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Sensual Friday Evening

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Finally…Friday…Another long week, and I thought Friday would never get here. After all of the classes, projects, obligations, and never forget, working full-time, the hour plus drive to my girlfriend’s seemed to take forever. As I took the exit to her apartment, I knew that we needed a nice weekend, together, away from all of the pressures that had been tearing at us throughout the week. Glancing at my watch, I realized I would beat her back to her apartment, so I had some time…to get ready…

A stop at Blockbuster, a quick stop to get some wine, some supplies for dinner, and I think we should be all set. As I entered her apartment, the cat greets me, and I know that I feel at home. But time is fleeting, and I must get everything ready. I start dinner, chill the wine, and still wonder if either of us is going to be awake for long. I prepare a nice dinner, with a chilled Chardonnay, and turn off all the lights in the apartment. The cat keeps me company during this process, and by the time I see my girlfriend’s car headlights appear, all is ready. The candles are lit throughout the apartment, Enya is playing throughout the rooms, and I have secretly set up the bedroom, but that is for later. I listen for her footsteps, as I stand inside the door, glass of wine in hand, ready for a quick hug and kiss, before I get dinner ready to serve, and she can make herself comfortable after her long day. The anticipation of seeing her has my heart beating even faster.

When she enters the apartment, her eyes attempt to adjust to the low light, but I can see her, backlit and beautiful. I hand her the kartal escort wine, tell her to get comfortable, and that dinner will be served. I prepare everything, and by the time she returns, dinner is served. Enya begins “Book of Days” and I am ready to toast. “To us” and we touch glasses, and sip. Dinner is nice, light, and enjoyable. Quiet, with comfortable silence. As the dinner is ending, I tell her, I’ll take care of putting everything away, and she should just go into the bedroom, and get ready for bed, “the less clothing the better!”, and try as I might to hide it, she caught my impish smile…

When all is said and done, I enter the bedroom…All the candles throughout the apartment have been extinguished, and the only light is from the bedroom candles. It is warm, and as I enter the bedroom, I see my girlfriend. She is lying on her back, naked, on top of the covers, eyes closed, breathing deeply. Enya is on a continuous loop, and the entire setting is relaxing. It is no wonder that she is so relaxed and drifting in and out of consciousness.

As I silently disrobe, I reach to the nightstand, to my “prepared” surprises, and she stirs. “Roll over and lay on your stomach.” She turns over, and I take the towel and the massage oil. Purposely, it has rested against one of the candles, and is warm. I pour the liquid over my hands, and rub it briskly. Not wanting the surprising cold of the oil, but rather the warming caress. As I begin rubbing the oil onto her shoulders, I hear her moan lightly into the pillow. What man can resist a physical reaction from such a sound?

As maltepe escort bayan I continue to caress her back, I move lower, rubbing her buttocks, and massaging. Occasionally, I’ll slip to the bottom of her cheeks, teasing, but never delving into that heat I try to ignore…for now. I continue down her thighs, her calves, and onto her feet. When this is done, I dry any excess oil with the soft towel, and nibble her earlobe…

“Turn over,” I whisper, and she does…

Now, with her eyes still closed, she is prone beneath me, bathed in candlelight. It takes all my effort to hold back, and I succeed, in order to continue to make this evening about her…

I begin the massage again, at the base of her neck, down between her breasts, and then start massaging those breasts I enjoy so much with the warm, lightly scented oil. In short time, her nipples are hard, and I cannot resist leaning over to blow lightly on them, and flick the nubs with my tongue. She sighs her approval.

I delve lower, caressing the oil onto her stomach, and as I reach her pubic hair, I know if I do not stop now, I’ll become distracted. I move to her feet, and I hear her moan in complaint, “Soon, Ma Chere….” I SLOWLY work my way up, in the opposite direction I proceeded when she was laying on her front: feet, calves, thighs. Now the moment of truth…

She inadvertently spreads her legs. I take one last handful of massage oil, close the bottle, and settle between her legs. I begin by rubbing the insides of her thighs, teasing, and actually hear her whimper. I was aroused the moment she walked escort pendik in the door; when I saw her naked on the bed, I grew hard; and now, I twitch hearing her whimper. I gently entwine my fingers in her pubic hair, and I can hold back no longer. She is hot and moist, and even in the low candlelight, I can see her arousal glistening. I breathe in her scent as I lean in and place my lips upon her clit and give it a kiss…

“YEEESSSSSSSSSS!!” she hisses.

I’ll take that to mean I should continue. I glance at the clock and realize that I have been in the bedroom for an hour, massaging, teasing, enjoying, and now I am tired, and I know she must be exhausted. So I can hold back no further. I begin, kissing, licking, tasting, feasting. I delve my tongue into her depths, probing and tasting, and feel her squirming. She tastes exquisite, the perfect desert to the evening dinner. She is close, I can tell as she tenses: her stomach taught, her thighs tight against my head, and her fingernails digging into the back of my hands, which are resting lightly on her breasts…

Now is the time. I remove my tongue, and take her clit between my lips, sucking lightly, and slip two fingers into her deeply.

“Oh, Oh, Sweetie, Oh God, please don’t stop….OHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!”

She tenses, and then suddenly goes limp. I lap at her excess juices sparkling on her thighs, mindful of her sensitive clit, and then climb up to peck her on the cheek.

“I love you, Sweetie…”

“I love you, too”

And as she begins to drift off, she mumbles “What about you?”

“Shhhhhh….Go to sleep, I’ll be here in the morning…”

The End.


I would like to thank those you have left such positive comments, both public and private. This is but my second attempt, elaborating on personal experiences, and I appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks!!

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