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Sheila’s Taste

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I have lots of readers to thank for their support. I’m very glad you like these episodes from my life. I often write them to keep the recollections from fading. Some of you say that you are very turned on by them just as I am, too. Please keep your comments cumming and enjoy.

Sheila and I have become somewhat of a matched set; we really enjoy each other’s company and well as each other’s body. We spend a lot of quality time together doing all sorts of things, from shopping to exploring parks to sometimes even going out with no destination in mind, just to be together. For example, last week we hopped in the car with no place to go in mind. It was a warm day in May and we took our dogs with us.

“Let’s go walk the ocean,” she suggested.

“Any particular beach in mind? The Hamptons, Fire Island..?”

“Hmmm. I don’t know. They may be too crowded. I want a quiet beach.”

“I think I know where to go.”

I headed south on the William Floyd Parkway for Smith Point. I was pretty sure that the beach would be quieter than the others plus it has a more private nude area away from the main beach. Since we hadn’t brought suits, I thought this might be the perfect place to ogle and maybe even skinny-dip.

“Oooh, I’ve never been to Smith Point before…but I’ve heard about it.”

She seemed excited and curious. I knew I had made a good choice.

We talked about this and that on the way down. She remarked how well we get along and that even our dogs enjoy each other. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed only a handful of cars. We grabbed a blanket, a bag with skin oil and a thermos, which we filled at the Rest Room Building fountain, from the back of my Jeep and I directed her toward the western side.

Within a few minutes, we happened past a gay couple stretched out and sunning.

“Look at the size of that guy’s dick!” she said.

“No kidding, it must be a foot long. But he’s gonna burn that thing if he lies there too long.”

With that, his partner leaned over him and began to smear sun block over him. As there was no one for several hundred yards, he took the cock into his mouth.

“You always know the right place to go,” she said as her eyes were glued to the action, “…this is making me very, very wet.”

We moved on down the beach. Our dogs were having the time of their life, chasing each other in and out of the surf. Finally, I stopped and laid the blanket down. I began to strip off my clothes as she watched admiringly. When I was nude, I took out a bottle of sun block and began to cover myself.

“Wait. Let me do that.”

Sheila began to disrobe and when she was naked, I looked at her smiling.

“God, woman, you have some body. You are so hot.”

I loved her body…no fat, large and firm breasts – c cups, hips like an English Saddle and legs that just kept going…what a beauty.

“Calm down, big boy, and lay down on your stomach.”

She sat down on my ass and began applying the sun block using her best massage technique. I groaned as she kneaded my muscles. When she was done with my top half, she pivoted around to work on my legs. I could feel her pussy slide around my ass.

“Gee, you really are wet, aren’t you?” I remarked.

She worked my legs and my feet and when she was done, she got off me and worked my ass crack.

“Ok, now me.”

“My pleasure.”

She lay down and I began to apply the sun block on her using my strong hands to rub and caress her beautiful body. She likes to have her hands and her feet worked so I took special attention to those parts. When I was finished, I rubbed her buttocks and then leaned my face into her ass crack and slurped my way down to her taint. She groaned. I could tell she enjoyed that.

“Over, hot stuff.” I commanded and she did as she was told.

My hands went everywhere there was skin. I applied the sun block liberally and caressed her most sensitive areas.

“When you’re done, I’ll do your front.”

“I have a better idea.”

I smeared lots of sun block on her and when I finished the job, I lay my body on top of her and began to slide around. She giggled and used her hands to rub the extra sun block on me. We wrestled a little, laughing and tumbling around on the blanket.

“Hey. Where are the dogs?”

“Look over there.”

She pointed down toward the water about a hundred yards away. The dogs were lying by the shore not too far from someone on a blanket.

“Let’s go get them and take a dip, too.” She suggested.

We walked hand in hand toward the water. The dogs were oblivious to us and seemed to be exhausted from their play. As we approached, we saw that the person on the blanket was a young woman lying topless. Her red thong did little to hide her sweet looking body. She looked to be somewhere in her twenties. Her blond hair and her sunglasses covered her face but I could tell she was good-looking. As she heard us approach, she covered her smallish b-cup and firm breasts. Seeing that Sheila and I were both nude, she smiled and istanbul escort dropped her hands. Her breasts were young-looking, freckled and with small pink nipples.

“Ok, that’s enough of that. Last one in is…”

Sheila’s voice trailed off as she raced into the surf.

I was not too far behind and as I dove in, I reached for her but missed and I flopped into the water.

“Damn, it’s cold!” I yelled.

The May weather had not heated the ocean yet and it was freezing. We both yelped and ran back out of the water. Sheila’s nipples were standing at full attention, pointy and hard. My cock was suffering from the shrivel factor.

“Even the dogs don’t want to go back in!” said the girl on the blanket.

We laughed and walked up to her. Sheila and I stood blocking the sun and shading her. Sheila’s sliver of a landing strip couldn’t have been a few feet from the girl’s face.

“You’re going to burn, little girl,” said Sheila, “you have sun block on, don’t you?”

“I just used up the last bit I had but I’ve about had it here anyway. I was just thinking of walking all the way back to get a drink and then go.”

“We have a thermos of cold water, if you like…and plenty of sun block.”

I rounded up the dogs and headed toward our blanket. The girl assembled her stuff and she and Sheila walked together.

“This is Cheryl. She’s a school teacher playing hooky today.”

“No, not really. My kids are just finished with tests and we have the day off. I needed some alone time. Another teacher told me about this place so I thought I’d explore a little today.”

We sat down on the blanket and passed the thermos around. I handed her the sun block. I pulled a joint out of my shorts and lit it. I cupped my hands and watered the dogs who were both panting.

“Wow. I haven’t had that in a while,” Cheryl said, toking deeply.

Over the next while, we discovered that she was a teacher in a fancy private school in Saint James, not too far from where we lived, she was twenty-seven, single and often lonely, and glad to meet us. She slathered the sun block on herself and paid special to attention to her breasts and nipples. Sheila began to work on her back.

“That feels great, Sheila. You have wonderful hands.”

“I second that!”

“Well, I am a professional masseuse, you know. I do know what I am doing.”

“I second that!”

Sheila playfully slapped me and laughed as my dick was now nodding in agreement.

“Will you put that thing away?”

Both women laughed. Sheila gave it a playful shake.

“Do that again and it’ll never go down,” I said.

We smoked the joint and laughed a lot. Cheryl was a nice kid from the Midwest. She had a good easy way about her and she seemed very comfortable with us. I kept glancing at her thong-covered pussy and I watched as a wet spot formed creating a deliciously discernable camel’s toe. Sheila noticed it, too, and smiled at me.

By this time, the heat on the beach had risen and without any shade, I suggested that we get pack up and get dressed.

“How would you ladies like to go for some seafood?”

They both agreed and we headed back towards the parking lot. Both dogs were beat and trailed at our feet, tongues hanging out.

As we approached the gay couple, they both ceased stroking each other’s cock and rolled over onto their stomachs. Both had perfect butts.

“Don’t stop on our account!” yelled Sheila.

“I love watching men do each other,” she said to us, “I think it’s beautiful. Anyway, that’s my taste.”

“I won’t go into your taste…at least, not at this moment, but mmmmmm.” I said and received a playful smack on my ass.

Cheryl said, “I’ve never seen men do it, not even in porn.”

“It’s all good. Believe me, girl, it’s all good,” said Sheila.

We got back to the parking lot and I watered down the dogs. Cheryl agreed to follow us back to the mainland where I lead her to a small seafood restaurant.

Our late lunch of lobster and fries was delicious. Washed down with a couple of cold local brews, it hit the spot. Our conversation was interesting and it ran from Cheryl’s teaching rich kid brats to the Yankee game on the big screen over the bar. As the meal was ending, Sheila asked Cheryl if she wanted to keep the party going for a while longer.

“I dread going back to the school,” she said, “where shall we go.”

Sheila suggested that she follow us to my place as it was located closer to her school and where I had some more pot. Cheryl agreed and she hopped into her little Mini Cooper.

As we drove, I teased Sheila.

“You invited her back hoping you could get a little bit of that sweet young snatch. I know you.”

“Like you wouldn’t mind fucking that?”

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all however I’d be just as happy making you flood my face”

I squeezed her crotch and she squeezed my dick in return. She kept stroking it. My dick got hard right away. The thought of what may be coming seemed to add izmir escort to it. Sheila reached into my shorts and rubbed the pre-cum that was oozing from my helmet.

“That’s just a preview, darling.”

I just shook my head and said, “You know, Sheila, I’m just crazy about you.”

She smiled, laid her head back and closed her eyes. I turned up the new Sonny Landreth cd and drove. I glanced into the rearview mirror and Cheryl was right behind us. Both dogs were sprawled out and sleeping.

I pulled into the driveway as Sheila awoke and looking radiant.

“I think that was truly a beauty rest.” I said and she kissed me.

We walked into the house and Sheila pointed Cheryl toward the bathroom.

“You go roll a few joints and I’ll set things up, okay, my boy toy?”

I went off to the bedroom and took a quick shower. When I returned holding a pair of spliffs, Sheila and Cheryl were out on the deck sipping the Veuve Cliquot I kept in the fridge for moments just like this. I lit one and joined them noticing that the hot tub was bubbling and heating up.

“You guys are amazing,” said Cheryl, “I love your house…and your style.”

She took some deep tokes and passed the joint to Sheila.

“This is so much better than hanging in my hot apartment. I really didn’t want to go back there yet. I just know that there’s this creepy teacher waiting for me. He’ll ask me if I want to play tennis and then he’ll come on to me. I’m just not in the mood for him…also, I’m sore from exercising yesterday – I think I ran a little too much.”

“Then the hot tub will make you feel great, Cheryl. I guarantee it.”

Sheila dipped her toe in and grinned. She stripped off her clothes and stepped in, taking her champagne with her. I took the joint and inhaled deeply as Cheryl stripped down and joined her. I glimpsed her small tufts of silky blond pubes and I felt my dick bounce in my shorts.

“Oooooh, this is good…soooo good. I am soooo glad I met you guys today…just what I needed, a little r ‘n’ r.”

“Show me where you’re sore, I’ll fix you up.”

She motioned along her calves and thighs. Sheila began to knead the muscles as Cheryl laid her head back onto the rim of the tub. I took off my shorts and stepped in, taking a seat across from them and just watching. Sheila’s strong hands ran up the calves and along the thighs. Sheila went down to her feet and worked them for a while. Then she ran her hands up from the ankles to the inner thighs and back, each time moving a little higher. I could see that Cheryl was enjoying this as her little pink nipples popped above the bubbles. At one point, I knew that Sheila’s hands had moved up into Cheryl’s nether reaches when Cheryl let out a soft moan.

“Do you mind that I touched you there?” said Sheila.

“I was hoping that you would,” said Cheryl, “please don’t stop. You’re making me feel very good.”

My dick was nice and hard and I couldn’t stop playing with it under the water. Sheila’s eyes were heavy-lidded and I knew she was very turned on. I slid myself over toward Cheryl, placed my leg behind her back and proceeded to softly rub her shoulders. I moved up her neck for a while and then ran my thumbs along her brow. She cooed as Sheila was gently fondling her pussy. My hard cock was pressing against her hip and she moved her hand down to gently stroke it.

I leaned down and took her small nipple into my mouth. She arched her back. Sheila leaned over and took the other nipple. Cheryl began to quietly spasm in her ecstasy and within moments her orgasm arrived. We moved away from her and began to kiss each other. Eyes closed, Cheryl rested languorously.

Sheila wrapped her legs around me and slipped my cock into her pussy. We sat there kissing as I felt her contract and release me from her velvet walls. My hands squeezed her butt cheeks as she clenched. Cheryl finally moved and we looked over at her. She was utterly relaxed and in a state of bliss.

“You look wonderful, Cheryl. Do you feel wonderful?” Sheila asked tenderly.

“I am in heaven,” she said, “it’s nice to watch you make love, too.”

“I’ve never had a woman touch me there. I’ve dreamed about it but never…,” she was very quiet.

“I’ve only had sex a couple of times and never really enjoyed it before. The guys I was with a rough and crude…selfish, I’d say. It was all about them. You made me feel differently. You’re both wonderful.”

I leaned over and turned off the tub. I lifted Cheryl up and she was limp in my arms, like rag doll. I kissed her softly and sensually. I felt her breast mold into my chest as one leg wrapped around my ass.

“Come with us.”

I handed the women their champagne flutes and opening the sliding door into my bedroom, I lead them in. Sheila grabbed some towels and we began to dry Cheryl off together and then ourselves. I lit the second joint and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch the women in a deep kiss. Sheila pushed Cheryl onto the bed and climbed on top of her. Their izmit escort sensual and passionate kissing was beautiful and I sat mesmerized. Their tongues darted in and around, they were enjoying the intimacy.

Sheila’s hand wandered over Cheryl’s body and soon Cheryl was reciprocating in kind. Their legs scissored as they rubbed their pussies together. Soon Sheila’s hand was rubbing Cheryl’s mound. Sheila slowly kissed her way down, first working each breast with her kisses and each nipple between her lips. Cheryl’s hands fondled Sheila’s breasts. Sheila moved down between her breasts and tongued her cleavage. She slowly inched down her stomach and licked her navel. With her hand, she slightly tugged at the top of Cheryl’s vaginal crack and ran a finger inside it, swirling around the clit. Finally, Sheila’s tongue found the prize and she lapped at her slit.

My cock was as hard as it can get and I slowly stroked it and played with my balls. Sheila’s tongue was bathing our beauty and she had one finger deep into her pussy, slowly stroking in and out, in and out. Her lips sucked the clit in and her nose pushed around her hole and along around her gash. Cheryl was cumming again, this time fast and furious, her ass bouncing on the bed. She cried out and erupted in a wild orgasm, arching her back and lifting her ass up to meet Sheila’s tongue.

“Yes, yes…oh my, oh my…”

She came buckets.

“Mmmmm, how good…how good.”

Sheila’s face was drenched in nectar. I leaned over and began to give her deep kisses. Cheryl taste and smell was fresh and sweet but slightly pungent. Sheila moaned. I looked over to see Cheryl’s mouth giving Sheila a return engagement.

“Oh, you taste so good. Oh…I love this.”

Sheila lay back and let the young girl get her first taste of woman. I rubbed and stroked and sucked Sheila’s beautiful tits. Sheila bent her knees to let the girl go deeper.

“Am I doing this right,” she asked, “I want to make you feel good.”

“Mmmmm, yes…yes.”

By my head lay Cheryl’s pussy and the scent was divine. I moved a little so I could lick her and taste her. I moved my tongue into her butt and began to feast on her asshole. She pushed her ass into my face. My hands pulled her hips even further onto me.

Sheila said, “Honey, I need your cock inside me.”

I moved around the bed and with her legs spread and her knees up, I slipped my cock into her. Sheila’s hand played with Cheryl’s hair as Cheryl licked at her clit. Several times, I pulled my cock out and pressed it between Cheryl’s lips for a little suck. But my object was to make my woman cum and cum and cum and I proceeded to slide deep and long until I felt her inner muscles tighten around me. Now I sawed back and forth in earnest as she began to moan hoarsely and soak my cock. She pulled Cheryl’s head back and she began to rock side to side in glorious release. Taking my cock in as deep as she could, she came with an animal yell.


I lay there motionless as I felt her walls throb around me until they stopped. I pulled out and Cheryl took me into her mouth. But I had other ideas.

I moved around until I was behind Cheryl and slipped my cock into her oh-so-tight little cunt doggie style…and oh, did it feel good. Her canal was slightly tipped and that made the sensation even greater.

“Please don’t cum in me. I’m not on the pill.”

“It’s okay, baby,” said Sheila, “he’s clipped.”


“Vasectomized. No baby makers.”

“Well, in that case…”

She began to rock back and forth against my cock. Sheila pushed her head under her and was licking her clit and my balls. I was truly, truly blessed, for sure. I felt Cheryl get very wet and loose, I felt Sheila’s finger slide up my ass, I began to flood Cheryl with my cum. Shooting it deep into her womb and trembling, I couldn’t pull out. But as she got more slippery, I fell out into Sheila’s mouth.

“I’m almost there…don’t stop.”

Sheila began to lick her clit and I got down and slipped my tongue into her hole sucking our combined fluids. As she began to bounce and cum, I couldn’t hang on so I backed off and watched as Sheila finished her off. She collapsed on the bed. Sheila and I looked at each other and grinned as both our faces were smeared with cum – mine and Cheryl’s. We moved up the bed and began a three-way kiss, passing the cum between us, moaning and giggling.

Then the three of us lay together quietly.

After what seemed to be hours, I got up and polished off the bottle of champagne.

“Dead soldier!” I said as I handed the glasses around.

The two luscious women roused and took sips.

“So, was it as good for you as it was for us?”

“Oh, my goodness. It was better than I ever dreamed. Now, I don’t think I’m gay but I really liked the way you tasted, Sheila. You felt so soft in my mouth and so tender and really delicious. But I liked your cock, too. You’re both such wonderful lovers. And I can’t believe you tasted your cum in me, that was amazing.”

It was as though we had opened Cheryl’s tap and now she could not turn it off. She babbled about how the differences left and how good she felt and how she was glad she could get in touch with herself.

“Sometimes, when I finger myself, I taste my finger but it doesn’t taste like anything.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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