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Sister in Law Ch. 01

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Whether real or imagined, I felt a sexual tension with my sister-in-law Adele. She is an American born Italian who married my brother-in-law twenty-one years ago. They have a son and daughter.

She is attractive having long black hair that frames a pretty face with expressive eyes and an up-turned nose. She fights the Italian gene, constantly dieting but still developing a pear shaped body with small breasts and a larger butt. Like other Catholics I have known she is both devote and fearful of many things in life. She is devoted to her kids and as a soccer mom constantly dotes on their every whim chauffeuring them around town and putting her own needs on hold. She is generally regarded within the family as a bit on the dim side at times. I felt empathy for her seeing her children and husband holding her up for ridicule that makes her quite insecure. I have wondered if some of this sexual behavior with me is a passive aggressive attempt for some personal affirmation.

When I came into the family, I was one of the few who actually listened to her and tried giving her some much needed validation. I started to notice a change in our interaction. A chaste kiss on the cheek in greeting was replaced by a brief lip to lip one. She became more touchy feely with a slight touch on my arm or knee as we talked. It was all innocent and yet a change in her usual withdrawn self.

She uncharacteristically started wearing a short denim skirt at family functions during the summer. The banter continued as we had our first drink. I kept noticing her husband would admonish her to cover up at least once when he caught me glancing toward her thighs. Her tops too have become more revealing. She seemed to color slightly but did not hold her scooped top in at the neck as she previously had Dane. Such were our little moments a series of disconnected vignettes that fed a growing fantasy.

She came to sit next to me at a family dinner as we discussed a particularly stressful time at home. My demure sister-in-law was smiling wolfishly almost whispering the advice: “You should go home, have a massage and some hot sex.”

In disbelief I looked around seeing that no one else had paid her any attention. I leaned closer and said, “I should what?” while placing my hand casually on her arm.

Putting her lips close to my ear so that I could feel the hot breath, she repeated, “Hot sex?” When I stammered something about that being a distant memory lately, she added, “I know what you mean!”

I was nearly bursting from my hard on and became thankful that we did not move to go home right away. At one point she rose from the table as we moved to the living room and stood behind me massaging my shoulders. I turned after a minute of two to say, “Well that’s one part of your advice accomplished with your help. Anything else that I can look forward to….”

“No!” She hastily retreated to the couch joining the others.

As it turned out the next time that I saw her was at out cottage in thesummer. The first thing that I noticed when she got out of the car was her blue lace panty. As the adults were bantering back and forth, I related a story that had happened a week or so ago with our French neighbors at the lake. I commented that she was carelessly sitting wearing some kind of shift with either no panties or fur-lined ones underneath. That was greeted with a chorus of derision. A couple of minutes later as I was getting snacks from the kitchen, I turned to find her sitting in my easy chair. I thought it unusual since she is quick to help. She was flashing that same fringe of blue and caught my gaze. Smiling she said, “Don’t worry, I’m wearing panties, see!” With that she raised the hem of her skirts showing the high cut lace front!

I was speechless. She just smiled and shimmied out of the room.

As the evening wore on the drinks flowed freely and the conversation turned louder. We had arranged that the kids would spend the night in our camper. They left the adults as soon as they could leaving my wife, Adele and Dan by the fire near the lake.Adele wanted to see the garden up the road from the cottage before we lost the light completely. The four of us walked up the path and did a quick inspection. As usual, she asked lots of questions – so many that Jill and Dan drifted away and headed back. She stooped to look and smell several varieties of flowers and I was treated to a long and clear view down her top to her cupped globes. As she stood looking at the garden I positioned myself behind her to better inspect the lace cups of the bra visible from my vantage point. “Yes, I’m wearing a bra, too!” she said in a teasing tone of voice. I then noticed that we were clearly reflected in the window of the greenhouse by the garden. I flushed deeply but managed to say, canlı bahis “It is a beautiful view!”

“Oh you” she answered bumping into me knocking me on my heels.

“Watch it or I’ll fall for you!” I said stumbling slightly and then reaching to hold onto her shoulders for support. Neither of us pulled away as I instinctively massaged her neck.

“Umm, nice. I could get used to this.”

Voices called us to join them by the fire. We walked back up the path with me slightly trailing, hiding my erection and her giving me a view first of her ass as she bent down and then her tits as she pivoted toward me. It is inconceivable that she did not notice the effect her little show was having on me.

That night was a restless one. I was the last to bed but soon after gave up trying to sleep. I was watching television with the sound almost completely off. She opened the spare bedroom door emerging in a fuzzy blue robe done up to her chin. She smiled shaking her head slightly and turned to go into the bathroom. Instead of returning to her room, she came over to where I was sitting and sat on the sofa beside my easy chair.

“Can’t sleep?”

“No I can’t and it’s your fault!” she said with a smile. “Too many drinks give me a headache.”

I noticed her pained expression and my eyes dropped automatically as she crossed her legs letting the robe open above her knee. She just shook her head saying, “I better watch it or I’ll get your neighbor’s reputation!” She opened the robe before pulling it closed giving me a microsecond of a flash of bush.

“My lips are sealed. Can I get you anything for your headache?”

“Sure – stop that,” she said pointing toward the closed bedroom doorway where loud snoring emanated from within.

“After you stop that”, I responded indicating Jill’s snore behind our closed door. We laughed. “Would a neck rub help?”

She regarded me suspiciously with a grin taking over her features. “Where do you want me?”

With raised eyebrows, I said, “Let’s just say I’ll settle for here,” moving a footstool in front of me.

She moved to the stool, sweeping her hair up and then over one shoulder so that it hung down her front. I rubbed heat into my palms and started to slowly rub the junction of her head and neck in back and forth motions. I pressed my thumbs at the base of her neck lifting slightly. She groaned assuring me that the massage was working. I moved her collar slightly to get at the lower part of her neck and over to one shoulder. One hand carefully worked under her hair. “Is it helping?”

“It’s great. Don’t stop on my account.”

I moved her hair back so that it hung behind her and then moved my finger tips to her forehead. I moved my fingers together and apart smoothing her brow. She moved back toward my knees. By spreading them slightly, she was more reclined back with her head almost on my lap. I wondered if she could feel the lump at her back. I continued to work on her forehead and occasionally drew circles down her cheeks and around her ears. Her ears seemed particularly sensitive. I rubbed around each and gently pulled the lobes in unison ending by rubbing the backs as I came back to her face. I lightly traced her eyes putting some pressure by the bridge of her nose and then over each eye. I was noticing how the angle of her head had caused a slight billowing of the robe at her neck and experimented with combinations of movements that improved my view of her bare breasts – well the tops anyway.

I nearly poked her eyes as my wife’s voice said, ‘Me next?” She stood smiling at the open door to our room and made her way out toward the bathroom. Startled but too relaxed to jump up, Adele said, “You’re lucky to have him to yourself.”

There was no reply as the bathroom door closed.

With two soft ‘buddy’ pats on her shoulders, I said, “I guess that’s as far as we can go tonight – maybe another time?”

“That’s a deal, Rick.”

Before they left the next day, we made plans to repeat the stay before the first snowfall. Jill was back to work and Dan’s holidays would not start for another two weeks which meant that Adele would have some alone time at her lake about an hours drive away cross country from ours. Her daughter was working at the nearby lake community so they would be there on their own during the week. Dan commented on how much she hated being alone there and issued an open invitation that I was welcome to drop by for a change of scenery. “Or, better yet spend the night. There’s an extra room.”

“You never know I may just take you up on that. Talk to you later, to see if that would work for you Adele.”

After replaying the events of the weekend, I called her to gauge her mood and receptiveness. The moment had obviously passed as there was no invitation bahis siteleri to come by. She did express nervousness because her daughter was spending the night with a friend on Wednesday night. Interesting disclosure I thought. She had become quite the tease. I ended with, “Well give me a call if you decide you want some company. I’ll trade supper for the rest of the massage.”

“Tempting but I should be okay.”

Wednesday morning followed my third restless night. I made a decision. I grabbed my swimsuit and tee shirt. On impulse I took one of my magic blue pills thinking that I was probably setting myself up for a world class hard on that would last most of the afternoon and result in frustration.

I called on my cell phone, “Get the coffee on I’m about ten miles away.” Click.

As I got out of the car I was greeted from the doorway. I noticed that she was wearing the denim short skirt and what appeared to be her one piece bathing suit.

I was feeling somewhat apprehensive unsure as to her reaction of my short message and uninvited visit. “What kept you?” she said turning inside and heading for the coffee pot. “Mostly it was the speed limit and trying to keep from looking too desperate.”

As I reached the kitchen, I stepped in front of her and smiled. I reached forward and pulled her to me in a quick embrace. “I guess I’m just happy to see you ….and your skirt.” I gave her my best lecherous smile.

Breaking the hug she gave me a knowing look. “Maybe we can go for a swim later?” she added gesturing toward her clothes and my suit.

“Later? You mean like after a massage?”

“No more like later, after Lori picks up her overnight bag at noon.” I can handle an hour I thought. We had our coffee and were making awkward small talk when the door opened. About half an hour later with goodbyes exchanged we were once again on our own.

I was starting to feel the effects of the pill that I had taken with my first cup of coffee and worried that I might scare her off if I suddenly sported a raging hard on without any provocation. I reached into my beach bag and extracted the towel and a vial of oil. She had a quizzical look on her face but said nothing. I patted the floor in front of me. She got up and sat opposite facing me on her ottoman. Up went her skirt and down dropped by eyes. She crossed and then uncrossed her legs giving me a generous view of the bathing suit underneath. “Nothing to see here today” she said. “You know I worry that you have the wrong idea about this visit. I enjoy your company but I enjoy my marriage even more!”

I gave her a shocked and pained look. “Whatever do you mean? Sometimes a massage is just a massage – just like flirting is just flirting.” We both laughed.

“Okay, I’m guilty of that for sure.”

I reached back and took the oil from the table to the side and poured some onto my hands. Reaching down I took her foot and turned her around to rest her back on the arm of the sofa. She was able to do no more than chuckle and mumbled, “Good thing I wore my bathing suit!” as her skirt fell back to the tops of her thighs. I rubbed hard with both hands as she appreciatively sighed. She leaned back her head lolled to the side and her eyes closed. I took the opportunity to inspect the triangle between the opening of her skirt and legs. I alternated between one foot and the other moving my hands slowly from the top her instep up to the calf. More sighs and a slightly widening of her legs gave me encouragement. I reached to pass her a pillow but before I got it in a quick shifting she was suddenly sitting up and removing her feet from my knees – “Your turn.”

Before I knew it my foot was on her knees being massaged. She straightened her skirt pulling it down to a more demure position midway on her thighs. Her hand crept up my calf to my knee and down again. With my free foot I positioned it between her slightly parted knees. She glanced down, frowned but said nothing. Her skirt was now bunched at her lap and left there. The rubbing pressure seemed to increase as my toe found the inner thigh and brushed against the nylon of her crotch.

She suddenly stopped and said in a choked voice, “Next– shoulders.” We quickly changed positions, her on the sofa me on the floor. I moved the towel under me for some padding and to trap any spills that happened. I felt my shirt being lifted from me as warm oil washed over my shoulders. It was my turn to moan. My shorts were tented with the sensual pleasure of this new development. I felt warm breath on my neck and turned briefly to find her looking down at what was now a throbbing mound rising from my lap. She continued to rub but the warm breath told me that she continued to inspect my generous hard on. She kept up the rubbing motions for the next bahis şirketleri five minutes. As I relaxed my head fell back between her legs onto her lap. She briskly massages my temples and forehead and then gave me the earlobe treatment that she had enjoyed so much. I knew why. I throbbed to new lengths! Afraid at being stimulated to completion I sat up suddenly and turned to face her still on my knees. “Wow!”

Taking her hand, I quickly changed places with her. Following her lead I started to tug the shirt over her shoulders. “No”. I worked on her neck holding up her hair with one hand and gently began a slow caress. Up to her hairline and then around to her forehead and back touching her ears pulling on the lobes as I moved back to the neck. Her floral bra top of the suit contrasted with her white skin. As I started to prod the tense muscles of her midback touching the bra strap and moved to the clasp at the back, her hand reached back grabbing my wrist. I went back to the massage without uttering a word. I moved my hands away to drip more oil…this time down the front of her chest. I quickly caught the spill rubbing it above the cups of the bra and up to her chin. Warming circles moved up and around and down to the top of the cups holding her breasts. I could not take my eyes from the globes that appeared and retreated with each movement of my hands. I reached for the oil again this time as I spilled some down her cleavage I retrieved the drops with two fingers that trapped the oil and slowly moved only part way out of the cups. With a sudden move both hands began to rub over the bra and into her cleavage. Her moaning built as I applied more pressure over her hardening nipples pushing to be released. “Please.” Not sure what that meant I made a decision and with one move pulled her bra down to her waist. Unfettered her breasts slightly sagged but were soon supported lifted and stretched by both of my hands. Over the round and around the nipples now tweaking and pulling them. – hefting the weight of each breast. Her face and neck appeared flushed and hot to the touch. Her legs crossed and uncrossed at her ankles. The skirt was now at her waist exposing her bottoms visible from my angle below the swell of her breasts.

Kicking the towel open, I moved her forward she rolled to her side and then onto her stomach. I undid the waist of her skirt and slowly pulled it down and then off her legs. She raised her hips to accommodate its removal. I poured oil onto her lower back and upper thighs while keeping up the motions of massage. The motion on her outer thigh intensified as I moved to the inner. She responded with another moan and a further parting of her legs. I dropped all pretext now and applied caresses over her nylon covered ass and down to the vee exposed between my knee and her thighs.

“We can’t do this!” She was somehow standing now with her back to me and one hand reaching for her shirt. I put my hand over hers and embraced her from behind. She sagged back into me. My cock pressed perfectly into her. I touched her breasts gently at first and then more aggressively. The harder I squeezed the more she panted moaning and slightly grinding her bottom into my straining bone. I pinched her nipples pulling them away from her body. She started to shake. Afraid that I had gone to far and hurt her too much I hesitated. Her hands came up to mine pressing hard over her globes. Twisting, pulling, stretching, flattening her breasts she suddenly grew breathless and unmistakably pressed back with her bottom. I moved the top of her once piece and dropped my suit letting my cock be wedged up her back. With a short whimper and sigh, I knew that she was ready to come.

A car door slammed and footsteps sounded at the back door. We sprang apart pulling ourselves together. “Forgot my book, Mom!” her daughter called walking directly into her bedroom at the opposite end of the cottage. By the time she collected her book and poked her head around the corner, we were sitting a respectable distance apart looking normal. – or so we thought. “Were you guys jogging or something? You look hot and sweaty.”

“And frustrated,” I added to myself. She sat down and started some small talk that was driving me crazy.

“Uncle Rick was just leaving now.” Adele said getting to her feet.

“Yeah, it’s a long way back and I want to get there in the light.”

I kissed her daughter goodbye. At the door Adele turned her head offering her cheek for a goodbye kiss. Seeing her daughter disappear into the kitchen, I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply on the lips, letting my tongue briefly explore her mouth.

“I’ll talk to you soon,” she said in a voice loud enough to be heard from the kitchen.

Putting my mouth next to her ear I said, “Invite me to stay for supper.” I broke her silence saying in a louder voice, “Sure I’ll stay for supper if it’s okay with you. I’ll get some wine and be back soon.” Not waiting for a reply or acknowledgement, I turned and walked to my car.

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