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Sex, Lies and Videotape

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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Peter, at least for the purposes of this story which apart from names and places is absolutely true. It’s not a story I’m particularly proud of, but at the same time I’m not exactly ashamed of myself either. I’ll tell you this story, add my own thoughts, but leave the judgement to you as to whether I’m a manipulative rogue or just an imaginative, red-blooded male.

I’m English, 35, a bachelor, fairly successful with women, and in a well-paid job. I do enjoy imaginative and adventurous sex, and have had my share of erotic encounters. The one I’m about to relate to you happened nearly a year ago, and it all began when I was browsing personal ads on the Net. I’ve had mixed results from Internet encounters; on one hand they provide a convenient meeting place for like-minded people, on the other the Net is over-populated with dreamers, wannabes, and weirdoes. On this occasion I was just looking through the advert titles for any that caught my eye, and came across “18 and tired of having no money”.

Why this particular title attracted me I’m not sure, but I opened up the ad and was rewarded with a photo of a very good-looking girl. Shoulder-length blonde hair, an innocent expression and showing her body off in a bikini, which revealed that although she was slim she had large breasts. Her description read “5’4″, 18yr old student, smoker, social drinker, seeking generous older gentleman to whom I can show my gratitude after they spoil me”. I read it through a couple of times, looked at her photo for a while, and drifted off into thought. Where the subsequent idea came from I can’t be sure, but it may have been inspired by a porno film a mate had lent me recently in which a couple of distinctly middle-aged Englishmen went to Spain and persuaded ladies on holiday to become part of a porn film. They were very successful and the story and sex were very good, although it was fairly obvious that the girls were actresses. Nonetheless, it may have planted the seed of the idea which was now developing in my head.

I clicked on the ‘reply’ button, still not sure what exactly I was going to say, but trusting my ability to think on my feet, I began by introducing myself to the young lady. I was honest in all aspects bar one; I claimed that I had a part-time, unofficial connection to a company which make adult films, and that I could get her into the business if she was willing to meet me for an ‘interview’. I made it quite clear that all I would require from her was to meet at a venue of her choice, have a chat and for this she would get £50 whether she took things further or not. I told her that if she decided to pursue my offer, we would need to go somewhere private, probably my hotel room, for a brief photo shoot for which I would require her to be nude, and she’d also have to answer some questions, and for this she would receive another £50, and still be able to just walk away.

I wrote that if the company approved of her answers to their questions, and her photo shoot (and I assured her that from her photo I was sure they would), then they would pay all travelling and accommodation expenses for her to attend shoots, that they normally took place over a weekend so she could tell friends and family that she was just going to visit friends somewhere, and that for one film she could make anything from £500 – £5,000. I have absolutely no idea if my guesses at what girls in porn films make was at all accurate, but it seemed tempting without being too obvious an exaggeration. I sent my reply with no great expectation of hearimg from her, so it was with some surprise that I received a reply within a day.

Trish, as she introduced herself, was very interested indeed in my offer, and proceeded to enthuse about what I’d told her. She told me that she lives in Cambridge, and would love to meet me to see what I had to offer. She could meet up at any time convenient to myself, and admitted that even the £100 I’d offered for the meeting would be very welcome. I could hardly believe how easy this was. I did have a pang of conscience at stringing her along like this, but she also told me about the ‘dirty old bastards’ who had asked her to meet them, fuck them, and all for £20 or £30. I considered the fact that what with travelling up from London, the hotel room, the £100 I’d promised and incidental costs, I’d be forking out around £300 for what I could get for £50 by picking up the phone and getting a pukka prostitute, but that had never really appealed to me. This had the added spice of deceit, and the obvious innocence and naivety of a young girl. I comforted my conscience by telling myself that I certainly wasn’t going to hurt her, and hopefully she would get as much of a kick out of the experience as I would, even if it wouldn’t lead to porn stardom.

I replied to Trish immediately, including my mobile phone number, and inviting her to call for a chat. I wasn’t too surprised when my phone rang within the hour, and kartal escort bayan I was listening to a very young sounding and excited voice. At this point one obvious pitfall presented itself, and I told her that for legal reasons I would require proof of age, part of me fearing that this would be an end to it, but I was damned if I’d leave myself open to accusations of child pornography, if she turned out to be a very mature looking 15 yr old. Thankfully she told me that this would be no problem, and she would bring her passport as proof that she was indeed 18. She asked me when I could come up to see her, and told me that as her college had broken up for Easter vacation she could make it anytime. I had a bit of holiday to get in before the end of March, so I told her that the following Thursday would be good. I know Cambridge fairly well, and we arranged to meet at the Granta House hotel bar, where I would also book a room. This must have further added to my credibility, as the Granta is one of Cambridge’s better hotels. I knew that I would be looking at well over £100 for a decent room, but I was hooked by my idea now, and Trish was obviously as keen as I was.

The big day arrived; I had taken a long weekend just in case things developed further, and complete with camera equipment (I’m no David Bailey, but as a lover of gadgets I had a decent Pentax, a tripod and remote), a questionnaire I’d prepared on headed notepaper bearing the legend “Diamond Productions”, and a couple of very nicely done laminated business cards proclaiming my position as Diamond Productions personnel manager, my mobile number and email address, I headed off to Cambridge.

I settled into the large double room, set the camera up between the bed and the sofa, and having showered I changed into some smart but casual clothes for my impending meeting. I’d told Trish to dress with subtlety, nothing too flashy or tarty. At eight o’clock, our appointed hour, I was sat in a discreet booth in the lounge bar, a whisky and soda in front of me, trying to maintain a business-like demeanour. When she arrived I was stunned – she really was a looker. I’d sent her a photo via email so she’d know what I looked like, and now she came straight over to me. She was wearing a light dress, quite conservative, some stylish but lowish heels, and she smiled in a rather nervous fashion as I took her hand and invited her to sit down. Once the waiter had brought her a glass of red wine she looked at me with real excitement in her eyes, and said

“Well? Peter? What do you think?”

“Trish, you look fantastic. I can almost guarantee that Simone will be very keen to take you on. She’s the lady I told you about, who pretty much runs the film company. I’ve told her about you and she’s seen the photo from your ad, but she needs to see some more. I’m no professional, but if you’re willing I can do a fairly decent set to show her”

“What sort of thing would I be asked to do?” I wondered at this whether Trish was having second thoughts, but one look at her made me realise that she was more excited than nervous.

“Well I’m not going to bluff you” I said, aware of the hypocrisy of that statement “You will be expected to take part in full sex in front of cameras, and it’s not something that everyone feels comfortable with. It can be very stop/start, with directors interrupting you just when you’re getting into it. How much you can make will also depend on what specific activities you’re willing to take part in, but that’ll all be covered by the questionnaire. We’ll go through that in my room, when we do the photo shoot. If you want to, that is”

I was really beginning to enjoy this now, playing the part to the full, but just hoping that she had as little idea of how the porn industry worked as I did.

“Too right I do” was her response “can we go now?”

“Sure. I’ll order a bottle of wine; this may take some time”

I was very aware that my cock was rapidly stiffening, bulging my trousers at the front and I tried thinking of Russian tractors for a while. Hmm, all I could see in my mind’s eye was a naked Trish aboard a Russian tractor, so that didn’t work!

We entered my room and I set the lights to a suitably low level. I could see Trish was impressed by the size and opulence of the room as she sat on the sofa, but I was well into my role now and after pouring us a glass of wine each, I sat next to her, keeping a polite distance away.

She reached into her purse, and handed me her passport. I was delighted to see that she’d turned 18 over 6 months before, and I smiled at her as I handed it back. Time to begin:

“Trish, one of the things that girls, and guys for that matter, find somewhat uncomfortable when they first begin in adult films is being naked around fully clothed, very business-like people. There’s the director, camera crews, sound crews, make-up girls and usually a few of the other actors waiting for their bit. To give you an idea what it’s like escort maltepe I’d like you to strip off, and lie or sit on the bed. I’m going to sit here, fully clothed and we’ll go through the questions I’ve got. After that we’ll do the photo shoot. Ok?”

“Yeah, sure. Er, Peter? I thought that you’d probably want to… well, try me out”

“That may result as part of the questions, and if you’re willing to have some of the photos showing you with me, then that may be part of it too. You don’t have to do anything, but it’ll obviously help Simone decide if I can tell her that you’re really up for it, and will really do the things you say you will. Before we start here though, here’s your money. You can have the full hundred now, and thank you for making the effort to come. And here’s a card, with my contact details on it. Don’t worry about the personnel manager bit, that was Simone’s idea to give me a bit more credibility with potential recruits”

The hook was baited, and she smiled at me sweetly as she thanked me with real enthusiasm, put the money and card in her purse, then unzipped her dress, kicked off her modest stilettos, unhooked her bra and slid her panties down. Placing her clothes carefully on the bedside table, she picked up her wine and reclined on the bed. I was really struggling not to stare at this fantastic young body before me, and it was even harder not to begin imagining what I was going to do with her later.

“Ok, the questions are very personal, and are to allow the firm to know what scenes they can include you in. Needless to say, the more you’re willing to do, the more parts you’re likely to get and the more you’ll be paid. Ready?”

“A bit nervous, but yes, I’m ready”

“Ok, each question is to ascertain what you’d be prepared to do. You can answer yes, no, or possibly to each one. If there’s anything you’ve never tried, I really suggest that you answer ‘possibly’, because once you say yes to something, they’ll expect you to carry it through”

“Ok, got that”

Here came my big pitch:

“Or I can leave it blank for now, and we can try it and then you can give a more informed answer”

I was quite tense asking this one, because for all the indications I’d received so far, she could always say no and I’d have lost £100 for a bit of fun. And I was looking for a lot of fun! I should have had more faith in the bait I’d laid, as Trish answered straight away:

“Really? Oh, that would be brilliant”

“Good girl. Ok the first one is obvious; are you willing to fuck on screen?”

“Yes. I’ve had sex a few times, but normally with boys my age, and it hasn’t been great. So yes with a capital ‘Y’!”

“Ok. How about with more than one man? And is there a limit to how many men you’d be happy with. Group scenes pay pretty well”

“God yes. Any number would be good”

“Excellent. Oral sex? On a man?”


“Super” at this rate I was going to run out of superlatives “how about a man performing oral sex on you?”

“Yes, of course silly!”

I allowed myself a chuckle. I was in some discomfort now, as my cock was positively straining at my fly to be released, and Trish had definitely noticed

“Peter, wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you got undressed too?” she asked, with a cheeky little grin

“No Trish. As I said, this is to get you used to things around a set. And the folk on a set are a lot more professional than me. Don’t worry though, I’m sure I’ll be more comfortable soon” and I gave her what I hoped was a kindly smile in return.

“Now, what about with other girls? Have you ever had a lesbian experience?”

“No. But I’ve often thought about it, and I’m pretty sure I’d want to. What sort of thing?”

“Well, that’s up to you. It can be just a kiss, or some fondling, or you can go as far as licking each other out, or even fisting”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Is it specific about what I’d be willing to do?”

“Well, if you’ve never tried sex with another woman, Simone will probably give you a trial run, so you can see what you like. The way you look, she’ll probably try you out herself” I was amazed by both my ability to keep the bullshit flowing so smoothly, and at the expression of lust which passed over Trish’s face as I said this. I’m not sure what the mental image was that she’d built up for the imaginary Simone, but it was obviously one she liked.

“If you agree to lesbian sex, how about you and another girl with a man, or men?”

“Yes, I guess so. I really think I’ll like the girl on girl bit too. The idea is really horny”

“Ok, Trish. I’ll put that down as ‘possibly’. We’re nearly done with this bit. However, the two big money questions are still left, and you need to really think about this. Firstly, would you do anal sex? This is a big money spinner, as a lot of girls won’t do it. Some of them like it personally, but don’t want to be shown doing it, and others don’t like it at all. There are some who pendik escort absolutely love it, though. So how about you?”

“Er, I don’t really know. My mum’s got a slim-line vibrator, and I really liked it when I tried that in my…you know”

“Say it!” I commanded, then more gently added “you’ve got to get over any self-consciousness about talking about sex”

“Sorry, I put her vibrator in my arse, and it was really nice, but I don’t know about a …cock. I think I’d like it, but… could we? …you know”

“Sure, of course we can. And don’t worry, I’ll take it really easy” Oh heaven! I was in for a bit of anal. At least.

“The second one is equally important, and I must remind you that if you say yes, they’ll expect you to perform it whenever you’re asked to. This one is to do with cumshots, a very important part of any film. Are you willing to have a man come in your mouth, and if so, will you spit or swallow?”

“I’ve never tried it. I’ve done blowjobs, but they’ve never come in my mouth. I like the idea, and I have tasted cum before, from my hand, or…” She was blushing furiously “from my pussy, and although I wouldn’t say it tasted nice it felt so horny that I think I’d swallow”

“Ok, not a problem. Would you like me to leave that one blank too?” I forced myself to keep a neutral expression as I asked this, hard though that was with 7 inches trying to burst out of my trousers.

“Yes please, Peter” replied Trish, with another blush

“Good. Well, that pretty much completes the questions, so I’ll get behind the camera and we’ll do some photos. As I said, I’m not a professional photographer, but from my experience these come out best if you don’t actually try to look sexy. Just be yourself and keep a natural expression. You’re so good looking I don’t think you’ll have to try anyway” a little bit of flattery never does any harm, and besides, she did look fantastic.

“Ok, how do you want me?”

Well, that question could have had any number of answers, but I was determined to play this one out.

“Ok, kneel on the bed facing the camera, and look at a point just above the lens. Don’t smile, just keep your expression neutral”

She looked demure and devastatingly sexy as she complied, her breasts hanging below her as she looked up at the camera. I took a couple of shots, the flash lighting up the room, then told her to lie on her right side, facing the camera and to cup her left breast with her hand. Next I had her lie on her back, feet toward me, and with her legs just apart wide enough to allow a glimpse of her pussy. Looking through the lens, I could see that she was moist, with her cunt lips swollen and pink. On my instructions she next stayed in this position, but spread her legs wider, and cupping a breast with one hand, she reached down to cover her cunt with the other. As I focused on her body I noticed that she had slipped a finger into her cunt, and was rubbing her palm against her clit. She was obviously feeling as horny as I was, and it was nearly time;

“Hey naughty!” I teasingly scolded her “I didn’t ask for that. But keep it there now, that looks good. One thing I’ve got to ask, Trish. Are your breasts totally natural? It’s just that they’re very firm, and for their size I’d expect them to be less so”

“Yes!” she protested “feel them”

This was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and moving to the bed I cupped and squeezed her breasts with both hands. They were without doubt the firmest, smoothest breasts I’d ever felt. Trish reached up with her hand and gave my cock a squeeze through my trousers, and it was all I could do to resist ripping my clothes off and going for it. I decided to compromise.

“Thanks Trish, but I need a few more shots yet” I moved back to the camera. “I want a side shot; kneel on the bed, side on to the camera, now move forward so you’re right on the edge of the bed. Good”

I focused the camera on her face and took a shot.

“Lovely, now open your mouth as if you’re giving a blowjob” she did as I asked, and now it really was time for the gloves, and trousers, to come off

“That’s beautiful Trish. Geez, you look sexy. Ok, hold the pose, you can close your mouth but don’t move your position an inch” I kicked my shoes off, ripped my trousers down and flipped my shorts away after them. Bollocks to folding neatly now, I needed some action. Picking up the camera remote I moved to the bed, my cock standing proudly out from my body

“Ok Trish, for the next shot I want you to suck on my cock, but just the head for now”

and I slid my helmet into her mouth. Fuck, this felt good – I just kept enough presence of mind to press the remote a couple of times. To maintain my role in this, I was going to have to stop her, but she was swallowing more and more of my shaft, sliding her mouth up and down, her tongue swirling around the head – shit, this girl was good! I ran my fingers through her hair, my hand resting at the back of her head, my hips beginning to gently thrust forward and back, my cock sliding in and out of her firm yet soft lips. God knows how I managed it, but I pulled away, to a short squeal of protest from Trish.

“We’ll get the photos done, Trish, and then you’ll have my undivided attention”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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