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Shower Of Dreams

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After reading your story online at the internet café, I hit the print symbol and signed off, and made a mad dash to the checkout counter. One of the employees, a young male, was watching the pages print out on the machine, and I said, “You might not want to read that.” He turned and looked at me with a bit of a sheepish grin on his face…

Back at the hotel, I sat and reread your story. They were only words on paper, yet so very powerful… I headed off for the shower, savoring your words as I undressed, running my hands over my breasts, imagining that you were going to join me in the shower. Closing my eyes, I let my hand drift downward to my sex, fingers running through trimmed hair… oh yes, the shower! Turning on the water, delighted that it became warm very quickly, stepping inside and drawing the curtain closed…

Warm water pulsing over my body, steam rising toward the ceiling, feeling so good, so sensual. Facing into the water spray, feeling it caress my nipples… I feel your strong arms reach around me and begin to massage my breasts. Gently tugging and twisting with your thumbs and forefingers until they are extended, so hardened, fingers pinching and pulling harder until they are in full bloom and the color of a blushing rose. You feel my chest rise and fall as I breathe more quickly now.

I feel your canlı bahis hardness pressing on my backside, start to lean back into you, and you pull away, leaving me puzzled. I try to turn around, but you hold me in place… Picking up the bottle of shampoo from the ledge, you pour some into the palm of your hand, and begin to massage it into my scalp. Strong fingers, making delicate circles through my hair, I close my eyes and enjoy the lovely sensation of being pampered. I’ve never had a man wash my hair before, and am amazed at how erotic it can be… Spinning me around, you pull me into a strong embrace as the streams of water wash the mounds of bubbles from my hair. Your mouth meets mine, oh! the softest lips I’ve ever kissed, wanting to vanish in this kiss, for eternity. Without breaking the kiss, you reach out for the cream rinse, and apply some to my hair, hands smoothing the thick liquid about. It felt so good. Now your hands hold my face, and our kiss intensifies in strength, tongues licking lips, gently sucking on the soft flesh, tongues dancing inside of our mouths, stirring passion from deep within, feeling it rise…

I reach for the shower gel and the soft puff, drizzling gel about its surface, and begin to gently smooth the gel upon your chest, your shoulders, down your arms to your hands. Gathering more gel, bahis siteleri I start spreading the lather in slow circles across your stomach, down the sides of your hips, and ever so slowly use my gel slicked fingers on your manhood, wanting, hoping, desire beginning to consume me. Fingers sliding down your thighs, your knees, down to your ankles and toes, remembering that you had a shower before joining me in mine, dropping the puff to the shower floor and moving ever so close to the heat emanating from your body. Slick hands reaching behind your back, spreading the bubbles slowly down toward your firm cheeks, caressing them as I pull you into me, skin upon skin again as I seek out the softness of your lips… pressing, playing, teasing as I begin to slide my body all about your own. Breasts moving over breasts, arms now everywhere, moving, gliding, reaching for the most soft and stiff parts of each other.

My hands caressing your hardened cock, fingers drawing imaginary circles around the swollen head, the other slipping back to lather your testicles, cupping, massaging gently, moving back to your perineum, teasing you with tickling fingertips about your anus, watching the priceless expression on your face as it changes from love to all-encompassing lust. Your hands have been doing the same to me, teasing, spreading bahis şirketleri silken lips, sneaking bit by bit into my sex… one, two, now three strong fingers beginning to slide in and out of my juice soaked box. Another hand attacks me from the rear, sinful feelings of desire overcome me as you gently invade my tightest hole with another finger. Faster now, all to the same beautiful rhythm, fingers making me feel as if I am being lifted by every upward thrust of your hands… I must lay my head on your shoulder now because I’m feeling so dizzy, and you say that it’s ok… and I hang onto you to keep from collapsing… ohhhhhhh!… I can hardly find time to breathe, tingling sensations begin to engulf my entire being, warm, warmer, ohhhhhhhh! “Cum for me now, let the feeling wash you away” you said… and it did… with a scream…

When you felt me start to contract on your fingers, you withdrew and rapidly pinned me into the corner of the shower, lifting me to wrap my legs around you, and impaling my sex with your now throbbing cock… No mercy… just fast, furious pounding holding me to the wall. I was too far gone to even process thought. Harder, faster, deeper and deeper… I felt you stiffen and arch your back, and you cried out so loudly that it echoed off the shower tiles as you came deep within me in waves, again and again… Your knees nearly gave out as we slowly slid down to the shower floor, laughing, exhausted, holding each other close, catching our breath, giggling, kissing, and enjoying the streams of hot water as it pelted our quivering bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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