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Sex with a Stranger…

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She noticed him standing as she made a last gasp lunge through the closing doors as the train readied itself to leave the station. Subconsciously she’d expected him to move backwards as she moved into the space directly facing him and later remembered being slightly unnerved when he did not. Being a seasoned traveller on the London Underground she was well practiced in avoiding eye contact with all passengers, no matter how many were squeezed together in a carriage, but straight away she could feel his eyes on her. Not quite daring to meet his stare she attempted to recall what he looked like based on her fleeting glance as she entered the carriage. Handsome, quite tall, dark hair with a stubble he was certainly her type, probably everyone’s type.

As the train bumped its way along the line she started to feel more comfortable with the position she found herself in. She allowed herself to drift with the moment and enjoy the sensation of her body against his. She had no idea if he was even fully conscious of their proximity to one another, or he just had a different definition of personal space, but she had already begun to fantasise that this was a shared experience. One they both wanted.

She was beginning to feel turned on, her nipples were hard and she could feel her heart rate increasing. When the announcement came that the train was about to enter a station she barely noticed. It was only when he finally moved and began to edge towards the door that she realised that this was where he would be getting off. Disappointed she edged herself to one side to give him some space and took the opportunity to look directly at him. She half expected that he would meet her gaze, as an attractive woman, she was used to having a particular effect on men, so it was something of a surprise that he seemed to be looking past her, only focusing on leaving the train. It had just been her imagination after all.

But then she felt a hand take hers, it was him. He’d reached for her as he was moving past her, towards the train door There was enough force in his pull on her hand to ask her a question, but not enough to take away her ability to choose what to do next.

She let him lead her off the train and onto the platform. The feeling that she was doing something completely out of character scared and excited her simultaneously. As they began to make their way along the platform towards the exit he squeezed her hand gently. Somehow this was enough to reassure her that she would be safe with this man, that he wouldn’t hurt her.

Just before they reached the escalator that would carry them up to street level, he spoke;

“Do you want me?”

She hesitated before replying but was sure of her answer;


“What’s your name?”

Surprising herself slightly she turned to look at him and said;

“I’m not telling you, I don’t want to know your name either.”

“Ok, I live a few minutes walk from here.”

With that he let go of her hand and walked canlı bahis slightly ahead. Leading the way, regaining control. She liked it, she followed.

Once they’d passed through the turnstiles and out into the street she began to really sense the anticipation of what was to become. She’d never done anything like this before, she was nervous but there was no way she was backing out now. She wanted to fuck him, wanted to be fucked by him.

He was still walking in front of her, only slightly but enough to make her wonder what would happen if she stopped following. Would be wait for her or would he just leave her where she stood? She knew the answer, he was a man. A handsome man, a sexy and confident one but he was still a man. They could both play the game, he played very well, but she would win in the end, she was sure of that. Slowing down she allowed herself to fall a little further behind him than she’d previously been. It was only a step or two but it had the desired effect, after a few seconds he slowed and half turned to check what she was doing. She gave him the smallest of smiles and picked up her pace again. He did the same, they walked maybe quarter of a mile and then turned left into a residential street. Most of the buildings had been converted into the kind of apartments popular with young London based professionals and she wasn’t surprised when, a little way along the pavement, he indicated that a smart black door provided the initial entrance to where she was being taken.

Following him up the few stone steps that led to the door she stood directly behind him while he reached for his key in the jacket pocket. She contemplated a cheeky squeeze of his behind but thought better of it, that wasn’t the kind of encounter she desired.

He was on her as soon as the door to his apartment closed behind them. She was settling into the gentle kiss he’d started when suddenly he pushed her firmly against the wall. Taken aback a little but going with it she stuck her tongue deeper into his mouth. He responded by sucking and nibbling it while reaching for the back of her head to force her even closer to him.

As abruptly as the kiss started it stopped. He looked her directly in the eyes as he put one hand on her neck, holding her against the wall, and the other between her legs. She was wet and pushed against his hand as his fingers slipped under her skirt, manoeuvred her panties to one side and began to rub the outer lips of her pussy in readiness for what was to come.

Reaching for his belt buckle she desperately wanted to unleash him and get her hand on his cock. She could feel how hard he was and the heat of it seemed to be burning through the fabric of his trousers and warming her hand. Just when she was about to claim her prize he reached down with the hand that had been around her neck and pulled hers away from him. Looking at him for guidance it was hard to tell whether he’d done this because he was afraid of losing control, or because they just weren’t bahis siteleri going there until he decided they were.

He kissed her again. A deep, passionate, slow kiss, the kind you lose yourself in that seems to go on forever. It was something of a contradiction when she felt one, then two fingers penetrate her and then the pressure of his thumb on her clitoris. This wasn’t a man who didn’t know how to pleasure a woman and she could feel herself succumbing to him with each thrust of his fingers and stroke of his thumb.

It had been a long time since any man had made her orgasm through finger stimulation alone but she knew that one was already close when suddenly he withdrew all contact from on, and in, her body, turned and walked a short distance down a corridor and into another room.

She knew what this was, he was continuing the game they’d been playing from the off. Part of her was becoming irritated with it and she knew the thing to do now would just be to leave. She didn’t though, she followed him into what was his bedroom.

He was waiting for her, he’d already taken his shirt off to reveal an impressive torso. She stood in front of him, at the edge of the bed and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Once she’d taken it completely off he took a step towards her, she stepped back.

“Take your trousers off, I want to taste you”

He did as he was told. She took her skirt and bra off and sat on the edge of the bed. He moved over to her and put his hands on her breasts. His cock was rock hard and sticking out over a pair of black designer jockey shorts. Slowly she pulled them down until he could easily step out of them. Putting her hands on his hips she edged him towards her. Starting by licking the tip before taking his length in her mouth and gripping him tightly with her lips she began to move her head up and down. After a couple of minutes of this she picked up her pace and became aware of his breathing getting heavier and quicker. She had him just where she wanted him. Stopping for a second but keeping her grip she looked up and their eyes locked. He was losing control but neither of them wanted this to be over yet.

Letting him go she pulled her panties down and off. Naked now, apart from the pair of black boots she deliberately kept on, she stepped past him and climbed on to the bed. Lying on her back and opening her legs it was obvious what she wanted, what she expected.

He started gently. Licking the inside of her thighs before kissing the outer lips of her pussy and then sliding his tongue from bottom to top before seeking out her, by now, throbbing clitoris. Although he knew not to apply too much pressure, too soon, she was feeling so sensitive that she had to edge back slightly so she could adjust to the pleasure she was now feeling. Tuned in to her moans and movements he quickly established that a slow, circular, motion brought the greatest reward. It wasn’t long before her voice confirmed his discovery;

“Fuck! that’s it. Right bahis şirketleri there, you can go a little harder now.”

Harder he went, and faster. Her orgasm was a relief as, if anything, the pleasure had been too much. When it came it shivered through her with greater intensity than she’d ever felt before. She wasn’t done though;

“You need to fuck me now, I want you inside me.”

“Get on your knees then.”

She did as he asked and he positioned himself behind her. Squeezing her arse he readied himself at her entrance, he didn’t need her help to guide him in. The first few thrusts were slow, not quick enough for her, so she started to move herself backwards and forwards to meet him. This wasn’t acceptable to him, not yet anyway, so he held her hips steady with his hands and continued his initial pace. She went with it, he was hitting the right spot so she reached down to rub her clitoris as he continued to rhythmically fuck her.

When he did speed up he accelerated slowly until he was ramming himself in and out of her pussy as quickly and hard as he could. She was free to do as she pleased now so she attempted to meet his hard thrusts with those of her own.

It was at her command that he started to smack her arse as he continued his assault on her pussy. The combination of slight pain with extreme pleasure was a heady cocktail and one that she felt would make her lose her mind completely. Another, smaller, orgasm followed before he slowed up, leaned forward and started to pull her hair. Getting as close to her left ear as he could get, he made his intentions clear;

“I’m going to stick a finger in your arse now and then fuck you until I come.”

Slowly manoeuvring his finger into her most private of holes, she liked this different kind of pleasure. It wasn’t her first time but it was the first time she’d let someone whose name she didn’t know touch her there.

He started to fuck her, really fuck her. The finger he had in her arse moved around naturally as he hammered into her, which added to the overwhelming pleasure she was now feeling. The self control he had was impressive but she could tell he was close.

She came for a third time just before he did. When he did it was with a low, almost animal like, groan and she could feel jets of his white fluid firing right into her.

Both now spent, they collapsed side by side on the bed. Neither of them spoke as each tried to process what had just happened in a way that worked for them. After a while she climbed off the bed and began to dress. He stayed where he was, totally comfortable in his nakedness, watching her. Once she was fully clothed he finally broke their mutual silence;

“That was amazing, leave me your number if you like?”

She’d expected this, she had no hesitation giving him an answer;

“Let’s just leave it at that shall we, it was very nice but I don’t need to see you again.”

A little surprised, he tried not to let his cool veneer slip;

“Can I at least have your name then?”

With that she looked at him for the last time, smiled and left the bedroom before letting herself out of the apartment and heading back to the station to continue her journey home.

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