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Serendipity 15: The Routine , The Not-So-Routine

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XV – The Routine, and the Not-So-Routine


Let me take a moment to describe our lives now.

We reorganized the condo so that Jane and Ben and little Christiana had the largest of the rooms, one with an attached bathroom — much easier with the baby — and Paul and Lauren took the large bedroom without a bath. I moved into the bedroom that was slightly smaller but had its own bathroom, and Mai and I alternated between there and her apartment. We were still keeping one bedroom free as a study and guest room.

Our lives have fallen into a comfortable routine. Actually, “routine” isn’t the best word, with its connotations of “mundane” and “boring.” Our lives together are anything but that. Instead, maybe we’ve discovered an easy, comfortable familiarity. Jane, of course, lives with her husband and their baby. Paul and Lauren continued to live together; and Mai and I have become regular roommates. But I still fuck Janey and Lauren, Paul fucks Janey, and now, Mai. And Ben continues to fuck his mother, as well as Lauren, occasionally.

Strangely, there is never any conflict regarding this. Each of us has a partner, and if someone wants to spend some ‘quality time’ with someone else’s partner — they ask. For example, if Lauren and I wanted to spend the night together, she’d say to Paul, “Dad, I’d like to spend tonight with Matthew — will that be OK?” And I’d tell Mai, “Lauren and I would like to spend tonight together. Would that be OK? Would you like to spend the evening with Paul?”

Janey’s approaches are far more direct. She’d ask Ben, “How would you like to spend the night with my smokin’ hot sister?” Or, “Hey, my hot sister wants to fuck you tonight.” Or, “Why don’t you go show that hot Asian mother of yours that her baby still loves his Mommy?” Once, Ben made the mistake of asking her, “But what’ll you do if I’m with Mom?” She looked at him with an expression of stark disbelief and snapped, “Do you really think a hot MILF like me is going to have trouble finding a stud — or two — to fill her bed?” He never asked such a question again.


I just realized. This might all sound like one giant fuck-fest, with everyone rotating through a continuous stream of sex-crazed partners.

But in fact, we were testing relationships. We were learning and discovering where the strongest connections were.

And we just about had it right.


I think the key was that everyone felt safe. We all loved each other. Easy to say the words, but in our case, there were so many ties of family and of mutual affection that saying “we all loved each other” was not just a trite, throwaway expression. And there was no way that anyone would ever ‘lose’ someone. The bonds between Paul and Lauren, Mai and Ben, and me and Janey were unbreakable. The fact of my deep attachment to Lauren in no way compromised my feelings for Janey, nor did they threaten or encroach upon Lauren’s unique relationship with her father. Nor did Ben being married to Jane or his (or their) occasional lustful evenings (or entire weekends) with Lauren — and sometimes me — ever jeopardize the bond that Ben and Mai had created over their lifetime together.

In fact, I can recall no instance when anyone ever asked to spend time with someone and it was refused. We all knew that we had something special here, and we all knew we were safe with each other. Period.

As I said, Mai and I continued as roommates — very loving roommates, if you must know. Of course, we had been brought together by the romance between Janey and Ben, but our connection had to evolve through its own devices. Mai had not been with any man other than Ben since her half-brother, Christian, died in a motorcycle accident 20 or so years ago. So our being together was kind of accidental, the result of Ben spending time with his now-wife and I spending less time with her.

As I’ve said, Mai is an absolutely beautiful woman. Gorgeous features, the result of her Malay-Thai-American ancestry, and a fantastic body befitting a woman ten or fifteen years younger. Because she had not been with a man other than her son for more than 20 years, she and I started out a bit cautious and inhibited. I think that as she became more comfortable with the idea of being with a new man, the more passionate elements of her nature began to emerge, or perhaps, re-emerge.

Also, I think that Ben was learning from Janey’s lusty, uninhibited approach to love and sex, and in turn was passing those lessons on to his mother when they were together. Just as an example, one night when I was with Janey and Ben was with Mai, we heard through their door, Mai, with a husky voice that we’d never heard from her before, growl, “… like a Bangkok street whore … anything you want …,” and Ben’s voice snarling “… know what I want, cunt!”, followed by grunts and cries and a final wail by Mai and a gigantic groan from Ben. It was so hot that Janey dropped to her knees and sucked me and jacked anime porno me to a climax right there in the hallway. (Knowing Janey, I was also pretty sure that she would be quizzing Ben about that when they were back together.)


Oh, yes — did I mention that Mai and I are grandparents? Christiana is — how can I put this without sounding too grandparent-ly — a delight! She is healthy, and happy, and she observes everything, and almost everything amuses her. And she is going to be a very pretty girl and, later, woman. She mostly resembles Janey (and that’s a good thing), but she also has Ben’s dark hair and an exotic, Oriental cast to her eyes. Yup, she’s going to get a lot of attention as she grows older.

Mai — she knew what to do immediately. I think that as soon as they become mothers, women begin readying themselves for the role of “grandmother.” It’s just something they seem to know they’ll want, and which will make their lives complete. She manages to spend every moment possible with her beautiful granddaughter, yet somehow without ever interfering with Janey’s and Ben’s parenting. And Christiana certainly loves her Grandma. Whenever Mai approaches her, she becomes calm, almost serene, but you can also see the excitement and joy in her eyes. I guess babies can recognize a good thing when they see it.

As for me — I’m not sure men anticipate grandparenthood the way women do. I didn’t have any expectations, either of myself or of the baby. But what I do know is that my daughter’s daughter makes me happy. I love holding her, and playing with her, and bathing her, and just watching her make sounds and movements while she sleeps. And behind all this is the realization that every time I look at Christiana, I know that through this little girl, my beautiful Janey will, in some sense, live forever.

Curiously, throughout this experience, Mai and I continued along the paths that had already been laid down in the preceding years. Christiana was Mai’s granddaughter, and she was my granddaughter. But she was not our granddaughter.


There was another dynamic that seemed to be emerging. Lauren was beginning to treat Mai more and more like a mother. And Mai seemed to accept this. Times when Paul was away (or with Janey and Ben), Mai and I would wake up during the night to find that Lauren had crawled into bed with us, usually cuddled up against Mai. In fact, when Paul and I were both gone, Lauren would climb into bed and sleep with Mai. Once when Paul and I both returned home about 1:00 in the morning, we looked in to find them sleeping together, Lauren with her lips firmly fastened around one of Mai’s dark nipples.

But more recently, Paul and Mai had also been developing their own relationship. They seemed to be spending more time together, in bed, but also out of bed. Their conversations were the ones that were more quiet and personal, as were the understanding looks that often passed between them.


Janey continues to get together with Paul every ten or twelve nights. After all these years, they are still very special to each other. And I’m glad.

At first, their relationship was a problem for Ben. He understood Janey’s and my times together, of course, because these were the same as his time with his mother, Mai. In Lauren’s early “orientation” talk with Ben, she explained the importance of the relationship between Jane and Paul, and that this would continue, even if Jane and Ben were to marry. But he still had a hard time accepting Janey’s need to be with Paul. At first, he tolerated it, but he was not happy about it. After a while, he came to accept it. Ultimately, Ben has learned that this relationship is special, and unique, and very important to Jane (to all of us, for that matter), and it in no way competes with Janey’s love for him.

As for me — I’m fine with it. In fact, I’m very fine with it.


But I couldn’t get out of my mind the words Janey and I heard through the door that night when Ben was with Mai. “Like a Bangkok street whore.” I related this to Paul, casually, as though I was just sharing an amusing incident, waiting to see if he would pick up on it.

“Really? And how does one treat a ‘Bangkok street whore’?” he replied, with a humorous tone, but also leaving it open-ended, like he really wanted to pursue this topic.

“I don’t know. But it’s something I’d be interested in finding out. Perhaps we should ask Mai the next time we’re together.”


“Matthew, I stopped taking the pill eight months ago.

“I’ve been using my diaphragm.

“I haven’t used it when I’m with you.

“Matthew, darling — I’m pregnant.”

And finally I put all the pieces of Lauren’s monologue together and realized what she had just told me.

I hugged her so hard!

I can’t relate all the feelings I had at that moment, but I can tell you this — all of them were asyalı porno wonderful.

The questions poured out, in no logical order: “Are you OK?” “How long …?” “What can I do?” And, finally, “This is wonderful!”

Also, “Does anyone else know?”

“Only Jane.”

“You already told her?”

“Didn’t have to. She knew it almost as soon as I did.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know Janey. The same day I was certain, she and I were talking about something completely different, and she looked at me and her eyes got a puzzled look, then she got this little smirk, then she got this enormous smile and threw her arms around me and hugged me and said, “It’s yours and Daddy’s, isn’t it!!!”

God, I love my daughter.

“So, I guess she’s OK with this?”

“She might be only slightly less ecstatic than I am, but not by much.”

I said, “I really want to tell everyone — now — but is there anything that we should wait for? How long …?”

“Best guess is seven weeks or so. And, no, I can’t think of any reason why we shouldn’t tell everyone right now.”

We knew everyone else was here, so we opened the door of Lauren’s room — only then to realize that we were still stark naked from our recent love-making, which seemed to have happened ages ago. We ducked back into her room, she put on one of her dressing gowns and, it not being my room and my wardrobe, I grabbed a pair of Paul’s warm-up pants that happened to be within reach.

Back out again, I was about to speak when I found I couldn’t manage to form a single word. It was Lauren who had to say, “Matthew and I have something we … ” And before she could say any more, Janey ran across the room, laughing and sobbing at the same time, threw her arms around both of us, and held us together tightly.

And that was enough for everyone else to realize what the ‘something’ was. Ben joined his wife, hugging and kissing Lauren, then turned to me and said, “Congratulations, Dad!” Except it wasn’t an ironic “Dad,” or the kind of “Dad” you use when congratulating a new father or father-to-be. It was the kind of “Dad” you’d use if you were talking to your own father. I guess I’d just gained a son now, too.

The reaction I was most concerned about was Paul’s. Was this news the assurance that his daughter would now always be with the ‘second-most-wonderful man in the world?’ Or did I just wreck the unconscious fantasy of him being the one to have a baby with his beautiful daughter that he loves so much?

I didn’t have to wait long. He wrapped his arms around my half-naked body (still wearing his gym pants) and began crying — the good kind, I hoped. When he got himself together, he blurted out, “I’m happy for you, I’m so happy for Lauren, I’m happy for the baby — but I’m happy for me, too. In all my dreams, this is the one most wonderful outcome I could’ve ever imagined for Lauren.”

But it was Mai — lovely, wise Mai — who first used the “W” word. She was hugging Lauren, her cheek against the taller young woman, with the happy tears of a grandmother who’s just learned she’s about to have a second grandchild. She stood up from Lauren and kissed her on the cheek, then took Lauren’s hand and put it in mine and said to me, “Now, go be with your wife.”


One of the first things we thought about was if we should reconsider the living arrangements. In particular, when the baby comes, should Lauren and I switch into the bedroom that was slightly smaller but had its own bathroom, or should we stay in her larger room, but without a bath?

And this related to another matter. In moving in with Lauren — my wife-to-be — what about Mai and Paul? After all, Paul had been with Lauren forever, and Mai and I had been very affectionate roommates for well over a year.

As you already know, Mai and I had kind of been “thrown together” by the developing romance between her son and my daughter. And it was a good relationship. It made me feel that I wasn’t losing my only daughter; and the fact that I was Janey’s father helped Mai feel that her ties with Ben were safe and secure. Also, the Janey-Ben connection between me and Mai helped in introducing her into our existing ‘family,’ and into the unusual conventions that had grown among us regarding sex and sharing.

But as I mentioned earlier, Paul and Mai had been developing their own relationship. They seemed to be spending more time together. The quiet, personal conversations, the knowing looks that often passed between them. Paul and Mai were also a little closer in age, though by only a few years. If I had to guess, I’d guess that there is something individuals who have lost their spouses at early ages understand, and it’s not something that others can ever know. Perhaps Mai and Paul shared this particular connection.

The result was that Paul and Mai were becoming a couple, connected by something none of the rest of us could know or share.

I asked Lauren if she was seeing the babes porno same thing. As usual, she was way ahead of me:

“I didn’t want to say anything before because I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it, I mean, with you and Mai being together for so long, as well as you two being Janey and Ben’s parents. But — yeah, I’ve seen it, and I think you’re right about the reason for their closeness, and the connection. But,…how about you? You and Mai …?”

“I think I’m good with it. In fact, I’m fine with it. But how about you? You and your dad have been a lot more than father-daughter, for a lot of years. Are you worried about losing him to another woman?”

Lauren replied, “When I first started to see what was happening, I thought about it — a lot. I was sad, and maybe even a little jealous. Then I thought some more and realized that I could never lose him, and that he would never leave me. I also realized that Mom’s death might have left a hole in him that even our relationship could never fill. And to tell the truth, her death left a hole in me, too. So, to turn an old expression on its head, I decided that, really, I wouldn’t be losing my father — I’d be gaining a mother.

“Besides, in case you might have forgotten,” here, a hard punch to my bicep, “I’m getting a wonderful, sexy husband of my own, so I guess I don’t have any room to complain, do I?”


A few days afterward, I remembered something Janey had said to me years ago, a couple months after the four of us had become lovers.

“Honey, do you remember, shortly after you and I … started, you said that Lauren and I should be together? Why did you say that?”

“Duh-h-h! It was so obvious.”


So I tried again a few days later:

“A few days ago you said it was ‘obvious’ that Lauren and I should be together. How did you know that?”

Janey took a deep breath, sighed, and then, like a teacher preparing to explain something to her least-bright pupil, said, “Look. Lauren had a major crush on you almost from the time we moved in together. And it wasn’t because you’re some kind of hunk, or because of your adorable little dimple — which you don’t have! It’s because of the way you treated us, and especially, how you treated me. She said that whenever you looked at me, it was like you were looking at some kind of precious treasure. And everything you did seemed to have one overriding concern: was it good for me? So Lauren decided very early on that you were the one man who was as good as her father.

“As for you, it was s-o-o-o obvious. Did you ever see yourself when you were around her? Whenever you and she talked, you hung on every word she said. And the way you looked at her. I mean, the way you watched her when she walked around the apartment, or like if she just went to the fridge for a drink or something. You looked at her like she was a goddess. Which, by the way, you now know that she is.

“And I knew that if there’s any justice in this world, the two of you should end up together.

“And that, dear, silly Daddy, is how I knew.”

Have I mentioned how much I love our two daughters, and how much more they know about the world than we do?


And once again, two days later:

“So, all along, you intended for Lauren and me to end up together?”

“From the moment I realized that I ‘owed Lauren’ you, for lending me her dad, I’ve wanted you and her to be together.

“I do good work, don’t I, Daddy?”


Actually, I’m not that obtuse. I knew that Lauren loved me, and, if pressed, I might even admit that she was a little bit “in love” with me. I haven’t told — or written — about my feelings toward her. I guess my daughter’s word best describes it: she is a goddess. It’s just that I could never imagine a woman as extraordinary as Lauren — a goddess — ever wanting to be with an ordinary guy like me who is, literally, old enough to be her father. But, then again, what do I know?


But — why now?

I mean, why did Lauren decide that now was the time for her — for us — to have a child?

A few moments’ reflection, and the answer was obvious.

Jane — her sister — was now with the wonderful man who — with their beautiful daughter — would be her future.

Her father, nearly 14 years after he had lost his beloved Sofia, had found his mate. And his mate, after more than 20 years, had finally found hers.

That left Lauren free to begin the next stage of her life, with the man she apparently had loved almost from the beginning, and now, with our child.

And so it appears that my wife-to-be is not only a goddess, but a wise and compassionate one.


Also, from about her third month, Lauren’s hormones started to kick in, kind of like Janey’s, and like Lauren’s friend Candace when she was pregnant and her husband Ted was in Afghanistan. Unlike Candace’s situation, Lauren had no shortage of lusty men eager to address her elevated needs. And, as when Janey was pregnant with Christiana, Ben and Paul (and I, of course) all tuned in to her vibrant, glowing health and her rampaging sexuality.

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