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Serving Rod Ch. 03

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I awoke barely an hour later, still fatigued from the weekend, but at least my wank had allowed me to get a little rest. The sun was coming up, and I felt like a slut who’d come home from a party that had gotten out of control. I shook my head — that was far too accurate of a comparison — and I was the slut.

The simple act of moving highlighted the fact I was still covered in cum, which had become dried and crusty. My whole body ached, especially my well-abused mouth. Tenderly, I massaged my sore jaw. It was covered with dried, flaky cum. My stomach turned. I stripped out of my clothes — they were all disgusting and should be burned. Yes, even my underwear was a mess of my own dried fluids, and it actually hurt taking them off where my cock had stuck to them.

Carefully scouting out the hallway to make sure no one was there, I tossed my jizz-caked, revolting clothes into the washer, quickly dumping in some detergent and pressing start. I headed to the bathroom and straight into the shower. I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror, I’m sure that I looked like a nightmare. It took forever to get the dried globs out of my hair — I must’ve shampooed four times. It was like, while I could wash off the semen, I couldn’t wash off the memory.

I’m sure it was an illusion but every time I inhaled, I could smell his semen. I sneezed, and the pressure change in my sinuses must have agitated the seed lodged in them, because it tasted like he’d just cum in my mouth again.

As soon as I got out of the shower, I brushed my teeth. Twice.

Still exhausted, I put on a clean pair of underwear and went back to bed.

My sleep was haunted by wicked dreams in which a billion sperm were trying to impregnate me through my stomach and sinuses.

The rest of the day was a Sunday blur. Over dinner, my mom asked me how the project went, and I mumbled a positive response, hoping that there would be no further questions. Much to my horror, my dad added to the mess. “I think it’s great you’re working with Rod already. He’s gonna go places if his old man has anything to do with it.” I tried my best to laugh and said something about him taking over Harvard, but my dad looked over the top of his Sunday paper and said: “Oh, I thought you’d know by now. At the Barber Shop the other day, his dad told me Rod’s grades weren’t so great this year, so he was going to State for his first year, just like you. I know he’ll get into Harvard Law, his dad said…”

I really didn’t hear the rest of what my father said. My mind was whirling. The prospect of facing Rod at school tomorrow was bad enough, but I was consoling myself in the thought that I only had another week of school with him before our lives would be separated forever. But with this little gem, the image of Rods insatiable penis flashed into my minds’ eye, dripping obscenely with fresh cum, waiting for my mouth to open.


“Wha?” My mom was talking to me and I’d spaced it out during another little cocksucker daydream.

“Don’t you think it’s nice that you’ll be roommates?”

The adrenaline shot through me like a lightning bolt. “WHAT?” I exclaimed, probably a little louder than the situation called for. I got another vision of being in a college dorm and waking up in the middle of the night — every night — with a penis shoved in my face. Panicked, I got up and started to leave the table. I came to my senses soon enough — I did not want to tip anything off to my folks — and pretended like I was just getting a glass of water.

“I… uh… I guess that’s okay. I was hoping to get another electrical engineer student, but… uh… knowing someone in pre-law is probably good.”

My dad clucked at me. “Now, Rod’s an up and coming young man, Bob.” THAT was certainly true. All weekend long he was up, and for most of it, he was cumming.

I just nodded and left the room as soon as I could.

Part of me couldn’t believe how detached and indifferent I was pretending to be, while part of me wanted to scream that there was Onwin no way I would room with someone who’d practically forced his Cock into my mouth.

Another part of me — a part of me with vastly different thoughts on the subject — was hardening at the prospect.

I’d washed myself and my clothes. Inside, however, I was still a mess. Inside, I was still awash, physically and emotionally, with Rods essence.

Monday morning arrived like it usually does, but this Monday, I wanted to skip school. In the end, I didn’t have the guts to be that rebellious, so I compensated by getting to school early, avoiding the common areas, and getting to class as quick as I could. I did skip lunch, hiding in the library — a place where Rod was unlikely to go this late in the academic year. I didn’t see Rod at all until science class — and I got there extra early. I didn’t want to be caught by him in the hallway, despite knowing I’d have to see him soon enough.

Like usual, Rod came sauntering into the classroom just after the bell, striding toward our lab station like he owned the whole world. He really did look like someone who’d ‘got some’ over the weekend, when actually, I was the one who got most of it.

Emotionally I was unprepared to see him, yet I was surprised beyond belief at my own reaction. I felt a jolt of adrenaline shoot through me, not one of fear or hate, but of something more like… humility. Humility mixed with a touch of pride. Pride, and… excitement? Was I… happy to see him?

Even with his clothes on, he was a good-looking man, and, at least for the weekend just passed, he was my man. I was looking at his face, but as he came in, greeting his other friends in class, when his eyes met mine, they burned a bright blue glare that was too intense for me to maintain contact with. I should have looked away. Instead, I turned my glance downward, past the tight t-shirt and ending up staring at the ample bulge in his pants.

Experience told me that his Cock would be dressed left, hanging down his left pant leg, and, sure enough, as he stopped to talk to Chrissy Dorto, I could see it there, just under the fabric, like a snake coiled up and waiting. As the rest of the classroom began to settle down, I just watched Rod and Chrissy interact. Although I was out of earshot, he was clearly flirting with her. She giggled audibly. For just a second, Rod turned to look at me. He saw me looking at his crotch, but when I turned my eyes to look at Chrissy instead, she had shifted her gaze and was also looking at Rods crotch. Much to my surprise a wave of jealousy shot through my body, but Rod turned back to look at Chrissy just as Mr. Orasky said “Mr. Snipe, please take your seat.” Chrissy tittered and, unashamed at getting caught checking out his bulge, she finally looked up into my mans’ eyes, giggling again and flipping her hair like the brazen little slut she was.

Wait — where did that thought come from??

Rod, obviously pleased she’d been looking at the outline of his dick, turned and headed toward our shared station. I could see head of his dick much clearer now, as it had hardened somewhat and was now straining against his pants, undoubtedly fueled by envisioning Chrissy and I competing for his baby juice.

As he walked toward our shared desk, I felt a familiar but unwelcome tightening in my underwear.

Rod plopped the stack of papers that represented our final project onto the desk with an air of indifference. At least I’d had the presence of mind to put the finished project in a folder. I noticed a splotchy stain on the cover, and thanked goodness that I could change it out with a clean one I had at my desk.

Rod sat down on his stool and turned to face the front of the classroom without directly addressing me. I could feel my face redden. I’d thought about this moment for a while, what I’d say, what he’d say, but it never occurred to me that he’d totally ignore me. My stomach turned, as if to remind me that it was still full of his sperm and now he couldn’t be bothered Onwin Giriş to even say hi.

I didn’t have too long to think about this as class began and the teacher collected our assignments. As there was no more real work to do but we still had roughly a week left, he fell back on the old standby “Movie Day”, and pretty soon the lights were out and a DVD on Volcanic Activity was playing for the class.

I sat there in the dark, paying absolutely no attention to the movie, and pondered my situation and feelings. Why was I feeling this way? I hadn’t really wanted Rods attention in the first place, so now why was I so jealous and hurt at being ignored?

Rod turned to whisper something stupid and funny about lava to the guys behind us, and when he turned back, his knee brushed against mine. Adrenaline shot through me at the contact, and while I was frozen with indecision, suddenly I thought that all hope was not lost. Rod, on the other hand, was neither frozen or indecisive. He moved his knee up and down against my leg, as if to confirm that the contact was intentional. He then turned his hips in to me, moving his body so he was half facing me. With the high backs of the workstation behind us and the darkness of the classroom, when turned like that there was no one who could see me — I was totally blocked from view. My heart soared. I gulped and looked up at Rod. In the darkness, all I could see was his glittering blue eyes and his smile. Wordlessly, he mouthed “TOUCH IT.”

He was out of his mind! My conscious mind screamed that there was no way I was going to do that in class! My damn hand, however, was already reaching toward his crotch, expecting the fabric of his slacks, but found the warmth of his exposed member, which was conveniently freed from his pants and already hard and happy to see me.

I held it for a moment, and despite all conventional logic of touching a guys dick in a classroom full of students I’d known most of my life, I felt happy that his Cock was hard and growing harder in the warmth of my hand.

Rod flexed his hips, and his penis moved in my hand. He grabbed my wrist and initiated an up-and-down motion. Nothing else mattered. I moved my hand up and down, just happy to have his Cock in my grip once more.

There in the darkened classroom, inches away from a dozen other kids I’d known most of my life, I gripped his all-too-familiar truncheon into my shaking hand and began to stroke my man. I could feel him tense up, and I could feel his Cock harden beautifully, and, despite the risk, despite the taboo, I happily moved my hand up and down on that magnificent shaft for several minutes. I can’t begin to describe the relief and joy I felt when I heard him sigh and felt his leg tremble a bit as I jacked his Cock. As weird as it had been, and as risky as it was, it was familiar and reassuring to have that Cock in my hand again.

Emboldened more each passing minute, and loving how Rod was working hard to enjoy my attention without making noise, I waited until I could feel him harden that little extra, and I quickly dropped my head into his lap, finding that rigid Cockhead by instinct alone and popping it into my mouth. He was freshly showered, but the underlying smell of his Cock and musky manhood was familiar and warming to me, and I went right to work on pleasing him. I used the moves on him I’d learned while he was sleeping, and, sure enough, within a few seconds, I could feel his legs shaking underneath me. He whispered, “Here comes the molten lava…” as his hips squirmed then thrust, and he began to quietly unload semen into my hungry mouth. The heat, the taste, and the aroma of his eruption of lust washed over me as his cum filled my mouth, and I gulped it down like a starving baby feeding at his mothers tit. He pumped, I swallowed, he pumped, I swallowed. It had been barely a day since he’d last came, but again I had a biblical flood of hot, thick semen to ingest.

Once I was satisfied that he was satisfied, I milked out the last drops of his seed with Onwin Güncel Giriş my fingers, licked his Cock clean and straightened up in my chair. Gratefully, I carefully maneuvered his ample penis back inside the fly of his slacks and, giving his nuts a squeeze of gratitude for providing the lunch I’d missed, I extracted my hand from his fly and carefully zipped my man up. I didn’t want to get that beautiful Cock caught in the zipper, and I noted with some eroticism that my man went commando.

My timing couldn’t have been better as the video ended and the lights came back on in the room. Rod looked over at me and nodded. “Good job, boy,” he said — then he smiled a wicked smile. He put his hands together and rubbed them. “Hey! I’ve got a plan, and you’re gonna help. I wanna fuck Chrissy Dorto, and you’re gonna help me.” My heart fell, but nowhere near as badly as earlier in class. “She won’t go out on a date alone with me since that bullshit at Prom. She will double-date, but only if I can find someone to go with her cousin, Megan Grubb. That’s where you come in. While you’re keeping Meg busy, I’m going to get busy with Chrissy! I’m gonna set it up for tonight.” He stated this with certainty, without asking, as if that’s the way it was going to be. With that, he got up and went over to talk to Chrissy.

While rumor had it that no one really knew her, I’d known of Meg Grubb for a couple years now. I was in a class with her two years ago, and she was pretty smart. But that’s about all. She wasn’t terribly pretty, she was overweight and super shy, so she was picked on a lot. Because of her name, either they called her Meg Grubby or Meg Griffin. (I never understood the deal with Family Guy — I always thought Meg Griffin was drawn kinda cute, especially since she was voiced by Mila Kunis, a woman who I’d give my left nut for!!) Meg Grubb wasn’t quite that cute, and her shyness kept me, and damn near everyone from knowing anything else about her. I didn’t even know Chrissy was related to her.

Rod was still talking to Chrissy, and they both turned to look at me. Chrissy looked up again at Rod, nodded, and smiled at him. Rod gave me the ‘Thumbs Up’ sign and returned to flirting with Chrissy. I wasn’t sure about this, but what else could I do but go along? I went to rub my face, and my fingers found a wet spot on my chin. I pulled at it, looking at my fingers, and I blushed. Rod had left a good-sized glob of semen on my chin, and didn’t bother to tell me about it. No wonder he’d smiled that wicked grin. He was willing to let me wander around school with his cum on my face, marked like a little whore.

I was lucky I’d discovered it before class was over! I looked around — no one had noticed my little discovery. I went to wipe my finger off on the desk, then stopped my hand. I looked around again. Rod was busy with Chrissy, and no one else was looking. I stretched the glob between my index finger and thumb, marveling at its elasticity. Then, I sniffed at it. It had a familiar and erotic smell about it – there was no doubt this was Rods cum. After contemplating it for a moment, I popped it into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue and inhaling deeply until I could taste it.

Even though no one had seen this, I was embarrassed and humiliated and felt used.

I swallowed it anyway.

My emotions were all over the place. Pretty soon the bell rang — and at that moment, I just wanted to get out of there. I had been feeling a very odd, almost kinky satisfaction over stroking and sucking Rod during class, but I wasn’t so sure about the whole double-date thing, but a part of me was furious that he’d have me wandering around school sporting his jizz on my face! I didn’t think either of us wanted that — I certainly didn’t!

I had to walk past the two of them to get out of the room. As I did, Chrissy giggled a bit, and Rod stopped me. “Bobby boy,” he called me, “We’re on for seven tonight. Be ready.”

I smiled, looked down a bit, and found myself saying, “Sure thing, Rod.” He glared at me for just an instant, but then smiled.

Rod said, “Good. Wear something nice.” He tweaked my chin, right where he had marked me with a glob of his semen moments earlier. Turning to Chrissy, he said, “He cleans up good.”

I knew what he really meant.

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