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Sherry in Genesis

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Being an English major at school, Sherry loved to read. She read Dickens, of course, as well as Flaubert, and Tolstoi. Overall, she preferred Victorian literature where she found a gold mine of smut. This overdose of smut affected her mind, you might say, to the point where she masturbated heavily and often. Sherry had read all the paperback romance novels she borrowed from the public library. She went to the library in the afternoon hoping to meet someone, but these days all you find are seniors asleep, pretending to be reading the encyclopedia.

She married a man who gave her a son, but otherwise he was not well read. She called him ‘an illiterate redneck’. Eventually the verbal abuse he endured convinced him he’d do better to run off with Flossie, a woman who had three kids and infinite patience. This left Sherry, a highly educated woman, with an insatiable pussy. And no real man in her life.

She reached a point of desperation where she found herself reading the Bible, looking for smutty passages. Stumbling across the story of Lot and his two daughters, she noted the incest overtones, although it was sketchy. But it also left many questions unanswered. In Genesis (19) we find this lurid story of Lot and his daughters. (You may remember Lot’s wife had turned to a pillar of salt.) Somehow the Lord tells Lot’s two daughters to get the old man drunk and then have sex with him. That is, while he is supposedly asleep. They slept with him on two consecutive nights, one girl at a time. Because the girls conceived, this accounts for the beginning of the tragic Judean race. The story seems bogus because unless the two children fucked each other, or their mothers, we have no population growth.

Reading these lurid passages made Sherry more horny than usual. She had an over-developed clitoris which might have been one reason her ex-husband couldn’t keep up with her sexual demands. It was stubby and short, that is, until she got aroused. Then it swelled to three times its’ size. Gloria, her close friend, was enthralled by the little cock, so their friendship was based on both of them loving the ballet, and Gloria worshipping Sherry’s impressive clit. They double dated occasionally, but most men didn’t like ballet, preferring boxing matches or football games. Those who did like ballet were gay, of course. That left both girls to amuse each other, which in itself wasn’t bad. They licked each other joyously, both climaxing over and over until they passed out.

Visualizing two nubile teenagers having sex with their father made her pussy gush. How did they get his pecker up, if he was drunk and asleep? Clearly this was a miracle. She tossed her Bible aside and concentrated on her own pussy. It did not require blind faith to understand she needed a man.

She moved her legs apart slowly. Her fingers crept downward into a thick forest of dark brown hair. Her pussy was a work of art — covered with thick, soft curls. Lurking under the curls we found her deep pink outer labia, which became a deeper red when infused with blood. As they became thicker, they parted, allowing the inner labia to appear like the wings of a butterfly. She used a hand mirror to inspect her pussy every day, expecting maybe a little man with a big dick to leap out at her.

“Oh god, why do I feel so lonely?” she cried aloud. This was a rhetorical call, her not expecting an answer from the Divinity.

She turned on her side, lifting her upper leg and lightly cupped herself, fingering herself to an orgasm. Moving her finger up to her breast, she lightly touched her swollen nipple, and pressed it. Wiggling her finger back and forth she teased the thickening protrusion until it became a shiver of excitement rushing up her spine, and spreading across her shoulders and breasts.

Sherry closed her eyes, her teeth biting into her lower lips. Moving her finger back down, she slowly stabbed into her vagina, bringing with it a shower of thrills. Her breasts were swollen against her nightie, her body temperature was elevated, and she was beginning to sweat. Her nightie clung to her, as she continued running her hand back and forth between her legs. Parting her legs, she lay there working her finger feverishly in and out of her vagina, until her breathing became ragged.

She played with her clitoris so much it became raw, and oversensitive. The throbbing driving her crazy. She’d been without a man since her husband left her. He told her he couldn’t keep up with her constant abuse and then complaining about not meeting her needs.

This particular Saturday evening, she happened to be thinking of her son. Robby was an 18 year-old nerdy college freshman. It was late Saturday night, and he had been to a frat party. He wasn’t really a frat kind of guy, but he went along, submitted to hazing, and ate a bowl of spaghetti being told it was worms. The usual bullshit. He hadn’t found a girl who appealed to him. He really wanted someone who was a younger version of his mother — full kissable lips, busty and with a nice plump ass. It was wishful thinking. czech couples porno

Sherry pondered the possibilities: her handsome son, almost six feet tall, was good looking and slim. Sure, he wore glasses, but he was hung like a horse. She found his waste basket full of cum-filled Kleenex every morning when she made his bed. She had no intentions of discussing it, because she knew what he was doing was normal. At least he wasn’t a panty sniffing pervert who beat off into his mother’s soiled panties.

Every mother witnesses this rite of passage — her boy growing up, and her watching him become a man, while she manages to sneak peeks at his maturing affair.

Using her vibrator did not remind her of her son. It reminded her of a heartless pneumatic drill. She needed her soft teasing fingers to remind her of his thick velvety shaft. She could see herself stoking him, playing with his thick velvety foreskin, stretching it over his purple knob, and squeezing out precum. These erotic thoughts flashed through her mind like shooting stars. She could hardly stand it any longer. Which was worse, the itching in her cunt, or the continuing throbbing in her nipples? Luckily she had a good mind, but good only for conjuring up salacious images. She wanted him loving her flesh, worshipping her as the voluptuous goddess she was.

She had a mental image where she was washing Philip’s swollen knob with her soft tongue. She visualized herself completely engulfing his cock, rolling her tongue around the mushroom knob. A shiver of anticipation ran through her body, as her breathing intensified, her fingers moving faster. As they say, when you wish for something hard enough —

Her bedroom door opened, and Robby entered. He was in his pajamas.

Quickly, she pulled her hands away from her pussy, and flattened her palms against her breasts. The odor of cunt was strong.

“Why Robby, what are you doing in my room?” she asked, surprised.

“Oh mom, I couldn’t sleep,” he said, “I had a shitty time tonight. Maybe I’m being too fussy. There were girls at the party, drinking a lot, and flirting — you know, the usual routine. But I don’t like girls who drink to the point they’re ready to screw any guy who comes along. I like an old fashioned girl …”

“Dear, why don’t you come over here and sit on the edge of the bed? ” she replied. “Tell me about it …”

Robby walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, and as he sat there talking, he spoke to her with appreciation.

“You’ve been a great mom. That’s the problem. I was hoping I’d meet someone like you. Sort of sweet and sexy … ” She liked being told she was sexy.

“I know how you feel,” his mother said softly, “most men want to find someone like their mother.” She went on, “I’ve been alone a lot these days, since your father ran off with that floozie.” She sighed. “Flossie the floozie …” She giggled.

“Sometimes, I wish I had a man again in my life — someone like my son to love.”

“So you do get hungry for love too?” he asked his mother, his eyes fastening on her in a new way.

“Very hungry,” she admitted tersely. “For physical love too …”

“Mom,” he said, “is it wrong to masturbate?”

“No, it isn’t,” she said. “Just about everybody masturbates now …”

“But some people say it’s wrong, don’t they?”

“People say a lot of things, Robby, and you’ve got to learn not to pay attention to most of it.”

“But what can you do when you try to go to sleep, and you toss and turn. I can’t get to sleep because I want to play with myself — it’s hard and dripping some stuff. When I touch it, the foreskin is slippery and nice. Then I can’t help it. It spurts and then I’m back to square one, waiting for it to get hard again. Then it starts again, and I have to do it again … I end up with about three hours sleep.” He didn’t mention his grades were so poor, the dean asked him to resign.

“Is that your problem, Robby?” she asked him bluntly. “Getting more sleep? Or masturbating less?”

He didn’t have an answer, but it was obvious.

Even with the dim light of her bedside lamp, she could see the tent in his pajamas.

“Yes, mom, that’s it!” He added, “I jerk off, but it’s hard again in a few minutes …”

“Son,” she said, “maybe, maybe I could help you. What do you think? “

“Oh, could you?”

She looked serious for a moment, and then, she stared at the circus tent in his pj’s. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph …” she muttered. “Is that all you??” She reached out and used her sense of touch to measure its size through the sheer pajamas. It felt like a baby’s arm.

“You seem to be very well endowed, just like your father was.”

“Did dad have a big dick too?”

“Yes, he did. He liked sex a lot. But not as much as I did. I wanted him to make love to me all day long. Too bad he had a day job … ”

She added for the sake of clarity, “You need to find a girl who would appreciate a penis that large.”

“Hey, do you want to see czech estrogenolit porno it?” he asked eagerly.

“If you want to show it to me,” she said, “it wouldn’t hurt …”

He reached down and slowly unfastened a couple of small buttons, and then his shaft popped out.

As his mother gazed at his huge plunger, she felt herself stirring. The size of his affair looked promising, and not daunting at all. Her maternal instincts knew what to do with his cock — actually lots of things. She emitted a small moan, and turned her head away. That took a massive effort. She didn’t want to appear too eager.

“Oh, mom, won’t you just touch it?”

His mother reluctantly reached out and touched the tip of his prick with her fingers. She smeared the precum. She understood there was no turning back.

His cock tick-tocked like a metronome, and when it did, Philip’s lower body hummed.

“Just stroke it for a minute,” he pleaded.

Without another word, Sherry began stroking his tool. As she stroked, he became more and more aroused. It felt amazing to him. His mother’s soft fingers were like a thousand little tongues. She rubbed her palm over his sticky knob.

“That’s it, mom, yes, do it … pull it, stretch it!”

Faster and faster she used both hands to tug on his prick; he loved what she was doing, almost adding two inches to its size. It reminded her of a foot long hotdog on Coney Island.

“Oh, jeez, that’s it … pull on my dick. Oh mom, I love it! ” he panted.

When a mother knows she’s making her son happy, whether she’s baking a cake, or jerking him off, that makes her day. She reached in and pulled his huge balls out and her other hand cupped them.

“Now you’re really pumping my dick,” Philip affirmed. “Oh yeah, Jeezus!! that’s how I like it. Fuck! That’s it, it’s so much better when you do it.” He liked using those dirty words with his mother.

In return, his mother was tempted to do many more things. This beautiful cock had so stimulated and fueled her imagination that she felt her cunt juice running down her thighs. Her loins were quivering at the thought she’d soon have that slab of pork down her throat.

“Oh, that’s great … ” he told her, ” … almost as good as a blow job …”

He leaned back and as she pulled and rolled his foreskin up and around, she strangely got the idea to suck it. Wherever did that thought come from? Bending over, she let her tongue tentatively lick off his precum, then dropped her entire mouth over it. With her cheeks hollowing, she started sucking.

“Suck it, that’s it, suck it!”

She sucked on it using her tongue, and her lips, she slobbered over it, using her spit to lubricate it.

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” he told her.

Suddenly, she went down to the root of his shaft of it, and fingered his big balls as she sucked. He felt his huge penis stabbing at the back of her throat, and now he was reaching up guiding his mother’s head over his prick. She felt she was ingesting a velvet cucumber.

“Suck it mom, that’s it!”

It didn’t take long for him to shoot his first wad, with a hard, driving thrust.

“Oohhh, I’m juicing,”

His mother was going out of her mind as she swallowed her son’ s creamy spunk.

Her mouth was filled and the overflow soaked the top of her chemise. It was in her hair. She needed air, panting as she pulled off him. She lay back and looked at him. With the bedroom lamp dimmed, there was also moonlight flooding the room, and she wanted to see him completely nude.

“Take off your pajamas, and let me look at you.”

He showed himself to her totally nude, and she tried to appear dispassionate. Almost clinical.

“Oh Robby,” she said softly, “why don’t you lie down on the bed awhile?”

“All right, mom, if you want me to,” Robby agreed.

As he lay beside her on the bed, she looked at him closely.

“I like the way you’ve got your hair cut,” she told him. “I’m glad it isn’t so long anymore. It’s more masculine like this.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Robby said, his prick growing every second, as he stared at her meaty breasts, with their thick nipples. He kept glancing down to her hairy groin. He was playing with himself as well, bringing his joint back up.

“Mom,” he said, “I still feel the need to fuck.”

She smiled, “how would it be if I gave you some lessons. I think it’s important for you to have sexual experiences. But I think it’s also important that you let me show you a few things about performing sex, that will help you.”

“Anything you say,” her son replied.

“Just lie there and let me get on top.”

“You want to get on top and ride my dick?”

“Yes, Robby,” his mother smiled, “I know a very lovely way to rock my hips back and forth. You’ll love it. “

“OK, go ahead.”

She straddled his body and as she slid her wet box down over his cock, she faced the opposite direction. He was confronted by her luscious butt cheeks.

“Now,” czech first video porno she smiled, “you can play with my cheeks, sort of guiding me, while I’m sliding my pussy up and down your cock.”

“Oh jeez,” he said, lifting his legs, so that her breasts touched his knees,

Robby was working his hands over and around her semiglobes. She was sliding herself up and down his rod, reaching down to his toes.

Glancing in the mirror, she got a good view of her movement. She loved to look at herself.

“Oh, wow …” he panted, as he rubbed his mother’s behind, “what a beautiful ass you got!”

Now, he lowered his legs a little, and she bent over, so she could throw herself up.

“Oh mamma, grab it!” Robby cried.

Now, her young son was going to town. The excitement was almost too much for her. Having hungered for so long, for sex, she at last was finding it.

“Fuck it, oh wow!!” he cried.

He thrust violently, and reached again for her buttocks, gripping her, he closed his eyes tightly and strained, then pushed, burying himself in her tight moistness until there was no more to force.

His mother shivered, and thrust down on her son’s cock. Her arms were stretched out, and she pressed her face against the bed.

“Don’t ever take it out of me! Don’t baby, just keep it buried in me like this,” she whispered.

Her son shivered, and he bent over and his lips touched her buttocks. Her skin was smooth and delicious.

“Oh, mom, I never knew anything could be like this,” he said.

Robby thrust forward. He was watching her lovely wiggling buttocks, as he thrust himself into her.

Fiercely, she thrust herself down on his hard driving plunger.

She stared straight ahead, and remembered that their emotion was of a few moments duration. She wished she could make it last forever.

“Robby, give it to me,” she panted, almost insanely, as she continued doing it.

Spread-eagled like this across him, with his giant cock inside of her, moving in and out, swelling harder and harder, her hips were grinding. She was forcing him to thrust it into her.

Her long auburn hair danced about the bed, as her body trembled, her belly shivered, and her breasts swelled. He was really giving her the best fuck she ever had. He pressed against her and she wiggled her hips. Robby was giving her short stabbing strokes which instantly snapped through the barriers and then she exploded.

Robby cried out and threw his hands over her buttocks. Her legs were parting, then she clamped tight about his cock. She jerked her hips up and down.

Her mind went blank for a moment, and then a light snapped inside. In one instant every bit of tension disappeared from her. Her pores opened and she was covered with sweat, and collapsed limp on her son’s dick.

Robby was shivering, as his hands moved about her back, over her buttocks. He dropped to the bed, and threw his arms out to the side. The muscles in his body went completely limp, and he was hardly conscious of anything except his rapid breathing.

“Oh son,” she cried passionately, “I never felt it so good. I never thought I could come like that,” she panted.

That was just their beginning.

“When I came up here tonight, I was so horny, and I never dreamt I’d ever get anything like this. When I get through with you, you won’t be able to walk,” Robby informed her.

Sherry lifted herself off his still swollen rod. She hated to leave him, but she knew that she had to pull off him. She had come four times.

“I’ll fuck you forever,” he smiled, and then he kissed her.

It seemed an eternity had passed in a few moments. He finished kissing her, and then, she patted his rump.

“You know,” she said, “for almost two years I’ve seen what a handsome guy you have become. I watched you in the bathroom, in your shorts, and twice I saw you stepping out of the shower naked. I saw that stallion’s cock between your legs, and I wished that I could have you like I did tonight.”

He turned his head to her, and she looked at his prick, then she closed her eyes.

“Oh Robby, please get it up again. Please get it hard one more time,” his mother whispered.

Robby gently kissed her, and then he told her :

“If you go down on it …”

At this point she would have done anything for him. Lightly, her lips touched his foreskin covered knob. She drew his skin back and let her mouth slip over its head, and then she sucked it. Gently, she touched the sensitive spot under the knob, flicking her tongue back and forth. It wasn’t totally stiff but she wanted to finger it, rub it, and tease it. Her soft fingers were caressing.

Robby moaned, his hands moving up and down her head, his fingers running through her hair. Then he cradled her head and held her there. He shivered, and his thick shaft began rising again.

His mother thrilled at this response. Her head was sliding up and down as she slugged him down. She held him in her lips, slipping her tongue about his knob. She used her lips adoringly over his cock; as she let her lower lip drag.

She moaned, and pulled back. Eagerly, she sucked, then she went way down to the base of it, taking his huge member all the way in.

Robby moaned, rocking back and forth, his eyes closed. He thrust himself farther into the velvety wetness of her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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