met. Pushing her open legs back, he moved in between them, his cock waving in front of him. Anxiously she waited, wondering how he was going to get that massive thing in her tight cunt and knowing it was going to hurt.

“Oh god!” she cried out, her cunt stretched painfully wide open as he pushed his swollen cock inside her. Ignoring her discomfort, he leant over her, braced on his arms and started thrusting into her, driving his enormous cock deep inside her cunt. Despite the pain, Cindy moaned, her tight cunt getting more aroused with every hard deep thrust inside it. Spurred on, the general fucked her even harder, grunting loudly with each thrust of his hips between her open thighs.

“Oh fuck!” Cindy gasped and thrust her cunt upwards, cumming hard on the huge cock sliding in and out of it. Pulling out and not done, he ordered her to roll over. Still quivering, she did as she was told and once on her stomach, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up onto all fours. She felt the huge head of his cock pressing at her opening and he was suddenly inside her again. Moaning, she gripped the sheets with her fingers as he rammed against her ass, driving his cock deep inside her from behind.

She couldn’t help it, she started squirting. It drove him wild and he fucked her even harder until, with a loud roar, he rammed into her as deep as he could, his cock erupting, filling her cunt with thick warm cum. Cindy collapsed onto the bed and he just knelt where he was, his chest heaving and his glistening cock twitching in its dying orgasm. Just when he was thinking about finger fucking her cum filled cunt, there was the sounds of a ruckus in the outer room. Climbing off the bed and donning his shorts, he went to investigate. When he opened the double doors to the bedroom, he was met by the sight of David standing there, smiling with a deck of cards in his hands.

“Hello general, let’s play cards.” David said, with an evil grin. Annoyed, the general looked around for his guards. Both were standing against the wall visibly shaking. In front of each one was a creature that, although of humanoid appearance, the distorted features exuded pure evil and they could have only come from one place. Hell. As Cindy sat up naked in bed looking out, the double doors slammed shut behind the general all by themselves.

“What do you want?” the general asked, starting to become afraid.

“You’ve been a naughty boy general. Now it’s time to pay. Take a seat.” David said, waving his hand towards the poker table which now had two documents, a knife and a pen on it.

Sitting up naked in bed, Cindy couldn’t hear what was going on in the living room. Just muffled voices and the odd moan which she assumed must have been from the general. After what seemed like an eternity, the double doors opened and David walked in.

“You can get dressed now, it’s over.” He told her. Cindy clambered off the bed and hurriedly put her clothes back on.

“Did it go to plan?” she asked as David led her towards the doorway.

“Couldn’t have gone better.” He said as they reached the living room.

“Fuck!” Cindy screamed, jumping backwards and clinging onto his arm. She had just spotted the two demons standing in the room.

“Don’t mind them.” David said. “They won’t bite. This is Orobas and Amaymon.” he said, indicating each in turn. “They are both princes of hell and I summoned them up for a little backup.”

“What happened to the general and his guards?” she asked, still looking uneasily at the malevolent beings waiting on their master’s next command.

“The guards were set free. The general on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. This suite was laced with hidden cameras and faced with the damning evidence of how he was spending his countries’ wealth that my media company would have shown on national TV, he decided to sign a full confession about the murders of the prostitutes, return the all the money he had stolen and take his own life rather than face a country of angry machetes on his return home. Orobas said he looked quite terrified when he stepped off the roof.”

“Is that the confession there?” she asked pointing to one of the documents on the table.

“Indeed, it is.” He replied. “And, in case you were wondering. The other one with the blood on it is his soul. I do take one every now and then.” Cindy shivered. She could only guess at what horrible fate was in store for the now deceased general.

“Thank you for your help, your highnesses.” David said to his minions. “Now, if you could just escort the general down to hell, our business for the day is completed.” To Cindy’s relief. without a word, each of them bowed to him in turn and left the room. She had never been so fucking scared. They were the most frightening things she had ever seen.

“Shall we celebrate.” David asked, smiling as if it was just a normal day.

“I don’t know about celebrate.” she said. eskort bayan “But I could sure use a stiff drink.”

“I’m not sure I’m a fan of your associates.” Cindy said as they sat sipping scotch in David’s penthouse shortly afterwards. “Are they as terrifying as they look?”

“Worse.” he replied smiling. “And each of them commands about thirty legions of demons as well.”

“Fuck.” she said. “That’s scary. What would happen if they all came up here?”

“It would be the end of days.” He told her.”

“What’s stopping them?”

“They have to be summoned up by me. Like I said, I only usually summon up a lessor one to teach those idiot devil worshipers a lesson. All the rest are safely tucked away in hell.” All his reassurances weren’t going to stop her having nightmares for ages, she thought as she poured another huge glass of scotch.

“If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather give up all this spy shit and just concentrate on using my body to do shady real estate deals for you if you don’t mind.” She told him smiling.

“Stick to what you’re good at eh.” He grinned.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. The mention of real estate deals had just made her think of Bill. She hadn’t checked in on him in days. He was probably wondering if she had died.

“I’m sure it can wait till the morning.” David said. “What were you saying about using your body?”

“Well, I’ve obviously had too much to drive, so I guess I had better stay the night.” she said, grinning mischievously.

“Good idea.” He replied. Neither was inclined to mention the fact that she now lived just a couple of floors below and there was no driving required. Pouring them both yet another drink, Cindy handed David one and curled up on the sofa beside him. He smiled. The ‘take-me-to-bed’ look in her eyes was unmistakable. She was hoping he picked up on it. Her cunt was still nice and wet from fucking the general and it would be such a shame to waste it. Seconds later, with their drinks put down, they were kissing, her hand rubbing the front his pants and his sliding up the inside of her thigh under her dress. When his fingertips felt moist flesh, he knew she had already ditched her panties and his cock inside his pants was instantly harder under her massaging fingers. Eagerly, she fumbled at his zipper as his fingertips delved between her wet lips and up inside her. By the time she had him unzipped and his cock out, he was using the silky wetness of her cunt to rub her throbbing hard clit.

“Take me.” She murmured, laying back on the couch and spreading her legs wide. Finger fucking her, he reefed off his pants with his free hand and moved between her open thighs. Cindy felt his cock probe her opening and suddenly he was inside her. She groaned as he slid every inch of his now rigid cock deep in her aroused cunt.

“Yes, fuck me!” she moaned, ripping open her top, exposing her breasts as he started thrusting into her cunt. Bending over, he licked at her nipples, one and then the other, his hips thrusting between her open thighs. Fuck, his cock felt so good inside her warm wet cunt. She was moaning and fucking him back, grinding her cunt up and down the rigid thick shaft of his cock.

“Not here.” He panted, urgency in his voice. Pulling out of her and getting up, he pulled her up off the couch and almost carried her to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he waited for her to part her legs and he was inside her again.

“Harder!” she cried out, desperate to be really fucked. Pushing her legs right back and spreading them wide, he slammed himself between them, driving every inch of his hard cock deep in her cunt.

“Oh god, yes, that’s it!” she cried out, her cunt ready to explode. Grunting hard, David rammed himself inside her, as hard and deep as he could, his glistening cock stabbing her cunt. Cindy cried out, bucking on the bed, her legs quivering as she came with him buried deep inside her. Caught up in her excitement, David gasped and stiffened, cum rushing from his balls and erupting out of the tip of his cock in hard spurts, deep in her cunt. Locked together, they both jerked in orgasm. Fuck it felt good. Only after he had softened and slipped out of her cum soaked cunt, did they both sit up in bed, against the headboard sipping their drinks.

“What the fuck was that about.” Cindy said, still breathless.

“Don’t asl me.” He replied his cheat heaving just as hard. It had only taken minutes, but the fast desperate fuck had been just what they needed. Cindy could feel her cunt still snapping along with the contractions deep inside her.

“There’s something I have to tell you about being the devil that sets me apart from men.” he said.

“What’s that?” she asked, sipping her icy cold drink.

“I don’t have to wait twenty minutes.” He said smiling. Cindy looked over and his cock was rock hard and pointing skyward again. It couldn’t have been a better sight, her aroused cunt almost gushed without a word, she rolled over and straddled him. It was altıparmak escort almost too good to be true, she thought as she reached down and took hold of his thick rigid shaft. Urgently pressing the head to her opening, she pushed down on it, forcing his hard cock up inside her. Reaching up, he rubbed her nipples as she began to ride him, raising and lowering on his cock, massaging it nice and fast with her tight wet cunt.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, starting to cum again. Suddenly, she pulled up off him and squirted hard. Gripping his cock, David pulled it frantically and then, pressing it to her dripping cunt, covered it with spurts of cum.

Even after night’s sleep and the effects of the whisky had worn off, Cindy still felt horny. David had warned her that it would take a while for the adrenalin from her stressful adventure to wear off. Denying herself the temptation to masturbate in the shower, she had only made it back into the bedroom before she succumbed. Sitting on the edge of the bed on the towel she had been wrapped in, she leaned back, her legs up in the air and opened wide. With two fingers buried into the pink parted slit between her shaved outer lips, she frantically rubbed at her hard insatiable clit. She was moaning quietly, her legs quivering when David appeared in the doorway. Confronted with the unexpected sight of her rubbing at her wet parted cunt, he stopped dead in his tracks and just watched her cum for the first time. Not done, she kept rubbing, desperate to cum again. She thrashed at her clit and then stuck two fingers inside her cunt, fucking it hard.

David had his cock out, silently pulling it as he watched. Fully hard, he stroked himself in time with the fingers between her legs. As she came again, his cock swelled and jerked in his grasp, threatening to pump his seed all over the floor. He caught himself just in time. Removing his hand from his cock, he desperately quelled the numbness starting to flow through him. Gasping, he stood there with his cock twitching in ruined orgasm.

“Fuck me.” Cindy groaned out from on the bed. She had seen him pulling himself and the sight had added to her own excitement. Now she just wanted something big and hard inside her aroused saturated cunt. Not needing to be asked twice, he marched over to the bed and replaced the fingers between her legs with his own. Slipping two up inside her cunt, he finger- fucked her fast until she was crying out and squirting, little rivers of her wetness running down the insides of her thighs. Removing his hand, he pushed its dripping fingers into her mouth as he pressed the head of his aching cock into her opening. Hungrily, she sucked on the fingers, devouring her own cunt juice as he pushed inside her. Cindy moaned with pleasure and sucked hard on his fingers as she felt his hard cock fill her insides.

“Fuck it.” She moaned, grinding her cunt against the thick rigid cock sliding smoothly in and out of it. His hands on her parted raised knees, David thrust his hips hard between her open legs, forcing his cock deep.

“Yes, that’s it.” She moaned, her cunt fast approaching orgasm. Eager to cum himself, David fucked her harder, driving his cock between her legs, forcing every inch hard up inside her flowing cunt.

“Oh god, yes, fuck, I’m cumming.” She cried out, her legs shaking and her cunt bucking hard up against him. Pushed over the top, David froze, his entire body going numb as the cum rushed from his balls and squirted deep inside her.

“Jesus, I can’t stop wanting to fuck.” She panted, still laying on the bed with her legs wide open and cum seeping out of her cunt.

“I told you, that you are on an adrenalin high after the danger and excitement of yesterday.” David said. “Why don’t you stay the day and we’ll see if we can’t fuck it out of you.” He said, smiling.

“I can’t, I have Bill to…”

“Never mind Bill, he is probably better off without you looking over his shoulder.” David said, cutting her short. Leaving the room for a minute or two, he returned with two glasses and passed one to her. Thirsty, she drank deeply from it.

“That’s sorted, you can’t drive now.” He said, grinning.

“I guess I’m staying then.” She replied with a beaming smile. “My cunt thanks you too.”

“I bet it does.” He said, running the flat of his hand between her parted thighs.

The good thing about fucking the Devil was that he was always in the mood and his cock nice and hard at a moments notice. If anything, it was her that needed a break, Cindy thought as she sat in the rooftop garden sipping a cold drink od scotch on ice. It felt good after the pounding David had just given her tight little Asian cunt.

“I thought I’d save all the getting up and down.” David said, walking naked towards her with a bottle of scotch and a bucket of ice.

“Good idea.” She replied, as she sat in full sun at the table, her whole body on display for his viewing pleasure. She might be done for the time being, but she wanted to keep him interested. She had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before that hungry little hole between her legs was demanding some more attention.

“Did you phone Bill?” he asked as he placed the bottle and bucket on the table. She had, and just as he had predicted, Bill was doing just fine without her.

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