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Sis’s Girlfriends Ch. 02

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Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.


Yesterday, Melinda called me. I hadn’t talked to her in a couple of months. I was excited to hear from her, especially, since she said was horny and wanted some action.

Melinda worked as a cocktail waitress and, from what she said, was doing darn good. I did not have any problem believing that. Her radiant smile was contagious and the time I saw Melinda, she was blossoming into a real beauty.

Melinda is 19, petite, with an incredible body. Her flexibility skills are awesome. The little waif is a fuck monster.

Melinda got so horny, during our last sex adventure that she let several guys use her ass as a cum bucket. The little girl Sis used to babysit loved it up the ass and the bigger the better.

I picked Melinda up the following Saturday night. We stopped for a drink and then headed to the park.

We parked close to the public toilets. That is usually where all the action is.

As we walked into the men’s restroom and rounded the corner, our eyes immediately lit up, and we stopped. Two young man were scrambling to pull their pants up and over their bare asses and erect cocks.

Before I could say anything, the duo quickly walked by us and out the door. Melinda and I just looked at each other and smiled.

There were three stalls and three urinals in the restroom. Melinda and I went into the first stall.

I put a paper cover over the seat as Melinda hitched up her fuck-me skirt, pulled down her red thong, and sat on the toilet. We smiled at each other as she unabashedly began pissing like a racehorse.

Although the sun was setting and there were shadows galore in the restroom, I could easily see the large gloryholes in the partitions between the stalls.

Despite Niagara Falls next to me, I thought I heard some human noises coming from the end stall. I peeped through our gloryhole. What I saw immediately made my balls tingle and my eyes get big, again. It looked like someone was either fucking or getting sucked.

I crouched down for a better look and motioned Melinda to look, too. However, when Melinda stopped peeing to look, the place became deathly quiet and the whatever I saw had disappeared.

Not wanting to scare off the ‘couple’, I pulled my cock out and placed it in front of the gloryhole. I then loudly whispered, “Suck it!”

Melinda bent over and began giving me head. Hopefully, the folks down the row would also peek through their gloryhole and see that we were there for the same reason.

About a minute later, Melinda and I heard the far stall door open. I was able to distinguish two sets of footsteps approaching us.

When the footsteps stopped outside our stall door, Melinda and I looked down to see two pair of men’s Nikes. A few seconds later, a man whispered, “Would you like company?”

I looked at Melinda. She shrugged and I said, “Sure.”

Yes, I was a little worried, but that was part of the game. The famous quote, “Life was like a box of chocolates…” immediately came to mind.

I opened the door and Melinda stood up. The two men only had eyes for Melinda. Her red thong was still down around her ankles and her skirt was still bunched up around her waist. Her bald pussy was completely exposed.

As the men stepped into our stall, I noticed one man was quite tall and well built. The other man looked to be in his 50’s and wore a passive smile. He was holding his semi-erect cock.

I probably would be smiling, too, if my cock was a foot long, and I was standing a few feet from Melinda’s hairless cleft. It was so flawless, that any woman seeing it would immediately be calling her surgeon for a labiaplasty.

Not to be outdone, the taller guy unzipped and exposed his big, fat cock. His cockhead looked to be the size of a small plum!

I could tell that the tall guy appreciated our admiring expressions – just as much as the other man had. I sensed both men never got tired of showcasing their magnificent penises. Last, I knew Melinda felt their hot lust as they jacked their cocks, while looking her up and down.

Breaking the spell, I heard some more whispering behind the two men. The two young guys, who had quickly departed, came into view. They had their cocks out, too! All four men stood facing us, stroking their different sized erections.

Melinda made the first move. She boldly pulled her thong and skirt down to her ankles, stepped out of them, picked them up, folded them neatly, and handed them to me. Next, she slowly removed her white blouse and her satiny white bra and handed them to me, too. The men watched Melinda undress as if mesmerized.

When Melinda had completed undressing, she stood bravely before us, naked as a jaybird. She was completely exposed and vulnerable to the desires of the men erotik film izle and their big, erect cocks.

Like a brazen whore, then Melinda spread her legs slightly, leaned against me to maintain her balance, and reached down. With both hands, she carefully opened her pussy lips for all to see.

As if that was not enough of an invitation, Melinda slid her middle finger into her pussy, noticeably waved it, removed it, and sucked it into her little red mouth! The tall guy moved forward first.

Melinda grabbed his massive shaft with her little hand and began to stroke it. Seeing Melinda’s reaction, the other three men stepped forward, too.

All four men took turns pinching Melinda’s nipples, squeezing her firm breasts, and running their hands over her nubile body. Eventually, Melinda was forced to sit back down on the toilet.

The plum headed cock went into her mouth and each of her hands was placed on a hard cock. The fourth guy managed to squat down close to her and stuck his finger in her slick pussy.

After Melinda had sucked the plum headed cock for a couple of minutes, the tall guy gently pulled her up, turned her around, and pushed her shoulders down. Knowing it was time to be bred, Melinda stretched out her arms to brace herself against the back wall as the men spread her curvy, ass cheeks.

When the tall guy saw Melinda’s exposed, pink anus, he had to give it some oral loving. He kneeled down, pushed his tongue directly into her little, pink aperture, and just as quickly pulled back. “Damn! She’s greased already,” he exclaimed.

I smiled. I had made sure that Melinda was prepared.

Nevertheless, he started to rim her asshole, again. He stayed with it the second time and was rewarded by Melinda’s groans as she wiggled her hot ass in his face.

After a couple of more minutes, the tall guy then pushed his finger into her slick asshole as deep as he could get it. Melinda winced, but then pushed back on it as hard as she could.

While Melinda’s ass was being finger-fucked, the 50’s guy managed to crawl around to her front. His big cock was sticking out like a pogo stick as took hold of her thighs, and pulled her dripping pussy, level with his mouth.

He opened her pussy lips as if you would a clam, stuck his tongue in, and began to eat her out. I noticed he didn’t even flinch when the tall guy with drew his finger from Melinda’s ass and put it in his mouth.

At this point, you do have to be told that Melinda was in seventh heaven with all of the attention she was getting. In addition, we all know what the guy with plum head cock wanted.

When the tall guy positioned himself behind Melinda and began rubbing his massive cock up and down her butt crack, the 50’s guy stood up and positioned himself on Melinda’s side, opposite me. He put both his hands around Melinda’s head to support her and pushed his drooling cock deep into her mouth, nearly choking her.

Melinda gagged a bit and then began slowly sucking his cock, as the tall guy held onto her hips. No one was getting between him and Melinda’s ass.

Almost forgetting, I quickly dug into my pocket, pulled out the lube tube, and liberally dosed the tall guy’s big cock. I swear it must have been a good nine-inches in length and at least 5 inches in girth.

Anyway, after I was through, I nodded at the tall guy and he pushed his plum headed into Melinda’s anus. She immediately cried out in pain and the tall guy immediately pulled back.

The tall guy’s next attempt was much more relaxed. He slowly eased his plum headed cock into her sphincter, until it ‘popped’ into her butt.

When I saw that Melinda’s forehead was sweaty from just getting the cockhead into her anus, I squirted some more lube down her butt crease. The extra lube did the trick – for both of them.

Melinda nodded at me as the big shaft slid deeper into her rectum. No doubt, her anal passage was being expanded to the max.

Since the 50’s guy wasn’t getting much action from Melinda’s mouth, he motioned to one of the other guys. They looked for a second at his hard, long cock, before the third guy stepped up beside Melinda, pulled his pants down, bent over, and spread his cheeks.

A few seconds later, we heard him grunt loudly as the 50’s guy began working all twelve inches up his ass! I sure hoped his bottom was well greased!

The scene was incredible. Two couples were fucking, side by side, almost in unison and the anal receivers, a male and a female, were grunting and groaning a duet.

The musky smell of pussy and anal sex in the stall was strong. I savored it and breathed it in as deeply as I could.

After a couple of minutes, Melinda surprisingly pulled her ass off the big cock, reached behind her, grabbed the fourth man’s hard cock, and pulled him into her pussy.

The fourth guy gently grabbed Melinda’s small breasts to steady her as he started grinding his hips against her cheeks in a circular motion. Melinda instantly smiled, looked up at me, film izle and cooed, “He’s goooood!”

His cock was not that big, but it was big enough and he knew how to please her. That was all that mattered.

As the fourth man sensuously fucked Melinda, the 50’s guy even stopped butt-fucking the third guy to watch. However, about a minute later, he could not resist reaching over and sticking a finger into Melinda’s still gaping asshole.

He timed his move correctly. Melinda looked over at him, then down at his throbbing, greasy twelve inches, and mouthed, “Fuck my ass.”

The 50’s guy immediately sat down on the toilet as Melinda pulled away from the fourth guy’s cock. She then turned around, squatted over the 50’s guy, spread her cheeks, and determinedly sat down, all the way down on his twelve inches! She made the guy’s cock literally disappear up her ass!

They both looked up at me, smiling for different reasons. Melinda couldn’t help but give me a smile of contentment, with a little pride thrown in as she sexily wiggled her bottom, moving the long cock back and forth in her virgin bowels as if she had an itch.

The 50’s guy smug smile was the result of him not having to do anything, but sit there and enjoy the young girl’s lust and tight bowels as she rode his cock.

Eventually, the fourth man, wanting to finish what he had started and stepped forward. He pushed Melinda’s knees up, so that her feet were on the 50’s guy’s knees. He then crouched, leaned forward, and pushed his cock back into her bald pussy.

Melinda was soon totally out of it. She had an incredibly long cock buried deep in her intestines and her pussy was being seriously fucked.

Melinda and the 50’s guy did not even hear the third guy squeal like stuck pig. The tall guy had pushed down on his back, bending him over, and had then entered his manhole like a runaway freight train.

The tall guy came quickly. However, right before he came, he grabbed the third guy’s hips and pulled them back hard onto his cock. The third guy’s face appeared to turn white as the tall guy came in him.

Afterward, the tall guy went to the sinks, presumably, to wash his cock. The third guy tried to follow him, but his sweats were all bunched up around his ankles. As he bent over to pull them up, a boatload of cum squirted out of his gaping anus and splattered onto his sweats.

I started snickering when I pictured him entering his bedroom and saying, “Honey I’m home!” Even though sleepy, his wife would be able to smell all that cum a mile away!

The guy in Melinda’s pussy came next and when he pulled out of her, he told us that was his first DP – ever. He had a huge smile on his face.

When I gave him a thumbs up, Melinda motioned for his cock. She sucked and licked all the sperm and pussy juice off it. He left a very happy man.

The 50’s guy now had Melinda all for himself. He had her bend over the toilet, and went to work, unhampered, in her ass. He buried his twelve inches in her on every stroke, fucking her girlie ass for all he was worth.

A couple of minutes later, the 50’s guy began groaning and moaning and pushed his cock as deep as he could into Melinda’s intestines. They came together! Melinda had been rubbing her clit and when she felt the warm sperm flooding her bowels, she instantly came, too.

As soon as the 50’s guy finished unloading in Melinda’s sexy ass, he pulled out, pulled up his pants, tucked his wet his cock away, and left. He didn’t say anything.

Melinda didn’t even notice. She was busy sucking my cock.

When the tall guy noticed Melinda’s asshole was absent cock, he gently grabbed Melinda’s hips and asked, “Are you ready for my big cock, Honey? Your sweet ass looks ready.”

Melinda just nodded and kept sucking me.

“Must be nice,” I thought. “A boy and girl ass on the same day and within minutes.”

As the plum headed cock began to travel up Melinda’s loosened anal passage, the tall guy muttered, “That’s my girl. Open your ass up, little Honey…all the way. I’m gonna fuck all the cum out of you!”

Unfortunately for him, he did not last long, again. After about a minute or so, he grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust forward with all his might, nearly knocking her down as he came. Lucky for me, Melinda did not bite down!

When the tall guy pulled his spent cock out of Melinda’s ass – he pulled it out quite hard. Apparently, Melinda’s ass wasn’t ready to let it go. We heard a loud suction noise and then saw two huge globs of sperm ooze out of her dilated asshole. Embarrassed, Melinda put her over her gaping anus.

As his semen streaked down Melinda’s bare legs, the tall guy stroked Melinda’s head briefly. He then said, “Thanks,” opened the stall door and disappeared off into the night. I am not sure what happened to the third guy.

Several minutes later, Melinda and I left the park restroom. We walked back hand in hand.

When we reached my car, Melinda opined, “God, I’m such a cock slut.”

“I seks filmi izle suppose so,” I thought as I hugged Melinda. All of her orifices had been fucked hard. Her ass and pussy had been flooded with cum. She had been gangbanged by strangers and had loved every minute of it.

Later that night, as Sis and I fucked, I told her all the details.


Julie is about 5′ tall and is petite, too. She weighs about 100 lbs, has jet black hair, and brown, almond eyes.

Julie lives at home and works nights in the produce department at the Super Market. That is where Sis and I initially met her.

Sis had begun asking the adorable Asian double entendre questions about cucumbers. For example, “Do you think the big fat ones are better to eat than thin ones? Are cucumbers best eaten with or without a tossed salad?”

When Julie said she liked her salad tossed, we knew it was game on. Sis even picked up a cucumber to show Julie my size. Julie just smiled and remarked how envious she was that Sis’s ‘boyfriend’ was along to help her to pick out cucumbers.

In short order, Sis and I delightfully discovered that Julie was fucking hornier and hotter than most women were on any given day. For example, when Julie came over on her days off, she brought her latest vegetable du jour for our sexual entertainment and gratification. She loved to play with Sis.

We also discovered that Julie was an exhibitionist at heart. With a little coaxing, she wasn’t shy at all about flashing her ass in public or even walking around naked in public.

What really made Julie special is what she flashed. Her nubile ass and bald pussy looked fucking great in a thong.

The very first time Julie and I had sex in public, we got caught. We were in the back of an old antique store, goofing around when suddenly, we got red hot.

Since there was no around, Julie pulled her shorts down and bent over, exposing her supple ass. I was as hard as she was wet. In one push, I got at least four inches up her sopping pussy.

As we publicly copulated on the screened back porch, a tour bus unexpectedly pulled up. It stopped about twenty yards away.

Despite being caught in flagrante delicto, Julie surprised me by straightening up and wiggling her ass. For some reason, I pushed my finger into her little asshole and she came immediately!

I’ll never forget the look on their faces as they watched Julie dance on my cock. Their stares sure boosted my ego!

After that event, there was no stopping Julie. She would even beg Sis or me to have sex with her in public. She even asked a strange couple once, to watch us fuck! Before they could speak, Julie bent her torso over a picnic table, pulled her shorts down over her girlishly lean buttocks, and spread her cheeks.

“Butt-fuck me, Honey! Fuck my ass with that big cock!”

Completely spellbound, the couple watched my swollen shaft turn her little asshole into a large tunnel. Eventually, they walked off into the woods. The guy definitely had a hard-on.

Last week Saturday, Julie and I thought Sis had a date, so we made plans to go to the park. By the time we got there, it was around 8 P.M. and still about 70 degrees outside. We only had to wait a few minutes for Sis.

On our way to the park, Sis had called. She said she needed to ‘loosen up’ for her date and did we mind, if she joined us for an hour or so?

As we walked into the park, Sis and Julie held hands. They were both braless, looking bronzed, and wearing white tanks and shorts…

Our rendezvous area had a couple of benches and picnic tables and it was off the main trail. The park was not usually busy this time of evening.

As soon as we got there, Sis and Julie went girl to girl. While listening to their sexy moans of pleasure, I worked my hand down into Julie’s shorts, until I felt her hot, wet pussy. Without hesitating, I inserted my middle finger. The moisture and heat radiating from her pussy was amazing.

I shared Julie’s pussy juices with both of them. I would wiggle my finger around in Julie and then extract it for Julie and Sis to suck. God, it was awesome to feel them sucking my finger like little Hoover’s. It made my cock so hard.

Since there was no one around, I unsnapped Julie’s shorts and pulled them down. Sis followed my lead and pulled Julie’s tank off. Julie had nothing on but her birthday suit.

Sis immediately began to massage Julie’s pussy as I took over nipple sucking duty. Soon, I was throbbing hard and there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck her sexy body.

Sis squatted down so that her face was level with Julie’s pussy, grabbed her hips, and pulled them into her face. As Sis began to lick the slick pussy, Julie slowly hoisted her butt up onto the picnic table behind her and leaned back.

Sis stood up for a second, spread Julie’s legs wide, bent over, and went back to work on her clit. I inserted two fingers into Julie’s wet pussy.

Julie was in pure ecstasy. The finger-fucking and clit licking quickly sent her over the edge.

After Julie’s orgasms subsided, Sis stood Julie up, turned her around, and bent her over the picnic table. I knew what Sis wanted and spread Julie’s nubile ass cheeks wide.

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