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Shyam, Savita Bhabi , Kajal Ch. 03a

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Author’s Notes:

To get the best out of this story, I would advise you to start from Ch.01.

Conversations that took place in Hindi are recorded as such initalics, immediately followed by a translation in English. Readers familiar with Hindi might find it rewarding to read through the original Hindi conversations. Others can conveniently skip them.


Savita was damp, itchy and icky with all the milk expressed from her breasts, their mingled sweat and Shyam’s thick, sticky semen oozing out of her pussy. There were bruises on her back where it had been rubbed against the rough dhurrie (thin cotton carpet) due to Shyam’s vigorous thrusting. Her pussy was sore too, with all the pummeling it had received. Yet, she felt wonderful. She washed and changed into clean clothes. As she went about her household chores, residual semen continued to trickle out and wet her fresh panties, but she didn’t mind. She clamped her legs together as her pussy spasmed at the memory of those minutes she lay spread-eagled under Shyam while he serviced her. She recalled stories about Shyam’s prowess she’d heard from Renu. Now she could believe them. Wow, what a man! She thought.

When Kajal returned home, she found Savita uncharacteristically quiet. Kajal just assumed that she was still angry with her and so thought it best to keep quiet too. They ate dinner, hardly speaking to one another and then Kajal retired early to bed.


“Aao Kajal. Main tumhari hi raah dekh raha tha!”

“Come, Kajal. I was waiting for you!” Shyam said and led her into the kitchen the next afternoon.

Kajal noticed a new table fan whirring in the kitchen. Without a fan in the kitchen, they had been rather uncomfortable in there in the hot and humid summer season. She also noticed a pillow on one of the chairs. Shyam pulled her into his arms and embraced her tightly. She raised her face, hesitantly puckered up and planted a clumsy kiss on his lips. He covered her lips with his and gently eased them apart with his tongue. He probed her tongue with his. As he felt her tongue respond, he sucked it into his mouth and continued to lick on it. They broke their kiss after a few minutes.

“Kajal, mujhe apne chooche dikhlao!”

“Kajal, show me your breasts!” He commanded.

Kajal obediently took her pallu off and stood looking at him.

“Aise nahin. Apne chooche nange karo!”

“Not like this. Bare your breasts!” He said. She obligingly took off her blouse & bra and looked at him through her eyelashes.

“Aapko mere chooche pasand hain?”

“Do you like my breasts?” She asked shyly.


“Yes.” Shyam said, laughing.

“Renu Bhabi se achhe hain?”

“Are the better than Renu Bhabi’s?” She asked.

“Uske itne hi sundar hain.”

“As beautiful as hers.” He replied.

“Unhe dabaiye na. Bahut sukh milta hai.”

“Please fondle them. It feels so good.” She said, eyes half closed. Shyam obliged. He was intrigued and also pleased with Kajal’s quirky way of verbalizing the thoughts uppermost in her mind when she was aroused. It greatly added to his pleasure.

“Kajal, aaj main tumhare saath aur bhi kuchh kaam karoonga. Bahut maza ayega.”

“Kajal, today I’m going to do some more things with you. It’ll be great fun!” Shyam said.

Kajal nodded. He swept off stuff lying on the table, placed the pillow on top and seated her on it. He sat on a chair, facing her, between her spread legs. He slowly raised her sari to her knees and started caressing her ankles and calves. Kajal leaned back against the wall, closed her eyes and allowed herself to savor the new sensations. Her nipples tightened into hard buds and she started moaning. Shyam leaned forward and kissed her knees. He then pushed her sari back and exposed her shapely, smooth, hairless thighs. He slowly moved upwards, kissing and stroking her inner thighs, nudging them further apart to allow free access. Kajal was completely in his thrall now. She moaned and thrashed her head from side to side and her hips started jerking up and down.

Shyam reached up, grasped her panties at the waistband and peeled them down as Kajal lifted her hips to help him. escort ataşehir The pleasant, musky odor from her young wet cunt filled Shyam’s nostrils. He kept her panties on the table. Then Shyam spread her thighs as wide apart as he could and gazed at her exposed pussy. Her entire genital area was covered with soft, curly black pubic hair. A small tuft of hair rose up straight near the top of her slit. A few droplets of her pussy juice shone on the tuft. Shyam spread her outer lips apart with his fingers and exposed her delicate pink inner lips. They were completely wet and there was a continuous stream of sticky fluid slowly trickling out. Her tight little clitoris peeped out at the top of her slit. Shyam leaned forward and took a deep breath, savoring the musky smell of her cunt. He then lightly drew a finger across her clit. The effect of that light touch was stunning. Kajal jerked her hips up and threw her head back, hitting it rather hard against the wall. She screamed aloud as she experienced an intense, prolonged orgasm. Shyam immediately reached up and clamped his hand on her mouth and cut off her scream. After a while she calmed down but her eyes were wet with tears. That had been the first orgasm in her life!

Shyam then stuffed her panties in her mouth to muffle any more screams. After all, Savita Bhabi could have easily heard her! He kept playing with Kajal’s clit and inner lips with his fingers and tongue, giving her another three or four orgasms. Finally, she could take no more. She pushed his head away and closed her thighs, trembling with the aftershocks of her multiple orgasms.

Shyam slid Kajal on to his lap so that she sat sideways, her shoulders resting in the crook of his left arm, while her feet rested on a chair just by the side. Kajal blushed as he showed her the pillow on which her dripping pussy juices had formed a large wet spot. He sniffed it appreciatively and put the pillow down again. Kajal relaxed in Shyam’s arms as his right hand continued to roam over her breasts and then slid between her legs. Kajal moaned softly again.

“Kajal meri jaan! Kaisa laga?”

“Kajal my darling! How did it feel?” Shyam asked, his fingers lightly playing with her pubic hair.

“Oh mere Shyam Bhaiya! Bahut sukh mila. Kitna halka halka lag raha hai! Zindagi mein pehli baar mujhe yeh sukh mila hai.”

“Oh, my Shyam Bhaiya! It was wonderful. I’m feeling so relaxed now! This is the first time in my life I’ve experienced this pleasure.” Kajal responded, sighing contentedly.

She ran her fingers lightly through the thick, springy, curly hair growing on Shyam’s chest. She was fascinated by them and had felt an urge to do this many times before, but only now had she felt emboldened to do it. She ran her fingers over his nipples and was delighted to see them stiffen. On an impulse she bent and licked his nipple and then lightly nipped it. Shyam responded by pinching her nipple hard with the fingers of his hand supporting her shoulders.

“Ooohhh…!” She moaned at the sharp pain and indescribable pleasure coursing through her nipple. The thumb of his other hand rubbed her clitoris while his finger rubbed along her slit, getting wet in the process. His finger continued to probe down her slit until it rested lightly on her anus. She took a sharp breath and held still expectantly. He delicately circled her anus with his wet finger and probed it lightly. Her hips twitched, but she didn’t stop him. He moistened his finger with her pussy juice and continued to lightly finger her anus. Slowly, he felt her sphincter relax and he was able to push the finger in up to the first joint. He continued to rub her clit with a circular motion of his thumb while finger fucking her anus, until she hit another orgasm.

Wow, this is great! He thought. Renu had never allowed him to touch her anus. He made a mental note to explore this further. After allowing her to calm down for a while, he seated her on another chair, facing him.

“Kajal, tu ne kabhi mard ka lund dekha hai?”

“Kajal, have you ever seen a man’s cock?” Shyam asked. Kajal nodded a no.

“Le, ab dekh le!”

“Here, see!” Shyam said. He loosened kadıköy escort his pajamas, slid them down and freed his hard cock that jumped up and throbbed with his heartbeat.

“Dekh, Kajal! Teri choot mein ghusneke liye kitna betaab hai woh! Kal bhi woh bahut taras raha tha tumhe chodne ke liye.”

“See, Kajal! How impatient he is to get into your cunt! Yesterday too he was desperate to fuck you.” Shyam said. Kajal stared at it, fascinated and wordless.

“Lekin maine aisa nahi kiya. Janti hai kyon?”

“But I didn’t do it. Know why?” Shyam said and again Kajal shook her head in the negative.

“Kyonki shaadi ke pehle hi agar teri choot ka parda phat gaya toh  suhaag raat par tere pati ko pata chal jayega. Aur phir tujhpar bahut aafat aa sakti hai.”

“Because if your hymen tears before your marriage, your husband will know on your wedding night. That can get you into big trouble.” Shyam explained.

Kajal knew very well what could well happen. She had heard many horror stories of girls being sent back in disgrace to their fathers’ house because they didn’t bleed on their wedding night. Why can I not become his second wife, she thought to herself. She would have been quite happy to be his junior wife, serving Shyam Bhaiya and Renu Bhabi and looking after their baby too. But she knew very well that that was not possible…

“Lekin mai mere lund ki zaroorat poori karne par majboor tha. Aakhir maine tumhari Savita Didi ke saath meri zaroorat poori ki.”

“But I had to satisfy my needs and so finally, I did it with your Savita Didi.” Shyam intruded in her reverie and explained in a matter of fact manner.

By then, he had guessed that Kajal would accept whatever he did. He was right. Kajal displayed no reaction at all. The thought of questioning Shyam’s actions didn’t even cross her mind.

“Maine koi zabardasti nahi ki unse. Maine unko meri majboori samjhayi aur woh mujhpar taras kha kar aur tumahre khatir maan gayi. Haan, lekin mujhse chudwane par unko bhi bahut maza aaya.”

“I didn’t force her. I explained my problem to her and she took pity on me. Also, she agreed for your sake. But after that she really enjoyed getting fucked by me.” Shyam added by way of explanation. Kajal was filled with gratitude for Shyam Bhaiya for being so considerate for her future and for Savita Didi for being so accommodating for her sake.

“Mere khyal me aaj ke liye itna bas hai. Kal mai tujhe ek mard ke lund ko sukh dene ko sikhlaoonga. Ab jao, aur apni Didi ko bhej do! Aur haan, Didi se hamare barey me kuchh mat kehna. Mai khud unko samjha doonga.”

“I think that’s enough for today. Tomorrow I’ll teach you how to pleasure a man’s cock. Now go and send your Didi! And by the way, don’t tell her anything about us. I’ll speak to her myself.” Shyam told her.

Kajal rearranged her clothes and washed her face, then gathered her stuff and went home. Savita was waiting for her.

“Didi, Shyam Bhaiya ne aapko bulaya hai.”

“Didi, Shyam Bhaiya is calling you.” Kajal said, not looking at Savita.

Savita had just breast fed her baby and rocked him to sleep. She’d then washed and changed into a crisp new sari and put on light makeup, something she didn’t often do, being so busy with her household chores. She was just waiting for Kajal to return, although she never expected Shyam to so brazenly send her a message through Kajal. She felt a twinge of annoyance at this, but her eager anticipation of the encounter with Shyam overcame her passing anger. Her heart palpitated and her mouth felt dry as she entered Shyam’s apartment. Not finding him in the living room, she went inside and saw him sprawled on a chair in the kitchen, pajamas down and his hard, erect cock throbbing with his heartbeat. Shyam reached out and pulled Savita down on her knees, between his spread legs.

“Dekiye Savita Bhabi, aapka kitni besabri se intazar kar raha hai!”

“Look, Savita Bhabi, how impatiently he’s waiting for you!” Shyam said as Savita stared intently at his cock.

She leaned forward and planted a light kiss on his cock. Her pallu slid off and revealed her large breasts swelling out of the big, low cut maltepe escort bayan opening of her blouse. Shyam pushed the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. Her reached in, cupped her breasts and eased them out so that they hung out of her blouse. He held her by her hair with one hand and guided her mouth on to his cock, while fondling and squeezing her breasts with the other. Savita was quite experienced at fellatio. She expertly licked and sucked the large red knob of his cock while her fingers held his shaft and tickled his testicles. After enjoying her attentions for a few minutes, he disengaged. He placed the pillow on the cooking platform, unsoiled side on top. He helped Savita up and seated her on the pillow. He pushed her sari up to expose her up to the hips and pulled the panties down, managing not to rip them this time. He raised her legs and rested her feet on the platform so that her thighs were splayed out and her pussy split wide open. He stood facing her and fondled her breasts and played with her pussy lips. Her pussy was already wet and soon started drooling as her arousal mounted. Savita looked on with a small smile on her lips, her hand groping for his cock.

“Ab aapki choot bhi bilkul taiyar hai, na?”

“Your pussy is ready too, isn’t it?” He asked.

Savita responded by thrusting her hips up and pulling him toward her, her eyes filled with lust. Shyam needed no further prompting. He rubbed his cock on her slit to lubricate it with her juices, lined up with her pussy and eased his cock in. He started fucking her steadily, holding her hips for support, driving his cock in up to the hilt, then withdrawing and plunging in again. Savita leaned against the wall behind her and kept gazing at Shyam through slitted eyes as he took his pleasure. Her pussy became more and more engorged as Shyam stimulated it with his hard, thick cock. Savita started grunting in time with his thrusts as she gave herself in to the waves of pleasure emanating from her pussy. In no time, she went over the peak and experienced a hard, wrenching orgasm. Shyam was not there yet and continued to fuck her with abandon, grabbing her breasts and slobbering over her open mouth in his frenzy. Finally, he felt his semen pulse through his cock and spurt into Savita’s spasming cunt.

He leaned forward and rested his face against her breasts. Both of them were panting hard and sweating profusely. The tiny kitchen was filled with the combined smell of their sweat and musk. His cock had softened a bit but he still held it buried inside her.

“Wah, Savita Bhabi! Aaj toh bahut maza aaya. Kya aapko bhi aaj ki chudai jyada achhi lagi?”

“Wow, Savita Bhabi! I really had great fun today. Was today’s fucking better for you too?” He asked. Savita nodded.

“Aaj Kajal ke saath kya hua pata hai?”

“You know what happened with Kajal today?” He asked, still holding his cock inside her.

It was of course a rhetorical question and he proceeded to give her a detailed account, feeling his own as well as her arousal mount in the process. He then resumed his assault on her sore and stretched pussy until a few minutes later, he ejaculated again.

God! What an animal! Savita thought dreamily and thanked her lucky stars that she was able to have him. She had been troubled by her conscience since he had taken her yesterday. She had rationalized her betrayal of Renu by thinking that she was after all only fulfilling her promise to look after Shyam in Renu’s absence. Cheating on her husband had continued to trouble her, although she knew that her hubby too had a roving eye and he almost certainly had relations with other women during his long business trips. She’d even heard whispers about his ongoing affair with a married cousin in Rajkot where he frequently traveled. But today’s session had been so intense and pleasurable that she finally silenced her conscience with the thought that whatever had happened was fated and she was only experiencing what was in her Karma.

After Savita straightened her clothes and left, Shyam set about cleaning up the kitchen. The pillow was soiled and wet on both sides. He threw the pillow cover into the laundry basket and saw that a fair amount of fluid had seeped into the pillow. He shrugged and smiled to himself, thinking that he’d have to buy a new pillow before Renu returned…

To be continued…

Author’s Note: Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.

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