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Sexting Pt. 11

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Fast-forward several months; Jennifer did graduate from Law School with distinction, She and the Major took a pre-honeymoon to the Mexican gulf-coast, She received orders detaching her from the reserve unit and sending her to Joint Base San Antonio. On weekends either Jennifer would return to the University or the Major would go to San Antonio.

“You know we get together for the wedding you will need bunk in a hotel room,” said Jennifer as the Major began to move in and out of her pussy.

“Your not going to adhere to that tradition are you?” responded the Major.

“As a matter of fact yes, I will be too busy to have you around. Besides I will be down in two weeks to welcome my old unit back after deployment. You can,” the Major’s mouth covered hers and they kissed.

The Major started to move his cock in and out of her pussy. The two lovers locked in an embrace kissed each other.

The next morning was Saturday; the Major got them up and jogging around the neighborhood of Jennifer’s townhome. “Keep up, Darling,” said the Major as Jennifer’s spirit started to flag.

“Between the Sex and the running, Major I get so sore, I might ban your visits,” said Jennifer.

The Major moved behind Jennifer and pushed her to quicken the pace; “Get going darling we need to beat our time from last time I was here. Let’s go.”

They ran for another half hour and gradually cooled down, Jennifer started to head for the entrance to the townhouse she was renting. “One more lap around the block darling,” said the Major as they walked hand in hand.

Despite complaining Jennifer enjoyed her time with Chip. She was even using his name more. They finally turned toward the house and after entering they pulled each other’s clothes off and headed to the shower. Jennifer liked the water as hot as she could stand and got under the stream. The Major put some shampoo in his hand and massaged her muff and then the hair on her head.

“You work on my pussy again and I will fall on the floor,” said Jennifer.

“Can I try,” said the Major as he rinsed her pubic hair.

Jennifer massaged his cock and balls, bent down and kissed the head. They got out of the shower and Jennifer left to dress leaving the Major. Jennifer was in the kitchen when the Major came in and kissed her. She was finishing the eggs and had toast cooking. They ate and put the dishes in the sink and went into the living room.

“Thanks for the run darling, I complain but it does me good,” said Jennifer. She grabbed a large book and her purse and headed for the door, “I’m off to class see you this afternoon.”

“When will this end, I had plans,” said the Major.

“I have about three more weeks, believe me I would rather do anything else, but I want to pass the bar exam,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer walked out and got in her car. She was heading to a hotel conference room with about a hundred other people taking a bar review course before sitting for the bar. The course ran six weeks, Monday through Friday 18:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 16:00.

The Major settled down and started reading the book that he remembered to bring. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Jennifer’s mother Betty was standing in front of him when he opened the door.

“She forgot to tell you I was coming I can see it on your face. How are you Major.” He stepped aside and Betty walked in. “You all must have been doing bed maneuvers and it slipped her mind. No matter we have things to discuss.

The Major grabbed his phone and typed a message to Jennifer. “When were you going to tell me that your mother was visiting.”

Almost immediately “Deal with it you big baby.” Was texted back.

“Well I’m in the army so I follow orders,” said the Major.

Jennifer’s mother was sitting at the Kitchen table opening a folder, “I can’t get her majesty to make decisions so you get elected,” said Betty.

The Major spent the morning into the afternoon looking, linens and the dreaded guest list. Jennifer’s mother handled the invitations but there were other details demanding attention. Preliminary decisions were made and left for Jennifer to confirm. At about 16:30 Jennifer arrived and rushed into the Major’s arms. “You two want to get a hotel room,” said Betty.

Jennifer embraced her mother and then escort kartal hugged the Major again. “That is to make up for my little trick. Come lets get something to eat,” said Jennifer.

The two women and the Major walked out of the house and got in the Major’s car. “I have to phone Dave and tell him where to meet us,” said Betty.

They pulled into the parking lot and saw that the former Command Master Chief was standing at the door.

“Thank you Major, I was able to spend an entire afternoon at a Bass Pro shop without my buddy wondering when we were leaving,” said Dave.

“Glad I could help I think,” said the Major.

There was a very sharp poke in the major’s ribs; “That hurt young lady,” said the Major.

“It was supposed to, don’t talk about my mother like she was a burden,” said Jennifer.

“Your mother was never a burden,” responded the Major.

“You would think that you all have been married for years,” said Betty with a laugh.

They ordered and the meal came with a few more comments about the wedding. Betty and Dave had a long drive back to the hill country, so they left. The Major and Jennifer remained in the restaurant. The Major started to expound on invitation styles and linens for the reception and; Jennifer held up her hand. “I promise to look that stuff over tomorrow, but I want to know if you can still handle a real sexpot who has been holed up in a hotel for entire day,” said Jennifer as she sipped her third Margarita.

“Yes dear,” said the Major.

Jennifer signaled for another drink but the Major stopped her. He rose and brought her to her feet and kissed her. The Major put enough cash on the table to cover the bill and tip and he and Jennifer walked out of the place and to his car.

Jennifer almost jumped on the Major in the parking lot. “You don’t know how I miss you sir,” said Jennifer as he opened the passenger door. He leaned down and kissed her. They got back to the house despite Jennifer trying to go down on the Major.

Jennifer crashed on the couch and the Major stretched out on the bed. He sat bolt upright when a very cold hand probed his cock and balls. “Kiss me Chip, I spent a butt bending day listening to people drone on about the law. I want your cock in my pussy,” said Jennifer.

“Do I know you?” said the Major. He reached and pulled Jennifer’s top off and unhooked her bra and pulled it off. She rapped her arms around his neck. She almost smothered him in her breasts.

Jennifer stood up and reached down and finished pulling the Major’s pants down. She got over the Major and gazed at the Major’s cock. “I am really glad that I answered that text,” said Jennifer. She reached down and massaged his balls. She saw his cock straining. “Darling, do you want me to suck you cock?”

Before he could answer Jennifer sat back on his face. She felt his warm tongue work in and out of her pussy. She massaged his cock and brought it to her mouth. Jennifer took the entire length and massaged his balls. She ground her pussy in the Major’s face. Keeping her hand on his cock she rose to her knees and switched positions. She guided the Major’s cock into her cunt and Jennifer settled back driving it in to the hilt.

The major reached up and tweaked her nipples. She leaned down and allowed him to suck on her breasts. She wrapped her arms around his head and held it next to her breasts. The Jennifer began to move up and down his cock. Her vagina contracted around his pole. She continued to bounce up and down. He broke free of her embrace and sought out her mouth and they kissed.

Jennifer maneuvered them to put her below the Major; “Time to make you work darling,” said Jennifer.

The major kissed her and at the same time he exploded. The both kissed and held each other until the Major fell out of her pussy. The Major got off the bed and spread the covers over Jennifer and he climbed in next to her. She reached up and shut off the light on the nightstand and they both went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Jennifer was getting better about sleeping beyond 05:00 and woke up to the smells of the Major cooking breakfast. She walked into the kitchen dressed in a housecoat.

“You look good darling,” said the Major.

“You really don’t lie well sir, but let me in the bathroom and I will be maltepe escort presentable,” said Jennifer.

“You can do that after we eat because it is ready now,” said the Major.

Jennifer picked up a plate and took it to the table. After they finished Jennifer went into the bathroom and the Major cleaned the kitchen. He finished and went into the second bathroom to shave. He changed into a new set of cloths and was sitting in the living room when Jennifer came out. “You are right, you look much better,” said the major.

“Thank you, I need to do some reading this morning and then we can do other things,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer went into the second bedroom and started to study her bar review material. The Major left and ran errands. He felt it was better that she studies without distractions.

The Major came back to Jennifer’s townhome after his errands. He looked at his watch and saw that he was away for three hours. He braced for Jennifer’s wrath if she thought he was neglecting her. He moved the groceries to the kitchen and started to put them away. He turned around and found Jennifer kissing him.

“Get anything good?” asked Jennifer.

“Sorry I was out so long,” said the Major.

“See me complaining; this stuff is really dull and I needed to go over it. So you getting out of here helped keep my mind focused. You cooking dinner?” said Jennifer.

“I could, or we could go out, or I could take you over my knee and play with your ass,” said the Major.

Jennifer walked over to where the Major was standing. She grabbed his arms and placed his hands on her ass. The major felt her haunches and did not feel any underwear under the linen pants. They walked out to the living room and the Major unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and dropped them to the floor. He came face to pussy. Which was fully engorged. He put his hands on her naked cheeks and brought her pussy to his mouth. “I am very glad that you sent me a picture of your pussy. I would have missed this.

“Quit looking and start kissing Major,”

Using his tongue the Major explored the inner reaches. “Watch it I am about to rain,” said Jennifer.

The Major picked her up and walked into the bedroom and placed her on the bed. He dropped his pants and climbed on top of her. Their mouths met and they kissed. The Major used his hand and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. The heat from her cunt wrapped around his cock.

“I knew that we would fuck this afternoon,” said Jennifer.

“Well if I don’t get busy I would not call this fucking,” said the Major.

“Well boy get busy.”

The Major started to ram his cock in and out of her pussy. Every time he moved in he kissed her. He stopped moving and just held her. He kissed her. “I love you Jennifer Connolly.”

“Finish me off Major,”

The major put his hands above her shoulders and pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Jennifer’s cunt spasms sent the major over the edge and he shot torrents of cum in her pussy. They kissed and held each other.

After they recovered Jennifer got out from under the Major. “I better get something for dinner if we are going to make love the rest of the evening.”

Jennifer walked out of the bedroom and found her linen slacks and put them on. She went into the kitchen and looked over the refrigerator and called out to the Major; asking what he wanted for dinner. Suddenly a pair of arms encircled her and the Major kissed his lover. He whispered, “let’s get out of here.”

“I want to go to a place with a full bar,” said Jennifer.

The major slipped his hands down the front of her slacks and petted her muff. She pulled his hands out; “Keep doing that and we will never get out of here,” said Jennifer.

“Let me put on something nice and we can find a place to eat,” said Jennifer.

She walked back to the bedroom and spent a half hour dressing. When she came out the Major almost did not recognize her. She had on a lavender top that fed into a pair of black pencil tight jeans. On her feet was a pair of high heal pumps that the Major had never see her wear before. She had the string of pearls around her neck. The engagement ring was prominent on her left hand.

“That is not very military Major Connolly, but I like it,” said the Major.

“Down tiger. pendik escort bayan Let’s go to that French place on thirteenth,” said Jennifer.

They got in the Major’s car and drove to a recently opened French Bistro. After getting seated they ordered cocktails. Suddenly Jennifer rose at the approach of an older man accompanied a very striking woman of about Jennifer’s age.

“Chip I would like to introduce my new commander General David Rogers. General, this is my fiancée Major Charles Johnson, he commands the ROTC unit at the university where I attended Law School.”

The Major stood and offered his hand to the Colonel. After introducing his companion the General and his date moved to a table at the back of the room. You’re much better looking, dear,” said the Major.

“You lie like a rug, darling but I thank you, He is the unit commander but my supervisor is a Colonel Darr” said Jennifer.

Jennifer had another cocktail and a waiter took their order. The Major ordered a bottle of wine.

“Tell me sir what are you going to do to me when we get home?” said Jennifer as she finished the second cocktail.

“Make love to you darling, let’s leave it at that,” responded the Major.

Two waiters arrived one with their dinner the other the wine that the Major ordered. They both tasted the wine a pronounced it good.

They discussed plans for the next two days. The Major was hanging around for the next few days; his deputy was taking the unit to the summer camp. “I promised your mother that you would look over the wedding details.” She promised to look at the folder.

Jennifer would be working during the day and the bar review in the evening. They ordered a second bottle of wine and they sipped the wine and looked at each other. They ordered dessert. Jennifer attempted to order an after dinner drink; “We have had two bottles of wine and several cocktails and you don’t want to get a reputation with your commander in the place,” said the Major. The Major dropped his credit card on the table. The waiter picked it up and soon returned with the charge slip. The Major signed the slip and stuffed a wad of cash in the folder for the tip and they both rose and made their way out to the car.

Jennifer unlocked the front door of the townhome and they both settled on the couch. The Major leaned over and kissed her. Jennifer rose and unclipped the pearls and laid them on the table. She sat down and kissed the Major. “Do you want to do it here or in the bedroom?” asked the Major.

“I just want to sit and kiss you, darling.”

They leaned into each other and kissed. They held hands while kissing.

“Time to take this to the next level,” said Jennifer. She rose off the couch and walked to the bedroom and closed the door. A few minutes later she called out to the Major to enter. He entered the bedroom and found her naked and lying on the bed. He got out of his clothes, stopped and looked her over. He then slid next to her and they kissed.

“The General got short changed you’re much better looking that the woman he was with,” said the Major

“I will tell him that his daughter is not as good looking as I am,” said Jennifer.

“Let’s keep it our secret,” said the Major.

He moved down to Jennifer’s pussy and just observed. He kissed around her pubic hair and her thighs.

“Chip please climb on top and fuck me,” said Jennifer.

The Major put his mouth on her pussy and inserted his tongue. He found her clit and she jumped every time he massaged it. The Major felt his cock become hard and he maneuvered to present it to Jennifer. She took it in her hands and began to run them up and down his shaft.

“Mmm, That feels good, darling,” said the Major.

The Major positioned himself over her. His cock was poised over the entrance to her pussy. He gently moved the tip into the entrance and pushed until he was fully lodged in her vagina. He kissed her and started to move in and out very slowly. All of his moves were very deliberate. Their mouths locked together. She embraced him, keeping him close to her.

“Major, I am not made of glass,” Jennifer whispered.

“I know but I really want to make love to you,” responded Major Johnson.

The Major quickened the pace and reached down and massaged Jennifer’s clit. He continued to kiss her and he felt her beginning to climax. The walls of her cunt contracted around his shaft encouraging him to cum. He was receiving so many pleasure signals he was unaware of his surroundings. With one massive push he exploded in her pussy and lay on top of her.

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