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Short People Pt. 02

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Short People Part 2…conclusion maybe…

if you missed Part One of this story…please refer to the intro story to get caught up…

part 2…

I drifted in and out of consciousness several times that morning. They seemed like short little naps. I would open my eyes occasionally, realizing I was still securely tied to the table top and couldn’t move. I tried to stay awake when I opened my eyes, but found it almost impossible, drifting back into a sound sleep. I awoke to Starr’s soft voice with some what of a semi clear mind.

“Good morning baby girl, how are you feeling today?” not really expecting or waiting for a reply on my part, she said in her sexy voice. “You are looking exceptionally hot this morning.”

She held another alcohol laced juice box in front of my lips. I was so parched, I greedily sucked down the contents, while she gave me a second one to drink.

Still in a dreamlike trance, I seemed to remember fragments of my sleep and being woken by Starr several times. I vaguely remembered my face being washed with a warm cloth and my make up being reapplied. I also remembered warm water being squirted up my ass several times, which felt very good, followed by a warm cloth wiping me clean, which also felt really nice. I remembered being given more pills which I gulped down with more juice boxes, but most everything else was a blank.

“It’s real early, but we have an exciting morning planned for you. I have an artist friend coming over and girl, he is very anxious to meet you. So eat these pills like a good girl cause we need to get you ready as he will be here shortly,” she said as she placed one blue pill and one white pill on my tongue, having me swallow them with a big sip of the juice box.

As I tried to clear my head, I heard a doorbell ring and Starr squealed, “He’s here girl, you ready to have some fun?”

“Please let me go, I’m sorry for all the things I said at the bar. Please let me leave,” I almost begged weakly.

“No, I don’t think so. You were a very bad girl at the bar and you need to atone for your bad manners, don’t you agree?” she laughed.

Two people entered the room behind me but I couldn’t turn my head to see them.

“Starr, what’s up sweetie, so this is her?” I heard a new man’s voice say.

“Hello Tommy, what do you think, is she everything I said on the phone?” Starr answered.

As he came around the front where I could see him, I saw he was what I think women would call a handsome man. He was about 6 foot tall, hard muscled and had a beard that was neatly trimmed. I had never seen so many tattoos on a person in my life as he had. His arms were covered in tattoos from his wrists all the way up to under his short sleeved t-shirt. Tattoos were even visible under the collar of his t-shirt around his neck.

Also in my view now, the midget stood next to him, just grinning as he watched. “What a hottie huh? Starr is an artist herself isn’t she?” he said.

As the tattooed guy bent down close and studied my made up face, he said, “Daaaaaaaamn! Hell yes she is so fucking hot, you have out done yourself on this one. She is so primo sexy I can’t wait to get started. What a fucking doll you have created. That plump shaved ass is sexy as fuck, but that face, oooooh my God girl, she is smoking hot. A fucking masterpiece for sure. I would never guess that she was once a guy.”

I couldn’t believe my honest reaction to his words, but I almost blushed in delight at his comments. In my inebriated state from the pills and alcohol, I perversely felt some sense of pride that he found me appealing. What was wrong with me I thought? Why does this turn me on?

“I’m hard as a rock, let’s get started. Show me what you want and exactly where you want it,” he asked.

Starr grabbed a scrap of paper and handed it to him. As he read it, I saw a big grin came over his face.

“Serious, you want this tattooed on her ass?” he asked looking at her incredulously. “She must have really pissed you off,” he laughed again.

“Yes, she was a mean little bitch but we’re helping her learn the errors of her way,” Starr replied.

As the Viagra pill kicked in, I felt my little cock was rock hard again and I was starting to reel from effects of the roofie. I started to drift back into that trance like state where I was becoming extremely horny and losing all my efforts to struggle or complain. I was becoming more and more compliant and was beginning to crave the pleasure that they had given me earlier.

“Well, let’s do this,” Tommy said as he adjusted the big bulge in his jeans and went behind me.

I just laid there tied to the table top and tried to remain conscious as I heard a buzzing behind me and felt him gently touch my ass cheeks.

All the sudden it felt like bees were biting into my ass. It hurt, but in a strange way, it also felt good, kind of erotic. Little electric shocks tingled deep down into my ass deeply and for some reason they made my little cock even harder if canlı bahis possible. I actually, but involuntarily thrust my ass back towards him and he abruptly stopped.

“Starr, you gotta stop her from bucking her ass around or I’m gonna fuck this tattoo up,” he said sternly.

“I got this,” the midget said as he grabbed a stepping stool and stood on it directly in front of my face. His crotch was now right at my mouth level as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a rock hard cock. This 4 foot nothing midget pulled out a cock that was utterly amazing. It commanded my attention as I stared at it hungrily. For his diminutive size, he had the cock of a warrior. It was at least 8″s long and perfectly straight. Fat and engorged, so the veins were prominent to see. He had a most beautiful specimen of a large circumcised cock. Any man in the world would be jealous of it. I greedily opened my mouth with no coaxing and let him enter it.

“Suck it slow, very slow Princess. Concentrate on my cock between those pretty lips and don’t move your ass at all,” he instructed me and then punctuated it with a more than gentle slap to the side of my cheek.

I was so buzzed that the slap didn’t really hurt. In fact, it actually felt kind of erotic, making me feel somewhat submissive. I opened my mouth and he entered it slowly. Savoring this big cock head in my mouth that had serviced my ass a few hours ago, I softly sucked on about half of it. The tattooed guy behind me went back to work while I happily preoccupied myself and nursed on his cock. I was completely under the midget’s spell as I worshiped the few inches he fed me, doing as I was told and holding my ass perfectly still while the needle continuously pricked at my ass.

Tommy laughed out loud now, “Thank you Danny, that’s much better, this little girl has calmed down now that she has a hard cock to nurse on.”

While I passionately sucked on the midgets big cock, I felt Tommy work on my ass finishing the tattoo. In what seemed like just a few minutes of the needle pricking my ass, Tommy stopped.

“Starr, how’s that? Look good?” Tommy asked.

“Ooooooh yes, that’s perfect. I love it. A reminder for her and a proclamation for anyone that sees that ass showing her true sexual persuasions. Are you ready for your reward now?” Starr giggled as she swatted my ass cheek very hard to punctuate his job well done.

“Fuck yea, I want to bury my cock in that sweet pussy and blow a nut deep in her,” Tommy eagerly replied.

“Give me a couple of minutes to prep that pussy for you. We don’t want to hurt her with your big cock.” Starr giggled again.

Danny still in front of me never missed a beat. In fact with the tattoo now finished, he started fucking a little harder and deeper into my mouth. His long cock was starting to barely breach my throat and I had to make an effort to control my gagging.

I sensed Starr kneeling behind me and spreading my ass cheeks with her hands, opening my cheeks as wide as they would go. When her tongue touched my sore, sensitive ass hole, it lit a fire in me immediately. My throat relaxed as I pushed my ass back to her tongue begging for deeper penetration up my butt. Starr sucked my ass with both precision and wild abandon. She probed deep into my bruised and swollen rectum alternating with sloppy licks, nibbles and sucks til I was going crazy needing something thicker and deeper.

“I think she is more than ready now. Baby girl, would you like a nice hard cock deep in that tight pussy now?” she asked me.

I continued to feed on Danny’s cock as he was now beginning to penetrate my throat, until he abruptly pulled it from my mouth. I craned my neck forward to recapture it as he teasingly held it out of my mouth’s reach, just rubbing his bulbous swollen cock head against my lips.

“Princess, answer Starr like a good little slut girl. Are you ready for a big cock in your tight little pussy? Do you want to be fucked like a little slut and get some yummy cummy up your hungry cunt? Tell her if you do. Say the words for her.” Danny goaded me on.

So high and horny from the Viagra, the roofies and the alcohol, just like a hungry little slut, I openly begged with the words they wanted. I couldn’t help myself, I needed that cock in my ass.

“Yes, I want that cock, deep inside me, I want that cum in me. Use me like the little slut I am, fuck me good,” not believing the words coming out of my mouth, I begged Tommy cause I needed his cock.

I felt Tommy’s hard blunt cock touch my asshole, probing my anal ring. It slipped in easily as he teased me with just the tip, popping it in and out in very slow deliberate sensual jabs. Stretching my anal sphincter open wider and wider with his cock. While my ass hole was still sore, that feeling was quickly turning to pleasure.

Danny forced his big cock deeper in my mouth and slowly began fucking into my throat. I took it all, everything he gave me I took in my throat. I controlled my gagging as best as I could as Starr knelt down bahis siteleri by my face and closely watched me suck that cock.

“You look so sexy sucking that big cock baby girl. This is your true destiny in life. You will come to know that before we send you home. You were born for this,” Starr proclaimed.

Tommy started going deeper, slowly though, very slowly, inch by inch feeding his cock up my hungry ass. I grunted a deep guttural moan around Danny’s cock as the cock in my ass hit some resistance, causing me to flinch. That cock was long, longer than the midgets it seemed, and I squirmed and jerked away every time he bottomed out in me. It was a little painful at first as he hit a barrier deep inside me, making me flinch every time he abused me deeply, but I wanted to please him, so I endured it. I groaned loudly as he tried to force it all up my ass. It felt so good but was difficult to struggle with when he bottomed out on each thrust.

“You’re doing good back here baby girl, just a little more and I’ll have all 9 inches up your tight little pussy. Relax on it, breathe deep, push out, let that little flower open and enjoy my cock,” Tommy coached me.

I double up my efforts to take him all the way. It was painful at first, but now I was relaxing and getting it good. I finally felt the bristle of his scratchy pubic hair hit my sphincter muscle and knew I had it all. After another 5 strokes I was in heaven, I had it all and that stuffed feeling coupled with the friction of his strokes had me going crazy. My cock felt so hard hanging off the table I though it would bust.

Danny was now popping in and out of my throat. He fucked my face in long deep strokes. He would pull out to the tip was just touching my lips, letting me nurse on it for a second or two. Then slowly force it all the way in til my tight throat opened allowing him to bottom out. Starr was kissing the side of my face and my lips as I was fed Danny’s big cock. I was so high and so turned on, that I would have done anything asked of me at that moment. I was totally cock drunk.

As Danny pulled out to the tip, me and Starr would battle our lips over it to see who got to suck the most of it. I was hungry and stingy as I fought against her to keep it to myself. She knew this and teased me trying to steal it away, but always letting me win. My hunger for his cock grew as I fought for it not wanting to share.

“Boys, we have created a cock whore here. This greedy little slut doesn’t want to share. I’m afraid she’s gonna snap like a bitch dog in heat and bite me if I don’t let her have Danny’s cock to herself,” she laughed loudly as she backed away leaving me to worship Danny’s cock by myself.

I was embarrassed by her comment, but really didn’t care. I just wanted that cock to myself. I didn’t want to share. It was mine, all mine and I needed it.

Tommy kept up a steady rhythm in my ass, I was getting that feeling that I was gonna explode again. It didn’t hurt at all anymore, instead it was the best feeling ever. Even when he punched all 9 inches as deep as he could go, the discomfort was gone. I craved the feeling of him going as deep as he could. The feeling of my ass taking his entire cock made me extremely proud. My ass was throbbing and my cock was quivering. I knew just a little bit longer and I would cum. I was hoping he knew this and would allow me to cum before he finished.

Danny’s cock had swollen up so hard. He was now mostly just pumping in and out of my throat with slow gently thrusts. I didn’t gag, not at all, I gave my throat to him as he needed. I felt him tense and he grabbed under my throat and on the top of my head and held me firmly. He started pounding faster into my throat, popping it open and closed as he started to groan. I gave no resistance and he abused my throat.

“Here it comes slut, eat my baby makes like a good little slut, don’t waste a single fucking drop. I wanna feel your Adam’s Apple bobbing up and down as you gulp down my cum into your tummy,” Danny demanded of me.

Danny tensed up, and shoved it as deep into my throat as he could. As he just held it there and ejaculated, I felt his cock spasm and twitch as warm cum poured straight down my throat and into my stomach. It was so deep past my tongue, I couldn’t even taste it as he shot volleys of cum into me. He finally pulled back and let the last two or three squirts deposit onto my tongue. I tasted it now, it was sweet and salty. I loved the taste and texture as I greedily slurped it down.

“I’m sensitive bitch, go slow, go gentle, very gentle, leave it in your mouth but don’t suck it hard,” Danny instructed me.

Personally knowing that feeling, I very gently suckled on his sensitive deflating cock as he tentatively relaxed still in my mouth.

“Slow God dammit, slow, be gentle!” he instructed me firmly as he opened his palm threatening to slap my face again.

After that I basically remained motionless, letting him compose himself and letting his cock deflate, while still bahis şirketleri in the warmth and comfort of my mouth.

I think seeing Danny cum in my mouth, pushed Tommy closer to cumming himself. He was frantically popping my ass as deep and as hard as he could. He bottomed out on each stroke now, which I gladly and eagerly accepted. I was right on the edge, just a couple of more strokes from cumming while his big cock pounded me.

Tommy laughed loudly, “Here it comes bitch, show some respect and name that child after me.”

With that comment I was lost. What he just said was too sexy to comprehend. My little cock spasmed and I shot rope after rope on the floor. It was incredible having another anal “no hands” orgasm. Nothing in the world could compare to this. Tommy’s swollen cock jerked and twitched as I felt a new warmth in my ass that made it super slippery. I took his cum like a whore, pushing my hungry ass back as far as I could to give him my all. As his cock finally emptied and he withdrew, I felt a rush of cool air go up my exposed stretched out ass hole. I couldn’t control my ass and accidentally farted the air out of my ass. I was embarrassed as I felt a thick stream of cum run down my inner thigh to my knee as his cum just drooled out of me.

“Starr, Danny, come here, look at the gape on this pussy. I destroyed that bitch. You could shove a fist up there if you wanted. Look how open it is,” Tommy bragged proudly.

“Oooooh my, Danny, he’s not lying, come see this. Tommy ruined this pussy. Jesus Tommy, that’s a lot of cum, when was the last time you emptied those balls?” she laughed

Cum just seemed to pour out of my ass. I felt it running down to my calf as I laid there trying to recover.

Removing his cock from my mouth, Danny walked around to look with them and said, “You know, she might really enjoy a good fisting, what do you guys think?”

Nobody replied as they stood behind me until Danny spoke again, “Go for it, I’m still pissed about all those fucking midget jokes, do it. Fist fuck that pussy good.”

“Tommy, go feed my girl some of that big dick, I’m gonna play with this pussy for a bit,” Starr said teasingly.

Tommy came around the front to my face with a still almost fully erect cock and said, “Clean this cock slut,” as he shoved it forcefully into my mouth.

I felt Starr’s slim finger probing my ass, very gently, maybe 1 or two fingers at first, I’m not sure as I couldn’t see. Very slowly and deliberately, she worked them in and out of my slippery ass. My ass opened up as it had a will of it’s own and accepted what she offered. It felt fantastic to have something back in it again.

I was totally surprised that within a minute or two she said, “I have all 4 fingers and my thumb in already, you need to relax and let me get past my knuckles. Push back baby girl, push your hungry pussy hole back on my hand. Come get it all.”

I couldn’t believe I had accepted almost a whole human’s hand in my ass and it not only didn’t hurt, but it felt really good. I knew then I wanted it all the way up there. I wanted to be fist fucked.

I tried to concentrate on Tommy’s cock in my mouth, but my ass took precedent over it. Even as his cock in my mouth somehow distracted me on what was going on with my ass, I couldn’t really concentrate on sucking it. I tried, but the feeling in my ass was overwhelming. He noticed this and started pumping in deeper to get the feeling he wanted. He was now 100% erect in my mouth and I was amazed at how big his cock was. It seemed way bigger than both Starr’s or Danny’s.

“Relax baby girl, just a little bit more and it’s all the way in,” said Starr as I pushed back and my sphincter clamped down on her wrist. I had never imagined I could take a whole fist in my ass, it seemed impossible, but I loved that stuffed feeling now.

I groaned on Tommy’s cock as Starr patiently let my abused ass acclimate to her hand. Tommy’s cock head was almost touching my throat and it looked like he had several inches left.

Starr started to twist her fist ever so slowly, slower than a second hand on a watch moves. Maybe only 5-10 degrees to the right, then she would stop and reverse directions and go counter clockwise. As she did this ever so gently, back and forth, she would very gingerly push deeper into my bowels just fractionally. Her slow twisting motion made me grunt on Tommy’s cock as he forced himself deeper towards my throat.

Her knuckles rubbed over my prostate and I felt like

I was going to explode already. I started to hump back on her fist to get more and I’m sure she sensed my urgency. As she sped up, I moaned and groaned on Tommy’s cock not being able to control myself. Knowing I was close, Starr now increased both the depth and the speed of her fist in my ass. Then she started withdrawing her fist out so far, that it was actually completely out of my ass. As she now punched back through my sphincter muscle, back and forth and over and over, that was all it took. I groaned as Tommy’s cock now began pounding into my face, going pelvis deep into my throat. I was spent, it was more than I could handle as Tommy yanked his cock out and began jerking it frantically in front of my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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