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Shit Slide of Revenge

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Big Tits

Today I did something awful, something that should shock you to the core – and if it doesn’t? Well then you might just be as sick as me.

Today was the annual office ‘team building’ event. Now, usually I dread these things and make some excuse or other not to attend. But I looked forward to today from the first moment that I started making my awful plan.

The team building event this year was at a water park. This was an unusually fun choice for our management to make. Last year it was a camping trip (which ended abruptly after one of the managers got drunk and hit on an intern) and the year before that it was at a ranch near Cheyenne which was so uneventful that nobody ever mentioned in again.

Now to understand why I came up with my evil plan, I first need to tell you a bit about Claire. Claire is the bane of my life. She is head of Human Resources and we have disliked each other from the first day that we met. In any normal situation I’m sure she could quickly manufacturer a reason to get rid of me, but unfortunately for her, ours in not a normal situation. It isn’t a normal situation because my mom runs the company.

That’s right. I’m a 22 year old little brat who went straight from college to work for his overprotective mommy’s company.

Now for most people this isn’t an issue. I work as hard as I need to, I get the job done, but I’m also aware that providing technical support for a company that sells cloud storage is not a world changing vocation.

Claire, however, delights in terrorising our office. She dresses like some kind of kinky school mistress which makes her look older than her 40 something years on this earth. Every day she wears the same outfit: stilettos, black leather trousers, and a white, silk blouse. She wears her hair tied back in a tight pony tail, almost no make up, and big round glasses.

She stalks around the office with scowl on her face looking for reasons to write people up. She picks on people for fun, making them do pointless chores for her. She threatens people with disciplinary action if they don’t agree with her. The bullying is relentless but also very well executed, all her HR knowledge harnessed to make peoples working lives as painful as possible without ever breaking employment law.

So why doesn’t my mom just get rid of her you ask? My mom loves Claire. She thinks she is the best hire she ever made at the company. She won’t listen to a word I tell her that says otherwise.

My mom and Claire are even friends outside of work and that makes the torment even worse.

I dreaded her coming round to my house. She would sit chatting for hours to my mum, gossiping about other women, while my dad tried not to stare at Claire’s big tits the whole time. And if I accidentally made her aware of my presence, the abuse would start. It was usually after a few bottles of wine and her slurred insults make me feel like absolute shit. My mom thinks it is all good fun and banter but I know from the look in Claire’s eye that she means every word.

What was worse, and God knows the psychology behind it, but she became the sole focus of my sexual desire, and more than that the fantasies always involved her humiliating me. I am, and always have been, a horny little bastard. I jerk off at least once a night, sometimes more, to many different fantasies of her.

Over time I have became quite a nasty little pervert,. There isn’t any fetish too extreme or dirty for me. I developed a particular interest in shit play but could never get any of my girlfriends to engage.

Anyway, back to the story. My mom announced that this years company event would be a day at a huge waterpark nearby. My first thought on hearing this was ‘holy fuck, I might actually get to see Claire in a bikini’. The thought occupied my mind for the rest of the day and I must have been staring at her without realising it because next thing I know she is calling me into her office.

“Sit down” she said firmly when I walked in.

“What’s…” I started to speak but her eyes flashed angrily, “Don’t you talk, you are a disgusting, little pervert” she spat “don’t think that I don’t see how you look at me. It’s pathetic.”

“I wasn’t…” I started to speak again but she cut me off harshly, “I said shut up!” she shouted angrily, “You are to complete the ‘Harassment in the Workplace’ course this weekend. If you don’t then I will make things very difficult for you. You might have you mommy here looking after you, but she’s starting to realise what a worm you are too. She listens to me and it is only a matter of time until I persuade her to get rid of you.”

I felt my cheeks going red and Claire obviously noticed because she smiled nastily, “Oh is mommy’s little baby getting angry?” she goaded, “Why not do something about and give me an excuse to get rid of you”.

I swallowed the anger down and sat staring at her. “Now get out” she said flatly.

I got up and walked to the door but as I started to open it she added, bursa escort “And Doug?” – I turned to look at her – “Yes?” I said through gritted teeth. “I was so glad to hear that Sarah finally found someone who can satisfy her.”

I felt my heart start to race as the rage flowed through my body. Sarah had been my girlfriend for the past eight years. The relationship had ended abruptly two weeks ago after I caught her cheating on me.

Claire smiled sweetly at me as I stood there and I entertained thoughts of violence. But instead, as always, I just swallowed it down and walk out of her office without saying another word.

That night, after I had masturbated furiously to fantasies of Claire humiliating me I decided that I needed to get revenge. She had gone too far this time and something had to be done. I thought of a few different options but none of them felt right. And then just as I began jerking off for the second time that evening to fantasies of Claire pissing on my face the most awful idea came to me.

As the idea developed in my mind I became obsessed. It was so efficient – two birds with one stone – indulge in my ultimate fantasy and get the perfect revenge on the woman who had made my life hell for the past four years.

I planned everything down to the tiniest detail and when the day finally came I woke with an excitement that I hadn’t felt since Christmas morning as a child.

My mom made breakfast and then slowly started to get ready to go. I had packed the night before so spent the morning pacing the house endlessly waiting for time to pass.

We were meant to leave at 11am but my mom couldn’t find her phone and so we spent 45 minutes frantically searching the house until she found it under cushion.

After that is was finally time to leave. I carried our bags out to the car and we set off we set off almost an hour late. This meant that when we did finally arrive everyone was already in the water having fun.

My mom and I unpacked on a sun lounger in the area that everyone else’s stuff was in. I couldn’t see Claire anywhere and it made me feel anxious, what if she had come? What if she wasn’t going to go in the pool or on any of the rides?

I chatted with my mum for a while, my eyes scanning the crowds for Claire, and then eventually decided to get into the water. I was getting changed and had a towel wrapped around my waist as I tried to put on my swimming shorts. Suddenly out of nowhere someone bumped into me hard and pushed me over. What was worse, their foot landed on my towel which meant that as I fell the towel was pulled away and I was a scrabbling around on the floor trying to cover myself.

Everyone one had turned to look at me as I tried desperately to pull my towel back over me. I looked up to see who had bumped into me and felt sick when I saw Claire standing their with an expression of mock concern on her face.

“Oh Doug” she said “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going and didn’t see you”. As I continued to scrabble desperately on the floor as more and more people started to look, Claire said in her kindest voice, “Here, let me help you”. Then she reached forward as if to give me a hand up but pulled hard on the towel so that the corner I had been holding onto flew out of my hand.

I grabbed her hand and got to my feet with one hand covering my cock. As I stood back up Claire leaned in and said quietly “I wouldn’t bother trying to cover that up, it’s so small people can hardly see it!” and laughed nastily.

I grabbed another towel nearby and managed to cover myself up. I couldn’t think of anything witty to say so I just told her to fuck off and stormed off to the changing room.

That incident, while being painfully embarrassing, did serve the purpose of giving me the courage to carry out my plan.

I went in the water for a bit and hung out with friends just messing around and letting them rip on me endlessly for the towel incident.

After about 40 minutes in the water my mom called us over to the food court. We walked over and saw an impressive feast that the caterers had put together. I made a point to sit near Claire with only one person in between us. She didn’t even notice me sit down as she was enjoying tormenting one of the more junior girls who worked on reception.

As we all ate lunch together I looked to see what Claire was drinking and was pleased to see it was a bottle of Diet Coke. I asked the waiter for one and took the bottle of extra strong laxative from my backpack under the table. When the waiter arrived with my drink I poured the laxative in under the table quickly and then made sure that nobody had seen.

Then came the most difficult part. I pressed go on the prank call app I had downloaded on my phone and then watched as Claire pulled out her phone and looked at the unknown number. As she answered it I started chanting ‘speech! speech! speech!’ and banging my fists on the table. Everyone joined in quickly which prevented Claire görükle escort from being able to hear the person on the other end of the phone. She looked around annoyed then got up and tried to find somewhere quieter so she could hear the person on the phone.

My mom loves giving speeches and react exactly as I knew she would by standing up and starting to talk. Everyone applauded and as everyone clapped I stood up as if to cheer my mom but as I stood I reached over and put my drink down next to Claire’s. As my mom start to talk I reached back over and picked up Claire’s drink, leaving mine in her place.

Claire arrived back a minute later looking annoyed and sat down. My mom’s speech rumbled on with endless thank yous and motivational quotes and I watched apprehensively as Claire took a sip of her drink. I had tested the laxative beforehand I knew that it was pretty much tasteless but it still made me nervous. I was pleased to see that her expression didn’t change and she proceeded to drink the whole bottle during lunch.

I also knew that it took about 45 minutes to take effect. My mom finished her speech and every one finished eating and start to return to the pool. I watched Claire from afar as she did something on her phone. She texted on her phone for another 10 minutes and just as I started to think the plan would end in failure she finally stood up and looked around. Then she walked off towards the highest water slide in the park called the Wailing Waterfall.

A wave of relief washed over me as I realised where she was heading and I started to follow after her from a distance. As she climbed the stairs I hung back and then at the last minute, just she arrived at the small queue near the top, I overtook the people in front of me so that I was standing behind Claire.

She hadn’t looked behind her so didn’t know I was behind her and it gave my dirty mind the chance to take mental photos for later. Seeing her firm, round ass up close triggered a surge of blood to my cock and I swore under my breath as my cock started to swell.

I adjusted my cock in my shorts but it was still pretty obvious. And then just at the worst possible moment, as I was trying to covertly hold my cock to the side so that it didn’t show, Claire turned around and saw me.

She saw my hand covering the bulge in my shorts and looked at me like I was shit on her shoe. Normally this would have triggered a cascade of abuse from her, but she looked like she was starting to feel the first effects of the laxative and all she could so was mumble “Pervert” at me before turning back round.

Her plump ass was amazing but what I really wanted was a good view of were her huge tits in her bikini. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance but couldn’t think how I could get her to turn around.

Luckily I didn’t have to. A group of guys in front of her in the queue clocked Claire behind them and immediately started to try and chat her up. They were a good looking group and Claire enjoyed the attention. She stepped forward to talk to them and turned sideways as she leaned against the railing. This gave me a perfect opportunity to enjoy the full view as much as I wanted.

They were truly magnificent. I have no idea what size they were but she had done a great job to hide such massive breasts in her blouse at work. They were not the firm, handful that you might find on a pornstar. Claire’s tits sagged down to her belly button in her bikini like two giant udders.

I continued to enjoy the view as the queue got shorter and, as we got closer to the ride start, Claire started to hold her hand over her stomach. She was shifting her weight awkwardly and looking around her nervously.

By the time we got to the front of the queue she was not looking at all well and, as I stood behind her waiting she let out a huge, loud fart. The people in the queue behind us laughed loudly at the sound but as the disgusting smell reached their noses the laughs turned to annoyed comments and abuse directed at Claire.

I’m not even sure if Claire heard them, she looked like every bit of her concentration was focused on stopping her from shitting herself.

A few seconds later she let out another rip roaring fart that ended with a loud squelching noise as a dark brown splatter appeared on the back of her blue bikini bottoms. The people behind us moved down the stairs to avoid the sight and the smell and talked loudly about how bad the smell was.

Claire was looking very panicky as she tried to decide whether it was less risky to try and walk back down the stairs to urgently find a toilet, or take the quicker route down the slide and hope she could get out of the pool and into the toilet in time.

I’m guessing she decided that the ride was the quickest route for her and she stared desperately at the light waiting for it turn green so that she could go. But just as the light turned green, I stepped forward so that I was in front of her and pushed escort bayan off into the dark tunnel of the water slide. She tried to follow me down but the slide attendant stopped her and told her to wait for her turn. As I pushed past her I saw a look of desperate panic on her face and I made sure to return the look with a nice smile.

As part of my preparation for today, I had memorised all the slides completely. I waited until I passed the sensor which triggered the light to turn green again at the top of the slide, then I pushed my hands and feet out against the sides of the tunnel as hard as I could to stop myself.

I took out the little suction grip that I had brought with me in my shorts pocket and stuck it on to the wall of the tunnel beneath me. This acted like a small seat and meant that I didn’t have to use my hands and feet to stop me from continuing down the tunnel.

After a few seconds I heard noises behind me and I braced myself as Claire bumped hard into my neck. The tunnel was narrow and she ended up with her bum pushed up hard against my face.

“Ahhhhh!” she groaned and immediately let out a loud, squelching fart into my face. The smell was too much and I felt myself wretch but managed to control the reflex. “What the fuck?!” Claire moaned angrily.

I explained that my wristband had got caught in the tunnel side and we would have to wait for someone to rescue us.

She answered this news by releasing another huge, squelching fart into my face. Now it was my turn to shout “What the fuck!?” at her, and revel in her humiliation. Secretly of course, I was enjoying every minute of it.

The feeling of her plump ass pushed hard into my face together with the anticipation of the shit treat that would be coming very soon meant that my cock was hard as a rock.

I felt Claire squeeze her asshole tightly as she focused on trying to prevent the shitty treat from making it’s anticipated appearance.

Suddenly, another person banged into Claire which pushed her ass even harder into my face.

Her bikini bottoms had slipped slightly with the jolt and I became very aware that my mouth and nose were less than an inch from her tightly clenched asshole.

The person behind Claire was trying to work out what was going on but Claire wasn’t answering him. She was in a world of her own and was muttering something to herself.

A sudden squirt of liquid shit into my face and mouth caught me by surprise and I wretched involuntarily. It was the first time I had ever actually tasted shit and it was disgusting. It immediately triggered my gag reflex and I was sick down my chest. I forced myself to master the natural reflexes of disgust and try to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

Claire squeezed her asshole shut once more and moaned loudly above me.

Suddenly another person came down the slide and bumped into the back of us. This jolt was enough to distract Claire and she unleashed a huge torrent of diarrhea into my face and mouth together with the loudest fart I have ever heard.

The smell and taste were the most disgusting things I had ever experienced. After I had got over the shock and the disgusting smell, and the unusual bitter, warm taste of shit I started to get turned on again.

I managed to reach down and grab my cock as I waited for the next outburst. The anticipation was unreal and I wondered if I could get away with reaching up and fondling one of her tits, but I didn’t dare. I contented myself by turning my head slightly so that Claire’s asshole has pushing directly into the space between my nose and mouth. I was desperate to stick my tongue out and lick but knew it would be stupid so I just continued to rub my cock.

Suddenly another burst of diarrhea, this time even more violent than the first squirted directly into my mouth. I choked violently but somehow managed to stop myself from throwing up and actually enjoyed it this time.

Unfortunately I enjoyed it too much and accidentally turned the suction grip into the off position with my ass cheek.

All of a sudden we all tumbled down the water chute as Claire released yet another torrent of liquid shit onto me. We burst from the end of the slide into the brown pool water and I stayed under water to avoid the rest of the people exiting behind me.

When I surfaced I looked around to see frantic motion all around. The water around the end of the tunnel was yellowy brown and it was spreading slowly to the rest of the pool. People were screaming and trying to get out of the pool as quickly as possible. I made my way out of the pool and joined the crowds of people gathered around the edge who were trying to work out where all the shit had come from.

I watched as the remaining people scrambled out of the pool leaving just one person remaining – Claire. She swam slowly to the shallow end and then walked a short way until she was out of the water. Then she stopped and bent over double as all eyes turned to look at her. She let out the longest, loudest, squelching fart I have ever heard accompanied by a seemingly endless stream of liquid shit which exploded into her bikini bottoms and then ran down her legs leaving a brown puddle around her feet.

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