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She Said Nothing

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I didn’t really have anything to do that weekend, so I figured I’d go to the party. My friend invited me, but he really wasn’t a reliable guy-everybody has a friend like that, I think. He told me he’d be there, then he’d later be bragging about being at some other, more exciting party later, and tell me that he didn’t have his cell phone, or couldn’t call me, or make some other damn lame excuse about not letting me know about the other gig.

But I was in the mood to go out, no matter what, I guess. And so I went. It was across town, and if it wasn’t fun, I figured I would just go to some bar, or come home, or maybe even just go for a long drive to nowhere in particular.

I followed the directions out behind the university. The houses in these neighborhoods were far apart on giant lots and much larger than the homes where I lived. They weren’t exactly mansions, but most had pools and four or five car garages.

Before I even found the address, I found the street-there were plenty of cars, and I just parked and marched right up. I didn’t bring anything for the host, this guy that I knew through my friend because we all worked out at the same gym. I finally found him in the living room, and said hello. Even then, everyone was starting at me because they didn’t know me; our social circles didn’t have much overlap. I paused to find anyone I knew, came up empty, and then bolted to wander around more-and find the keg.

And I did, out on the deck. I poured myself a beer. While taking the pull, that’s when I noticed this attractive woman. She was wearing a floral-print dress, very thin and sheer. It was just a summer dress, with short sleeves and a scooping princess neckline, and not a lot of length. Brunette hair, drawn to a clip behind her neck, and probably longer than her shoulders. Her lips were-

“Hey, Dude!” Some guy was yelling at me. I looked down just to see my beer overfill into the bucket, and I let go of the line. I looked back up to see her disappear through the sliding glass door into the house.

“Hahaha, Mackey, he would’ve drained the whole thing if you didn’t stop him!” some other kid said.

I started walking towards the house, without saying anything. I guess that pissed off the first guy, who became indignant. “Hey, dude, I was just making sure you didn’t get your pants wet!”

His friend said something to him. There was a bit of a crowd at the door, and I had to wait, and lost sight of that girl in the sundress. I pushed into the kitchen and mingled some more. But there wasn’t really anyone I knew.

I stood there, listening to someone else’s story, and then noticed her pass by the doorway to the living room. I followed into the living room, only to see her disappearing down the stairs. I shouldered through the crowd and met up with her at the bottom of the stairs. On the landing, there was a bit of a dark corner because no lights were on in the hallway. I heard pool balls clack and a large group of people make noise, and figured the hallway must have led to the game room downstairs.

The woman turned to me, her red lips smiling.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m Joe.”

She didn’t say anything, and took my hand. She began leading me away from the game room, towards some double doors that opened onto the pool.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

She turned to me, and pursed her lips and touched them with her index finger. We emerged onto the pool deck, on the other side of the pool from most of the crowd. I presumed they were hanging around the outside of the game room.

She continued to lead me to the other side of the pool, though I tried to keep up with her to appear that I wasn’t being led and that we were walking hand-in-hand. On the other side of the pool, we arrived at a small out building. We walked to the far corner, hidden from the house by the building itself. She opened a door and brought me into a dark room. She closed the door and locked it.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark room, she pressed Yalova Escort herself against me. I put my hands on her small hips, and she kissed me deeply. She smelled wonderful, thin and lithe in my hands. Her hips flared from her tiny waist under my palms as I ran my hand over them, gently caressing her ass over though the thin fabric.

Our lips parted and our tongues began caressing each other. Her hands moved to my back, pulling me to her. My chest pressed against her chest, her breasts fuller than belied by the thin, loose dress she was wearing. She broke the long kiss, taking her lips away from me and stepping back.

With my eyes accommodated to the dimly lit room, only illuminated by a floodlight shining through a window, I looked around a little bit. There was a barstool and a bar with a sink, and a large massage bench, and a door that looked like it led to a very small sauna. At the far end of the room, there was another closed door, which probably led to a changing room or maybe opened into guest quarters.

She pushed me onto a barstool and began grinding against me, pressing her breasts against my chest, then my groin. She pressed her face against my shorts, caressing my hardening cock with her cheeks before nipping at the fabric with her teeth. She stood upright again, and pulled her dress over her shoulders and off her body.

I gasped: her tits were absolutely perfect. They were round at the bottom, sloping from her shoulders in a firm bosom, and capped with hard, thick pink nipples. Her collar bone was visible at her shoulder through her skin. Her narrow shoulders were square, and highlighted her wide, full bust line. With her hair up, I was treated to a beautiful view of her neck and jaw line, swooping towards her wonderful shoulders and her delicious rack.

She stepped towards me, wearing only her low brown heels and a beige thong panty. She put a leg over mine and began stroking herself through her panties. Gently cupping her breast with one hand, she stroked her mound and rubbed her pussy. I sat with my hands at my side and didn’t touch her, but I was very conscious of my cock in my shorts straining with excitement.

I could smell her, her faint perfume being overcome by her sweet musky scent from her pussy. She rubbed herself just a little more though the thin fabric of her panties, and then pushed her hand under the elastic to fondle her pussy directly. I leaned forward to watch her hand, and she pulled me to her, resting my head on her shoulder. I looked over her breast at her wrist as it disappeared under the thin fabric, watching her fingers manipulate herself.

Her breath was quickening, and her free hand left my shoulder and returned to her breast. She aggressively clutched at her breast, kneading her own flesh. I moved to nibble at her nipple and she gently but firmly pushed me away. She turned to the massage table and twisted it on the floor so it was oblique to my seat. Swiftly, she pulled her panties off and hopped onto the table.

Lying back fully, she resumed touching herself. Her hands moved in unison over her flat belly, over her hips, then between her legs. She parted her legs, offering me a lewd but breathtaking view of her pussy. She caressed her lips, which were thick and full, and very visibly wet, with one hand. With her other hand, she cradled her chest in her forearm and cupped her breast with her hand, stroking her nipple with her thumb.

Her eyes were closed, and her torso fell and rose rapidly with each breath. Her fingers spread her vulva, exposing her dampness. She pushed two fingers shallowly into herself, exhaled sharply, and then removed them. With her fingertips wet, she patted and circled her clitoris. Her breathing slowed just a little, and then she started to tense.

I could not longer just watch; I undid my belt and pulled my shirt over my head. I dropped my shirt on the floor and the noise caused her to open her eyes. She looked at me and smiled, and nodded, but didn’t stop Yalova Escort Bayan playing with herself. I kicked off my sandals, unbuttoned my shorts, and dropped it all in a heap.

My nameless lover continued to fiddle herself, more earnestly grasping her breast now pulling her nipple occasionally. She stared at my cock as I leaned against the barstool and watched her please her own pussy.

And so I began stroking myself. I’m proud of my cock, I guess most guys are, but I’m very quiet about it. I don’t tell my girlfriends to call it “Little Joe”, or anything like that. But I trim my pubic hair and always carefully wash myself in the shower. I’m circumcised, and just more than seven inches long when erect-like I was for this masturbating beauty-and very thick. I found myself eager to masturbate for this beautiful woman, to show her how excited she had made me, to return the favor of sharing her soft and inviting pussy.

I gently fingered my penis, watching her push her fingers into herself again. Instead of going for more moisture, she penetrated herself deliberately and gently withdrew. She said nothing, still, but her breathing was again very sharp, sucking in a breath sharply as she pressed into herself again.

As she frigged herself, I began stroking myself in time. When she penetrated herself, I pulled back on my cock. When she withdrew her fingers, I pushed towards my head. Her breathing quickened again, and she let to of her breast to begin rubbing her clit as she finger-fucked herself with her other hand. She lay flat, with her head turned towards my cock. She moved her hips towards me so I could see, and I adjusted myself so she could see me.

Her hips rose suddenly from the table. “Mph,” she said-the first thing that escaped her lips. I watched her, her eyes still fixed on me. In rhythym with her fingers pumping her pussy, she quietly squeaked: “Mmh, mmhp, mmhph!” and on the fifth or sixth bounce, she mewed and cooed as she came. Her belly flexed, accentuating her hipbones, and her legs straightened to press against the table. She arched her back and finished, humping her hips as she slowed her base. “Nnnnnh”, she whined, climaxing in front of me.

“That looked great. Did it feel good?” I asked her.

She dreamily looked at me and nodded.

A bit of precome had oozed from my cock, and I stopped pumping to swirl it around my head. I began stroking myself again.

“I want to come, too, okay?”

She nodded again, propping herself up on one elbow.

I started stroking myself earnestly, looking at her breasts, imagining that I was plowing my cock between them, covered in lubricant, listening to her encourage me verbally to fuck her chest and spray on her face.

With my left hand on my dick, I leaned back a little more and cupped my balls with my right hand. I spread my legs, leaning more on the stool. I was getting closer; I could feel myself tensing, and I started developing a rhythm: I stroked myself hard three or four times, then swirled my fingers over my head once or twice before stroking myself again.

Very close to orgasm, I felt the need to interact with my mystery slut a little more.

“I’m ready. I want to come. Will you suck me off? I want to come in your mouth.”

She sat up on the stool. “Can I spray it on your chest? Or just let me come in your mouth.”

She stood, and then kneeled in front of me. Her hands caressed my thighs, then she nuzzled my groin. I stopped stroking myself as she nibbled at my balls.

“Oooh, god.” Her breath was so hot, her lips were very soft. She licked my cock from bottom to top before taking my head into my mouth. She looked up at me, maintaining eye contact with me as she sucked me deeper, swirling her tonge around me.

“Jack me off into your mouth. Are you going to swallow it for me?”

She freed my penis from her mouth and nodded, then started stroking me. She nibbled at my head with her lips, swirling her tongue around me. And pumping.

I Escort Yalova really was close-it didn’t take long. An insidious idea hit me. “Baby, don’t swallow it all, save some in your mouth for me.”

She stopped just for a bit, then nodded.

“Is that too kinky for you?”

She shook her head.

“God, I’m about ready.”

She put me back into her mouth, pumping me with a slightly tighter grip. She sucked me into her mouth, her soft lips wrapped around my cock, and I began to spurt. “I’m ready. Here it is,” I grunted. I tightened my buttocks, and spurt after spurt left me. I groaned and grunted, and I let go of my load in her mouth.

Her mouth sucked me as I came. I could feel her swallow, triggering another spurt. As I subsided, she released me and stood up.

“Did you save some?”

She nodded, a trickle of paste at the edge of her mouth.

“Spit it into my hand.”

She did so, a huge wad of my come and her saliva.

“Lie down.”

She lay on the massage table, leaning back on her elbows. I spread her legs, wiping the paste of my jism and her spit all over her pussy. She deeply sighed, and opened her legs even more. I smeared the mixture over her lips, spreading them, pressing it in as it seeped and oozed. I wiped my hand on her thin pubic hair.

“Do you like that?”

She nodded again. I started masturbating her gently, rubbing my knuckles up and down her folds, then across her clit, the slick mixture lubricating all my movements. Reacting to every move my hand made, she wiggled her hips and gently pressed her genitals against my hand. My new lover got off her elbows and lay with her back flat on the table; her knees up and spread wide. She began cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples.

I continued to manipulate her with my fingers, strumming her gently. My hand smoothly slipped over her folds, over her clit, soaked in my come, her saliva, and her dewy wetness. She began to buck her hips slowly, mewing and murmuring: “Muh, unnnh, muuh, unnnh.”

She sat up abruptly and grabbed my forearm, tugging me.

“Are you done?”

She shook her head violently.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

She started nodding just as violently.

“I’d love to fuck you. Stand up.”

I asked her to stand, and lean over the table. Swiftly, I was inside her hot pussy, thrusting into her as hard as I could. Pulling on her hips, I pushed forward and bumped into her ass. Looking down, the view was beautiful; her asshole puckered between her cheeks as my cock penetrated her pussy, her thick lips gripping my cock as I withdrew and disappearing as I pushed into her.

My wordless woman had balanced her weight on her tits, rubbing them into the soft bench with each of my efforts. She was moaning louder with each thrust I made, and I could feel her fingers under my balls, stroking her clit.

I fucked her has hard as I could, staggering my feet to push my weight into her as I entered. What a great fuck she was! Her tiny pussy accepted every advance of my member, her ass cushioning my landing as I pounded into her so aggressively.

Her coos became a deep groan, and with two more thrusts she finally came. The muscles in her legs tightened and she yelled incoherently. To stay in her body longer, I modified my pace slightly. I pressed myself into her then quickly withdrew and thrusted again only to pause within her again. Her orgasm was very long, lasting for seven or eight slow thrusts, and I felt her vagina spasm. Just as her throws subsided, I withdrew from her and came all over her back in spurt after spurt. I was surprised at how much I produced after coming so soon before! When I stopped, I rubbed my cock between her beautiful buttocks, smudging the last of my come towards her rectum.

She stood up and turned around and kissed me briefly before taking a towel off the wet bar and wiping off her back. She slipped into her dress and pushed her feet into her shoes. Approaching me, she cupped my balls as I stood watching her, and nipped my ear.

And then she moved to the door.

“Wait! Won’t you at least tell me your name?”

Smiling at me, she shook her head. She unlatched the door and left our little room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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