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Seven Deadly Sins

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Celina sat in the dark room, her eyes slowly adjusting to the dim candle light. She could hear the chorus chanting as the man in the mask and dark robe approached her. He was the master… he was the one who would initiate her into the ways of brotherhood.

“Celina,” has asked as he looked down at her.

The iron mask concealed any trace of emotion he might have had. Neither his voice nor his eyes gave anything away. They were cold, but there was no hint of malice either. Somehow, that made Celina feel more at ease.

“The time has come,” he said, “Are you prepared?”

“Yes my master,” Celina said as she knelt before him.

“Good,” he said, “Then you understand that the gauntlet – this ritual that you shall be facing tonight – will not be easy. It will be difficult, frightening… perhaps even painful. But in the end, if you can endure it, you will have conquered your seven deadly sins and joined the brotherhood.”

“Yes,” Celina nodded, “I have prepared myself for it.”

“Very well then,” the master said, “You must meet, and satiate, seven men tonight… each of them representing one of the seven deadly sins. I will leave you now to your fate.”

The master turn and walked out of the room, his long, dark robe flowing behind him. Celina was now alone, with only the echoing voices of the chorus to give her company. As Celina began to come to terms with what was about to happen to her, there came a knock at the door.

“Enter,” she said.

Another man in a robe came into the room, this time dressed in crimson colored silk, with a mask that portrayed a lecherous man licking his lips suggestively. He sauntered over towards her with something of a bounce in his step. She could smell perfume on his robes as he brushed them past her.

“Do you know who I am Celina,” he asked in a voice that was almost a whisper.

“Yes,” she said, “You are Asmodeus.”

The man in the mask and red silk robes chuckled, and it sent a shiver down Celina’s spine. He leaned over until he was right next to her face.

“The demon of lust,” he whispered into her ear, “And do you know what I’m here to do?”

“Yes,” Celina said, shivering as she felt the man rubbing his hands across her body even through the thick, billowing fabric of her robe.

“You are here to put me through the gauntlet,” she continued, “To drive the deadly sins from my body that I might have clarity of mind and spirit… but I would have thought that Pride would be first, following in the tradition of Aquinas.”

He chuckled again.

“No my dear,” he said running the palm of his hand under her robe, “We don’t always work that way. I figured that since I’m lust, I should be the first one to partake of the womanly pleasures of that curvy body of yours…”

Celina went along with the ritual, slowly letting the man in the red silken robe undress her. She was not wearing anything beneath her robe. Soon she was naked in the chamber with the first of her tests. The man circled her like a predator circles it’s prey, taking in the full sight of her naked body. Celina tried not to betray any hint of fear, but deep down inside, she was terrified.

“You can have your way with me now Asmodeus,” she said, swallowing nervously.

As soon as she said that, the man threw open his red silk robe, exposing his equally naked body to her. He was sporting a rock hard cock underneath the robe, appropriately enough. He walked over towards Celina, who was still kneeling in the circle at the center of the room, and roughly took hold of her head. Running his hands through her jet black hair, he brought her head up towards his cock.

Celina knew what he expected, and quickly opened her lips, taking the entirety of his manhood into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down as she sucked on his dick. The man claiming to Asmodeus simply threw his head back as she gave him muğla escort a blowjob. He placed his hands around her shoulder, thrusting his hips as he got into the act. Celina struggled to fight the urge to gag as he scraped against the back of her throat.

She knew it was all part of the ritual, part of her initiation that she had to pass as so many others before her had, but it was still scary. And before the night was over, she would have to please six other men.

The hot little Latina barely had any time to think it over, for soon Asmodeus shot his load deep into her throat. She swallowed it, chocking a little on the salty aftertaste as he pulled out of her mouth.

“Good,” he said, “Very good… but we’re not done yet. We’re only just beginning.”

He pushed her down onto her back and lifted her legs, spreading them out to reveal her naked womanhood. Celina winced a little as she felt the tip of his cock pressing up against her pussy lips. Holding onto her thighs, the man in the red silk robe thrust deep into her cunt. Celina grunted a little, but soon she was pushing back, trying to please her partner.

While the two were engaged in fucking, Celina heard the door open again. She looked up and saw a man in an emerald green robe. He was wearing a mask too, though his was contorted into a cruel sneer. At first, all he did was circle the room, watching as his partner pounded away at the sexy initiates’ juicy cunt. Celina tried to watch him, but the fucking was too intense. Fortunately, he wound up just standing in the corner and watching them.

Celina’s entire body shook as Asmodeus shot his load into her womb. Before Celina could even catch her breath, the man pulled out of her and got up to greet his newly arrived partner.

“Ah Leviathan,” he said, “I take it you want to join me, yes?”

Leviathan! The representation of envy, naturally.

“Of course,” he said staring at the exhausted young woman sprawled out in front of him.

“All right then,” Asmodeus replied, “Let me get into position. This is going to be a tight fit honey.”

The man in the red silken robe moved himself behind Celina and then shoved his cock back into her sticky, cum filled pussy. She cried out in pleasure as he once more penetrated deep into her womanhood. But she wasn’t expecting Leviathan to slide in between her legs. He opened his shiny green robe and revealed his naked body, slowly slipping his cock into her cunt as well!

Celina winced in discomfort. She’d never been double penetrated before, and even though she came expecting some pretty kinky stuff, she wasn’t prepared for this. It took some effort, but the two men eventually managed to work their way in. It felt like they were literally tearing her apart. Her poor pussy was struggling to fit them.

Once they’d made themselves comfortable, the two began working in tandem, thrusting in and out of her sticky cunt. She was fortunate that Asmodeus had already cum inside of her, because it at least provided an ample source of lubrication.

“Sloppy seconds,” Leviathan said, his sneering mask looking down at her.

Asmodeus, laying on his back behind her, reached forward and took a hold of her ripe, firm breasts. He roughly squeezed them, eliciting a moan of pleasure. They could feel waves of pleasure running through her body. Somehow, as if by magic, the two came at the same time, each shooting their load up into her womb. Their seed mixed together, mingling with her own juices. Asmodeus pulled out first, a sticky trail leaking across the stone floor of the chamber.

Envy, however, was content to simply lay there, his cock still shoved deep into her cunt. He continued to feel up her body, even as Asmodeus stepped back to admire his handiwork.

But Celina wasn’t going to get relief any time soon. The door opened once more, and a gigantic man in muş escort a plain robe came in. She could tell her was heavy set, even in an all concealing garment, and it wasn’t all muscle either. His mask was a morbidly obese grinning mockery of the human form, albeit with razor sharp fangs in lieu of teeth.

“Beelzebub,” she said.

“The embodiment of gluttony,” he said, and then belched.

As he approached, Leviathan once again began to pump in and out of Celina’s cunt. She started to quiver as waves of pleasure wracked her body. Unable to speak, she simply cried out in pleasure as the man in the green robes thoroughly fucked her.

“I think I’m going to go for a blowjob,” Beelzebub said as he approached her.

Celina didn’t offer any resistance as the new man grabbed her by the hair and forcibly brought her lips around his bulbous cock head. She struggled to find some sense of equilibrium while she was jostled back and forth. Leviathan continued to fuck her as she sucked off the heavyset man in front of her.

Despite his size, it didn’t take long for Beelzebub to shoot his load down her throat. She swallowed every last drop, and then tried to move her head back, but the fat man stopped her. He just shook his head.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he said, “I won’t be satisfied until you swallow all of my cum tonight… ALL OF IT!”

And with that, he resumed throat fucking her.

Celina was shocked to hear the door open yet again, and this time, another man in a red robe came into the room. Unlike Asmodeus, his mask looked to be made of iron, and it was of an angry looking demon. By far, it was the most inhuman mask that she’d seen all night.

“Satan,” the heavyset man announced, “How nice of you to join us.”

The newest arrival looked down at Celina and folded his arms across his chest.

“I assume you know that I’m wrath,” he said coldly.

“Mmm…. mmmm,” was all Celina could manage to get out as she continued to suck off Beezelbub’s massive cock.

“And I assume you know I’m not going to be gentle then,” he said.

“Mmmm….. mmmmm,” she said again.

Celina knew what was coming. She closed her eyes as Satan moved into position behind her. Without warning, he shoved his cock into her juicy ass. Celina had tried anal before with one of her boyfriends, but she had never gotten used to it. Satan didn’t even bother with any of the niceties. He simply thrust in and out of her ass, roughly stretching her anus as he did so. She wanted to cry out at the rough treatment she was receiving, but her mouth was full of cock, and nearly overflowing with semen to boot.

Beelzebub shot another load down her throat, which Celina simply swallowed, then he pulled out, leaving a sticky trail of jizz trailing down her chin. A few drops landed on her chest, sliding down the poor woman’s shapely breasts. It was of little relief to Celina, who was still getting brutally fucked from behind. As Beelzebub moved away from her, Satan roughly grabbed the woman’s back and increased his efforts.

She screamed out as he finally shot a load of cum deep into her aching bowels. When he was done, Satan pulled his still rigid member from her burning ass as a murderer might pull a knife out of his fallen victim. Perhaps satisfied, Leviathan soon joined him and pulled out, letting a virtual torrent of semen leak out from her abused cunt.

‘At least the worst of it is over,’ Celina thought to herself, ‘Just three more to go.’

As if on cue, the fifth of the night’s challengers came into the room. He was wearing a simple black robe, and his mask was a crudely carved wooden one with no features save for eye holes. It looked like he had hardly put any effort at all into his costume… in fact it looked like…

“Belphegor,” she exclaimed.

“That’s right,” he replied, “I am Belphegor. And nevşehir escort do you know which sin I embody?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “You are the embodiment of sloth.”

“Good,” he said as he took off his robe and laid down, “Then I will lay down and let you do the work.”

As Belphegor lay there, his cock standing at full attention, Celina rose to her feet. Her legs were wobbly from the sheer amount of sex she had endured over the course of the night, but eventually she managed to regain her balance and walk over towards the nearly motionless man.

She carefully positioned herself over his cock, inching down until it went all the way into her cunt. Straddling the naked man, she began to bounce up and down as she rode his cock. It was surprisingly invigorating. Celina had never really tried that position before. She could feel the cock slipping in and out of her as she fucked him… literally fucked him! She was the one in charge of this whole experience. It was a surprising realization.

Celina arched her hips, moving her belly with all the talent of a world class bellydancer. She had to push herself through several waves of orgasm, but soon she managed to make the man cum, milking his cock for all that it was worth. As the last sputter shot up into her womb, Celina caught her breath and cautiously rose to her feed.

Another man was already waiting for her. He must have entered the room while she was fucking Belphegor. He was clad in a green robe, just as Leviathan had been, and his mask too was the face of an angry man.

“And who am I,” he asked her.

Celina wasn’t quite sure which of the remaining two sins he represented, but she decided to go with her gut.

“You are,” she hesitated for a moment, “You are Mammon”

“Yes,” he replied, “Mammon, the demon prince of greed.”

“I see,” she said, falling down to her knees.

“So no doubt you will want to use all of my holes then,” she said as she began to suck on his cock.

“Indeed,” he said.

Celina willingly obliged him, eagerly swallowing his seed, and then allowing him to fuck her in both the cunt and ass. He shot a load of cum into each. Her ass was still sore after the absolutely brutal fucking she’d received from Satan, but she didn’t flinch as Mammon fucked her from behind. Finally, when he was done he stepped back and joined the circle of robed men who surrounded her. Their combined semen was spread all over the stone floor of the chamber, and all over (and within) Celina’s nubile body.

As she caught her breath, Celina counted the men who were in the room. Six. She had pleased six men as part of her ritual initiation. That meant there was one more…

She turned around, and standing at the door was another figure. But this one was different. He was familiar… it was the same man in the iron mask who had begun the ritual. The master…

“And now we’ve read the final part,” the master said coldly.

“Yes,” Celina said as she looked him in the eyes, “Lucifer.”

He motioned for her to come over towards him and leave the chamber. As she stepped out of the chamber, her eyes took a moment to adjust to the light. The chorus was surrounding them, still chanting their arcane liturgy. However, Celina noticed that each of them wore a mask that represented one of the people closest to her… her friends, her family, her co-workers… the very people that she wouldn’t want finding out about the little orgy she had just endured.

“Celina,” Lucifer said to her, “You have faced six of the seven deadly sins, and overcome them. Now you must face the final sin…”

“The sin of pride,” she said.

“Yes,” replied Lucifer, “The sin of pride.”

Celina lay back and spread her legs, allowing Lucifer to move between her thighs. The chorus, still trying to emulate those she knew, became silent. They were all watching her. But Celina did not care anymore. As Lucifer thrust into her well-used cunt, she simply moaned in pleasure. She knew right then and there that she had overcome her pride, the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins.

“Welcome to the society,” Lucifer said as he continued to fuck her juicy cunt.

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