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Sharleen’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 02

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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This story follows on from ‘Ch. 1: The Defloration of Sharleen’. While this is a stand-alone story, prompted by comments by readers of the earlier story, if you haven’t already read that story I would advise you to do so first.


They say that if you repeat an action twelve times it becomes a habit. Sharleen did over the next few months, and very soon the habit was established. She would arrive at Jude and Trevor’s home on Friday evening and stay the entire weekend, then return to her home during the week.

Trevor usually answered the door and would be almost bowled over by Shar throwing herself at him, smothering him with kisses, before they walked into the kitchen hand in hand to greet Jude, who at that time of evening would be busy making dinner. Once there, they would exchange pleasantries, then Shar would decide she needed to change into something less formal and would make her way to Jude and Trevor’s bedroom, where she had stashed some of her clothes, and would soon emerge wearing very little at all; maybe a tiny bikini, perhaps a loose fitting pair of shorts and a not-really- there top that showed the lower halves of her superb breasts, or something else equally or more revealing.

Once she reappeared, she would take Trevor into the lounge and sit on his knee facing him, her legs straddled over his thighs, cuddling and kissing him as though she was his wife returning after a long time away from home. Almost invariably, before Jude managed to dish dinner, Shar would have Trevor’s cock in her hand at least, but more usually it would be inside her vagina as she faced him, kissing his lips and grinding her hips against his.

“Come on, you two, dinner’s ready and there’ll be time for that later,” said Jude good-naturedly the first few times, but less so as the habit developed.

After dinner, Shar would literally drag Trevor to his bedroom and would quickly impale herself on his rigid cock and ride him to an orgasm for them both. Trevor’s cock never failed to respond to the attentions this nubile young woman lavished upon him and both came hard in a very short time, then returned to the lounge, flushed with that just fucked look, to sit together and chat with an initially tolerant, but lately more annoyed, Jude.

During the weekend Shar would systematically drain Trevor at every opportunity. Trevor was a relatively young, virile and sexy male but even he couldn’t produce more than ten or twelve cum shots over two days without running dry. Usually his farewell love-making session with Shar on Monday morning was a dry affair, which didn’t seem to concern Shar at all. However, it did concern Jude.

“She comes in here on Friday evening, takes over my husband, fucks herself and you silly, completely drains you, then leaves Monday morning. It takes me until Wednesday before you’re even interested in love-making , then we have Wednesday and Thursday nights and she’s back again. It’s just not fair,” complained Jude to Trevor increasingly frequently. “Why can’t she find her own man instead of hijacking mine?”

Trevor, of course, had no reply to her rhetorical question, especially because secretly he quite enjoyed the feel of Shar’s firm, sexy, uninhibited, nubile body against his and was slightly amused by the competition between these two women, both hungry for his sexual favors. So he did little to change the situation, even had he been able.

Jude also complained to Dale, Shar’s mother, but as a solo mom she had problems of her own and Shar’s visits gave her an opportunity to go out late on the weekends in the hope of attracting the attention and love of a suitable partner, hopefully long term, but overnight at least. After a few such forays into the city night life scene she soon learnt where she was most likely to find suitable unattached males and, after the first few exploratory attempts, would spend glorious weekends with eligible men, most of whom left on good terms with promises of repeating the weekend in the future, none of which had come to fruition as yet.

Tensions developed between Jude and Dale at work until their relationship was stretched to breaking point.

“Jude, I know you’re mad at me for not preventing Shar from visiting you for weekends, but she’s a grown young woman with a mind of her own. Really, with the best will in the world, I cannot confine her to barracks during the weekends. However, equally or even more importantly, I do not want this to come between us. The Shar problem is between you and her, not between you and me,” explained Dale one afternoon ataşehir escort after work.

Jude thought for a few minutes and realized the truth in this. “Yes, I see your point but it doesn’t solve anything,” she replied. “The main problem is simply a shortage of men. The only guy that is around on a regular basis is Trevor, and technically he’s mine. Shar needs to find a guy or her own, as do you, although I know you’re trying and I also know that older men are very hard to attract because most of them have been hurt by women in previous relationships. So the question is how do we encourage Shar to find her own guy?”

The two friends thought about this silently for a few minutes.

“Why don’t we take Shar out on the town one Friday night? That way at least she won’t be draining Trevor and we could have a girls’ night out. I’m sure that three attractive females would be a drawcard for attracting the attention of a few males.”

“Good idea, but what about Trevor? He’d be home alone.”

“True, but at least he wouldn’t be fucking my daughter so he might be of some use after she leaves.”

“But what happens if a guy wants to have sex with me? It’s OK for you and Shar, but I’m married.”

Dale looked at her quizzically. “So you’re saying it’s OK for Trevor to fuck around with my daughter, but not for you to hop in the sack with another guy, if it even gets that far? Grow up, Jude, you’re a big girl now. Good for the gander and all that.”

“Hmmm, I guess so. In fact that feels really exciting,” replied Jude enthusiastically, “Maybe Trevor will get jealous and will be less willing to play around with Shar. It could work several ways.”

“Yes, it could. And then of course we could all bring our guys back home and have an orgy and include Trevor,” giggled Dale with a huge smile.

“Yeah, as if!” retorted Jude dismissively. “Anyway, I guess what happens, happens, and we won’t know that until it happens. Let’s do it this Friday. So you’ll need to tell Shar about it and persuade her not to come to our place on Friday night. You can do that?”

“Yeah, sure will. However, as I said, she has a mind of her own and is a grown adult. However, I do think that the lure of other men might just do the trick. We’ll see.”

“That we will. Goodnight, Dale.”

“‘Night, Jude.”

On the drive home Jude turned the whole suggestion over in her mind, trying to reconcile the idea of going man hunting with the fact of her being married. It was OK for Shar and Dale, they had nothing to lose and lots to gain. But Jude had lots to lose and certainly didn’t want to hurt Trevor. She arrived home still not knowing what she was going to say.

That evening she cooked a beautiful meal and was particularly attentive to Trevor, ending with them lying in bed after a sweet, gentle and very sexy love-making session. As they lay there together she broached the subject.

“Honey, you know how you’re getting more and more pissed about Shar arriving each Friday night,” she began.

Trevor lay there, wondering what was coming next. Yes, he was sometimes pissed at Shar imposing on their relationship, but he was also secretly flattered by her attention. So he decided to be as non-committal as possible.

“Uh huh,” he grunted.

“Well, I had a chat with Dale and discussed the situation. We’re planning a girls’ night out tomorrow night and Dale’s going to try to keep Shar home for it. Then we three will hit the town and see if we can find guys for Dale and Shar. That way she won’t need to be here to pester you and we’ll be able to have a lovely sexy weekend together. It seems like a win-win situation all round. Dale hopes she can find a guy as well and we think it will be easier if there’s three of us than just her alone.”

Trevor came fully awake and propped himself up on his elbow.

“Yeah, that might work,” he conceded, “But what about you? I take it that you’re not out there looking for a guy. You’ve already got one.”

“Yeah, I know, and I love him dearly. So dearly that I’ve been letting him fuck my best friend’s nubile young daughter every weekend for the past few months. So we figured it’s probably time I had some fun. So while I won’t be going out hard to attract a guy, if I find one I like I really would like to bring him home. Would that be a problem for you, darling?”

Trevor didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t discount the logic of Jude’s argument and he thought he’d rather like the idea of having sex with her after she’d just been fucked by another man, as well as watching him fuck her, but then she was his and he was supposed to be the only one to fuck her. But then, she was also the only one he was supposed to fuck as well, and he certainly hadn’t been abiding by that premise of late. He quickly realized he had little choice but to agree.

“No, sweetheart, so long as you and he were here and I could watch, that would be terrific. Really sexy, in fact.”

He felt her hand grope for his cock and give it a squeeze.

“Ooohhh, I see the idea turns kadıköy escort bayan you on, judging by your cock meter. We’ll just have to see what happens and play it by ear. Who knows, I might even allow you to go and find another floozy sometime. I bet you’d like that, eh?”

Trevor realized he was trapped. To disagree would be to prove her wrong, which she would take offence at, and to agree would be to indicate that he wanted another woman, which she would take offence at. So he remained diplomatically silent and rolled towards Jude, kissing her tenderly.

“Goodnight, darling,” he said as he stroked her pert breasts.

“Goodnight, sweetheart, sweet dreams,” she grinned in reply, then reached out and turned off the bedside lamp.


Friday evening was upon them before they knew it. Jude prepared a burger for Trevor then readied herself for a night on the town, trying hard to remember what it was like having not gone out in this manner since she’d been married. Eventually she’d bathed, applied scented oils in all the right spots, dressed in a sufficiently sexy yet not over the top manner, made up her face, attended to her manicure and was ready to leave a few minutes before Dale and Shar arrived to collect her. Shar jumped out as the car pulled up and ran inside to kiss and fondle Trevor, before returning, apparently reluctantly, to her seat. Dale was dressed slightly more conservatively than Jude, as her age dictated, while Shar was dressed in fuck me fashion as many teens and early twenties women were in this day and age. Jude felt very happy and confident in herself as she kissed Trevor goodbye and joined the others in Dale’s car.

It was now that Dale’s previous experiences paid dividends. She avoided many of the bars that she had felt uncomfortable in during the past few months and drove into a vacant parking space with easy access to several establishments which Dale knew were haunts frequented by single males. Together they walked into a bar and ordered drinks. While waiting for them, they looked about them, taking in the ambience of the place. A band was playing neutral type of music, neither too old fashioned nor the noise that modern youth seem to favor. Several couples were dancing on the small floor and Jude noticed that a few guys had moved to keep a watch on the table occupied by the three newly arrived females. Surreptitiously Jude slipped her wedding and engagement rings off her left hand and onto her right.

It was only a few minutes before two guys approached their table and introduced themselves, asking if it was OK if they joined the ladies. They pulled additional chairs over and a third guy approached who was also welcomed.

“So what are three beautiful ladies doing out here alone?” asked the third guy, who had introduced himself as Ben.

“We’re out for a good time,” replied Dale, who was sitting next to him.

He looked her over quickly, almost visibly thinking she had a good figure but he’d really like someone younger, then looked at Shar and smiled.

“You out for a good time too?” he asked her.

“Yep. Are you gonna to ask me to dance or do I have to wait for one of these other cowboys to do that?”

“Would you like to dance,” replied Ben, struggling to hide a grin as wide as Texas.

“I thought you’d never ask,” replied Shar, standing up and offering her hand to him. He took it and they walked onto the floor. Dale and Jude watched as the young couple danced to the fast rhythm of the music, which quickly ended and a slow piece took its place, allowing the Ben and Shar to hold each other closely. Jude smiled as she watched Shar press her body against Ben.

The other two guys introduced themselves as Joe and Mark. Dale decided she liked the older looking Mark and they began conversing, as did Jude and Joe. After a further ten minutes they ordered another round of drinks and then both couples joined Shar and Ben on the dance floor.

The evening progressed well enough until all too soon it was after midnight. By this time Shar and Ben had been for a walk outside, Dale and Mark were getting along famously, as were Jude and Joe. It was pretty plain to see that nobody was going to sleep alone tonight. Ben was the first to suggest that he and Shar should really be somewhere else.

“Do you want to go home with these ladies or with me?” he asked unambiguously.

Shar was as horny as it was possible to be. All she wanted right now was to be filled with cock and to cum, cum and cum some more. She tried, only partly successfully, to restrain herself and told Ben she was his for the night if he wanted her.

“Sounds good to me, li’l darlin’,” he drawled. “My car’s right outside.”

They returned to the table where Shar collected her bag and said goodnight to her mom and Jude, then put her arm around Ben’s waist and together they went outside.

The other four discussed plans and it was decided that Jude would go with Joe in his car to his place and Dale would take Mark back escort maltepe to her house in her car. The two women hugged each other and they all left together.


As soon as Shar and Ben were seated in his car, Shar reached for his cock, undoing the zipper and exposing his rigidity. Ben was at first a little embarrassed, but after that he enjoyed her attention as he drove slowly homeward, trying hard to focus on the road rather than the feeling coursing through his body. He quickly realized Shar was an expert cock sucker but he didn’t want her to drain him too fast as he had a great deal of attention he wanted to pay her before he ran dry.

Once they arrived at his home, they walked hand in hand into the house, his cock still projecting from his trousers and waving from side to side as he walked. Once inside he picked her up and carried her to his bedroom, placing her on his bed on her back. He then straddled her, ran his hands over her body, her stomach, her breasts, shoulders, legs, thighs, each movement loosening her clothing then removing it until she lay on the bed in a tiny shelf bra and pale pink G string panties.

Ben let out a low whistle. “Man, are you ever beautiful,” he said admiringly, “Just awesome. Are you a model or something?”

“Yeah, or something. You’re pretty good yourself, from what I’ve seen of you so far. Come on, darling, strip for me. Let’s see some skin rather than covering it up with clothing.”

Ben sat back and slowly removed his shirt, then stood and dropped his trousers, which left him standing in a pair of bikini style underwear.

“Here, let me,” said Shar, sitting up and reaching for the sides of his shorts. She peeled them down and his rigid cock bounced upwards, hitting Shar on the forehead, causing her to giggle. She took hold of his organ and wrapped her mouth around the head, licking and sucking, running her tongue round and round it.

Ben closed his eyes and enjoyed the stimulation, feeling himself moving inexorably towards his climax. No, he thought, not in her mouth, at least not the first time, in her pussy. He pulled away and his cock left her mouth. He then pushed her backwards onto the bed, reached behind her and undid her bra, then removed it, then drew her panties down her legs until she was as naked as him. He knelt over her legs, his knees straddling hers, and looked at her perfection.

“My god,” he whispered, “You are beautiful. Almost too beautiful to believe. I feel like I should just look at you, not make love to you as I want to.”

“Yeah, well, maybe, but right now I want your hard cock inside me and want to feel your cum jetting inside me as well, seeking out my vulnerable egg to make a baby in me.”

“Omigod, I don’t want to make you pregnant. Are you on the pill?”

“Of course I am. Did you really think I’d let you go this far if I wasn’t. Now stop talking and fuck me.”

Shar wriggled so she could spread her legs wide and Ben wasted no time in pressing the head of his drooling cock between her flowing pussy lips and pushing inside, right the way in, in one thrust until the base of his cock hit her clit. He was surprised that she could take him all and that he was not even pressing against the end.

“You’re so long,” he said to her, “You must have been fucked by a huge cock to be so long.”

Shar didn’t reply but simply pulled him down onto her and kissed him on the lips, writhing beneath him to create delicious sensations deep inside. They moved gently together, exploring, stimulating, caressing, kissing, gradually moving closer to their releases. The tension was too much for her. She began bucking her hips, pushing into him, forcing his cock in deeper than ever until she felt the tip against the end of her vagina; again and again, harder, faster, yes, almost there, almost, then . . .

“Yes, darling, I’m cumming, oooohhhh, yes, fuck me, fuck meeeee.”

The added stimulation and pressure on the head pushed Ben that last little bit. As Shar writhed on his cock, he went rigid, then with a small cry pumped his pent up stream into her tunnel. Shar felt its heat and came even harder on his spewing cock before they both relaxed into each other’s arms, breathing hard from exertion, their skin slippery from perspiration and their orgasms winding down to a gentle simmer. Shortly afterwards they were both asleep, still wrapped in each other’s arms.


Mark opened the door and invited Dale inside. The apartment was well furnished but Dale had little time to admire that before Mark had his arm around her and was escorting her to his bedroom, where he effortlessly picked her up and placed her on his huge bed. She lay there, nervous, like a teenager on her first date, wondering what would happen next. It had been so long. He lay beside her and they began kissing and cuddling, gently stroking each other, exploring their clothing and the bodies these outer layers contained. Over the next half hour they gradually stripped each other naked, admiring the skin, flesh, muscle tone; stimulating gently those parts made for stimulation, mentally recording the other’s response to that stimulation. Eventually both were naked, both were well stimulated, both were ready, more than ready, to consummate their relationship.

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